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(Some Guy)   With the country distracted by Iraq and skyrocketing prices on gas, Congress looks to quietly toss lobbying reform aside   ( divider line
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409 clicks; posted to Politics » on 02 May 2006 at 10:19 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-02 09:32:11 PM  
Not to mention ruin the internet and probably dozens of other retarded measures. In the headline, I would substitute Iraq with illegal immigration.
2006-05-02 09:44:38 PM  
I've said it before I'll say it again...Democracy simply doesn't work...
2006-05-02 09:50:24 PM  
I've said it before and I'll say it again... It's not a democracy!
2006-05-02 10:33:25 PM  
One useless man is a disgrace
Two is called a law firm
And two or more is a Congress
2006-05-02 10:46:21 PM  
Our congress for the past decade has pretty much been all about giving themselves raises, destroying the internet, and taking away freedom. Its like... their thing.
2006-05-02 10:47:46 PM  
Was there ever any doubt?
2006-05-02 10:48:10 PM  
Right, because the corrupt people are going to pass laws that prohibit their own corruption. Pfft.
2006-05-02 10:52:31 PM  
Right, because the corrupt people are going to pass laws that prohibit their own corruption. Pfft.

Then one must vote in such a fashion that the corrupt are outnumbered. Might take a few terms to wait for enough decent people to declare candidacies.
2006-05-02 11:03:05 PM  
Then one must vote in such a fashion that the corrupt are outnumbered. Might take a few terms to wait for enough decent people to declare candidacies.

And how do we determine who is decent and who is corrupt? Which candidate has the better TV attack ads?
2006-05-02 11:09:32 PM  
How long can things remain like this? There must be some point when the system collapses under the weight of it's own stupidity...
2006-05-02 11:21:37 PM  

And how do we determine who is decent and who is corrupt? Which candidate has the better TV attack ads?

Exactly. The one that has the best attack ads is the most corrupt.
2006-05-02 11:23:03 PM  
2006-05-02 11:25:00 PM  
The only good thing about complete corruption is that it's not sustainable. But you might have to rename your country Pepsi presents the New United States.
2006-05-02 11:26:06 PM  
Maybe what we need is a benevolent dictatorship. Not the current one.
2006-05-02 11:29:56 PM
2006-05-03 12:32:09 AM  
In their defense, this Congress is good at spending money on pork. So, they've got that going for them.
2006-05-03 04:55:40 AM
2006-05-03 07:35:08 AM  
I want my $100. I had plans for that windfall.
2006-05-03 08:57:41 AM  
How anybody can expect the people who benefit directly from the broken system to reform it is entirely beyond me.

//Enjoying extra helpings of online gaming while I can still get decent pings where I want them.
2006-05-03 09:21:35 AM  
Our country actually used to work pretty well. It's not Democracy or Capitalism that are failing us, it's the implementation.

Trickle down actually worked in the eighties. We had enough trade restrictions in place and communications barriers that Corporations and the wealthy actually had to employ Americans. Thus, their tax breaks actually did improve life for the average citizen.

Starting with Clinton in all fairness, we broke those trade and communications barriers down.

Bush instituting trickle down again has just made the problem worse. With free trade and outsourcing, there is very little compelling the wealthy and Corporations let their savings trickle down and benefit most Americans.

Enforcement of labor laws has also been greatly relaxed. The average middle class family is making over four percent less than they were in 2000. Almost all improvements to the economy we've been seeing have only benefitted the wealthiest Americans, except that a lot of us can now find jobs again making a lot less than we used to.

Nobody in Government is looking at the big picture anymore. They are sold out to big money and special interests. Ultimately, this can only lead to further decline.
2006-05-03 10:03:56 AM  
I think things will clearly have to get much worse before we can see any real improvement happen.

It will help when the red state "I trust my Government" Neo-con tools can no longer afford cable to be as easily brain washed and conditioned by Faux News. The usual gang of idiots will still be yacking away on radio, but it will be a much tougher sell.

It's really not as if the Democraps offer that seductive an alternative- the only benefit with them in power is they will be compelled to pay slightly more attention to the middle class, but they are subject to the same corruption which plagues the Retardican party.

The only peaceful long-term hope is that people will begin to embrace alternative parties and elect candidates that are *hopefully* truly more passionate about reform than their own personal gain.

Otherwise, the gap between the haves and the have nots will slowly, but steadily continue to widen as it has been. History is full of grim examples of what happens when that gap gets too wide.
2006-05-03 10:45:16 AM  
Trickle down theory may have worked on your mum's leg, but it has no place in economics.

You want the real truth? Here it is:

Republican Congress + Republican Executive Branch + Republican Judicial Branch = One Screwed Country.

Even our founding fathers knew that. They separated power into three branches to make it more difficult to accomplish what the Republican have now done.

End the Reagan Worship/Clinton Hate that you've learned from talk radio and Fox news.
2006-05-03 11:08:00 AM  
Not sad, because lobbying reform isn't needed. Abramoff and Cunningham made headlines, but they got caught and punished, showing the current laws work fine. Besides, this "reform" had provisions aimed at squelching grassroots groups, i.e. effective conduits for your & my political speech (such as porkbusters and downsizedc). Glad to see it get put down (at least for a while).
2006-05-03 01:45:48 PM  
DECMATH: Not sad, because lobbying reform isn't needed.

Bullsh*t it isn't.

The oil/energy lobby needs to back off, for one thing.

Think of how far along we'd be with the concept of alternative fuels or solar/wind power if there weren't some already stinking rich conglomeration pumping money into congressional "awareness."

Basically, Exxon should have the same amount of say that I do, and I've got 3 dollars in my wallet.
2006-05-03 03:27:25 PM  
whidbey is right. For years companies of all types, including energy, food guidelines, even AdWare companies (a la Clarion.... look it up on Wikipedia if you're not in the know), have been paying off those in Congress so that laws are made in their favor. Ever wonder why the ultra small cars from Germany (VW's Polo, for one) aren't imported here, or why there is so much money going into hydrogen fuel technology (hint: car companies are dumping loads of money into hydrogen fuel. Guess where the hydrogen comes from. I'll give you a clue: places supplied by fossil fuels) and not ethanol fuels (which in itself can't save us).

Our government today might not be as corrupt as it was in the 1910s-1920s, but at least then the media reported on it. Today the media is owned by those very same companies (News Corp, etc.)
2006-05-03 03:41:46 PM  
I agree with Whidbey and Sharkface. The combustion engine has been around for nearly 200 years -- we should have thought of something better by now.

If it weren't for the @#%@ oil companies, we'd be driving around in jet cars
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