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44879 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Apr 2006 at 4:30 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-27 05:24:00 PM  
2006-04-27 05:24:21 PM  
Strangely I owned both versions of MK and the nintendo one was a lot more polished feeling. Also, if you had a game genie you could add it back in IIRC : /
2006-04-27 05:24:53 PM  
I believe that 20+ years of remote control experience has shown us that this is one of the least durable designs ever made. Hell, every remote that i've ever had has started falling apart after a few years with normal use. Imagine what will happen to these stupid ass controllers after a game of soul calliber.
2006-04-27 05:25:31 PM  
Oh damn, sorry, it's ok just claim those were terrible as well. No one thought the wavebird was good. Nope, sucked, worst wireless controller evar.

Well, Logitech pretty much proved with their wireless PS2 and XBox controllers that Nintendo was seriously half-assing it when they made the Wavebird. No rumble? WTF? Maybe not the worst, but definitely crappy.

And obviously, being a GC controller, it suffers from button deficiency as well as layout/design...
2006-04-27 05:25:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-27 05:26:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ron JeMario approves of Wii.

/Loves My DS and its touchscreen, I'll give their next-gen a chance too.
//to me it's odd name change, this wii is hard to swallow
///the controller will likely work well though
2006-04-27 05:26:13 PM  
better name.

2006-04-27 05:26:20 PM  
asdfbeau [TotalFark]
"Wii, is not a familiar sound (at least not in english)"


That's either dry humor, or English is your second language.
2006-04-27 05:27:22 PM  
Hey now, they still make Dreamcasts and games :p

Anywhoo, if you want to talk about failures the original XBox had a life not too long IIRC. Slightly over 3 years if you count world release and the 360. At least the PS and PS2 stayed around long enough for you to get your money's worth.
2006-04-27 05:27:51 PM  
Wii could also be French for yes.

'wee wii? oui!'
2006-04-27 05:27:54 PM  
I played with it so much my wrists ached. I had to go to the hospital and said "I hurt it playing with my Wii, Nurse!" :)
2006-04-27 05:29:03 PM  
any weeeee! refrence gets a slow golf clap in my book.
well done submitter
*slow golf clap*

/wonders how the Fark squirrel feels about gonads and strife
//BarkingPumpkin - left claw north! right claw south!
///rabbit made of steel, lobster has a beak!
//slashy wiiiiiii!!!!!
2006-04-27 05:29:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-27 05:29:29 PM  
Mine has rumble and has for at least the last year and a half since I bought this one. The buttons haven't had any of the problems the launch wires controllers did. And while I don't like it as much as the Dual Shock, don't suggest that the Xbox controllers are anything other than inferior.
2006-04-27 05:29:57 PM  
Some kind soul care to explain the headline?
2006-04-27 05:30:23 PM  
vliam - Nintendo scrapped the Sony SNES CD-ROM because through clever legal wrangling, Sony secured the rights to both license and retain publishing profits derived from the dual-compatible CD-ROM software on the Super Nintendo and Play Station.

Sony, oblivious to the fact that Nintendo was displeased with the agreement between the two companies, first announced the Play Station at the 1991 Summer Consumer Electronics Show. Announcing full cross-compatibility with the Super Nintendo, Sony boasted that its CD-based games would be available for license to the software industry at large, in stark contrast with Nintendo's own brand of strict licensing practices and quality control.

An unreleased peripheral for a Nintendo system? Shocking, but true!
The very next day, Nintendo announced its plans for a Super Nintendo CD-ROM attachment...developed by Royal Philips Electronics, Sony's rival in the electronics field.

Nintendo's deal with Philips was similar to the one previously inked with Sony, with one important difference: Software licensing was to remain under Nintendo's exclusive control. Philips would develop Nintendo's CD-ROM device, and, in return, Nintendo's games would be compatible with Philips' own upcoming multimedia console: the CD-i. To sweeten the deal, Nintendo also allowed Philips the rights to use Nintendo-licensed characters in future CD-i games.
2006-04-27 05:31:00 PM  
Sorry wrong section!!!!
2006-04-27 05:31:39 PM  
voidblue, i love it.
2006-04-27 05:31:43 PM  
If they're going to make the games backward compatible
that will help (that was not in the original rumors) but
the controllers are so different I don't think I'd want
to play them.

While I'm sure this style of remote is novel for younger
farker, I had a Coleco and the remote style controller
sucks, especially for longer games. Your hands cramp and
you get not support from the controller itself.

They should work more on their game library too, I mean
they only really have hits featuring Mario, Zelda, or

Playstation has recent hits like Kingdom Hearts and lots
of role playing. X-box has fighting games, first person
shooters and sports. What does Nintendo have? Same
characters in newer games. While some have been good
("1000 Year Door" for one) they need something new.
2006-04-27 05:31:47 PM  
Everybody seems to be hating on the controlers without really thinking what those controlers brings. Nintendo has always brought new and innovative things to the table when it comes to systems. Just because it looks ugly doesn't mean it's going to be non-functional. When the XBox first came out, everybody said the same thing... 'The XBox controller is too big and clunky, this unit will never take off'.

The new controlers bring a whole new level to console gaming, nintendo doesn't want a system that plays glorified movies or the ability to play PC games. I'm pretty sure they want the same thing they have always wanted... pick up the controler and start playing. There have been games on PS2 and XBox (can't remember the titles) where after a long intro movie, i would literally walk 10 steps and boom... i'm in another 15 minute movie.

With the new controlers, think of how differently games are going to be played, golf games aren't going to be tap x to start the swing, tap x again at the top of your swing, and tap again at the bottom to finish the swing off. You will actually have to mimic a golf swing. Sword fighting games you will actually have to swing your arms as if you were really swinging a sword.

A name and a crappy controler doesn't automatically mean the system is going to flop.
2006-04-27 05:32:17 PM  
It seems like they're conceding the "super 3-d graphics and advanced physics engine" market to Sony and Microsoft, and aiming at the "cheap platform and innovative game design" market.
It seems like not a bad strategic move, they'd have a hard time competing in that market, PS2 and XBox have so much better brand recognition and are coming out earlier. But it seems to me that the execution of that strategy leaves something to be desired. "Wii" is a terrible name. And I'm not sold on that Tv remote as a controller.
2006-04-27 05:33:15 PM  
I think that E^3 will very interesting this year. It will definitely determine whether I buy this Wii or not.

/n64 is still the best console
2006-04-27 05:33:18 PM  
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Nintendo sleeps tonight.
A Wii-ma-wep a Wii-ma-wep a Wii-ma-wep a Wii-ma-wep...


/Wii couldn't control ourselves
2006-04-27 05:35:07 PM  
Guys... the controller is not that big of a mystery.

See how the controller is vertical in all the pictures? Now, use your imagination for a moment and turn the controller horizontal.

WOW! MAGIC! You just turned the Wii controller into an old school NES controller with a few extra buttons!


2006-04-27 05:35:26 PM  
try a google search on weeeee!
the answers are in teh intraweb.
2006-04-27 05:35:28 PM  

2006-04-27 05:35:35 PM  
I'm still laughing at everyone who thinks the name "Wii" will cause in full or in part the supposed total flop of the system.

Ah, wait, I forgot: the letter X is rad cool.
2006-04-27 05:35:49 PM  
Those are actual Nintendo games though, not 3rd party. Those developers go with xbox and ps for other reasons. At least nintendo makes some of their games on their own, and they add a lot to their lineup. Also lets not forget capcom's goty resident evil 4, which was a gamecube game and after it rocked so hard they ported it to ps2 about 5-6 months later. If the gamecube sucked so hard why does it have so many entries in the top games of 2005?

Extra credit: Name the best first party game for ps and xbox. (halo = bungee, no cheating)
2006-04-27 05:36:34 PM  
rpm: Isn't that swiit?


But a hell of a lot fewer would smell it if it were called stinkwiid.

Ah, but then the word "stinkwiid" would be associated with a good smell and a positive feeling. "Stinkwiid-scented perfume." "Seeing the world through stinkwiid colored glasses." "Having a stinky outlook on life."

Point taken, though. It's a silly name. Shakespeare, and Nintendo, have a few things to learn about marketing.
2006-04-27 05:36:54 PM  
"So what you doing tonight Joe?"

"Oh nothing, I'm getting owned playing GoldenEye on Mike's Wii. He keeps getting headshots with the golden gun. I can't get used to the contour of his Wii controller."

[image from too old to be available]

2006-04-27 05:37:06 PM  
I hate the name "wii"
Revolution was much better.

change it back nintendo =/

/Revolution wasn't much better, but you have to admit, the name Wii sucks.
2006-04-27 05:37:25 PM  
I am a Nintendo fanboi.

Either Nintendo will be successful, and you shall all feel its wrath, or I will ...still be a Nintendo fanboi.

2006-04-27 05:38:33 PM  
I wish I knew why everyone gets so hung up on graphics. I watch movies for visuals, I get GAME consoles for GAMEPLAY. Granted I've heard that some games are more like slightly interactive movies for the PS2 but still its called the playstation, not the watchstation.

I'm starting to think that if a company could get a best selling "game" where it was just a photorealistic room that you couldn't do anything in, just move the camera around. As long as I can tell what is happening on the screen, then the graphics can be 8-bit for all I care.

As for the name...Its simple, easy to remember and has absolutely nothing to do with the gameplay, so why does it matter?
2006-04-27 05:38:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-27 05:39:46 PM  
The Wii is the revolution. Nintendo gets it.

Is it no secret why games like Guitar hero are taking the lead?

I'm not a fanboy by any means, but I definently have to support nintendo on the "Wii".

I would much rather swing my controller like a sword, like I used to do when I was 5 years old, and see it happen on the screen, then keep mashing in the same old button combinations rearranged a million times over to make the pretty picture change.

Graphics have peaked, its about the roots: having fun.​o&pl=tru e
2006-04-27 05:39:48 PM  
Epyn: Name the best first party game for ps and xbox.

PS2 - God of War

XBox - dunno. The only first party MS games the come to mind are sports ones.
2006-04-27 05:39:58 PM  
Hopefully, the new 'official' name will not stick. Everyone will just call it the Revolution instead.

And I still love my Dreamcast. All the games are free (as in pirated beer)
2006-04-27 05:41:47 PM  
the similarity to the sound we make when refering to urination has yet to be connected to what sexual deviants japanese techno-geeks are.

2006-04-27 05:42:18 PM  
Is it wrong that I really love my Gamecube? I love Zelda and anything Mario themed. Maybe it brings back my childhood.

/Mario Party rules
2006-04-27 05:42:51 PM  
Epyn: Name the best first party game for ps and xbox. (halo = bungee, no cheating)

M$ owns Bungee = first party. Therefore HALO/HALO2 is an acceptable answer
2006-04-27 05:43:28 PM  
Viva La Revolution
2006-04-27 05:43:42 PM  
ATTENTION COLLEGE SENIORS: If you are graduating this spring with a degree in marketing, advertising, graphic design, art history, animal husbandry, awww, hell, even if you're flunking out this semester, NINTENDO would like to talk to you about careers with our company. You see, we're going to fire each and every fcuktard who had anything whatsoever to do with this stupid thing. Even the guy who cleans the toilets. Submit your resume on our HR website, Steve Jobs need not apply.
2006-04-27 05:43:52 PM  
Free My Wiily!!

[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-27 05:45:57 PM  
I wish I knew why everyone gets so hung up on graphics.

Not even just graphics, the GC and Rev are not bad at that. Again re4 looked better on the gc than the ps2! These people think a game is a MMO WW2 shooter with HD on their LCD TV. These games usually don't make the top lists at the end of the year for good reason.
The people who know and care don't like em. We want smash brothers!! We want 2D games as well if they kick ass, Castlevania SOTN was on ps but it was timeless, and proves graphics don't make a game great. Screw all this high def bloody carnage crap. I want fun games in 480p.
2006-04-27 05:46:04 PM  
also, the controller looks like it sucks balls.

the PS2 controller is pretty good. many degrees of control. good ergonomics.

can you imagine the shoulder pain you will get after trying to play a game for an hour where every movement your arm makes gets translated into gameplay ?

this naming thing is just a cover story for the inevitable complete failure of this device. The guy who made Katamari has publicly declared he will not be involved in any game development for this abortion.
2006-04-27 05:47:12 PM  
MS bought Bungee for halo IIRC. And since it's my challenge I can omit that single title if I like.
2006-04-27 05:47:23 PM  
I'll probably get one; the controllers look amazingly cool, and I also think the back-catalog is a great thing. Phantasy Star!

But... before today I thought Nintendo had a chance to dominate the market again, since the PS3 is headed nowhere. But that possibility is gone. There is no way they will, not with this name. Sad. They didn't ask a single native English speaker?

Hopefully, all the fans will just collectively pretend the new name doesn't exist, and will continue referring to it as "Revolution".

Shades of when Sega renamed 'Katana' to 'Dreamcast.' What? Why?
2006-04-27 05:48:01 PM  
I am okay with this

The Wii and the DS Lite are the first 2 Nintendo consoles I've been interested in since the N64
2006-04-27 05:48:04 PM  

I didn't say the Game Cube sucked, I said they needed
more games more titles. They've had some great titles
I own a game cube, I've liked the games that were available. Windwaker, 1000 year door, and Metroid rocked.

But they are much fewer than the other systems and when I
go to the game store I find 5 times the games for other
systems. Who cares if they own the games or not, I just
want games. When I finish a game there should be alot
of other games at the store available. I shouldn't be
waiting for the next Smash brother, Metroid, or Zelda

/I'm not a fanboi of any system
//But I love good games and want the systems to be good too
///I really looks like Nintendo might be dropping the ball
2006-04-27 05:48:59 PM  
2006-04-27 05:42:51 PM SiriuslyBlack [TotalFark]

Epyn: Name the best first party game for ps and xbox. (halo = bungee, no cheating)

M$ owns Bungee = first party. Therefore HALO/HALO2 is an acceptable answer

Yeah, Halo is just as much a first party game as Metroid Prime is. In fact, does Nintendo own Retro in the same way MS owns Bungie? Maybe Halo is even more of a 1st party game. And to be honest, the 1st party GC games were mostly mediocre except Metroid Prime. So Epyn is ready dismiss Halo for the XBox, that's kinda shooting oneself in the foot.
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