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(Yahoo)   Elvis might make a comeback on the charts in the U.K. thanks to a Nike commercial. All of our good pop music nowadays comes from commercials   ( divider line
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1808 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jun 2002 at 7:05 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-12 07:10:07 AM  
"Elvis is dead and I don't feel so good myself"
2002-06-12 07:11:25 AM  
I am waiting for the CD labeled "Best of Commercials #4" with only commercial jingles. As seen in Demolition Man.

*urk* *urk*
2002-06-12 07:12:14 AM  
All of our good music in commercials comes from Wilson brothers films (Rushmore, the Royal Tenenbaums).
2002-06-12 07:13:30 AM  
On the other hand;
If Elvis get back on the charts, there is a small -very small- possibility that more good music will follow, and flush away all that RnB crap with whining teenagers we have heard the latest years.
2002-06-12 07:14:42 AM  
I'm still waiting for Johnny Cash to climb the charts.
I promise, free Vodka for anyone at my place if he gets on the charts again.
2002-06-12 07:15:40 AM  
All Elvis was was the first radio-friendly unit shifterTM (C) Nirvana 1996.
2002-06-12 07:16:26 AM  
All of our good pop music nowadays comes from commercials

Am I the only one who finds this shockingly accurate?
2002-06-12 07:18:20 AM  
pop music is a commercial
2002-06-12 07:19:40 AM  
Ever notice that Mitsubishi ads are responsible for giving airplay to both The Wise Guys' "Start the Commotion" AND Dirty Vegas's "Days Go By"? If I had a band, I'd try and get a track onto a Diamante commercial or something.
2002-06-12 07:19:46 AM  

Yeah, I'm right there with ya.

Just taking a cruise around the local pub circuit these days it's not hard to notice that the majority of songs the cover bands play have been recently made famous by a Mitsubishi or K-Mart commercial, and befiore that nobody had heard of them. But now they're crowd pleasers.

It's just so, so sad.
2002-06-12 07:20:03 AM  
Radiofreewill - You are not alone. The only positive thing that I can say about most ads is that they sometimes revive forgotten classics. My girlfriend hadn't ever heard "20th Century Boy" by T.Rex until it came out on a car commercial recently.
2002-06-12 07:21:26 AM  
It's not really Elvis, it's a hacked-up 'remix' by a pisspoor DJ, which is as bland and sanitised as any other modern pop song.
2002-06-12 07:23:30 AM  
Anyone else noticed how many commercials are using Iggy Pop songs? There are two or three floating around right now.
2002-06-12 07:23:33 AM  
2002-06-12 07:24:43 AM  
This song is getting some pretty decent airplay around here, and personally, I love it. I know it's unoriginal and is just a remix of an old song, but it's just so funky. (God, did I really just say that?) Anyway, I love it. I make no apology for that. But maybe I should....
2002-06-12 07:25:42 AM  
I thought 20th century boy was Chalk Circle. Shows how much I know. I prefer 20th century fox myself.

Hey, I'm a Doors fan, give me a break. But I do agree that commercial jingles are infinitely better than what passes for music today.

Well she's fashionably lean
And she's fashionably late
She'll never wreck a scene
She'll never break a date...

Don't mind me.
2002-06-12 07:28:23 AM  
dust off those velvet elvis paintings....
2002-06-12 07:29:29 AM  
Well, show me the way
To the next whiskey bar
Oh, don't ask why
Oh, don't ask why
2002-06-12 07:30:46 AM  
I hadn't heard of Nick Drake until the VW commercial where the kids are driving at night in their convertible to a party. That's Nick Drake's "Pink Moon," one of those songs that get me every time.
2002-06-12 07:33:35 AM  
I hadn't heard Mighty Penis Laser until Viagra used it in an ad.
2002-06-12 07:41:21 AM  
good pop music?
2002-06-12 07:42:00 AM  
I think the only reason people are loving this song in England is because of the commercial - it features some of the best players in the world playing a "cage" football match...probably one of the coolest commercials I've ever seen in my life. The tune really isn't that great. ;)

Oh, I don't think your point about the songs (Wiseguys - Start the Commotion, Dirty Vegas - Days Go By) being popular is due to the commercials. The fact that the companies even picked these songs for their commercials is because they were REALLY BIG techno tunes. Pete Tong (the most influential DJ on the radio in the world) played Days Go By all the time back in 2000/2001. Start the Commotion had to be popular back in probably. I just think it stems from the fact that companies realize that techno songs are the wave of the future and that they enliven their commercials. Nobody can help that the pop scene only likes these songs because of the wide play via commercials, the songs were immensely popular to people who know techno music wayyyyy before they came on TV. So yeah, just a little background if you're intersted ;)
2002-06-12 07:44:36 AM  
I dunno. I've heard techno was the wave of he future for, like, 8-10 years. That's one slowly cresting wave.
2002-06-12 07:46:40 AM  
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2002-06-12 07:48:44 AM  
I admit it. I went to a "music from tv commercials" site and burned a "commercial cd". It actually turned out to be really good. If anyone wants me to burn them a copy, email me. :)
2002-06-12 07:51:14 AM  
I remember someone buying me Moby's previous album as a birthday present. I'd heard practically every track already on an advert.
2002-06-12 07:55:56 AM  
"Hotdogs! Armor hotdogs! What kind of kids eat armor hotdogs?"

Glad I'm not the only person here who thought of Demolition Man when they read the headline.
2002-06-12 08:02:57 AM  
Weems, that's exactly what I was going to post.
There is no good pop music
2002-06-12 08:11:51 AM  
Anyone else noticed how many commercials are using Iggy Pop songs?
Tardfark: Iggy and T.Rex popped into my mind the minute I saw that headline. I fully expect to hear Eno one of these days.
2002-06-12 08:14:40 AM  
I coulda sworn the only song used now in any commercial is Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" Some cruise line, another car rental company, and I think some insurance company have all adopted it as their very own. Lawsuits soon to follow of course. "Trainspotting" remains a good movie.
2002-06-12 08:25:56 AM  
That damn Sheryl Crow "Soak Up the Sun" can just go away for all I care.... I swear she has no talent and a haggard Johnny Cash singing voice.

Just my 2 cents before I have a cup of coffee in me :)
2002-06-12 08:31:08 AM  
Moby's "Play" album had every track licienced before it was released, because no radio stations would play it. That was their marketing strategy. now with "18" he's given 1 track to MTV and every radio station on the planet and leaving the rest on the album. Hmmm....

I find 99% of modern music to be complete and total garbage. I know that sounds pretentious but who cares, with few exceptions, the stuff sucks. I like the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Beatles, not to mention Classical (ahh! kiss of death!) Odd music choices for a 16 year old maybe....
2002-06-12 08:38:38 AM  
...good pop music...

Isn't that an oxymoron? or not? or something that i can make fun of? Yaaaaaaaaaay!

2002-06-12 09:03:00 AM  
don't you farking hate it when a commercial uses a song, you like the song, but they change around the words to be for the commercial?
i want that old R&B song... i have no idea what it's called or who it's by... all i know is the rhythm goes like
.... Cool whip! ..... Cool whip!
damn you corporate america.
they should pass a law that any time they borrow somebody's artistic rights they have to print who the original is.
2002-06-12 09:25:35 AM  
The one good thing about all this techno being in commercials is that my wife has grown an appreciation for techno because of it. She really dug wiseguys and that dirty vegas song, and now Ive got her on daft punk, Warp Brothers, Alice Deejay and others. It is a shame to hear great music bastardized, but hey, maybe it will open some doors.
2002-06-12 09:26:32 AM  
Am i the only one that likes the song?
2002-06-12 10:23:10 AM  

It was "Cool Jerk" by the Capitols. And,sigghhhh, and another classic, "Shout" by the Isley Brothers was bastardized into something about a stain remover.
2002-06-12 10:45:17 AM  
I wonder when they'll let musicians back on the radio?
2002-06-12 11:06:34 AM  
Speaking of music from commercials:

Anyone know the name of the song played during the Northwestern Mutual Foundation commercial on PBS?
2002-06-12 11:30:13 AM  
People are just too unoriginal to come up with their own song so they start using somebody elses music. Maybe it is cheaper just to pay royalty fees. Sometimes they get even lamer and pay for the recording rights of a song and go and re-record it with some studio sound-a-like band. But other music being used in commercials has been happening for a few years I noticed. The VW commercials started using Stereolab tracks which was really weird for me to hear, and then they ended up using a Ladytron track which I knew I had heard but couldn't remember who did it till I found the album on my hard drive.
2002-06-12 12:06:30 PM  
Grug2K: No, you're not. I'd like to download it, if it's out there anywhere.

BTW, the second commercial just came out the other night, and it's sorta funny. Same song.
2002-06-12 12:18:07 PM  
Actually, this song was featured in Ocean's Eleven to great effect more than six months ago, and I can pretty much guarantee that's why it got selected for this commercial.

As soon as a song gets used in a commercial, it pretty much kills it in my book -- unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. Still can't listen to the Beatles' "Revolution" without thinking of that goddamm nike commercial dating back like fifteen years. Indeed, sometimes it's really good music that dies.
2002-06-12 12:34:02 PM  
I dig the song by Dirty Vegas that's in the Mitsubiti ad. Which came first, the ad or the video?
2002-06-12 12:45:09 PM  
Zachery: "Which came first, the ad or the video?"

The original video didn't have a Mitsu in it. The Dirty Vegas guys were sitting in the open table area of the restaraunt behind the break-dancer, mouthing the lyrics at the beginning and end of the video. If you look closely, you can still catch glimpses of them in the new "Mitsubishi-enhanced" version of the video.

I think you can find the original version of the video here:
2002-06-12 01:19:50 PM  
I like the song and the (to quote Intergalactic) 'piss poor' DJ David Holmes is actually one of the best DJs out there at the minute.

Yes he did Ocean 11 but hes been popular amongst a select few in the UK for a lot of years. I used to frequent a chill out cafe he had in Belfast and he really did a lot of original stuff - even though this remix isn't its still well put together, catchy and theres nothing wrong with liking it
2002-06-12 02:14:32 PM  
John Lennon: "Before Elvis there was nothing."

Bruce Springsteen: "There have been pretenders and there have been contenders. But there is only one King. Elvis Presely wrote the book. It all begins, and ends, with him."

Frank Sinatra: "The kid's just a flash in the pan. He'll never last more than six months."
2002-06-12 02:23:07 PM  
it's an awesome song guys. i just downloaded it ia couple days ago. it's a remix by junkie xl though. it's called "A Little Less Conversation" you should listen to it.
2002-06-12 03:04:34 PM  
My all-time favorite commercial with just music in it has got to be the Volkswaggen ad where the guy arrives just in time at the end of a wedding. No dialogue needed in that one (cept for the Priest)...just a perfect commercial
2002-06-12 03:09:27 PM  
Oooh..I found it
2002-06-12 04:38:23 PM  
David Holmes ain't a 'piss poor DJ'. He's made wads of cash. His original compositions are all over the place. Expect some of his finer work in the forthcoming 'Bufaloe Soldiers' soundtrack. Totally cool film.
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