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44879 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Apr 2006 at 4:30 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-27 06:33:40 PM  
Wii will Wii will
wock you.
2006-04-27 06:34:52 PM  
Like Sega....innovative as hell....bad bad bad marketting.
2006-04-27 06:36:00 PM  
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii!

/stuuuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid faaaaaaaarkiiiiiiiiiiing naaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
//just trying to demonstrate how irritating a name "Wii" actually is...
///I think it's safe to say marketing execs are farking idiots.
2006-04-27 06:36:28 PM  
So, basically; if you're moving around in a game, let's suppose, you can't also 'jump' or do some sort of other action (because it's made for 1 hand)....I don't get it. Someone help me out here.
2006-04-27 06:38:07 PM  
fark that controller. fark it up its stupid ass.
2006-04-27 06:38:27 PM  
Felgraf: HumeVsKant
I'm guessing it makes much more sense to someone who speaks Japanese, and probably doesn't sound as 'uncomfortable' or 'dirty' there.

You know, that country where Nintendo has its headquarters? Japan? Damn, what language did theys peak there again?...

Hooray for Japan. Good for them. Let them keep the ridiculous "Wii" name then, along with the ridiculous "Super Famicom" crap they insisted on calling the NES. For everything outside of their little country, let's leave "Wii" out of it and call it the Revolution.
2006-04-27 06:39:43 PM  
stevenr868: So, basically; if you're moving around in a game, let's suppose, you can't also 'jump' or do some sort of other action (because it's made for 1 hand)....I don't get it. Someone help me out here.

Look into the nunchuck attachment. It's not just made for one hand.
2006-04-27 06:39:45 PM  
stevenr868: Have you read nothing... in the past about the Revolution?
1. It has a port in the back that can plug in accessories, by default it ships with a small one hand joystick with two buttons for the other hand.
2. Its compatible with the gamecube so you can plug a gamecube controller in.
2006-04-27 06:39:48 PM  

Wow, you're definately biased.

One thing is certain. Nintendo will automaticlly win the casual gamer market by having the lowest price point of the 3 major systems and the largest game library.

Wow, you're biased. While I agree that cheap means that
I might buy one for fun (that's why I own a game cube) the
number of available games has been horrible.

You're not thinking like the "casual gamer" you're thinking
like a tech geek. While cheap is good, no games = waste of
money. Parents in particular look at details like that.
Cool and new with gadgets appeals to nerds like me
but may not ring well with many old school gamers who
still have powerpads, light guns, gyro-robots, and other
gadgets nintendo has tried over the years collecting
dust in their closets.

And you can't seriously think that Nintendo can push its
new high tech system with old games??? What will they say
buy our new Wii so you can play Super Mario 3? Only recent
games will be a draw and Nintendo is seriously lacking
in that catagory.

And if you were paying attention you'd know that while
"KH-Chain of Memories" was on GBA, few played it compared
to the other two which are on PS. Most have had to look
up the plot line from wikipedia since buying the GBA for
that game wasn't worth it. Not a huge win for Nintendo at
all, major win and sales for PS.
2006-04-27 06:39:49 PM  
Your wii is the one thing you should have to pay money to play with dammit!
2006-04-27 06:40:11 PM  
You know, if you flip the controller sideways it's just an NES controller. I guess I'm too into the old school games, but I'll always be loyal to Nintendo, and I'm excited to see what their new system is going to be like, even if it is weird.

And the name isn't that bad. I mean, it makes sense why they picked something like that. And since when does the name of a console define how good it is?

You guys are way too harsh.
2006-04-27 06:42:34 PM  
"Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak," the company said in its flash presentation of the name. "No confusion. No need to abbreviate."

but you have to spell it out phonetically so everyone knows how to pronounce it. effective marketing jackasses.

wouldn't 'wii' really sound more like 'why'?
2006-04-27 06:43:04 PM  
Well, it looks dumb to me and the new name SUCKS, but my friend is one of hte lead programmers for the Metroid Prime series and he swears the new controller system is amazing.
2006-04-27 06:43:15 PM  
I haven't read a single thing in this entire thread. All I've got to say is:


"Revolution" was cool. :( :(
2006-04-27 06:45:14 PM  
The Nintendo DS with it's weird control has sold over 13 Million world wide.

For some reason I think maybe Nintendo knows a little more about designing a controller than the people biatching about it here.
2006-04-27 06:45:43 PM  
I thought the name was silly at first, but it is beginning to grow on me. Also, it seems like everyone and their mom is talking about it now.
2006-04-27 06:45:53 PM  
2006-04-27 06:47:16 PM  
Epyn: MS bought Bungee for halo IIRC.
It also served the purposes of cancelling Halo for Mac (the platform Halo was originally written for), artificially delaying the PC release to sell more XBoxes, and taking away from the Mac world one of its few dedicated game developers. Well played, Microsoft, well played.
2006-04-27 06:48:56 PM  

Look, I'm tired of all you Nintendo Fanboi's. I'm sure
if Nintendo said they're making crap on a cracker with
a controller you'd be siked about it. I have nothing
against Nintendo, I've owned every Nintendo console since
the original (no hand helds). I've also watched them make
each one obsolete and try lots of gadgets that didn't go

When I hear Nintendo say "We're being innovative and
different!" I look at the gryo-robot in my closet and
think "Where have I heard this crap before". I hope
this time will be all new and wonderful but I'm not keeping
my hopes up.
2006-04-27 06:50:00 PM  
Many of you guys are being incredibly close-minded. Not that I'm surprised.
2006-04-27 06:50:04 PM  
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but all of the developers who have used the controller have found it very intuitive. All of the ignorant people on here are bashing it while they have no idea what they are talking about and that bothers me.

I dont mind the name myself, but the fact that it will probably cost them customers is unfortunate. I can already see some farkers saying they aren't going to buy it based solely on the name. Just plain stupid.
2006-04-27 06:50:11 PM  
2006-04-27 06:50:19 PM  
And if you call it the N Wii, it sounds like you're saying "ennui".

Genius. Really. Yeah.
2006-04-27 06:50:57 PM  
Corvus: For some reason I think maybe Nintendo knows a little more about designing a controller than the people biatching about it here.

Now now, this is Fark, land of people who know better than anyone else. I mean all those people who have actually tried the new system and the controller should have asked Farkers first.
2006-04-27 06:51:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2006-04-27 06:51:46 PM  
I'm going to play the optimist here and point out that Nintendo renamed the Famicom when it was released outside Japan. Maybe, just maybe, it'll get a new name for the places where wii means urine? Revolution was a damn cool name for a console I truly believe will revolutionise the industry.

If not, well, considering that it takes huge balls to make your controller a long thick rod, calling your console Wii seems oddly appropriate. I think Sigmund Freud is running Nintendo. Just wait, their next console will be called the Anoos.
2006-04-27 06:52:12 PM  
"Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak," the company said in its flash presentation of the name. "No confusion. No need to abbreviate."

Ah, no. If their objective was to create a easy-to pronounce multilingual name, they failed on that too. In many languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, the "W" does not exist except in foreign words, making pronunciation unclear. In others, such as German, "W" is pronounced like the english "V", make the name sound more like "Vii". In French at least Wii will sound like "oui", or "yes", which might make it easier to remember.
2006-04-27 06:52:53 PM  
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

The name is so ludicrous, people can't help themselves from talking about it. For the short term, everyone will make fun of the name. And by the time the jokes get old, everyone will have heard of the Wii, or the Wii Wii, or the Wiid Nintendo was smoking when they thought up that name. Brilliant.

2006-04-27 06:52:54 PM  
Excellent. This will fare well against the Sony Puu and the Microsoft C-Men.

/"I reject your reality and substitute my own"
2006-04-27 06:53:02 PM  
Epyn: Thats the second time you used the term 480p. Did you just learn a new word or something..?
2006-04-27 06:53:15 PM  
Clold: - Just FYI, that little guy in the pic is a Sugar Glider, not a possum. You really don't want a possum in your ear. :)
2006-04-27 06:53:30 PM  
$500 says that it stands for Wireless Interactive.

How has nobody figured it out yet?
2006-04-27 06:53:54 PM  
gamer guy 1 "Yo dude, I've got an xBox 360!"
gamer guy 2 "Ive got a playstation 3"
gamer guy 3 "oh yea dudes, Ive got a wii...."
gamer guy 1 "bathrooms 3rd door to the right."
2006-04-27 06:54:24 PM  
Ok, I'll agree its a horrible name, but did anyone else think of this?

This is somewhat smart on Nintendo's part. This is starting up hype, this post alone has nearly 400 comments, and the amount of talk about the system(word of mouth advertising) is going to be big.

I hope the system sells, otherwise it will go down as a failure with a silly name. Haha.
2006-04-27 06:54:38 PM  
wii = willingly infuriate investors

/Late april fools?
2006-04-27 06:55:29 PM  
'scuse me while I go and take a wii.

/Wii're not gonna take it!
//No, wii ain't gonna take it!
///Wii're not gonna take it anymore!
2006-04-27 06:55:33 PM  
um, z34L0t? it's a chevy nova, and the word "nova" means the same thing in spanish as in english. Snopes story.
2006-04-27 06:55:40 PM  
Dear Nintendo:

Revolution was a good name. You should have kept it. It was a good name like the Genesis was a good name or Nintendo Entertainment System was a good name or Playstation was a good name. Wii is a bad name. It is bad because it tries too hard, its half of the word weewee which is sometimes a synonym for penis. Also, like the words 7800, Sega Master System, Xbox, Lynx, and turbographx, it doesn't mean anything to anyone. Therefore, Nintendo, I will not buy this device you are selling, as it is no longer revolutionary, why should I? All you had going for yourselves was a clever code name for the thing which you should have kept. This is the worst naming of a product since the Toyota Matrix, which looks nothing like how a car named Matrix should look.

Guy with extra pocket money now that you guys have chosen the dumbest possible name for your product.
2006-04-27 06:58:40 PM  
is it just me, or do the controllers for the "Wii" look like they came from one of those educational video game for preschoolers?
may be that's their real target audience..
2006-04-27 07:00:26 PM  
This is so wiik.
2006-04-27 07:02:51 PM  
hey guys!!! Come into my bedroom and I'll show you my wii!!!
2006-04-27 07:03:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

What would games be without massive hype and eventual disappointment, anyway?
2006-04-27 07:03:18 PM  
Reveilled: it'll get a new name for the places where wii means urine?

But Wii doesn't mean urine, sure it has the sound of I have to go wee, but it really says We but because of infantile and highschool humor by the likes of people on here and elsewhere, it is indeed a big mistake to use it in the U.S. Revolution was a fine name really.
2006-04-27 07:05:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-27 07:08:24 PM

LOL updated weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2006-04-27 07:09:11 PM  
Screw it. I'm buying one anyway. Skipped the Xbox and PS2 (couldn't get used to the controllers, seriously) brought a cube after playing with it in the store.
Excellent machine, drop in a Nintendo game disc, turn on and by the time the TV has changed channels it's waiting for me to do stuff.... like play the game.

Not lambasting the other machines, but I like the 'no loading screen' mentality of Nintendo.

Plus nothing can compare to a drunken brawl with friends on Super Smash Bros.
2006-04-27 07:12:16 PM  
I really want to know when Nintendo plans to have the press conference where the consumers get to punch all of them in their faces.

They really should just go back to programming SNES games. That's when it was all about the gameplay.

/And they wonder why I haven't bought a game in 3 years
2006-04-27 07:15:36 PM  
Quex: Actually... I think I can see where they're coming from.

I'm surprised you didn't also bring up the old ゐ/ヰ characters, which could make for a gimmicky ad campaign in Japan, but I see your point about the double イs. It's pretty clever.
2006-04-27 07:16:56 PM  
2006-04-27 07:18:52 PM  
DirkValentine wrote:
>dude. what. in. the fark. is. that. picture.

That's a LOL-face.
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