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(   KRON-TV changes its street address after numerologist tells them 1001 is bad for business   ( divider line
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5953 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 May 2006 at 11:12 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-05 08:28:53 AM  
They should have changed it to "9 Van Ness Avenue".

/only 10 types of people in this world...
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2006-05-05 09:19:10 AM  
A few years ago the new director of the Boston Public Library changed its address from 666 Boylston Street to 668 Boylston Street.
2006-05-05 09:40:46 AM  
Sometimes it really disappoints me that so many people need to believe in something, ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous it is. I can at least understand the guy changing from 666 (although I think it's also silly) -- but come on, where does "1001 is bad for business" come from except inside someone's head? Blah.
2006-05-05 09:47:57 AM  
this is teh news?

/goes back to sleep
2006-05-05 10:17:58 AM  
change it to 31337, get some nerds to work there
2006-05-05 10:30:46 AM  
Kirk: KRON!!!

/Must be hung over, dunno why that was my first thought.
2006-05-05 11:04:07 AM  
Ninepoundhammer: this is teh news?

2006-05-05 11:15:00 AM  
KRON manager was named 'worst person in the world' by Olbermann last night.
2006-05-05 11:15:51 AM  
I just walked by their offices two weeks ago and it still says "1001 Van Ness" in some ancient font.
2006-05-05 11:17:25 AM  
Obviously, there are skeptics who think it's a bunch of hooey, but I can tell you things seem to have improved since the change," says programming director Pat Patton.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-05 11:17:27 AM  
good thing they didn't consult a feng shuist! they would have had to uproot the entire building and turn it 3 degrees to the left.

/whatever happened to virgin sacrifice? nothing appeases da gawds more than that
2006-05-05 11:17:52 AM  
2006-05-05 11:18:22 AM  
It's not nearly as unlucky as 10050 Cielo Drive...
2006-05-05 11:18:37 AM  
But John Edward can talk to dead people.

/why are people so farking stupid?
2006-05-05 11:19:22 AM  
Numerology is pretty much...bunk.
2006-05-05 11:20:12 AM  
Pfft, looks like they fell victim to a KRON job.
//and none of them were good!
2006-05-05 11:21:16 AM  
This is the only time I can remember Keith Olbermann beating Fark. I normally notice his odd news segments coming directly from that day's Fark links.
2006-05-05 11:22:11 AM  
How about 22 Acacia Avenue. That's the place where we all go...

/did anyone else get the popup about a massive oil discovery in Colorado? Our prayers are answered!
//It was in a pop-up so it has to be true.
2006-05-05 11:22:44 AM  
Kron-1001 sounds like the name of a bad science fiction movie, or a kickass garage band
2006-05-05 11:23:08 AM  
this is bullshiat. I submitted that yesterday. How come I didn't get greenlit?

/And why do I care so much?
2006-05-05 11:23:18 AM  
Hey, leave KRON alone. I like their goofy-ass news anchors.
2006-05-05 11:23:42 AM  
2006-05-05 11:23:46 AM  
Sometimes it really disappoints me that so many people need to believe in something, ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous it is.

'Cept for Karl Hungus. He's a nihilist. he believes in nothing.

/meine dispatcher said there is something wrong with deine kable?
2006-05-05 11:23:58 AM  
Here's what the U.S. Postal Service has to say about that:


We're sorry! We were unable to process your request.

The address was not found. Please check the address below.
2006-05-05 11:25:07 AM  
Knucklepopper were liters, and even our funniest submissions will never get GL. Get used to it.
2006-05-05 11:25:46 AM  
They must have been on the KRON when they made that decision.

/puff puff pass
2006-05-05 11:25:51 AM  
GIS for Kron

[image from too old to be available]

All hail the mighty KRON!!
2006-05-05 11:26:11 AM  
My zip code is 11001. I live in NYC. Business just SUCKS here.
2006-05-05 11:27:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not, Available for comment!

/I know, I know. Very esoteric!
2006-05-05 11:29:16 AM  
Knucklepopper this is bullshiat. I submitted that yesterday. How come I didn't get greenlit?

What's that I hear? Is it? .... is it? .... is it?.... YES! IT IS!

The sound of knuckles popping, one after another, in extreme agitation!
2006-05-05 11:29:21 AM  
Man alive the jive and lyrics,
Radioactive, don't come near it.
Temple of Syrinx having the bake sale of the year.

2006-05-05 11:29:49 AM  
Change it
22 Acacia Avenue

/you can tell I grew up in the 80s
2006-05-05 11:29:58 AM  
Infobahn Knucklepopper were liters, and even our funniest submissions will never get GL.

All your submissions are just hilarious ... to your mom.
2006-05-05 11:32:33 AM  
Infobahn Knucklepopper were liters, and even our funniest submissions will never get GL.

You do realize you are an idiot, right? I got several greenlights when I was a liter. In fact, I joined TotalFark just to see all my non-greenlights (millions of them) disappear.

Maybe your address is just unlucky.
2006-05-05 11:33:13 AM  
714 Delaware?

Man, I remember when KRON was a real channel.

God I hate Gary Radnich.
2006-05-05 11:35:48 AM  
I heard it was because the Scientologists were buying the station, and also plan to rename it LRON.

Hail Xenu!
2006-05-05 11:36:10 AM  
Well, a certain movie did cause much inbreeding in Dalmations.
2006-05-05 11:36:18 AM  
Only in San Francisco.
Those smug people have been smelling their farts too much.
2006-05-05 11:36:45 AM  
This is the same channel that started the Bubb Rubb craze.

Top notch journalism.

/woo woooooo!
2006-05-05 11:36:47 AM  


Clever, subtle, nice!

/I give it two mammos up!
2006-05-05 11:37:08 AM  
The Matrix.....almost had them.
2006-05-05 11:37:11 AM  
Common misconceptions:

KRON: The building number has magic powers that affect viewership.
Scientology: Xenu blew up Thetans and now they're stuck in my body.
Islam: If I blow myself up I get 72 virgins.
Catholocism: This cracker will turn into Jesus when I eat it.
Christianity: An invisible man lives in the sky and grants wishes.
Republicans: Terrorists are a monolithic entity led by Osama Bin Laden who all want to destroy the West.
Microsoft: Every action should have a "Are you sure you want to do that" dialog box attached to it.
US Military: There's nothing gay about the military, and if we allow gay people in, they'll spend all their time sticking things in their butts instead of fighting the enemy.
Democrats: Criminals just need hugs, and were abused as children, so it's not their fault.
Southerners: The South will rise again; heritage, not hate.
Women: I can change him.
Men: She's only a lesbian because she hasn't experienced me.
Parents: People are interested in hearing my child quietly fuss (i.e., shriek).
SUV drivers: Waiting till the last moment to slam on my brakes won't bother anyone behind me, despite the fact they can't see around my gasguzzling behemoth. Also I'm protected by an invisible shield.

/Not sure that KRON's beliefs are any nuttier than anyone else's.
//I apologize if I missed you and you're not feeling properly insulted.
2006-05-05 11:37:17 AM  
Not that it means much...just an oddity but almost all of the addresses I have lived at have a 13 in them.

613 Lincoln Hall
138 Merchant
1139 Columbia
13018 Washington (double whammy, as individual numbers add up to 13)

And I used to live in 66213 area code

\\Only lived two places without a 13 somewhere in the address my whole life.
\\\don't think it is unlucky.
\\crosses fingers
2006-05-05 11:37:45 AM  
There was a church in South Windsor CT that was on Beelzebub road.

After years of trying to get the street renamed they finally moved the driveway to the other road.

/It was actually on the corner of Avery and Beelzebub...the old driveway was on beelzebub...
2006-05-05 11:38:37 AM  

were liters, and even our funniest submissions will never get GL. Get used to it.

Not true. Be more funny, or something.
2006-05-05 11:39:06 AM  
2006-05-05 11:39:09 AM  
I, for one, welcome our new KRON overlords.
2006-05-05 11:40:20 AM  
I really have to get around to starting my own pseudoscience. Money, and you get to see people do really stupid things on on weight of your word alone.
2006-05-05 11:40:25 AM  
They'd better do something about the sidewalk outside, too. Stepping on a crack could break their mother's back.
2006-05-05 11:40:50 AM  
It could have a worse address.....

Former U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan had six letters in his first, middle, and last name. He also lived in Bel-Air California, in house number 666 on his block, until wife Nancy Reagan had it changed to 668.
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