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(Some Guy)   Dumb: Post nasty things about cops on MySpace. Dumber: Be a cop and get suspended for said comments. Fark: Post pics of you and your partner drinking in your police car. Florida: Your partner is a dog   ( divider line
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12598 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 May 2006 at 9:39 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-11 08:50:02 AM  
From TFA:
Sheriff Roy Raymond said he knows has been used by older men attempting to look for young girls with open profiles. But he said a thorough and in-depth look into Mathisen's site proved he simply was using it as a tool to keep in touch with friends.

I do love how it is automatically assumed that adults with MySpace profiles are automatically suspect for pedophilia.

/Cop was an idiot
//his boss is an idiot too
///That beer drinking dog ROCKS
2006-05-11 08:53:46 AM  
My dog has taken a bottle of beer from my hand before. She is now in a 12 step program.
2006-05-11 09:01:52 AM  
Your dog wants Heineken.

/Cops is teh stoopid.
2006-05-11 09:07:35 AM
/didn't work again!
2006-05-11 09:11:17 AM  
That dog is awesome!
2006-05-11 09:25:35 AM  
Google Cache makes it even better:​ndex.cfm %3Ffuseaction%3Duser.viewprofile%26friendid%3D9096436+bad+dog,+no+beer​&hl=en&g l=us&ct=clnk&cd=1&client=firefox-a

/didn't even try to link, as it didn't work the first two times.
2006-05-11 09:41:38 AM  
classic! sometimes the jokes write themselves!
2006-05-11 09:43:09 AM  
Meh, I used to give my dog beer all the time. Just the spit line, but they still love it.
2006-05-11 09:43:46 AM

2006-05-11 09:44:48 AM  
looks like a winner to me
2006-05-11 09:46:11 AM  
Typical 'Florida' tag fodder.
2006-05-11 09:48:01 AM  
And we don't have a 'Myspace' tag yet because....?
2006-05-11 09:49:52 AM  
From TFA:


• It is a Web site where everyone can create a free profile with a name, age, and other information about themselves. They can upload pictures, text and video for others to view. Friends also can post comments on someone's profile and make remarks about the site. A lot of people use it to keep in touch with friends, similar to e-mail and instant-messaging programs.

Thanks, Ric!
2006-05-11 09:50:06 AM  
From the original site:

2006-05-11 09:50:50 AM  
Apparently, people are under the impression that having internet access is a license to be an asshat!!!
2006-05-11 09:53:26 AM  
27 year old on myspace... he must be soooooo kewl

/and he probably buys beer for minors
2006-05-11 09:59:04 AM  
The Florida tag is used WAY too much.

/unfortunately lives in Florida
//hopefully moving to Michigan again soon
///Michigan is lesser of two evils
2006-05-11 10:01:08 AM  
This is the best use of the dumb, dumber, ever.
2006-05-11 10:04:16 AM  
Cows_go_moo: The Florida tag is used WAY too much.

Its not a matter of people using the Florida tag too much in their headlines. Its more of a matter of the Florida tag being applicable to so many rediculous news items. In fact, thats why we have it! Its like an extra special Dumbass tag.
2006-05-11 10:10:27 AM  
and he probably buys beer for minors

And then bust them and confiscate the beer to give Kato
2006-05-11 10:11:17 AM  
Florida trumps all....

Until we get a Bush tag.
2006-05-11 10:15:38 AM  
I heart Vero!
2006-05-11 10:16:02 AM  
2006-05-11 10:28:47 AM  
uhm... hero link?

thank you.
2006-05-11 10:31:28 AM  
2006-05-11 10:32:53 AM  
My parter is a dog too!!!
2006-05-11 10:32:54 AM  
altrocks: Florida trumps all....

Until we get a Bush tag.

Well, if Brother Jeb runs for President then the Florida tag and the Bush tag could be one and the same! (Pray it doesn't happen!)

Seriously, reading this guys MySpace profile he actually comes across as kind of cool. I think he just did something *incredibly* dumb. Crap happens.

/Still think the dog ROCKS
2006-05-11 10:35:07 AM  
Action Replay Nick: I used to give my dog beer all the time. Just the spit line, but they still love it.

My dog doesn't dig the brew. Bit of a disappointment to me. If she was a human child of mine I'd have to disown her. Since she's just a dog she gets a pass.

/Just being stupid now. STFU and going GBTW.
2006-05-11 10:39:40 AM  
I like how he refers to himself as a "pussy ass cracker"
At least he's aware of his problem
2006-05-11 10:41:18 AM  
I give this headline a 3/10.
2006-05-11 10:45:42 AM  
And the multilation of this headline cliche continues.
2006-05-11 10:48:10 AM  
Is this the same guy?? (pops)
2006-05-11 10:51:47 AM  
What a dumbass. I have a LOT of friends in my city's police department, and while they do a**hole things ALL THE TIME, they don't publish them on the web. And they NEVER do dumbass things with their weapons, and a K-9 is a weapon. K-9 takes their dogs very, very seriously.
2006-05-11 11:17:00 AM  
farkingcrazy: This is the best use of the dumb, dumber, ever.

agreed. great job, submitter. I lol'ed at that one.
2006-05-11 11:19:16 AM  
EL_FABREZ - 27 year old on myspace... he must be soooooo kewl

/and he probably buys beer for minors

I'm 27 and on myspace...but my profile is private and I don't talk about work, where I work, what I do, etc.

/doesn't buy beer or hang out with minors
2006-05-11 11:47:05 AM  
Man, he's hot looking!

He can arrest and frisk me any time...
2006-05-11 11:50:45 AM  
Florida: Your parter is a dog

That should be "partner" submitter. The grammar and spelling police are in force tonight mister.

I'll let you off with a warning this time.
2006-05-11 12:06:33 PM  
Is this for real? People over 17 actually have myspace pages?
2006-05-11 12:18:57 PM  
Unavailable for comment:

/let's get'em, Flash!!! Git-git-git-git-git!
2006-05-11 12:35:10 PM  
i love how his hero is "your mom"
2006-05-11 12:46:42 PM  
" "I had no idea everyone could see it if they were searching the ( site," said Mathisen. "

2006-05-11 01:05:35 PM
2006-05-11 01:35:19 PM

Does not want a PBR, wants a chew toy.

/tugs, not drugs.
2006-05-11 01:44:56 PM  
Submitter ups the ante of headline submission.

2006-05-11 01:52:07 PM  
"I thought about removing him from the K-9 squad because of this, but his supervisor said he has been an excellent employee. He also just completed his K-9 certification," Raymond said. "Most of this was poor discretion ... the ramifications of stupidity."

O yeah, lets keep the stupid ones on the police payroll.
2006-05-11 04:31:31 PM  
dumb: this headline style
dumber: I've seen it three farking times already
fark: the greeenlight doesn't care because the submitter paid his TF fees so the cliche will continue
farked: lame overused cliches in headlines are causing me to look other places for entertainment
2006-05-11 06:59:15 PM  
Der Poopflinger: fark: the greeenlight doesn't care because the submitter paid his TF fees so the cliche will continue

FWIW, my very first greenlight happened when I was still a liter. TFers aren't the only ones that get submissions approved. As for which submissions get greenlit there isn't any rhyme or reason to it as far as I can tell. The PTB have mysterious ways.

/thinks Poopflinger needs to let some of that bitterness go. It ain't healthy
//Sorry for the partial threadjack
2006-05-11 10:39:57 PM  
Weird- a cop drinking in a place called "Indian River"- the redman and his booze.

/totally kidding
// 1/9,999,999 cherokee
/// can i get a scholarship? please?
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