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(Detroit Free Press)   Don't miss Gizzard Fest 2002 in Pottersville, MI: an "organ-gorging event"   ( divider line
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2002-06-12 06:31:02 AM  

"organ-gorging event"

2002-06-12 06:31:09 AM  
Anyone want to gorge themselves on MY organ?
2002-06-12 06:31:53 AM  
Holy Moly! Slap my pants and call me Sally -I'm gonna hurl like a chunderbunny in heat BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEARG!
2002-06-12 06:34:03 AM  
Mmmm, I like Gizzards. But I don't like livers.
2002-06-12 06:35:02 AM  
anyone have a nice chianti classico?
2002-06-12 06:36:57 AM  
Ummm...gizzards. Tastes like gonads.
2002-06-12 06:43:09 AM  
Mmmmmmm..... Gizzards. The only crunchy offal.

They go great with beer when BBQd on a stick.
2002-06-12 06:57:58 AM  
This is the same town that was evacuated two weeks ago because of that massive train derailment of propane. Hank Hill is just about done cleaning up the mess. Just don't smoke while you're sucking down your gizzards.
2002-06-12 07:00:12 AM  
they better watchthemselves, this is one of our "Shootin into the cornfields while drunk on 'shine on our tractors" locations...Me and Frolixo or course.
2002-06-12 07:13:33 AM  
As far back as I can remember Charlies bar has always had a sign on it saying Gizzards.

Maybe the Gizzard fest will bring back some money.
2002-06-12 07:26:42 AM  
"holds a contest in which competitors attempt to devour 2 pounds of deep-fried gizzards faster than the guy across the table"

Oops, I crapped my pants.
2002-06-12 08:26:20 AM  
I live a mile outside of Coloma (Glad-Peach Festival, August 2-4). The "Glad" part is Gladiolas, not happy peaches.
2002-06-12 08:34:51 AM  
It's "Potterville", not Pottersville.
2002-06-12 08:36:23 AM  
"You must mean two other trees. You had me worried. One of the oldest trees in Pottersville. "

- "Pottersville. Why, you mean Bedford Falls. "

"I mean Pottersville. Don't you think I know where I live? What's the matter with you? "
2002-06-12 09:14:50 AM  
I make a mean pot o' gizzards 'n dumplings. And fried chicken livers with tons of salt on them are GREAT beer food! YUMMY!
2002-06-12 10:11:19 AM  
egads, i've lived near potterville for four years now, and every day something new emerges to frighten me about that town.

still can't beat my hometown's "logging festival" for sheer redneck quotient.
2002-06-12 11:18:06 AM  
my organ is engorged...

"Now, Beavis..."
2002-06-12 11:39:21 AM  
Oh. My. God.
2002-06-12 11:39:47 AM  
My inlaws are from potterville, and when my brother-in-law came back to the homestead with a pound of deep fried, greasy gizzards, it took me all of five minutes to make short order of said gizzards ... yum.
2002-06-12 12:01:10 PM  
Gizzards! Not just for breakfast anymore!
2002-06-12 12:21:20 PM  
Potterville is just up the road from beautiful Charlotte, which people in God's Country pronounce shar-LOT not

Which reminds me of the street in Mobile that is pronounced jo-AK-im, and spelled Joaquim.

All that proves is that no region of America has cornered the stupid market.
2002-06-12 12:34:15 PM  
Damn, I had no idea the Lansing area had so many farkers...but the place still sucks.
2002-06-12 12:43:43 PM  
Oh, gizzards! I thought it said Grizzard fest.
2002-06-12 12:56:35 PM  
Gizzard festival. You try to pull some crap like that down here round Ann Arbor and you're likely to get a Birkenstock whipped at your head.
2002-06-12 01:01:51 PM  
Did someone call me?
2002-06-12 01:14:11 PM  
my bedroom last night was an organ gorging festival
2002-06-12 03:49:37 PM  
mmm... Lizard Gizzards
2002-06-12 06:23:30 PM  
Gizzard's....perhaps nature's most perfect food.
2002-06-12 10:49:17 PM  
Holy Farking Hell!! My hometown made it on to!!! I would never have expected that. I thought my entry for the train wreck a couple weeks ago woulda made it, but noooo, you guys had to put this up before I thought of it. Now I'm out a link submitted again.....
2002-06-16 08:37:58 AM  
For those of you that couldn't make it...
[image from too old to be available]
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