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(CNN)   Software piracy continues to be a problem.   ( divider line
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5865 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2002 at 5:16 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-10 06:26:59 PM  
Uh oh! Better raise software prices again!

/repeat until piracy disappears forever!
2002-06-10 06:27:32 PM  
Either the product is a trap (microsoft) or its its poorly done, or its absurdly overpriced for your average consumer.


Either the product is a trap (microsoft) or its its poorly done (microsoft) , or its absurdly overpriced (microsoft) for your average consumer.
2002-06-10 06:28:16 PM  
Funny thing. My copy of Win XP Pro (RTM) has a copywrite that expired in 94. I guess it's freeware now.
BTW, the only OS that I purchased retail off the shelf - Mandrake 8.1 for $25. (It was easier than downloading for the 9 computers I put it on.) For Windows, I'll continue to use my gold disk edition.
2002-06-10 06:28:38 PM  
Darth Skeletor: But I think that the original is the good by default, and the copy is bad. So therefore, a copy of Windows would be even more evil than the original...
2002-06-10 06:28:55 PM  
I see a trend:

Its obvious but:

As the number of people using broadband goes up, the number of people who pirate goes up. I want to see a chart.

2002-06-10 06:30:02 PM  
Anybody know the truth/falsity of the you-can-"pirate"-software-for-24-hours-and-then-pay-for-or-delete-it idea? I coulda sworn I've heard that you *can* try software for a day before erasing it. Don't know the source of that one...

2002-06-10 06:31:40 PM  
Downloading the plans and building your own is Open Source. (see OpenOffice)
Piracy is using a cheap method to make a copy.
2002-06-10 06:33:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-10 06:33:18 PM  
i need a full version of the latest newsbin pro (with yEnc support)
how wrong is it to warez a program to get warez? does it cancel both wrong doings out and make me a guilt free man?
2002-06-10 06:34:23 PM  
Mad Ogre :
I read a book once where they had fax machines for digitally transmitting objects. They used nanotech to rebuild the object in a perfect reproduction of the original. Perfect to the molecular level.

If that ever happened, money would become meaningless except as a means of purchasing these gizmos. The high upper-class would shiat a brick.
2002-06-10 06:34:31 PM  
ScienceGuy its false that 24 hour evaluation thing

I'm still on a 67890 hour evaluation for Photoshop :)
2002-06-10 06:34:49 PM  
The only reason why software racketeers like Bill Gates and such are so bloody rich is the business market. Companies do not get very far using pirated software. Most companies of course have the money to pay for scads of software and will continue to "upgrade" their products with every new release. There is a shift, slowly but surely, to open source because the cost of software is now prohibitive. Most intensive media houses use home-brewed tools to save money. The peeps behind Shrek used alot of software custom made by their own programmers, obviously to get the job done and done cheaper.
2002-06-10 06:34:59 PM  
06-10-02 06:04:43 PM WarmBeer :
Now at the same time, I'm a bit of a tool when it comes to pirated music. Music = 15 bucks. Software = several hundreds. I buy the music :)

Plus a fat rack of CDs looks cool.

I only paid for the hardware, the software was free and the cds cost $20 per 100, I have a nic erack o fcds, but they're burned it's the hot new thing!
2002-06-10 06:36:09 PM  
people think ideas are justified by being laws.

what's right is not always popular, and what's popular is not always right.

and laws are made based on popularity.
2002-06-10 06:36:56 PM  
06-10-02 05:58:38 PM Tomster42
As a programmer, I work an obscene amount hours so my company can charge $1500+ per user while paying me peanuts.
So take what you want, don't let me stop you!

Amen brother.
2002-06-10 06:37:21 PM  
Scienceguy: that's emulators and only 24 hours if you don't own the game hardcopy...when I was 11 I used to actually almost believed them, then i just kept my shiatload of emus for 5 months...
2002-06-10 06:37:54 PM  
I paid full price recently for GTA3 and JK2 for the PC, about $50 each. Quality games worth every penny. I've also l33ch3d dozens of games between those two, that weren't worth a shiat, and I don't play, only tried them out to realize they weren't worth shiat. Like I have time to play all the games I download. Had they been good quality titles worth of my hard earned time and money, I would have purchased them, and I would be playing them. Now excuse me while I sharpen my sabre dueling skillz.
2002-06-10 06:40:31 PM  
Piracy = Small loss of money
Small loss of money = raised prices
Raised prices = more piracy

The companies are only screwing themselves
2002-06-10 06:42:29 PM  
Intellectual Property Laws, I am familiar with them. I was speaking from a different standpoint. If you told these laws to the aboriginees in Austrailia they would laugh at you. The same for Indians etc.etc.etc.. People get so caught up with little letters typed on little pieces of paper. Yes I enjoy the internet, yes I enjoy certain programs but where does the buck stop? Does everything have to cost money? Once again, I realize it's all entertainment but sometimes enough is enough. By developing programs and continually updating them and charging and charging the consumer to upgrade, boost or patch the companies have gotten the public by it's balls. We have merely shifted some of power back to the buyer and in tunr we have forced them to listen to us. They biatch and biatch about how much revenue they are losing but when it comes to developing technology to prevent "us" criminals from copying their programs, they leave their checks blank. Talk about B.S.
2002-06-10 06:46:58 PM  
So, in all seriousness... if photoshop 7 dropped to 50 bucks a pop, would you people rush out and buy it? :)

I would. =p
2002-06-10 06:48:47 PM  
Personally i think that software piracy is despicable, and all those who practice it are theives and soul-less whores. You will all burn in hell, and i'll be sure to piss on your graves when you die.

Anyway, i better get back to figuring out why my "Windows Update" won't install SP1 for XP.
2002-06-10 06:48:49 PM  
Warmbeer: "If that ever happened, money would become meaningless except as a means of purchasing these gizmos. The high upper-class would shiat a brick."

Yeah, but wouldn't you need to purchase the necessary molecules or whatever to reproduce stuff with? I mean, you can't tell me this machine just whips up whatever kinds of materials it wants out of nothing right? That would be cool though..
2002-06-10 06:50:06 PM Heck yeah. I'd be legit if it didn't cost me a kidney.
2002-06-10 06:50:48 PM you're damn straight I would. Even $100 bucks isn't bad.

WayToBlue: heh, took me a second there.
2002-06-10 06:51:19 PM  
I'll pay for my copy of Dreamweaver as soon as I get ad revenue! Really!
2002-06-10 06:54:46 PM  
WayToBlue: hehehehe. Subtle, but nice.
2002-06-10 06:57:52 PM  
Hillary Rosen is really a lesbian, her partner runs some human rights group. They have adopted like 4 kids. </useless trivia>
2002-06-10 06:59:57 PM  
muahhhahahahaha After discovering Warez I get everything pirated muahahahahahahahahah
2002-06-10 07:00:41 PM  
I'd really like to see a stat or poll on the number of photoshoppers here who have legally acquired Photoshop.

Also, saw this (flash, 588K, NSFW) earlier today.
2002-06-10 07:01:05 PM  
Virion: Don't think so man. That 24-hour's myth has been going around for a LONG LONG time, and it's never been true. I don't claim to know the exacts of emulators and their games, but i do know that line has been around from before their was an atari 400, let alone emulators, and it's never been true.

It's completely illegal to have a copy of software you don't properly own, doesn't matter if it's 2 years or 2 minutes unless specifically mentioned in the user agreement.
2002-06-10 07:01:39 PM  
The one software issue I have a problem with is OS's. Why the fark are they so expensive? Oh yeah- we all gotta have em. I do understand why high- end software is expensive, Photoshop, for example. But I also expect quality. I am using a browser called iCab (Macintosh only) instead of IE. Why? It is faster, LOTS more stable, takes up a bunch less HD space (about 3 megs!) and I can customize just about every little thing about it- I can choose image sizes I don't want it to load (468x60, anyone!) tell it which sites I want it to accept cookies from and which ones I dont- without having to manually accept or decline each one, and lots more. Once its configured, which is not at all hard, it looks very similar to IE.
Now, it's still not complete- missing a couple minor features, but when it is, it will be kick ass. It already is. The final version will cost money- about $29- and I will gladly pay it. Another example is MS Office. Both office 2001 and X have some glaring bugs, mostly in the interface, and things like page numbering don't work exactly right sometimes- mostly minor things, but they are there. I get it legally for free from the University. This is the only way I have it. The fact that It is easier to transfer files cross- platform and between people is the only reason I use it. If I had to pay $3-500 for it, I WOULD NOT buy this buggy piece of shiat- ever. I would stick with AppleWorks- free with a new mac, elegant, well- made, powerful, and for those who need to purchase it, it's just $100 (I think) Apple beats MS hands down with OS's as well. If you buy a new Xserve 1U server, you get an unlimited license for MacOSX server- Take THAT, Bill Gates. People want to upgrade their OS? it's a lot less expensive. Still too much, but less than MS. I'm not saying Apple is perfect and that Steve Jobs is an Angel- they aren't. But, at least they are trying to be more reasonable.
2002-06-10 07:02:21 PM  
I use to buy software. Really! I actually laid out money for Windows 98 way back in the day. I paid my $150 for it, and right out of the box the thing didn't work. Crashed constantly. Each time I contacted Microsoft, thier response was "sorry. It's a known problem and we're aware of it." It took something like four months before a service pack was released that would make the OS stable. In the meantime I was unable to use what I had legally purchased.

Software companies get away with a lot of stuff that other industries don't. They try to "license" the software to you instead of outright selling it (thus you don't actually OWN anything). The product more and more nowdays does not work properly out of the box. We're at a point where as soon as you install something, the first thing you need to do is go to the website to get patches and updates.

And they want me to pay for the privledge of zero quality control and a rushed product? Whatever.
2002-06-10 07:02:25 PM  
Oh yeah, I don't really think companies loose that much from personal piracy. Most 16 year old kids will not pay for a 400 dollar program if they couldn't crack/serial/warez it. It's the companies that buy 200 or 300 less licences for software that they are running that are the main offenders. If companes released low cost indivdual user versions of software no one would pirate. Why pirate Photoshop if its avaialble for 5 bucks? Save the profit making for the corporate licencing
2002-06-10 07:09:25 PM  
Software companies have brought this problem on themselves (as has the record industry). When you make a product that sucks balls (i.e. buggy as hell) and I pay for it, it is no wonder that the next time, I would rather download it first and not get screwed. If quality products came out, then IMHO people would be more willing to pay for them. As it stands now, most people realize that the shiat they release, is twelve versions away from complete and therefore worthless.
2002-06-10 07:11:38 PM  
Software piracy will always exist. Even the dreaded dongle cannot prevent a cracked copy from running. That being said, there seem to be a number of misconceptions about software piracy.

Adobe Photoshop is not a $35 program with a huge markup. Anyone who has used Photoshop and a $35 graphics program will realize this. There are some companies that actually provide value for the dollar and Photoshop is a well made product. Someone mentioned "obscene" profits in the software business. A quick look at Adobe's stock chart should disabuse that notion. It is true that they release a new version of Photoshop pretty often, but there is no law that says you have to upgrade. Most people don't even know how to use the version they have very well, it just sits on the hard disk and is used to resize the occasional JPEG.

Even mighty MS hasn't done so well on the charts lately. Sales are off. Folks aren't upgrading to XP fast enough (especially businesses who just got the kinks out of Win2k), so they are out to see if they can flush a few more license fees out of the bushes by making a big noise.

If the companies were serious about piracy then people WOULD be doing time, programs would incorporate "squealware" to notify companies of unauthorized use, etc.

The reason they don't, is that they know that stamping out piracy would only harm them for many of the reasons already given in this thread. What they are hoping to do is frighten a few more people into buying legit copies. Consider it a sales pitch.

What bugs me is that I have to keep buying new versions of Windows to support the new games that come out. The only stable version of Windows was 3.11 and they trashed that for the most buggy product ever, Win95.

XP decided not to let me log in one day and I had to reformat, so it is pure trash too.

I would pay $500 for an OS that didn't crash every day, trash my data and installation four times a year, and played the latest games. End of story.
2002-06-10 07:12:27 PM  
After playing Counter-Strike for about 2 1/2 years, I finally bought a legit Half-Life CD online for $15 +$5 shipping. Also, I donated $10 to the 8-Bit Theater guy the other day.

I figure I am all set on paying for computer content until 2006 or so.
2002-06-10 07:15:02 PM  
i must laugh everytime i hear of these billions and billions of dollars that are "lost" to piracy each year. cut 60% of the figure out and i might believe it more.

ok now. i dont view software piracy as a crime per say. i say this because i am on bot sides of the issue. i like to download games/applications at home to try them before even considering buying them. this way i figure out whats good and whats crap w/o wasting any of my hard earned money.

now, i also do consulting work for a business. this involves recommending software etc etc. often times i try software out at home and then later the company ends up buying 10. who did i do the favour here? the software company of course for selling 10 of their damn products and then they have the nerve to biatch at me for having a pirated version first?

i know many of you have said that software can be expensive, and yes that is true. a company can charge however much it wants for a piece of software. doesnt mean i have to buy it just like the porsche that keeps on being mentioned above hehehe.

so they havent lost a sale if i dont buy the porsche since i couldnt afford it in the first place. think of pirated software as taking a test drive rather than stealing it ;)

last thing, i do give credit to a number of software companies that are progressive instead of trying to rule their software with an iron fist. piracy will happen. that is a fact they know. i have seen upgrades to pirated software offered for 100 dollars for anyone who wants a legit serial/manual/upgrades and all that and this was on like a 300 dollar retail app. not a bad deal if you ask me if you really like the software and want to go legit.

oh and for games that is a whole different topic. 80% of games out there are CRAP. no other way to put it. so of course id try before i buy. they dont want that because that way they wont get my 50 for finding out its crap ehehe
do some reading on this topic and youll come across a few articles were most larger game companies have actually said they have no issue with most piracy (of the record of course) for the simple fact it builds the community for their game and in so doing that makes it more likely that the people will by the expansion/next release or even the current one.

enough said, i could write a book on this ;]
2002-06-10 07:15:34 PM  
Asmith47- I'm assuming you aren't a programmer. Because if somebody made an operating system that:

Never lost data
Ran fast
Could handle all recent applications and games without conflict
Rarely (if ever) crashed

then you would be seeing a price tag a lot bigger than $500, my friend.
2002-06-10 07:17:26 PM  
(caption)'U.S. trade officials have previously warned China that its efforts to curb software piracy are 'not good enough.'

I think I'm being fair when i say that this is a shining exampple of the pot calling the kettle attractive and successful African-American.
2002-06-10 07:18:53 PM  
What??!!!! Am I the first to mention the law passed in Congress awhile back that basically prevents the consumer for suing software firms for damages purchased software does to the end user's computer?

That legislation received very little coverage. BIG biz media protecting fellow BIG biz buddies?

You, as an individual, are responsible for your actions. M'soft and sundry firms are not.

Let the piracy commence.
2002-06-10 07:21:00 PM  
I have a good idea for copyright protection.
Breathalyzers! Only the registered owner's breath will activate the app. Yes.
2002-06-10 07:21:07 PM  
to anyone complaining about it being wrong, do you speed in your car? you know a MPH over the speedlimit is WRONG and illegal. you should be punished! Everyone does illegal things, but some are worse than others.

what i want to know, is why are all these billion dollar companies complaning about loss to piracy, yet their financial numbers keep showing them doing better year after year...
2002-06-10 07:23:55 PM  
What I want to know is why $11 billion is the magic number for piracy losses. Every time I look, it's $11 billion. Don't the pirates ever vary their downloading?
2002-06-10 07:24:23 PM  
Bisifiniti- How much would it cost then? They would have to charge a lot, becuase once people got their hands on such an OS, no-one would ever upgrade after that. Acutally, linux runs fast, rarely crashes, and doesn't lose data. How much does it cost? If only it would run Roller Coaster Tycoon...

Anyway, I keep my data and applications on a seperate partitions from the OS now. And I have done some programming in my time ;)
2002-06-10 07:28:13 PM  
Someone mentioned "obscene" profits in the software business. A quick look at Adobe's stock chart should disabuse that notion. It is true that they release a new version of Photoshop pretty often, but there is no law that says you have to upgrade.

All this reflects is investor confidence, not profits. Adobe could triple their profits, but if the overall market is sour, people who can't predict the future generally won't invest. Plot it against the Nasdaq to seee for yourself.
2002-06-10 07:30:52 PM  
Bisfiniti- And maybe if MS would hire some experienced programmers instead of a bunch of maladjusted virgins fresh out of college, they would be able to implement some good programming practices and then their software wouldn't be pure shiat every time. "Critical update notification" my ass. I'm sure it will fix ALL the security holes this time, NOT! Oops, gotta go, another "Critical Update" needs to be downloaded...
2002-06-10 07:32:06 PM  
heh, *watches as the software companies become aware of the fark forums* *Watches adobe cry out in horror*
2002-06-10 07:34:23 PM  
Axisted- You are right, but that confidence is based on the collective experience of the participants in the market and is a pretty good indicator of the actual value of a company. In fact, investors think pretty highly of Adobe given that it has a PE of like 45 right now. Imagine if that was normalized a bit what the stock price would be...
2002-06-10 07:51:48 PM  
Man...I'm livin it up with my luxury levis. :) Oh wait...I didn't pay $700 for them... I just got confused from reading an earlier post.

2002-06-10 07:53:12 PM  
Imagine if that was normalized a bit what the stock price would be...

Then I'd invest, but I'd also pirate their software 'cuz someone like me who wouldn't buy it in the first place isn't really affecting sales, especially because the Gimp is free and does about everything the average PS user needs (although I haven't used their Windows version.)
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