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(Yahoo)   Ethopians kill two men who tried to hijack an Ethopian airlines flight   ( divider line
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8505 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2002 at 4:13 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-10 04:15:36 AM  
Where in the hell is Ethopia?
2002-06-10 04:18:27 AM  
africa - its place we're continually asked to send food to
they have planes?
2002-06-10 04:18:35 AM  
Hytes Xian, you can't be serious.

I smell a coverup.
2002-06-10 04:19:08 AM  
its below that country thats shaped like a spoon.
2002-06-10 04:19:59 AM  
chris tucker must be very proud of them.
2002-06-10 04:20:15 AM  
haven't you read dilbert...their airlines are giant slingshots...obviously they caught some people with giant rubber bands.
2002-06-10 04:27:59 AM  
Maybe the knives were supposed to be used to cut the rubber bands...
2002-06-10 04:28:59 AM  
Terrorists subdued on the plane, taken outside and shot when the plane landed. Sounds great! Now this is the right way to kill the germ!
2002-06-10 04:31:26 AM  
It's gonna be pretty messed up when some dude just HAS to get up and pee when everybody is supposed to be strapped in. he'll push people out of the way, running for the bathroom, then people will freak. Some "hero" will try and stop the dude, the guy will resist, (coz he's REALLY gotta pee!) and then all the passengers from the aisle seats will pour down on him, kicking and punching the poor bastard, and then he dies coz his kidneys & bladder explode, pissing himself and the first layer of "heroes" piled around him.

The Aftermath:
Texan: "T though he said praise Allah!"
Californian: "really? I thought he said --'I gotta pee!'"
Stewardess: "I... I think he's dead..."
(ALL) silence
Air Marshall: "yup, he said 'Praise Allah!"

next day: article linked with HERO tag on
2002-06-10 04:35:18 AM  
What were they trying to do anyways? Fly it into the hut of the tribe-eldest?
2002-06-10 04:36:00 AM  
did they eat them afterwards?
2002-06-10 04:38:10 AM  
Oh, Ethiopia! I thought I heard someone say Ethopia. My bad.

I can't believe I just said My bad. Am I hip or what? Not bad for a 43 year old, eh? My bad. A'ight. Did y'all get that? A'ight. You know'm sayin'? Woo-hoo! Representative!! Woo-hoo!! God, if I had kids they would tell everybody they had the coolest dad in the world. You know'm sayin?

Anyway, I tried to buy one of them lil black kids but Sally Struthers, just like in South Park, was hogging them all for herself.

And what about these jackasses trying to hijack that plane? What's up with that? And why were they already executed? What kind of justice system do they have over there? A fast one, that's what kind.
2002-06-10 04:42:10 AM  
I would imagine, after the WTC debacle, the jobs of airplane hijackers went from difficult to impossible.
What happens when the 40 or 50 people you expected to cower and tremble before you only get ticked off?
Not too much room to run in an airplane.

Kudos to the guards who took the idiots out. However i'm morbidly curious as to how the situation may have turned out if there were no guards present.
2002-06-10 04:42:25 AM  
I thought Ethiopia was the place that couldn't afford food and water, much less jetliners.

2002-06-10 04:47:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-10 04:48:29 AM  
An Ethiopian jetliner is only slightly faster than an Ethiopian chicken......
2002-06-10 04:49:05 AM  
Hytes Xian: That sort of reaminded me of the movie "Undercova Brotha"

It's okay to be cool, just be sure not to try to act cool. I have plenty of experence with my parents who are your age who try to act cool but really arent. I think the key is not to try so hard.
2002-06-10 04:52:37 AM  
Starvin Marvin rocks. Lindseyp, how did you know that information in the Ecstacy thread earlier? As a former user struggling with mental illness, I'm quite interested.
2002-06-10 05:02:48 AM  
Loverboy586: Word.
2002-06-10 05:04:17 AM  
they had this happen before. years ago some guys tried to hijack another plane and the 2 heads of their airline security were on the flight. they took the guys down put them in first class seats and then cut their throats.
2002-06-10 05:08:09 AM  
They killed them and then they didn't eat them? And they say we're wasteful! At least soccer teams stranded in the Alpines know when to take advantage of a situation.
2002-06-10 05:11:12 AM  
Hytes I'm not at home, so don't have your mail address... I'll send a few links and suchlike when I get back.
2002-06-10 05:24:11 AM  
Lindseyp im in recovery too and wouldnt mind if you sent the links my way, my emails in my profile. what you said in the other thread made a lot of sense.
2002-06-10 05:26:59 AM  
Halobender Duly noted. I'm not sure what I send would actually be of any help, but I'll put you in copy anyway, I'm sure you'll find it interesting, at least.
2002-06-10 08:12:22 AM  
Good deal. Not the same outcome with one of their 767s several years ago....
2002-06-10 09:36:41 AM  
Stringwave5 "Hytes Xian, you can't be serious."

I am serious. And stop calling me Hytes Xian.
2002-06-10 09:47:00 AM  
Phybersyko, if you've got to pee that bad during the first or last 30 minutes of a flight, I would advise pulling out the bag-o-plenty, opening it, and using that for your needs. While it may seem Draconian, there's obviously a tad bit of seriousness about airline safety.

This definitely deserves the [image from too old to be available] tag. When some idjut decides to try and take over an airplane, noone thinks that it's going to be a hostage/money situation, I think that they'd all ponder what local landmarks could be the target of an attack. Osama has ruined it for the hostage-taking terrorists everywhere.
2002-06-10 09:47:39 AM  
Woodchipper, I was morbidly curious to see september 11th develop further too. It was fun.
2002-06-10 09:52:41 AM  
Ethiopian Hijacker: This plane is going to the Old Country Buffet.

Passengers (rising as one, in unison): Hooray!
2002-06-10 10:45:23 AM  
sswith, that soccor team ate their friends in the Andes, you did even get the continent right. That is why I think soccor is stupid, kill, burn and maybe eat people win or lose.
2002-06-10 11:16:23 AM  
"The hijackers demanded that they be flown to St.Louis, MO and that there be a large bucket of extra crispy KFC waiting for them upon arrival" "They were then shot and killed"
2002-06-10 11:57:08 AM  
Did they stab him with their pin thin fingers?
2002-06-10 12:20:50 PM  
Here is a picture of the passengers celebrating after they landed (From Reuters):

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-10 01:18:44 PM  
Maybe we should hire Ethiopians to do security for our airlines.
2002-06-10 01:21:47 PM  
And the racism just keeps on coming. Newsflash: There are many good, decent, productive, and intelligent Africans that manage to have a quality of life that, while it may not be up to USA standards, certainly ranks around your average Eastern European of South American. In fact, I would say that the majority of them manage to pull this off. I would even go so far as to say that the majority of African governments are laughable parodies of a competent ruling body, a feat that some US state governments still haven't been able to pull off. Are there a few bad apples, in terms of both individuals and governments? Yes. Africa is a friggin' continent! With that much sheer acreage, you're bound to have a few screw-ups, just like in the US. Now, let's applaud the brave Ethiopians, and stop making snide comments about them that only betray our own ignorance and stupidity, okay?
2002-06-10 03:13:45 PM  
both were killed? aww no chance for chinese torture
2002-06-10 05:03:12 PM  
thats the way to do it. our government(usa), is too fuking stupid to arm the pilots who can defend the plane(and buildings) vs some idiots
2002-06-10 08:51:27 PM  
' . . place the mask over your mouth and nose, and breathe normally. Our in-flight entertainment today will consist of beating the crap out of these two captured highjackers. The sign-up sheet is being passed around now. Refreshments will be served when we reach cruising altitude. And, thank you for flying Air Ethiopia.'
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