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(Some Guy)   138-db Chrysler Air Raid Siren powered by 180-HP V8 Hemi engine might be loud   ( divider line
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19927 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Apr 2006 at 12:53 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-24 01:18:49 PM  

do I get to be the first one to say repeat?

Sure, why not? Do it LOUDLY though, kinda keep in theme with the article.
2006-04-24 01:19:04 PM  
That is f*cking loud.

Pain: 130dB
Jet taking off: 140dB
Ear drum ruptures: 160dB
2006-04-24 01:19:39 PM  
2006-04-24 01:04:31 PM joesephbananas

- My buddy's car stereo is 150db

It may acutally go that loud. Why? Becuase you friend is a moran. Prolly a deaf moran.

FYI: If memory serves, 130db is the threshold for pain and roughly the same level as a 747 taking off (or the peak of a cymbal crash). But, it has been a while since I studied sound...

\I would happily chip in for his vasectomy
2006-04-24 01:20:30 PM  
that server just tanked.

2006-04-24 01:22:31 PM  
Nice one Pelvis...
2006-04-24 01:22:33 PM  
Sound above 140db can stop the human heart.
2006-04-24 01:24:33 PM  
meshman: WOW!!!! A whole 11Db!!! That's a MAMMOTH increase!!1one

You don't consider more than doubling the volume to not be a major increase?
2006-04-24 01:24:38 PM  

WOW!!!! A whole 11Db!!! That's a MAMMOTH increase!!1one

Well, since the dB scale isn't linear, each 10-dB increase represents a multiplication in power by 10--that is, the 138 dB siren is a bit more than 10 times as powerful as the 127 dB siren. We perceive a 10-dB jump as an approximate doubling in loudness. Compare the two in person, and that 11-dB difference will blow you out of the water.
2006-04-24 01:26:10 PM  
But a more pressing question is, How are you only getting 180HP out of a Hemi? It should be at least double that.

Industrial, farm-tractor, and aircraft engines are governed at a lower RPM and a lower rated power than automotive engines of the same displacement, because they have to put out maximum power for very long periods of time - this is why the service life of these engines (most often) is measured in hours. A car or truck engine of the same size may put out 300 hp or more at a higher RPM, but usually it makes maximum power for only a few minutes at a time.

/used to work on farm tractors
2006-04-24 01:26:49 PM  
I won't be impressed till I hear it used during a live performance of War Pigs

You are my hero!
2006-04-24 01:27:26 PM  
Sounds waves at 165 dB will set your hair on fire.
2006-04-24 01:28:07 PM  
Apologies, varithms; you were quicker on the draw.
2006-04-24 01:28:14 PM  
Oh, and here you go, for the cheap seats...
2006-04-24 01:28:40 PM approves.
2006-04-24 01:29:50 PM  
Sound waves at 178dB can impregnate a fat chick.

Only fat chicks though.

/The more you know
2006-04-24 01:34:22 PM  
Spontaneous combustion of humans is caused by listening to Mariah Carey at 9dB.
2006-04-24 01:34:23 PM  
Mr. Rosewater?
2006-04-24 01:34:32 PM  
I was finally able to download the 59 second full throttle run. I think I soiled myself.
2006-04-24 01:35:49 PM  
One of these went off at 4am when I was camping in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
2006-04-24 01:36:42 PM  
You mean 4am in the morning?
2006-04-24 01:37:52 PM  
Using some kind of digital speed contollers, do you suppose it would be possible run two of these side by side but at slighly different RPMs?

I accuratley that the frequency diference is 7 Hz. (No... not 7 KHZ..... 7Hz!)

Would the sirens cancel each other out except for the 7 Hz?

I ask not because of the MythBusters 'Brown Note', but because.... suppossedly..... 7 Hz is fatal!
2006-04-24 01:38:38 PM  
meshman said WOW!!!! A whole 11Db!!! That's a MAMMOTH increase!!1one

It's sad how many people don't understand scales like decibels. I don't even know why people use them in news articles outside of professional journals. You'd think city officials would at least understand things like this when they're trying to pass ordinances for blasting regulations, but nope they just say something like,

"Oh, let's just knock 10 dB off of this and it'll make all the neighbors vote for me." A doctoral student I know is working with a blasting prof back at my old school on a push to help educate the public and/or switch to using something more understandable like bars for the blasting industry.
2006-04-24 01:38:52 PM  
The Icelander: Maybe I'm just pissed off at you idiots who like "the cars that go boom" and "a nice exhaust note" but fail to realize that SOME OF US MIGHT WANT SOME farkING PEACE AND QUIET!

I was reading about something like that the other day when looking for ways to quiet down my Ford a little. The Hooker headers, dual glasspacks and side exhaust are great for reducing the backpressure to my big block, but after three hours in I5 traffic, they get a little old. These seemed perfect, and they're no more expensive than a couple air fresheners.

From the manufacturer:

Offering a weighted average of 32dB across the board and up to 52dB of noise reduction in the critical noise bands favored by most rusted out Chevrolet and Harley Davidson aficinados, they can be instantly adapted to work with any vehicle or motorcycle, can be installed in seconds, and even work to reduce the ambient noise of a pedestrian lifestyle.

Available in three colors to coordinate with your vehicle or wardrobe, these high density injection moulded masterpieces can do wonders in temporarily reducing the noise from nearly any automotive source!

They also come with an attractive and convenient carry strap!

//Oddly enough, I knew the Grangier stock number for them.
///I have a pair hanging from my rearview mirror right now
////Quieter than a new Volvo in that cab, even at 70 with the kickdown pulled up.
2006-04-24 01:39:12 PM  
This thread is useless without samples.
2006-04-24 01:40:28 PM  
WHEN TWO TOP FUEL DRAG RACERS REV UP their engines to begin the five-second journey down a quarter-mile track, you can hear the noise several miles away. But to get a real sense of the cacophony, you need to get as close to the nitromethane-burning engine as possible. Bring along a decibel reader, wait for the cars to start racing, and take a measure. You'll notice that it's about as loud as an exploding M84 Stun Hand Grenade.

Or look at it this way: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prohibits prolonged workplace exposure to sounds above 115 decibels. Every couple of minutes at a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) race, tens of thousands of spectators are exposed to noises approaching 175.

Courtesy NHRA
2006-04-24 01:41:40 PM  

So because these asshats think I should hear their music or their stupid loud car, I should change my behavior.

2006-04-24 01:43:18 PM  
meshman needs to understand the db scale before making comments.
2006-04-24 01:43:33 PM  
Civil_War2_Time: But to get a real sense of the cacophony, you need to get as close to the nitromethane-burning engine as possible.

And for that, you need a beer gut that hangs over your Wal-Mart jeans, and a visible ass crack, less than a full set of teeth, and a cap with a rebel flag on it.
2006-04-24 01:44:45 PM  
That thing got a Hemi?

2006-04-24 01:47:24 PM  
This horn siren...while nice does not reflect the current state of the are for Siren drivers. Currently we produce 138db at 3 meters away using only 85watts total power. Frequency used is 660Hz and the units can be clearly hear at 2 miles :) less than 50lbs and very got any cattle you need starilized at 100 yards ?

180HP antique...
2006-04-24 01:49:10 PM  
For all of you "My buddies car can produce XXX" folks, that 138dB measurement was taken 100 feet away from the siren. My guess is that the siren was also sitting out in the open (reducing the amount of noise sent in any one direction). Were you to vent the output of this siren directly into the cabin of your Civic the result would probably be loud enough to boil the blood in your veins.
2006-04-24 01:52:18 PM  
Silent hill.
2006-04-24 01:55:31 PM  
meshman doesn't know how to write "dB" correctly, or even what it means, apparently...
2006-04-24 01:55:57 PM  
I can't hear sirens without thinking of Silent Hill now. I feel like I'm being warned that the armless acid spitting freaks are coming out again.

Either that or nukes. A siren means I have 4 minutes to drink up and check out.
2006-04-24 01:56:04 PM  
Wasn't this linked to about a month ago, and the link didn't work then either?
2006-04-24 01:58:37 PM  
nitefallz - Silent Hill

What an eerily appropriate name you have for that post...
2006-04-24 01:59:30 PM  
Wow, meshman got owned in this thread.
2006-04-24 02:00:25 PM  

Sounds like you must be a regular at those "racing" events.
2006-04-24 02:04:04 PM  
Civil_War2_Time: Sounds like you must be a regular at those "racing" events.

Got my cap right here.
2006-04-24 02:04:22 PM  
That thing got a hemi?
Then whoever owns it must be a selfish, childish prick who has issues with their self-worth.
2006-04-24 02:04:26 PM  
I remember when I was little, my dad could produce sound waves that would set your hair on fire. I think he's too old for that now, though. He relies more on stealth, these days.

2006-04-24 02:04:32 PM  



2006-04-24 02:06:15 PM  
The Icelander: So because these asshats think I should hear their music or their stupid loud car, I should change my behavior.

"Learned ones avoid the people who are stupid because they know their efforts will be futile." (with apologies for murdering the Rig Veda)

As much as I think it would be amusing to watch someone try, it's not going to happen. You're not very likely to win many converts among the people who piss you off by biatching about it.

So, you can either continue to be annoyed by it, or change your own behavior.
2006-04-24 02:10:18 PM  
didnt this already get greenlit?
2006-04-24 02:24:56 PM  

Nope. Force is the only thing that these folks recognize. So force is the only route to change their behavior.

Since when is it acceptable to be an asshat? Since when is it okay to ignore someone who's being an asshat? "The only thing evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

In "Tipping Point," I read a story where a woman was raped and murdered while there were 28 people who heard her screams. Each person said they "didn't want to get involved" because "someone else will take care of it." The lesson: NO ONE ELSE CAN BE COUNTED ON TO SOLVE A PROBLEM. Therefore, I have to assume I'm the only one who will fix it.

And complaining and making it socially unacceptable to play loud music or have a loud car is part of it.
2006-04-24 02:25:49 PM  
Meh.. This horn's got that one hands-down for coolness:

It's got a 440 cubic inch plant. Cop shocks, cop tires, it's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas.
2006-04-24 02:27:00 PM  
That sound brings back some great memories of lining up on the floor along the wall in the school hallway, peeking out from the duck and cover position (as if that would save us) at a green sky.

Ah, spring in the midwest.
2006-04-24 02:28:17 PM  
From some blog after I googled 'fark siren chrysler':

24 Feb 2006 12:10 pm

Victory Siren

The following is copyrighted text from which is currently down do to being "farked" by and is provided here until such time as they can get their site back online.
2006-04-24 02:29:39 PM  
wookie1;FousseFYI: If memory serves, 130db is the threshold for pain and roughly the same level as a 747 taking off (or the peak of a cymbal crash). But, it has been a while since I studied sound...

Study harder, the person I was referring to has a Masters Degree in Engineering. It is not uncommon for a stereo to meter around the 150-160 range.


Your buddy:
Is full of shiat.

suck it
2006-04-24 02:30:17 PM  
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