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33567 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2006 at 5:44 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-30 05:04:14 PM  
I don't see the Pig Stand in San Antonio so the list means nothing
2006-04-30 05:07:51 PM  
Where the hell is McDonald's?
2006-04-30 05:10:21 PM  
I refuse to believe that the Olive Garden in Albuquerque wasn't good enough for this list.

/stoopid, pretentious list
//almost every name on that list is french.
///Dieter Muller is in Germany, whereas Schwarswaldstube is in Deutschland. WTF?
2006-04-30 05:11:04 PM  
Repeat from a couple weeks ago.
2006-04-30 05:13:00 PM  
Nick's hot dog stand on Rittenhouse Square in Philly is absent.
2006-04-30 05:16:48 PM  
I think I may have eaten at number 20, but I forget. That was probably 8 years ago. I never did catch the name of it, but it was an incredibly fancy restaurant in that general area of California.
2006-04-30 05:19:18 PM  
The French Laundry average meal for two not including tip and tax is about $420.
2006-04-30 05:24:11 PM  
Where is the In n Out ?
2006-04-30 05:24:15 PM  
Or... places I'll never go to. Give me the bleu cheese burger down at Ginger's Ale House and then a couple games of pool and a few beers. I'll have a way better time than I would at any of these places. I guess my tastes are pretty low-brow.

Charlie Trotters isn't too far from here, but there is no way I'm spending $350 and tax and tip for freaking "skate wing with hollandaise" or some such crap.
2006-04-30 05:28:44 PM  
2006-04-30 05:30:16 PM  
Some restaurants are in New York, while others are in the USA. Yes, pretentiousness abounds
2006-04-30 05:32:39 PM  
And what makes Nobu London better than Nobu NYC? I've only been to Nobu SoBe, and it was pretty good. The prices are obscene, though, as you can imagine
2006-04-30 05:35:37 PM  
The secret to getting on this list is to apparently have a French name. Maybe, we should have Jacques En Le Box.
2006-04-30 05:48:11 PM  
I don't care if it is closed, Captain Nemo's in Kenmore Square was the dog's balls.
2006-04-30 05:50:08 PM  
I'm sorry.

Savage Pizza from Atlanta is not on there, therefor this list is invalid.
2006-04-30 05:50:55 PM
2006-04-30 05:51:04 PM  
I dunno, La Maisonette in Cincinnati has been a 5 star restaurant since time started. Maybe they missed it, I dunno. That being said...why isn't Pizza Hut on the list?
2006-04-30 05:53:31 PM  
belowme: I dunno, La Maisonette in Cincinnati has been a 5 star restaurant since time started. Maybe they missed it, I dunno. That being said..

Umm, because they closed. (moved actually)

You don't get rated for a year if you change chefs or relocate.
2006-04-30 05:53:46 PM  
I imagine that you won't get away at any of these resturaunts with a bill under 200 dollars.
2006-04-30 05:54:06 PM

My wife and I ate at Valentino at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV and it literally rocked my balls. Decor, service, menu exceeded every possible expectation.

Top 10 Restaurants in LV (twice awarded) - Wine Spectator (04)
America's Top 10 Tried and True Restaurants - Bon Appetit
America's No.1 Restaurant - Forbes
One of the 10 Best Wine Lists in America - Wine Spectator
Grand Award Winner - Wine Spectator
Best of Award of Excellence - Wine Spectator
Elizabeth Burns Lifetime Achievement Award - Piero Selvaggio, California Restaurant Association
Best Italian Restaurant - Las Vegas Life (01)
James Beard Award - James Beard Foundation
2006-04-30 05:54:10 PM  
Yeah Hakkasan!

Best damn Chinese food ever.
2006-04-30 05:54:38 PM  
Shadow Blasko: Umm, because they closed. (moved actually)

Holy hell...really?

/not like I'd ever go there
2006-04-30 05:55:10 PM  
I cannot belive that the top 10 are not all French.

I travel around all of Europe with a expense account and a resturant guide.
I seek out the best.
The french cook the spots of any other nation.
There is a clear qualiative difference.
I will try to work through this list and report back

/Is English.
2006-04-30 05:55:15 PM  
Bob Evans. Hands down.
2006-04-30 05:55:21 PM  
Is this a new list or the same one that gets posted every few weeks?
2006-04-30 05:55:21 PM  
or could ever afford to
//missed that part
2006-04-30 05:56:04 PM  
belowme: Holy hell...really?

/not like I'd ever go there

Cincinnati is imploding at a geometric pace.

Even the local races for this weeks primaries have everyone at each others throats..and no one cares.

Someone please nuke this place.
2006-04-30 05:56:09 PM  
I demand to know why the Hog's Breath Inn (Pagosa Springs, CO) has been cruelly left off that list?!
2006-04-30 05:56:26 PM  
the ChickenRoasted with Black Truffles and Truffled Vegetables comeshighly recommended.

Christ, with the price of truffles, that has to be a 150 dollar dish.
2006-04-30 05:56:55 PM  
All hail mikemoto and his 1€ Tacos Deux.
2006-04-30 05:56:58 PM  
Shadow Blasko:

Actually, they were going to move, but they ended up closing. About 6 months ago, I think.
2006-04-30 05:59:02 PM  
Touque? Hello? No Montreal restaurants?
2006-04-30 05:59:27 PM  
Shadow Blasko: Cincinnati is imploding at a geometric pace.

Even the local races for this weeks primaries have everyone at each others throats..and no one cares.

Not to threadjack or anything, but I know all about that. I live over in Covington, and see the candidates biatching at each other all the time..especially for a County Auditor seat. Sad really.
2006-04-30 05:59:53 PM  
Commander's Palace usually makes these lists.

That being said, these people don't know that "New York" is IN "USA", or that Germany and Deutchland is the same thing, so I doubt it's much of an authority on anything other than making bogus lists.
2006-04-30 05:59:55 PM  
Nothing like overpaying for food!
2006-04-30 05:59:57 PM


/hates Top-10/20/50/100/etc... lists like this that tell us what we should like and shouldn't like.
//Simple Rule: IF YOU LIKE IT, EAT THERE. IF YOU DON'T... EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE. It's that simple.
///Lard Baron - German Chefs can cook circles around the French. I've eaten in both countries and German Cuisine is, in my opinion, superior.
2006-04-30 06:00:35 PM  
(Commander's Palace is in New Orleans, which I guess means "USA" to these people, unlike "New York", which evidently isn't)
2006-04-30 06:00:43 PM  
chlsmith: Actually, they were going to move, but they ended up closing. About 6 months ago, I think.

I had heard that, but was not certain. Jeff Ruby and his crew have been talking about taking the place of the fish market at Newport on The Levy.

I would *LOVE* to see Maisonette re-open in Newport, just as a slap in the face to Cincy.

(This city is actually suing ITSELF over how to get a contractor to make a plan to *start* on a concept of a new riverfront. Then I-71/75 relo will make them start over and they know it. It's almost entertaining to watch) Its why I refuse to live in Cincy, but will live in the suburbs outside of Hamilton county)

/Sorry for the threadjack
2006-04-30 06:01:04 PM  
The Bacon and Egg Ice Cream on the menu today,for example,is significantly
different from the one that appeared back in 2004.

Holy Hell, that sounds awful.
2006-04-30 06:03:01 PM  
Deja vu! I remember this thread from the first time this list was posted.
2006-04-30 06:03:06 PM  
I have just one more thing to say...MMMM FOOD.
2006-04-30 06:05:46 PM  
Espertron, Amen, shout it from the mountaintop.
2006-04-30 06:06:01 PM  
Puh-lease! Everyone knows the best restaurant evar is:
2006-04-30 06:06:40 PM  
RIP 2nd Ave Deli
2006-04-30 06:06:42 PM  
Any list with the hideous Charlie Trotters on it is instantly without credibility.
2006-04-30 06:06:52 PM  
No La Tour d'Argent in Paris? Incomplete list.
2006-04-30 06:08:16 PM  
I've eaten at No. 46. It is by no means the "Best Restaurant" in India, let alone all of Asia. It might be the most pretentious.
2006-04-30 06:08:49 PM  
Anyone been to Gary Danko in San Francisco-- oh my, that's some good eats.

/no Taco Bell, but quite good
2006-04-30 06:08:53 PM  
krofynoops: No La Tour d'Argent in Paris? Incomplete list.

That can not be in Paris. Everyone lnows that you can see the Eiffel Tower from every window in Paris!

/sorry.. Had too!
2006-04-30 06:09:38 PM  
My favorite restaurant is an old german place called the Gasthof. It's a great german feeling restaurant where you can all come together and drink great beer. You can sing with the men that go around with their acordians, including dirty limericks. The whole place has a feeling of a german themed party. They even bring around snuff. Not to mention the food is fantastic. It's in St Paul MN. I highly recommend it if you're in the area.
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