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2965 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Apr 2006 at 2:19 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-19 08:06:18 PM

Near O'Neil, Nebraska, a couple years ago.

Heh -- I hate to overuse the storm photography, but other than storm chasing, I'm really a pretty normal dude. I like poetry, too, but I couldn't figure out how to make that look cool.

I have a feeling staplermofo has this contest wrapped up. ;)
2006-04-19 08:07:06 PM

Also near O'Neil, Nebraska, a couple years ago.

2006-04-19 08:08:01 PM

One of my greatest pleasures: birdwatching. Of course this is not a bird I usually see, but its more dramatic than a typical fuzzy warbler photo.

/goats about to chase a peacock who fell in their pen.
2006-04-19 08:08:42 PM  
People certainly look at you like you're crazy if you use one of these in public
(I'm not saying they're wrong, mind you):
Graflex Super Graphic
2006-04-19 08:08:47 PM

2006-04-19 08:09:32 PM
2006-04-19 08:10:08 PM

I collect antiques and bric-c-brac. I found these bottles from the 1940's in an old farm dump in the woods behind my house. My guess is that the dump dates to the 1890's based on what I've found. I love the past.
2006-04-19 08:10:34 PM  
My parents' Buddhism/Taoism alter
2006-04-19 08:10:43 PM


Cambridge, MA
2006-04-19 08:10:44 PM  
Then there are the antique weapons:
Afghan Folding Lohars
2006-04-19 08:13:51 PM  
And the music:
The Second Viennese School
2006-04-19 08:14:24 PM

What I love the most. Sadly, one day these three will go off in pursuit of their own passions.
2006-04-19 08:25:09 PM

You really appreciate how much you liked it after it's gone.

RIP Dutty 1989-4/13/06
2006-04-19 08:25:31 PM

Sometimes I like to pay for it.
2006-04-19 08:27:04 PM

My son brought this home one day to be "his buddy"... needless to say I got a new dog.
2006-04-19 08:27:39 PM  
2006-04-19 08:30:30 PM

I like to arrange animation cels so it looks like characters from different shows are interacting.

"Fark you Genma, you made me late for gym class!"

(cels are toxic and are usually considered worse than garbage for the company that owns them)
2006-04-19 08:30:41 PM  
last week's piglet for the Montana Grizzly footballers
2006-04-19 08:31:49 PM
well it looks fancy anyways :)
2006-04-19 08:31:58 PM

i like this but it is an acquired taste.
2006-04-19 08:32:33 PM  
There's no way that red stapler is 18.
2006-04-19 08:32:47 PM
not everyone likes digging in the dirt, but i enjoy it
2006-04-19 08:33:13 PM  
Here's the story: A few years ago I went on a bizarre mission to get pictures of all of the "county line" signs in California. A lot of them turned out as snaps, but quite a few came out pretty cool.
2006-04-19 08:33:47 PM
filthy habit i'm trying to kick
/and they're menthol to boot
2006-04-19 08:33:55 PM

you'll look a while before finding many that like this.
2006-04-19 08:37:18 PM  
I'm picking out a Thermos for you.
Not an ordinary Thermos for you.
But the extra best Thermos that you can buy,
with vinyl and stripes and a cup built right in.

/love your thermoses, monkeybort
2006-04-19 08:38:00 PM
Whale Shark in the new Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Ga.
2006-04-19 08:39:24 PM

yes sleeping it is very similar to your entry. however since it's mine, matches the theme and i was really looking forward to posting it with voting ....... please don't take offense.
2006-04-19 08:40:57 PM  
Favorite sign #2:
2006-04-19 08:43:30 PM

American alligator, Edisto Serpentarium, Edisto Island, SC
2006-04-19 08:46:10 PM

Took this with my cell phone camera at the top of Mt. Fuji. I hiked for about 11 hours up.
2006-04-19 08:46:32 PM

Sand Tiger Shark, Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, SC
2006-04-19 08:48:02 PM

2006-04-19 08:50:20 PM

I love this mountain. Same cell phone as before this time from a plane.
2006-04-19 08:53:37 PM  
Curious: yes sleeping it is very similar to your entry. however since it's mine, matches the theme and i was really looking forward to posting it with voting ....... please don't take offense.

Not at all, it's all good.
2006-04-19 08:55:04 PM  
staplermofo likes whaaaaat? stapler porn!
2006-04-19 08:55:24 PM  
Favorite sign #3, this time from the Big Sur coast.
2006-04-19 08:57:09 PM  
Woo hoo, I'm under Megain'!
2006-04-19 09:07:24 PM  
That's flippin' aweseom, camelclub!
2006-04-19 09:09:11 PM  
I collect action figures.


please click for bigger
2006-04-19 09:10:37 PM  
monkeybort: just for you, stereosaurs:

That is freaking sweet.
2006-04-19 09:14:33 PM  
action figures 2/3

i call this one 'dust brothers' - click for bigger
2006-04-19 09:18:04 PM  
ThisIsGina, I am so sorry, as well. What a beautiful baby. 16 or so years of love. You are both lucky to share that.
2006-04-19 09:19:59 PM  
action figures 3/3

click for bigger
2006-04-19 09:36:30 PM  
Soon-to-be-a-delicacy Icelandic dried cod. Nummy Nummy..

600k large version (pops)
pye [TotalFark]
2006-04-19 09:36:34 PM

Keyboard of my antique piano
pye [TotalFark]
2006-04-19 09:40:36 PM

Cymbal with pad
pye [TotalFark]
2006-04-19 09:43:10 PM

Sheet music

Sensing a theme yet?
2006-04-19 10:14:19 PM  
It's a dhokla!
2006-04-19 10:15:41 PM

It's a dhokla!
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