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(ABC News)   Who makes vodka good enough to sell to Russians? Tasmanians, apparently   ( divider line
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5657 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Apr 2006 at 6:46 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-19 01:43:51 PM  
I always thought volume was more important than quality to most Russian vodka comsumers anyway...
2006-04-19 01:44:42 PM  
Let's nuke them. I can't think of a good reason why right now, but it just seems like a good idea.
2006-04-19 01:49:07 PM  
submitter: Who makes Vodka good enough to sell to Russians?

2006-04-19 01:49:12 PM  
Scandalous: I can't think of a good reason why right now

they are a threat to national security...look at their local fauna!

[image from too old to be available]

Now...imagine him drunk on vodka!!
2006-04-19 01:50:21 PM  
It's the only way to stay warm when put in the cold, cold ground
2006-04-19 01:53:30 PM  
Those devils ;)
2006-04-19 06:53:42 PM  
*Apparently? yeah someone needs a dictionary :)
2006-04-19 06:55:06 PM  
Yea, but what does the bottle look like? The bottle sells the product nowadays.

/used to work in a liquor store
2006-04-19 06:57:46 PM  
wow i cannot type "soviet russia"?


donald or condi behind this?
2006-04-19 06:58:41 PM  
ok everyone
in "soviet russia", Vodka drinks you!
2006-04-19 06:59:27 PM  
i need a vodka martini!
2006-04-19 06:59:45 PM  
Who needs a dictionary? Submitter apparently.
2006-04-19 07:07:08 PM  
"The Russian market is very sophisticated..."

Uhm, no, not really.

Poisonous alcoholic drinks are another common cause of death in Russia, claiming thousands of lives each year.

Last Saturday, six people died in the city of Ulan-Ude after drinking an unknown alcoholic concoction. Five others were admitted to hospital.

Sometimes, it is home-made bootleg vodka that is to blame. Sometimes, it is cheap imported vodka. And sometimes it is even cheaper substitutes such as perfume, or even varnish.
2006-04-19 07:12:19 PM  
When reached for comment, a tasmanian official stated "BLAH -hweep- Muh FRAGGA *plbhthbh*"

[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-19 07:15:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Despite inventing vodka, Russians are willing to drink foreign brands.
2006-04-19 07:15:54 PM  
With domestic vodka available for about six dollars a liter I hope these devils aren't pricing themselves out of the market. God knows import duties in Russia for foreign liquors are very high (though that doesn't keep down consumption of whiskies).
2006-04-19 07:21:40 PM  
Who makes a spell checker good enough to sell to Submitter? Nobody apperently
2006-04-19 07:22:54 PM  
sometimes it is even cheaper substitutes such as perfume, or even varnish

Russia doesn't have that much more people with a problem like that then the states. Whinos? yea. Alchies? mos prob. Raging alcoholics? mos def.
But per population there are only so many people who let alone drink themselves in debt, out of a job, rehab even, but not paint thinner or hairspray to get drunk. Not sure where your from, but in DC I see tons, seriously tons of people (well it is an alcoholic town anyways - I'm one of them) of bums drinking pints, 40s, half pints whatever but not so much downing a nice bottle of Goof'of.

But it was on the Intrawebs so it must be true!1!!!11!!1

/no not so much
2006-04-19 07:28:53 PM  
chechcal: Sometimes, it is home-made bootleg vodka that is to blame. Sometimes, it is cheap imported vodka. And sometimes it is even cheaper substitutes such as perfume, or even varnish.

Man, I thought I was pathetic for buying bottles of 80 proof rum extract/flavouring when I was in high school to get drunk on, but perfume and varnish, damn.
2006-04-19 07:29:03 PM  
Hey, so long as it isn't fluoridated. Old habits die hard... ;)
2006-04-19 07:35:02 PM  
People who invent shiat are often the worst at making it.
2006-04-19 07:38:45 PM  
Gold Diggerrr

"*Apparently? yeah someone needs a dictionary :)"

This knee jerk valuation of formal constraints is exactly what breeds reliance on spell-checking.

/nihilistic devaluation of spelling
2006-04-19 07:41:54 PM  
Apparently theres alot of loosers hear. Dum morans.
2006-04-19 07:45:17 PM  
As a proud Tasmanian, all I can say is Woohoo!!
(and that I think slashies are the lamest thing ever.)

We also make damn good beer too, Boags!
2006-04-19 07:48:55 PM  
I think "good enough vodka to sell to the Russians" means that the sock used to filter the water has only been used for a week, and not for an entire month.
2006-04-19 08:06:34 PM  
Glad to see you made it out of Moscow, dc-kid. Although you did miss that wonderful cold snap. Oh, and I have a couple of stories regarding the "Boar House" and the dangerous ladies for hire there...
2006-04-19 08:08:36 PM  
I fly though Dubai quite often and must say the Russians produce some fine ass hookers.
2006-04-19 08:09:24 PM  
Wrong news icon too :P its not or whatever.
2006-04-19 08:10:49 PM  
For a lot of people drinking something exclusive matters. Even in Russia. Personally I think Absolut Vodka has the taste of something that's been used for cleaning chemical factory floors compared to Moskovskaya or Stoly. And yes, I live in Sweden. And the US is the main market for Absolut. Why they fark do you drink that.
2006-04-19 08:12:18 PM  
Gimmie dat Grey Goose!
2006-04-19 08:20:51 PM  

Because most bars have it, and it sounds classier than Smirnoff when you're trying to get a girl drunk.

Luksusowa is still my favorite for cost + quality, but it's rarely at a bar, and not too many people gamble on a random brand of vodka at the store.

/is there anything cheaper than poplov?
2006-04-19 08:31:49 PM  
greaser_77: Yea, but what does the bottle look like? The bottle sells the product nowadays.

It's shaped like a map of Tasmania

[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-19 08:43:49 PM  
As a proud Tasmanian, all I can say is Woohoo!!

The preferred term is "Tasmaniac."

/I kid.
//what was that about slashies?
2006-04-19 10:33:55 PM  


//Enough tasmanians for a FARK party?
///That would be scary...
2006-04-19 10:50:41 PM  
Actually, the official word for anything relating to Tasmania is "Taswegian" (from the Dutch, who found it first). Thank God the British took over.
2006-04-19 10:57:40 PM  
Boags is good stuff

2006-04-20 12:13:19 AM  
What the fark? I always thought real vodka was made from potatoes, not "wheat grain alcohol."
2006-04-20 12:15:23 AM  
I'm only posting because I'm Tasmanian too.

/slashy just to annoy
/content-free Tasmanian posts ftw
2006-04-20 12:31:58 AM  
Thanks for the link Nigel. Best laugh i've had in a while.
2006-04-20 12:39:47 AM  
English Passengers

by Kneale

clued in by a farker on a thread, thought I would pass it along. Best book I've read in eons. And it's about Tasmania.
2006-04-20 04:23:44 AM  

People who invent shiat are often the worst at making it.

That's so true.
England and railways, for example.
But **why** is it?
2006-04-20 06:18:28 AM  
how can anybody mess up making vodka?
its easy.
Extremely cut down version.
Make sure you have a lot of cold water
Adequate ventilation
Dont use, wood or reactive metal products in your wash or still.
Keep the temperature constant and check for fusel oils and methanol.
Filter the end results through a charcoal filter.
\Theres a whole lot of other stuff but I could write a book on that
\\disclaimer Dont Try this at home or anywhere
\\\face protection and gloves are your friends
2006-04-20 07:02:25 AM  
1994 38,500 cases of 12 750ml bottles left Auburndale, FL with water soluable lables. made from orange peel and other such ruffuse.

1994 (months later) 38,500 cases of relabled with the same machine handling marks as placed there by the cantankerous old machinery I was working around arrived back from russia... new lable, 4x the price.

They'd not even been opened or anything... just relabled.

nice solid cheap 80poof chuggin vodka... not even sure they made it past amsterdam.
2006-04-20 09:22:17 AM  
Tito, of course.
2006-04-20 09:23:59 AM  
Another Tasmanian who is only posting because she is a Tasmanian.

They seems to be a lot of Tasmanian Farkers around today.
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