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2453 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 May 2006 at 8:39 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-01 09:40:15 PM  
A little off topic, but did anyone catch that chef in the Cingular commercial showing the shocker?
2006-05-01 09:40:17 PM  
Bauer is taking a plane hostage! farking bauer is the shiat!
2006-05-01 09:40:26 PM  
2006-05-01 09:39:33 PM Locoz

Anybode else sick of the super techno Gillete flying razor blades fusion commerical?

Yes, and I can't help but think about how likely it is I will grab the blade the wrong way and slice open my finger.
2006-05-01 09:40:40 PM  
W00t! Two "House" episodes! Dr. House rules!
2006-05-01 09:41:06 PM  

2006-05-01 09:41:07 PM  
I'd like to see House and Jack go up against each other.
2006-05-01 09:41:10 PM  
bring on the james bond music!

/c'mon please
2006-05-01 09:41:11 PM  
The President looks like Frank Burns
2006-05-01 09:41:14 PM  
putita_caliente: did he leave the phone down?

the wife noticed that too. one of the ~1000 telegraphed story "twists" most won't notice.

again, sigh
2006-05-01 09:41:16 PM  
Logan's gunna shoot down that plane.
2006-05-01 09:41:17 PM  
I want minute by minute updates. So let me hang up on you.
2006-05-01 09:41:43 PM  
Ugh, push him and his crew cut head away, Chloe!
2006-05-01 09:41:47 PM  
Shoot it down, Logan. You can do that. It's easy.
2006-05-01 09:41:57 PM  
Why didn't Robocomp stomp on that voice recorder when he had it?
2006-05-01 09:41:58 PM  
2006-05-01 09:42:04 PM  
drunk guy......still down

2006-05-01 09:42:04 PM

"Generic Airplane! movie quote/reference"
2006-05-01 09:42:19 PM  
HAHA! Asskisser! Greatness
2006-05-01 09:42:22 PM  

Why are they playing the "House" theme music on "Prison Break?!?!?!"

Its not just the "House" theme. Its a song by Massive Attack, called "Teardrop."

[jingle] The more you knooooww.....[/jingle]
2006-05-01 09:42:26 PM  
Miles is a biatch
2006-05-01 09:42:29 PM  
Gah, I hate that evil, gay DHS bassturd.
2006-05-01 09:42:34 PM  
bill buchannan FTW!

you little ass kisser
2006-05-01 09:42:34 PM  
Miles is such a snivelling biatch.
2006-05-01 09:42:39 PM  
holy crap...i totally thought "asshole" was coming out of Bill's mouth
2006-05-01 09:42:49 PM  
I have the feeling that that drunk guy by Chloe will wake up and walk off, and tell someone...
2006-05-01 09:42:51 PM  
Maybe Bill could take care of the HS slimeball for us.

Slimeball to Novick!
2006-05-01 09:42:59 PM  
Miles IS a little ass kisser.
2006-05-01 09:43:03 PM  
Everything was going Jack's way until he realized who was on board

"He's got the whole world in his hands..."
2006-05-01 09:43:16 PM  
apeiron242: Why didn't Robocomp stomp on that voice recorder when he had it?

It's his insurance policy against the Pres having him killed
2006-05-01 09:43:21 PM  
Mike is asserting himself.......go Mike...go Karen!
2006-05-01 09:43:24 PM  
rocinante721 - awww, you're no fun anymore!
2006-05-01 09:43:40 PM  
I want one of those cell phones who's batteries NEVER DIE.

What do you think? Radio shack?
2006-05-01 09:43:40 PM  
2006-05-01 09:42:49 PM mikemikeb

I have the feeling that that drunk guy by Chloe will wake up and walk off, and tell someone...

she has to let him walk off first, and she's turning into a mini bauer, so i dare him to try.
2006-05-01 09:43:50 PM  
You know Miles likes that disco song, "It's raining men ! Hallelujah !"
2006-05-01 09:44:00 PM  
Thanks for explaining the last few episodes to us, Miles.
2006-05-01 09:44:02 PM  
Jesus, Miles is so camp that he should be in an Oscar Wilde play, not in the Holy Presence of Jack Bauer.
2006-05-01 09:44:04 PM  
Miles is getting reamed from a distance
2006-05-01 09:44:21 PM  
hahaahahah STFU Miles
2006-05-01 09:44:43 PM  
haha....offline...suck it miles
2006-05-01 09:44:52 PM  
someone please punch miles in the face for the love of god
2006-05-01 09:44:53 PM  
Im into soft Q&A, too, I wonder if its the same thing.
2006-05-01 09:44:54 PM  
Karen's got some l33t skillz as well.
2006-05-01 09:45:06 PM  
He looked so... hurt when the monitor went offline.
2006-05-01 09:45:33 PM  
damn...what's with the explosion on the TV in the background?
2006-05-01 09:45:35 PM  

Thanks. I already knew that though...a few years old though, isn't it? It's just kind of morphed into the "House" theme.

2006-05-01 09:45:51 PM  
Is this the music from 'JAWS'?
2006-05-01 09:46:19 PM  
I can't wait till Jack meets the prez in person
2006-05-01 09:46:36 PM  
Miles is gonna need to change his tampon soon....
2006-05-01 09:46:37 PM  
mike is figuring you out, mr. president. watch your skanky bottom.
2006-05-01 09:46:37 PM  
Go, Mike! Save the day!
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