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(Yahoo)   German man falls asleep during phone conversation with girlfriend. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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35307 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Apr 2006 at 4:39 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-18 03:00:11 PM  
Some ladies need to learn that we guys just don't care about your new lip gloss, shoes, nail color, etc. If you start telling us about these things, we tend to dose off.
Kat [TotalFark]
2006-04-18 04:41:57 PM  
i fall asleep when mother calls, sometimes.
2006-04-18 04:42:56 PM  
Everyone knows what a languid and soothing language German is.
2006-04-18 04:43:08 PM  
He's dating Joe Lieberman?
2006-04-18 04:43:10 PM  
Crosshair, we are more complex than that. You should...n't... stereo... tyyyyy.....*SNXXXXXX*
2006-04-18 04:43:23 PM  
Man, that chick needs to read "Vox" or something.

/"B-b-b-but Clinton..."
2006-04-18 04:43:41 PM  
Been there, done that, got an axe through the door as a souvenir.

/No, er, yeah, baby. I'm listening. Go on.
2006-04-18 04:43:51 PM  
So? Maybe he has narcolepsy. I too suffer from that disease and often suffer from attacks while I'm in the midd
2006-04-18 04:44:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Overavailable for comment...
2006-04-18 04:44:15 PM  
I nodded off while reading that article. Wait, someone's at the door...
2006-04-18 04:44:32 PM  
We all know German sex is emotionless... obviously, their phone calls are the same way.
2006-04-18 04:46:42 PM  
My screwed-up roommate in college fell asleep on the phone with his girlfriend, and she claimed he hung on him...then dumped him.

I know he fell asleep because we heard him just quit replying after a while, and the phone was found dead in between the bed and the wall the next day. Of course, his girlfriend was as exciting as the new Al Gore movie.

Every now and then when my wife calls, I have to remind her politely that I don't give a crap about 99% of the stuff she wants to tell me about. "Why don't you call Heather, honey?"
2006-04-18 04:46:47 PM  
There's a story that appears in the biography of the pianist Glenn Gould that comes to mind. Gould was known for calling people at all hours of the day or night and prattling on for literally hours. During one such call, the listener fell asleep with the phone at his ear and apparently was asleep for a considerable period of time. When he awoke, Gould was still talking and hadn't noticed at all the absence of any response.
2006-04-18 04:46:58 PM  
I did that in high school once or twice. luckily it was late at night, so she wasn't too pissed about it.
2006-04-18 04:50:39 PM  
Why is this news?
2006-04-18 04:51:30 PM  
stoopid beach.
2006-04-18 04:51:39 PM  
hahaha my friend fell asleep while having sex with his gf last weekend, he will probbly see this too :)
2006-04-18 04:52:24 PM  
"Why don't you call Heather, honey?"

I try that one now and then. Then she wants to tell me all about telling Heather.

/ if I really loved her, I'd care just as deeply about all the same trivia.
// my trivia, however, is just trivial.
2006-04-18 04:52:24 PM  
We all know German sex is emotionless... obviously, their phone calls are the same way.

Well, there are a few porn movies...

/Perhaps they're dutch, who knows
2006-04-18 04:52:25 PM  
This is why videophones need to replace the archaic telephone device. It's hard to fall asleep or lie to someone when they're lookin right at you...
2006-04-18 04:52:51 PM  

It's not news, it's
2006-04-18 04:53:00 PM  
My friend in school would have to stay on the phone until his gf fell asleep and he still couldn't disconnect until one of their batteries died.
2006-04-18 04:53:04 PM  
we all nod off after midget porn.
2006-04-18 04:53:31 PM  
Same thing happened to me I was laying on the couch talking on the speaker phone and when I woke up I looked at my front door and there was someone with a flashlight looking in my house. In canuckian fashion I grabbed my hockey stick to defend and coulda got shot cuz there was a cop behind the door. She called the cops cuz I said I was having chest pain earlier. I didnt put two and two together till the cop started asking me question from behind the door. Then I laughed, called her back and went back to sleep.
2006-04-18 04:54:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I love how they HAVE TO PUT A PICTURE OF SOMETHING up there, even if it has nothing to do with the article.

"By god, if we don't put a photo of someone asleep near a cell phone, our readers won't know what to think!"
2006-04-18 04:55:08 PM  
The man explained the silence at his end of the line to officers at the scene: a cat-nap during a lull in the conversation.

and ladies, you have to realize, to us, a good 90% of the conversation is "a lull"
2006-04-18 04:55:09 PM  
Found my daughter, asleep on the couch, phone in her ear. Picked up the phone...and of course there's gentle snoring coming from the other end.

Of course the obvious course of action at that point was to alert the police, EMT's, and the media.
2006-04-18 05:00:52 PM  

when im hammered the pictures make farking so much easier...
pictures help for the illiterates i guess maybe..feh nm
2006-04-18 05:02:09 PM  
Slow news day I see.

Oh and the guy should dump her.
2006-04-18 05:08:53 PM  
No one has thought that maybe they were getting down on the phone and the post-phonal coitus reaction of the male was to fall asleep?
2006-04-18 05:10:37 PM  
If I had a nickle for every time I wished I could have just fallen asleep or died while my ex wife was on the other end of the line.....well then she would have taken half my nickles when she left, I suppose.

This post sort of lost track of itself.
2006-04-18 05:13:42 PM  
Umblehoon: You should...n't... stereo... tyyyyy.....*SNXXXXXX*

"What's that?"

"He must have fallen asleep while typing it."

"Oh, come on."

"That's what it says."

"But if he was falling asleep he wouldn't bother to type, '*SNXXXX*'. He'd just say it."

"Perhaps he was dictating?"

"Shut up."
2006-04-18 05:14:50 PM  
2006-04-18 05:17:45 PM  
if a girl ever starts talking about shiat i don't care about shopping, nails blah blah etc, i just think about porn movies i've seen an rewatch them in my head while making an occasional guesture that i'm listening until the talking stops---not only have i put her in a good mood by listening about her day, but i'm in a good mood because i just watched gauge mouthify a wang that was just in aurora snows pooper.
2006-04-18 05:18:57 PM  
DslainteC, I laughed.
2006-04-18 05:22:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Women. Can't live with 'em.
2006-04-18 05:24:07 PM  
Before the age of cell phones, I had a girlfriend that I used to talk to late at night on the phone, then one night we both fell asleep around the same time. Woke up the next morning still holding the phone to my ear. Groggily said, "hello," and guess I woke her up cause she finally replied back after a minute or two. For the rest of the time we were dating, we always fell asleep talking to each other on the phone.

/it was so cute.
//Glad she wasn't long-distance
2006-04-18 05:25:51 PM  
I used to kill kittens while on the phone with my GF.

It was awesome.
2006-04-18 05:30:09 PM  
Now lets get back to this German porn...I assume it is some very well disciplined shagging?

Seems like I saw one a while back...its kinda fuzzy, but it seems there was this huge strapping German fellow. First he does this Polish chick real quick, and then tries on this French girl. She resists at first but finally rolls over for him. Then he tries this English tart, but she's having none of it. So he goes after this huge Russian blonde and at first he's going on her like mad, but suddenly she pulls out this strap on and starts pegging him like crazy! Then this American comes in at the last minute and she and the English girl jump in in a big 4 way and they rag the German dude until he just can't take any more and collapses.

Funny thing is that it seems like I remember seeing this on PBS for some odd reason...
2006-04-18 05:32:45 PM  
That's nothing. When I was a teenager (aeons ago), I worked two jobs at the same time: PT on the overnight shift at a convenience store and PT as a sales clerk in the paint dept. at Sears. Once I had to go straight to Sears and work at 9 AM after finishing my 8 hour overnight. I was talking to a customer, answering his questions about paint while sitting on a ledge and the next thing I knew he was gone. I had falled asleep while talking to him. Luckily, my boss thought it was hysterical.

/used to fall asleep when my first wife talked to me in bed
//only AFTER we had sex, of course
///or after one of her great backrubs, which I miss
////she never seemed to mind it either
2006-04-18 05:37:16 PM  
I attempted phone sex with a friend when I was fairly intoxicated once and fell asleep near the very end. She wasn't very happy about it.
2006-04-18 05:41:43 PM  
Genocide1215: hahaha my friend fell asleep while having sex with his gf last weekend, he will probbly see this too :)

Now that has to be the ultimate definition of boring.....

....She was so boring that I fell asleep during sex....
2006-04-18 05:47:09 PM  
This must be the most news free, uneventful planet in the whole galaxy. Or news editors are prats.
2006-04-18 05:47:26 PM  
This is why videophones need to replace the archaic telephone device. It's hard to fall asleep or lie to someone when they're lookin right at you...

Which is excactly why videophoning will never replace voice-only calls.
2006-04-18 05:55:53 PM  
I used to fall asleep all the time when I was on the phone with a couple of boyfriends when I was in undergrad.

With one of them I fell asleep and then woke up probably about 20 min later and the dude was still talking. I was like wtf? Told him I was breaking up with him because he was too boring. Sometimes the truth hurts.

The other bf actually noticed that I fell asleep during our conversation, got totally pissed and told me we were over. Came to me a week later crying to get back together. Too bad I had just come back from a weekend in Newport Beach with the hot guy in my database systems class.
2006-04-18 06:08:42 PM  
How is this international news?
2006-04-18 06:33:58 PM  
I'm sorry Starbord...I dozed off there.
2006-04-18 06:53:03 PM  
I once fell asleep while my boyfriend was talking about D&D. I woke up 3 hours later and he was still on the phone.

/I like D&D, he was just boring...
2006-04-18 06:58:02 PM  
hell, I've fallen asleep talking to some of my gal pals...and I'm a girl...

lack of sleep + yammering about boyfriends = definite droolage on the mouthpiece...
2006-04-18 07:25:28 PM  
I love how they HAVE TO PUT A PICTURE OF SOMETHING up there, even if it has nothing to do with the article.

They only do that when a photo would be completely unneeded.

When you NEED a photo to make sense of the article ("Giant statue appears in town square, astounds populace") they skip the picture.
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