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(   Swedish authorities puzzled by man floating on raft made of oil barrels. Namely, how he could afford enough oil barrels to make a raft   ( divider line
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2006-04-24 12:26:51 PM  
Its a conspiracy!
2006-04-24 12:26:54 PM  
2006-04-24 12:28:13 PM  
2006-04-24 12:29:57 PM  
was probably the gospel of thomas.
2006-04-24 12:30:47 PM  
Duh, they were probably empty.
2006-04-24 12:31:18 PM  
2006-04-24 12:32:03 PM  
I think it is the REAL Cat Stevens, not that fruity muslim guy.
2006-04-24 12:32:20 PM  
2006-04-24 12:32:48 PM  
WTFark? Wierd.
2006-04-24 12:33:32 PM  
A good thing his raft wasn't as full of holes as his story or else he'd never have made it to Sweden.
2006-04-24 12:36:51 PM  
If there was an bizarro-world 007, this sounds like the guy. The real 007 would be found in a floating round bed, have a Scotts accent and be accompanied by a pair of Swedish lingerie models, a couple of empty magnums of champagne, and would be treated for trench willy.
2006-04-24 12:37:35 PM  
Actually - I suspect it was the myster driver of the Malibu Enzo..... Gunther!
2006-04-24 12:38:10 PM  
I think he's a hardcore `Lost' enthusiast with a terrible sense of geography.
2006-04-24 12:39:25 PM  
Also, the barrels were unmarked which is VERY unusual for oil barrels, and that makes it even more intriguing. He also claims he's been floating around for 4 days before he was found, but his medical examination rules that out.

So...what was he doing out in the sea, on a well-built raft supported by four anonymous oil barrels?
2006-04-24 12:39:27 PM  
That's the awful thing about time travel - you can't bring any luggage.
2006-04-24 12:40:55 PM  
Were they're dwarves in them?
2006-04-24 12:45:08 PM  
He stole them to make some steel drums.

/that's how they started in Trinidad many decades ago.
//with pots, pans, and paint cans as the forebearers
2006-04-24 12:46:36 PM  

Of course, your safety is not guaranteed, either.
2006-04-24 12:48:16 PM  
Best part of the story is a man named "fuxborg"

An insult often bandied about in trekkie circles.
2006-04-24 12:50:14 PM  
I'm not sure how, but this will probably raise gas prices.
2006-04-24 12:52:55 PM  

I was curious, so I responded to that ad. Never heard back. Very disappointed.

/hoping for Timecube Man
2006-04-24 12:55:19 PM  
i read this article yesterday on CNN i think. 'stateless american'? huh? is that possible? (if he's 'stateless' i.e., 'without a country,' how can he be an american?)

yeah, i'm sure that washington is gonna clear him for entry, with a big ole hearty 'c'mon on down!' for a story like that. OTOH if he was a wanted man here in america, he wouldn't ask to be brought here.

i'd guess i'd like the story of the people who set him adrift. maybe he was the biggest asshole pirate on the pirate ship?

Actually - I suspect it was the myster driver of the Malibu Enzo..... Gunther!

"Dietrich" was the mythical aryan driving the enzo. and i am ashamed that i knew that fact.
2006-04-24 01:01:55 PM  
yep - you are right - Dietrich. I had "you touch my tra la la" stuck in my head, thus the gunther.
2006-04-24 01:04:39 PM  
Born in Cape Town? That makes him an African American. He probably got swept out to see by Katrina.
2006-04-24 01:10:11 PM  
They missed the one with the Estonian pilot, the Belgian reporter, and the English sea captain.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-24 01:12:30 PM  
Jimmy Hoffa has at last been found.
2006-04-24 01:14:04 PM  
Because the barrel is the expensive part.
The price of crude oil has jumped to $72 per barrel, but how much would it be if you put it in something else?
/Yes, that's a joke
//No, not a very good one
2006-04-24 01:24:13 PM  
yep - you are right - Dietrich. I had "you touch my tra la la" stuck in my head, thus the gunther.
i kind of want to know - and yet don't - what that reference is. monty python? mel brooks? (springtime for hitler? i should get out more).

i'm sure i should know this. i probably used to. one of the great advantages of being ADD (a space cadet, as we used to call it before we had a 'disease name') is that you can tell me the same joke repeatedly and i'll laugh anyway.

/"what's with the watermelon?"
//"i'll tell you later!"
2006-04-24 01:35:52 PM  
last response didn't post - farks acting weird today.

blueswoman - I'll send the link in email to avoid a threadjack.
2006-04-24 01:38:48 PM  
Orr Rly?
2006-04-24 01:47:28 PM  
FlashHarry: Orr Rly?

That was my first thought can always hope that he made it.
2006-04-24 01:56:35 PM  
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender yells out
"Hey!! You got a steering wheel in your pants!!"
The pirate responds
"Arrrrgghh. I know! It's driving me nuts"

/Is this thing on?
//I'll be here all week.
2006-04-24 02:26:57 PM  
Wasn't this posted just a few days ago?
2006-04-24 02:35:34 PM  
While this story sounds weird; I went to college at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago with a couple of nut jobs that decided it would be a great idea to try and recreate Huck Finn's adventures on the Mississippi river.

They were originally going to make the raft out of oil drums, but couldn't find any. There were able to get four 50 gallon plastic drums that used to hold some sort of perfume. While they were building their raft, the whole house smelled like your crazy old aunts house who wore the terrible flowery perfume.

They actually built the raft, conned another guy and his girlfriend to drive them down to St. Louis and drop them off at a boat dock with their crazy barrel-raft contraption.

If I remember correctly, as they were getting ready to shove off into the big-muddy for some good old fashioned adventures, they were accosted by park police, the raft was confiscated and they had to buy bus tickets to get home.

These were two guys who would spend most of time trying to tickle each other and when ever you walked into a room, they would be sitting there giggling about nothing in particular. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Nick and James, what happened to you?
2006-04-24 02:39:51 PM  
Dalar I thought so too, but a look at the archives.......

where's the link tho...I was hoping for an update.
2006-04-24 02:47:44 PM  
He's just one of the cartoonists trying to escape
2006-04-24 02:50:40 PM  
Dumle: Also, the barrels were unmarked which is VERY unusual for oil barrels, and that makes it even more intriguing.

Not as intriguing as you think. Since the Seymore Recycling incident where a single barrel out of thousands labeled "IBM" cost IBM $250k, most companies paint them a solid, indistinguishable color.
2006-04-24 04:19:37 PM  
Was it this guy?
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-24 07:19:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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