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(dgc360)   Official American Idol thread, only six remain   ( ) divider line
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258 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 25 Apr 2006 at 9:16 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-25 08:00:59 PM  
Evening everybody! So, another week has come and gone and tonights theme is "Love Songs"

hmm....will anybody sing "Lady" by Kenny Rogers?

It's coming down to tougher and tougher calls.

I'm sorry Elliot, you have a great voice but I think either you or Kellie's gone next.
2006-04-25 08:03:58 PM  
dgc360: Kellie's gone next.

We should be so lucky.

Why do I always have the urge to make bread on AI nights? Why don't I think these things out?
2006-04-25 08:04:27 PM  
wrestlegirl: Why do I always have the urge to make bread on AI nights?

ha! What kind of bread are you making tonight?
2006-04-25 08:04:32 PM  
Kellie has got to go
2006-04-25 08:04:48 PM  
Kellie's "assets" are too much to be voted off yet. Elliot has to go, or get rid of squeaky Paris or cure everyone of the McPhever.
2006-04-25 08:06:08 PM  
dgc360: ha! What kind of bread are you making tonight?

Baguettes again. They're so damn good...

I made some rye bread for the weekend and it's already gone. I like me some bread!
2006-04-25 08:07:16 PM  
Katherine might just nail it tonight from the sounds of things early. She sounds really good.
2006-04-25 08:07:53 PM  
Does Andrea Bocelli look drunk?

edit: and it seems Katherine is now wearing a more flattering outfit.

cleavage ahoy!
2006-04-25 08:08:35 PM  
Katherine has surprised me the last couple of weeks! :)
2006-04-25 08:09:19 PM  
dgc360: Does Andrea Bocelli look drunk?

He honestly is one of my favorite artist ever, and e loves his wine...
2006-04-25 08:09:20 PM
2006-04-25 08:09:46 PM  
dgc360: cleavage ahoy!

Yeah, I'm kind
I feel like I should make a typical male *fap*fap*fap* comment here.
2006-04-25 08:10:15 PM  
Official American Idol thread, only 6 remain

Only 6 what? American Idol Threads? Thank you dear Jesus.
OMG, Rye Bread? Yummy! I wants me some rye bread. That, a good bottle of dark port (I'm terribly unsophisticated) and some cheese. I think I acquired the taste for dark port at communion.
2006-04-25 08:11:17 PM  
wrestlegirl, i also love to make the bread, as well as jelly etc. lost arts are the best!
2006-04-25 08:11:21 PM  
*sticks head in*

In case nobody's mentioned it, those tits look amazing

2006-04-25 08:11:53 PM  
I think they're being awful hard on her..I thought it was pretty good...
2006-04-25 08:12:02 PM  
clayndwoods: OMG, Rye Bread?

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jeff Foxworthy?

I mean that in a kind way.
2006-04-25 08:12:21 PM  
i thought she did well, but then again i think it should be between her and chris
2006-04-25 08:12:43 PM  
I thought she did well as well! wtf!
2006-04-25 08:13:03 PM  
dynein, that pic is hilarious !
2006-04-25 08:13:21 PM  
fiddlesissy: I think they're being awful hard on her..I thought it was pretty good...

I agree, I thought it was good. It's like they thought she should've sounded like Whitney, when all along they've been talking about making songs one's own.
I'm "meh" on Katherine overall, but that was a good performance. I enjoyed it.
2006-04-25 08:13:35 PM  
Howdy folks!
2006-04-25 08:14:30 PM  
dynein, of course you could do as a Sally Field(s) when she won that award for something, the 'you like me, you really like me'
2006-04-25 08:14:55 PM  
get real: wrestlegirl, i also love to make the bread, as well as jelly etc. lost arts are the best!

Oooh I'm gonna try my hand at jellies/jams one of these days soon! Once the summer fruit season picks up, I am SO there.
I just learned to make bread probably about a month ago. I seem to have a knack for it! =D
2006-04-25 08:14:56 PM  
La Belle Chienne: Howdy folks!

Hi sweetie, how are you this week? :)
2006-04-25 08:16:13 PM  
I thought ol' Tits did pretty well, actually. I'm still embarrassed about the fact that my wife got me hooked on this shiat. I just want friggin' "Soul-Jew #1" off. He's gawd-awful! I don't know why everyone keeps sucking him off!
2006-04-25 08:16:39 PM  
I did notice the button came off her dress and she ended up with a up panty shot. From that point on they only showed from the waist up :)

I can't imagine the horror that would be... on live tv..
2006-04-25 08:17:20 PM  
wrestlegirl, i make juice, salsa and can veggies and freeze things too!
2006-04-25 08:17:40 PM  
Katharine's problem is she sings well, but isn't believable when singing. There's still no passion behind it... You don't SMILE when singing about your heart breaking.
2006-04-25 08:17:45 PM  
davedirt01: I just want friggin' "Soul-Jew #1" off. He's gawd-awful!

To whom are you referring? o_O
2006-04-25 08:18:00 PM  
I wanna go on record as saying I don't have anything at all against Jews, BTW- I just hate this farker!

/prolly shoulda come up with a better nickname
//was he the one you guys were calling "underbite"?
2006-04-25 08:18:10 PM  
Hey hey!

I'm running a little late. :)
2006-04-25 08:18:48 PM  
tarrant84: Hey hey!

2006-04-25 08:18:52 PM  
tarrant84: Hey hey!

Glad you made it! :)
2006-04-25 08:19:00 PM  
Also, Ryan Seacrest is a mega homogay.

Elliot sounds good tonight, but I think he always sounds decent.

Has Taylor gone yet?
2006-04-25 08:19:09 PM  
wrestlegirl- sorry- this NTAC right here.
2006-04-25 08:19:50 PM  
tarrant84: Has Taylor gone yet?

Just him and Katherine so far, they beat kate up pretty bad...
2006-04-25 08:20:27 PM  


"C'mon boys. Just put it in my mouth."
2006-04-25 08:20:30 PM  
he looks like he just woke up.
2006-04-25 08:20:33 PM  
I enjoy Elliots singing, but I can't get past his looks..
2006-04-25 08:20:44 PM  
davedirt01: wrestlegirl- sorry- this NTAC right here.

Okay, you're allowed to dislike Elliott.
Just as long as you weren't talking about Taylor, cuz that right there would prolly get you lynched 'round these parts! ;)

Elliott was "okay," I actually liked this one better than some of his recent stuff.
2006-04-25 08:21:37 PM  
Man, Elliot was GOOD tonight.

Wow, Trainwreck Abdul is off the hook, too. Heh. This is turning into a great night.
2006-04-25 08:21:37 PM  
Okay W!T!F! is wrong with Paula tonight?!? Why is she crying?
2006-04-25 08:21:42 PM  
Paula...blah blahblahblah
2006-04-25 08:21:59 PM  
Shut your dick hole Paula.
2006-04-25 08:23:19 PM  
tarrant84: "C'mon boys. Just put it in my mouth."

Oh, and I'll need another monitor pls.
2006-04-25 08:24:20 PM  
wrestlegirl- I Love Taylor! I think he's the most real out of all of 'em!
2006-04-25 08:24:34 PM  
OMG, why the fark is she CRYING????
2006-04-25 08:25:28 PM  
I think Paula mixed her red wine and xanax again.
2006-04-25 08:26:24 PM  
Elliott knocked it out of the park. Too bad he's ugly, f*cking Pickler will probably get further than him, and that's a travesty.

/that shiat is hilarious
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