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(Some Guy)   Actor James Ransone, on metal-bar beatdown of attempted rapist: "I said, 'You rapist piece of (bleep)' and heard a crack when I hit his shoulder blade"   ( divider line
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1608 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 13 Apr 2006 at 11:35 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-13 01:18:35 AM  
What's wrong with therapists?
2006-04-13 05:17:54 AM  
God help the perp if I am in a similar situation. I've got a pool of anger and antipathy just wainting to have its contents loosed upon someone truly deserving. Just try it, or call someone a racial slur in front of me.
2006-04-13 08:20:32 AM  
The attempted rapist will sue him. Just watch.
2006-04-13 08:21:37 AM  
I cried, 'I'm not done with you yet'

Definitely a thesbian.
2006-04-13 08:31:04 AM  
I cried, Im not done with you yet and then went back in and raped her myself.
2006-04-13 08:42:26 AM  
The Inside Mansaid he made it to the vestibule just in time to see this Hispanic guy in a blue sweatshirt choking my neighbor and pulling his (genitalia) out. I pictured my mom, my girlfriend and every girl Ive ever loved and thought, Vengeance is mine.

I said, You rapist piece of (bleep) and heard a crack when I hit his shoulder blade, the one-time CSI actor recounted. The outlaw mimed drawing a gun and tried to escape.
I cried, Im not done with you yet and kept swinging, Ransone said.

That guy is way cool
2006-04-13 09:01:51 AM  
While I'm usually no advocate for violence.. I do have to say... that's pretty farking awesome.

"I'm not done with you yet"

Ohh yea, if I knew him he'd have drinks for free for life.
2006-04-13 09:03:54 AM  
qualopec: I'd assume you're probably right. Aggrivated assault.

UnFark: Cracka!
2006-04-13 09:35:43 AM  
Just about everyone is capable of a barbarian rage now and then. Today's society encourages bottling one's anger, and denies effective means of releasing there's a large number of people out there who, confronted with an opportunity for blameless violence, will take it.

Given the opportunity, though...I would show the criminal the error of his ways, and bless him in the name of Darwin. Metal bar would work...article doesn't say where he found it, though.

/What Would MacGyver Do?
2006-04-13 09:40:08 AM  
oh hell yea. i wouldnt stop hitting him till i couldnt tell the difference between his face and the floor.

/scum like this deserves to die
2006-04-13 09:49:18 AM  
muninsfire: Metal bar would work...article doesn't say where he found it, though.

I was thinking maybe a weightlifting bar of some sort?
2006-04-13 11:47:11 AM  
So nice it was approved twice. While nifty, this is old news folks. This article even left out the bit (while not important) where Ransone saw a friend of his walking their dog while chasing the perp and yelled at him to follow.

/Gots to love the repeats.
2006-04-13 11:50:26 AM  

I lol'd.

/aisle seat
2006-04-13 12:00:38 PM  
I'll be sitting right next to you.

EatHam wins the thread, 5 posts in.

/And good on Ransone, too - I'd buy him a round.
2006-04-13 12:21:21 PM  
Hurray for Ransone for doing the right thing. And also giving him some other identifier than "The guy who rubbed one out onscreen in Ken Park".

Uh... speaking of metal bars.
2006-04-13 12:32:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
The Punisher

2006-04-13 12:47:40 PM  
Repeat links are rapes of the eyes.

No means no.
2006-04-13 01:05:01 PM  
The 26-year-old actor was in his crib e-mailing a friend and brushing up on an audition script when he heard smothered screams for help, the New York Post reported yesterday.

What is a grown man doing in a CRIB?
2006-04-13 01:14:03 PM  
I'm going to have to go with the general opinion of "haha, cool" here.
2006-04-13 01:59:50 PM  
Yeah, this is definitely an awesome one. That is all.
2006-04-13 02:52:03 PM  
If he was giving the perp such a beat down, how'd the scum get away?
2006-04-14 08:00:35 PM  
I generally could care less if Celebs live or die, but this guy got himself on my "thoroughly justified his existence" list. In a world where women have been raped in broad daylight in NY subways while apathetic witnesses walked on by or have been raped and murdered while their neighbore ignored theie screams, this guy is truly a hero. Too bad he won't get any multi-million dollar endorsements from nike and have kids inner city kids want to grow up "just like James".
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