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(Reuters)   Fox News radio host Tony Snow chosen as new White House press secretary. Job description largely unchanged   ( divider line
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2006-04-26 10:31:08 AM  
They should consider themselves lucky they can attend these fair and open press conferences.

Damn straight, they don't allow this crap in China. Questioning the government! Such a silly notion!
2006-04-26 10:32:05 AM  
infantry: whats your opinion on him

Him who?
2006-04-26 10:33:13 AM  
late to the chase here, but my only thought about this is the fact that when Scottie Boy "resigned" there were so many TF NewsFlash tags that I almost fell into an epileptic fit. Now the SnowMan takes charge of the disinformation machine, and it's so quiet even the crickets are getting lonely.

Have we really given up on this administration?
2006-04-26 10:33:22 AM  
2006-04-26 10:33:25 AM  
So this is their shakeup?

They replaced the chief of staff and gave Rove some time off his usual work to manage the '06 elections. In Rove's place they put one of the Brooks Brothers Protesters and now this. I guess it doesn't matter that much who is lying to us but playing musical chairs with these dickheads isn't going to accomplish anything.
2006-04-26 10:34:02 AM  
My question is, why would you even take that job at this particular point in the Bush administration?

Just over two years left, and the Bush Administration is all but a "lame duck" at this point. "Victory" in Iraq continues to elude them, and they're facing an increasingly skeptical and unhappy public and press. Never mind the huge pay cut Snow's probably going to take...

If you ask me, anyone who takes a job like that is a glutton for punishment.
2006-04-26 10:34:10 AM  
Fox News radio host Tony Snow chosen new White House Press Secretary. Job description largely unchanged

( infantry: whats your opinion on him )

pontechango: Him who?

... classic ....
2006-04-26 10:34:18 AM  
Mark "Savage" Weiner is horrible scum, barely better than an on-air Fred Phelps.

But he'd be freaking hilarious as White House press secretary.

"Shut up, Helen, you cocksmoker! What, Andy? Take all your Mexicans and go back to Tiajuana, asshole! I won't comment on this ongoing investigation because you're all gay!"
2006-04-26 10:34:30 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth
Tony Snow has a well earned reputation.
He'll fit right in at the Bush WH.

Media Matters doesn't like Tony Snow? I...I...I am just shocked
2006-04-26 10:34:32 AM  

"Get off my ice you f*cking wankers!"

2006-04-26 10:34:52 AM  
Fantastic headline, submitter.
2006-04-26 10:35:05 AM  
"BUSH: Good morning. I'm here in the briefing room to break some news: I've asked Tony Snow to serve as my new press secretary.

Tony already knows most of you, and he's agreed to take the job anyway...."

I like Tony, and am loving the libs whining about Tony and his Fox friends.

hehehe... this is gonna be good.
2006-04-26 10:35:07 AM  
pontechango: I don't think you can compare advocating violence to the kind of stuff that Howard Stern does.

i dunno...not really making a 1 to 1 comparison to anybody else that fits that mold, just didn't seem like like there was much of anything going on besides being a whackjob for the sake of being a whackjob.

the_gospel_of_thomas: ... classic ....

damn, you really are on a roll today, aren't ya?
2006-04-26 10:35:25 AM  
If you ask me, anyone who takes a job like that is a glutton for punishment.

Or they consider it an honor to serve the President during these trying times. I guess it depends on your points of view.

/Support Equal Rights for All Americans
2006-04-26 10:35:54 AM  
Hang On Voltaire

It's all there in audio and video, Media Matters just makes it available.
2006-04-26 10:36:35 AM  
This Snow guy is not going to enjoy his job. Anyway:

infantry: now, instead of telling me you think he is crazy, tell me why you think he is crazy.

Because Michael Savage-Wiener cannot talk about eating lunch without exploding into a venomous rage or muttering darkly? Anyway, I hear he's abandoned the Republican Party and is voting for Democrats from now on. A friend of mine who listens to him said he's pretty fed up.
2006-04-26 10:36:36 AM
2006-04-26 10:36:51 AM  
infantry: savage

Snakeoil salesman turned demagogue.
2006-04-26 10:37:09 AM  
RandomExcess: Or they consider it an honor to serve the President during these trying times.

i gotta know...could you actually type that w/ a straight face, or did you bust out laughing, too?
2006-04-26 10:37:26 AM  
Does this really surprise anyone?

Fair and balance my @$$!

At least left wing commentators admit their bias.
2006-04-26 10:37:54 AM  
Begging for photoshoppage:
2006-04-26 10:38:00 AM  
There's something I fail to understand. I keep hearing people say "The news is too liberal", "You should support the president", etc, etc, etc in regards to the news media. They make it sound like there's some conspiracy against the president that the "liberal" press has started in the last couple years.

I'm only 34, but I could swear that that's how it's always been. The press generally picks holes in the policy, ethics, etc of WHOEVER IS CURRENTLY IN POWER. I grew up watching skits on Saturday Night Live where they made fun of Regan, Bush I, Clinton, and now Bush II. Remember Clintons blow job? Remember Iran/Contra? Go even further back when the press was reporting on the Vietman war. Was that the "liberal media"?

Same thing happens in Canada, Britan, and I suspect in just about every other democracy in the world. Whoever is currently in power will be criticized and thier policies will be questioned.

So, in all honesty, am I missing something when people proclaim that there is a new "liberal bias" in the media or is that accusation merely a smoke screen to distract from the real issues?
2006-04-26 10:38:28 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth
Hang On Voltaire
It's all there in audio and video, Media Matters just makes it available.

and looking through their report I see very little that Snow said that was wrong.
2006-04-26 10:38:33 AM  
the_gospel_of_thomas: ... classic ....

Classic what?
2006-04-26 10:39:13 AM  

Six of one, half-dozen of the other...

This guy's going to get eaten alive.
2006-04-26 10:39:58 AM  
Have we really given up on this administration?
You mean we were supposed to hope that they would do something productive in the first place?

/I keed
2006-04-26 10:40:49 AM  
Is Bush a great president, or the greatest president?
2006-04-26 10:40:51 AM  
So when you leave Fox News for the Bush Administration (or the other way around), do you actually change offices, or do they just change the title outside the door?
2006-04-26 10:41:43 AM  

That doesn't need a photoshop, just a caption.

2006-04-26 10:42:14 AM  
keylock71: This guy's going to get eaten alive

The liberal media will stoop to personal attacks of the messenger? Say it ain't so.
2006-04-26 10:43:22 AM  
Well, if Bill Moyers, Tim Russert, Jeff Greenfield, and George Stephanopolous can seamlessly transition from politics to the media and back again with nary a peep of outrage... oh wait. They all worked for Democrats. Never mind.

Like it or not, politics and the media are kissing cousins. Always have been, always will be. The media is no more trustworthy than the advertising they sell or the politicians they claim to keep tabs on.
2006-04-26 10:43:42 AM  

You stole my headline. No biggy, as long as somebody said it. Everybody else here in this thread seemed to be taking this WAY too seriously.

Lighten up people. Make some jokes.
2006-04-26 10:43:51 AM  

hey again, i appreciate you answering my question rather than going off on some irrelevant tangent.
2006-04-26 10:44:30 AM  
Should be an easy move, seeing as how his employer hasn't changed.
2006-04-26 10:44:38 AM  
There is no liberal media.
2006-04-26 10:45:18 AM  
I guess any future White House press conference is now officially a "Snow Job".
2006-04-26 10:45:30 AM  
Is Bush a great president, or the greatest president?
Which one?

/rhetorical question
2006-04-26 10:46:40 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth
There is no liberal media.

It's all here in audio and video, Media Research Center just makes it available.
2006-04-26 10:47:00 AM  
Odd... I replaced the card pic on photobucket with one that was compressed further (down to 39K), but the 89K original still shows in my browser. At least I tried to save bandwidth.
2006-04-26 10:47:03 AM  
Kenshiko: Is Bush a great president, or the greatest president?

the greatest president!

(today ISN'T opposite day)
(or is it....)
2006-04-26 10:47:03 AM  
Why Snow? Wasn't Baghdad Bob available?
2006-04-26 10:47:24 AM  
Fox News may not be the only channel that distorts, but it does it best, it does it consistently, and its position on any subject can be anticipated with a high degree of accuracy. It is obviously a propaganda organ.

Also, it has fought for its right to lie to the public. This fact alone should convince anyone who values integrity and honor not to take Fox seriously.
2006-04-26 10:47:24 AM  
Can someone photoshop the oval office with a Fox News logo in the seal thing?

2006-04-26 10:48:58 AM  
Kenshiko: Is Bush a great clueless president, or the greatest the most clueless president?

Fixed that for you.
2006-04-26 10:49:15 AM  
Ric Romero would have been a better choice.

HELEN THOMAS: This war was supposed to be over in a month. It took two weeks, but the occupation has stretched on for three years now. Do you feel like the administration failed to plan appropriately for the post-war aftermath?

RIC ROMERO: The Iraq War is controversial to Americans.
2006-04-26 10:49:46 AM  
So, I guess he went from being the mouthpiece of the Bush administration to being the, well, mouthpiece of the Bush administration.

I'm sure Tony Snow is a fine man. I'm sure his credentials are impeccable. What's funny is, even though Bush's approval ratings are in the low thirties, he must still be living inside a public-relations bubble surrounded by fawning sycophants to let this PR travesty happen. Kind of like the Harriet Myers affair.
2006-04-26 10:50:01 AM  
I realize there is a strong FOX NEWS bias here on frak.

I blame Fox for that, they've lost the PR war and now just pander. BUT, they are, for my money consistently the only channel to show BOTH sides of an issue.

Case in point:
The immigration marches- FOX NEWS was the only channel, that I saw, that gave the same amount of air time to the minute-men who opposed illegal immigration as they did to the marchers. While that might not be a popular, hip thing to do, at least it presented both sides of the story. Most of the other channels just concentrated on the marching.

I can't always agree with some of Fox's commentators, but at least their news tries to show both sides. That way I can decide for myself. What else could you want?
2006-04-26 10:50:04 AM  
Although I feel that the white house probably made a good choice for them, I still don't see why Bush didn't look to a more obvious choice. An amazingly attractive, large breasted woman. Dress her in a conservative yet somewhat revealing outfit and no one will care what lies she tells. At least it gives them something to look at.

/could also have an attractive male wingman
//female press could oogle
2006-04-26 10:50:11 AM  
tedpretty Wow...great comeback.

Thanks, but it wasn't a come back, as I took no insult to your statement, even though I believe you meant it as one. I should say I also don't like liberals who piss and moan. My neighbor was one and I hated talking politics with him, even though we agreed on many things. I'll go out on a limb though, and make an unfair assumption. I am betting you think all liberals piss and moan.
2006-04-26 10:50:17 AM  
Hey at least the Prez is reaching out to the media.
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