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(Chron)   Arlington police place signs in hotel parking lots letting tourist in on the best places to pick up some blow, a used car stereo and/or a hooker   ( divider line
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22977 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 May 2006 at 4:09 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-08 04:10:12 PM  
Hookers...blow....and a hotel all in one place?

It's like Wal*Mart for Farkers!
2006-05-08 04:12:10 PM  
It would be a damn shame if someone came along and stole those signs...
2006-05-08 04:12:53 PM  
The first weekend I lived in Miami, the Herald ran an article WITH MAPS about all the places you could score drugs/ho's in Dade County, to "bring attention to the fact that the police knew about these places" and they were still thriving

/was one on the opposite corner of my block :-)
2006-05-08 04:13:45 PM  
damn, damn, DAMN!

I thought that was Arlington, VIRGINIA!!!

So close, yet so far.

Off to the state legislature!
2006-05-08 04:13:55 PM  
Yeah, but are they going to give us signs warning us to makre sure we call ahead?
2006-05-08 04:14:27 PM  
same police squad who were buying drinks for people then arresting them for PI. Damn Frank Drebbin's
2006-05-08 04:14:46 PM  
"It's a very small defined area and does not imply that the city or entertainment district is in any way affected. We're confident that if people travel to Arlington, they're going to have a good, safe experience here."

Now who's being naive?
2006-05-08 04:14:58 PM  
Have you ever noticed that nearly every owner of a cheap motel has the last name of Patel?
2006-05-08 04:15:08 PM  
make sure, that is...

/typo heaven
2006-05-08 04:15:44 PM  
man, I wish I had signs...nothing is worse than wandering around at 3am looking asking random people if they know where I can score some blow.

\not that every happens
2006-05-08 04:16:06 PM  
Clark: I think you're all farked in the head! We're 10 hours from the farkin' fun park and you want to bail out! Well I'll tell you something. This is no longer a vacation. It's a quest. It's a quest for fun. I'm gonna have fun, and you're gonna have fun. We're all gonna have so much farkin' fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling "Zippity Do-da" out of your assholes! I gotta be crazy! I'm on a pilgrammage to see a moose! Praise Marty Moose! Holy shiat!
2006-05-08 04:16:53 PM  
i drive past that area everyday on the way home....i never thought it was all that bad
2006-05-08 04:16:58 PM  
For Sale by new owner: One car stereo, used. One - err....two owners. Still wrapped in original glass-covered bloody T-shirt. Eight-fitty, or first offer.
2006-05-08 04:17:32 PM  
Police directing me to drugs and hookers?


2006-05-08 04:18:04 PM  
That is ridiculous. If I was a business owner in that area, my next step would be to assault city hall with requests for signs designating "Low Crime Area" and "Median Crime Area". Every area needs a designation!
2006-05-08 04:18:08 PM  
Do we need federal hotel marshals now?
2006-05-08 04:18:44 PM  
Screamin: Have you ever noticed that nearly every owner of a cheap motel has the last name of Patel?

I was just about to say that. I think there are 3 motels in Savannah that are owned by non-related Patels. It must be a really common name over there in India.
2006-05-08 04:19:24 PM  
thats nice...
P.S. there are a lot of police officers that piss me off, especially in Texas.
2006-05-08 04:20:08 PM  
Screamin: Have you ever noticed that nearly every owner of a cheap motel has the last name of Patel?

I have a bit of a knack for unconsciously making long-term statistical observations. When I worked for the NJ DMV during the summer in high school, I noticed that the average first name I came across in processing expired or out-of-state driving licenses was "Jesus," and the average last name was "Patel." So, in theory, as of 1994 anyway, the average name of a citizen in New Jersey is Jesus Patel.
2006-05-08 04:20:12 PM  
Two weeks later this story starts making the national rounds
2006-05-08 04:20:14 PM  
March against capitalism
2006-05-08 04:21:08 PM  
I find it hard to believe that Arlington receives 6.5 million tourists a year.

Is there actually anything to see there?

Or are they just counting every single car that travels through the city on the way to somewhere interesting?
2006-05-08 04:21:19 PM  
Shouldn't the signs say:

"High Crime Area - Minorities Live Nearby"
2006-05-08 04:22:05 PM  
Maybe the motel owners should place a sign in front of the
precinct saying "Warning: Uniformed extortionists and donut eating zone ahead"
2006-05-08 04:22:33 PM  
It's a new crime strategy for police, who previously used the sign at a mall during the holidays,

I bet that did wonders for the economy. Thanks, Officer Krupke.

/thought it was Arlington, OH
//but there are no hotels in Arlington, OH
///or street corners, for that matter.
////but there are the Red Devils of Arlington High.
2006-05-08 04:22:49 PM

Eager Johns queue for a vicetastic evening outside of Arlington's Eternal Flaming Sore.
2006-05-08 04:23:11 PM  
Arlington is "Tourist Central" - and yes, there is horrible crime in that part of it. Every crime that has happened to my co-workers (and myself) has been right in that area. It's just going to get worse when the Cowboys stadium is done.
2006-05-08 04:23:19 PM  
Another reason for the Texas tag.

Seeing how this is near the entertainment district are these "high crime areas" related to the crack down on people that are drunk in bars?
2006-05-08 04:23:36 PM  
Dumb, who cares. Should put one up in all the rich neighborhoods. Lord knows enough coke, pricey hookers to go around. But drugs and jail are not a problem if you have money.
2006-05-08 04:23:59 PM  
Patel is one of the common nammes of the former "caste" that consisted of business owners. They own a lot of gas stations too.. It's kind of a momentum thing now, because castes have been legally outlawed..
2006-05-08 04:24:00 PM  
arrests for drug offenses, robberies and assaults skyrocketed in that quarter-mile section of road.

A whole quarter mile? Well, no wonder. How could they expect to patrol an area that big? We can only afford so many bicycles.
2006-05-08 04:24:06 PM  
This from the same city that refused to grant a Hooters a liquor license renewal because "scantily clad women and alcohol don't mix". Of course they just won the bid for the new Cowboys stadium so I guess it's just about the money.
2006-05-08 04:24:20 PM  
I once broke down in New Jersey, off the turnpike. The garage, I was towed to, dropped me off at a hotel down the street around midnight.

The bullet proof glass inside the lobby was my first clue it wasn't a Ramada. Then, when I asked for a room, they said they were full. Starting to panic since the mechanic had already left, the front desk person said, "Don't worry, we should have a room avaliable soon."

I'm thinking who checks out at 1 AM??? Sure enough, a couple comes to the counter to check out about 15 minutes later. The counter person told me it would be about another 15 minutes while they cleaned the room.

//Luckily the walls weren't too thin.
2006-05-08 04:24:44 PM  
You can always just look for Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in any city, and there's crack.

This sucks and is an insult to Dr. King (and many others), but it's still true. In fact, the crackers band up and get really pissed if you try to rename one of "their" streets to MLK Drive or whatever, because it will bring down property values.
2006-05-08 04:25:01 PM  
I just bought one of those signs for 2 $5 rocks. Good deal.
2006-05-08 04:25:08 PM  
Rude Turnip: So, in theory, as of 1994 anyway, the average name of a citizen in New Jersey is Jesus Patel.

Ford Prefect does not approve of your strategy.
2006-05-08 04:25:48 PM  
Rude Turnip

I do hope that I meet a Jesus Patel someday, and then I shall tell him, "Jesus Patel, it was written that you would come."
2006-05-08 04:26:05 PM  
Screamin: Have you ever noticed that nearly every owner of a cheap motel has the last name of Patel?

The Patel family owns most of the "Mr. Hero" restaurants here.

/A Mr. Hero Romanburger beats hookers & blow almost any day
2006-05-08 04:27:47 PM  
That'll learn 'em reeeal good.
2006-05-08 04:27:49 PM  
We can't do anything to protect you, and we can't stop the crime. So here's your sign.

/morons. all of em.
2006-05-08 04:27:58 PM  
cyberlost: and then I shall tell him, "Jesus Patel, it was written that you would come."

And he shall retort, "But do you swallow?"
2006-05-08 04:28:24 PM  
I was feeling sorry for the motel owners right until

...Nick Patel, owner of American Inn & Suites, formerly the Super 8 motel...and Debbie Patel, manager of Executive Inn & Suites, not related

I wouldn't piss on a Indian motel manager if he was about to die in a fire...
2006-05-08 04:30:00 PM  
I lived in Arlington for a while and I'm glad they're putting up signs showing where the dumbass criminals are. Serves the motels right to have a sign showing they allow that stupidity in their place of business. Run them out of business, who cares if that's who the cater to. Wow.. I'm going to take a nap now, I'm moody.
2006-05-08 04:30:09 PM  

I wouldn't piss on a Indian motel manager if he was about to die in a fire...

WTF? Why would anyone say that?
2006-05-08 04:30:18 PM  
Kar98: I wouldn't piss on a Indian motel manager if he was about to die in a fire...

Yes, because all of them hate you and would kill you and your entire bigoted family.

/much like cows, Timmy
2006-05-08 04:31:47 PM  
I used to live a half mile from that crap hole. I came home from work one day and my life was changed. While I was unlocking my front door, I noticed the door was not offering any resistance and part of the door frame was on the ground. I pushed the door open and panic struck me. I checked for my guitar gear and it was all gone. My Fender Strat, that I had for over twenty years, was gone. A nice Peavey 5150 amp gone, a bass and guitar effects all gone. They even found the case for my guitar which was under my bed. They went to take a Movado watch, dvd player, two blockbuster dvd's, an electric razor{?) and a remote control for my TV. Those bastards made me get up to change the channels! I didn't have any renter's insurance so I was out of luck for compensation. Strange luck came to me though, I found my guitar at a guitar show at the Arlington Convention Center about 6 months later. I had to buy it back from a pawn shop owner if I wanted it before the court hearing. He called his store and he gave me the name and number of the person who pawned the stuff. I called the cops and they were on the case. The person who pawned the equipment was questioned and he said some white boys told him to pawn the stuff for them and they would split the money. The cops administered a polygraph test and he passed. That was 4 years ago and thieves haven't been caught. I was not able to get back all of the stuff that was re-sold at the pawn shop due to a 90 day time limit law. So, I ended up buying my guitar back for 300$. Thanks Arlington.
2006-05-08 04:31:51 PM  
DOH - Patel is like Brown, Smith, Jones, Wilson, all rolled into one. Probably more people named Patel than there are people in the U.S.
2006-05-08 04:32:10 PM  
The motels suspect that the city is trying to drive them out of business to take away their property for the new Cowboys stadium project - a claim police deny.

"There is no Cowboys stadium parking lot planned for this area."
2006-05-08 04:33:04 PM  
This is pretty dumb. Lets scare away everyone but the criminals. Then things will be better! There will be less crime if we make it a ghost town.

Police:"WAH WAH We keep getting called out there. Our collective vaginas are quivering WAH."

/do your farkin jobs
2006-05-08 04:33:45 PM  
I hope they film some episodes of "Cops" around this sign, and bag a few nitwits along the way.

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