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2002-06-06 04:17:54 PM  
"I don't find her atractive at all..."

2002-06-06 04:20:43 PM  
I think she's beautiful...I like the fact that she's not your "typical-perfect looking-flawless-blonde". She's unique and I think that's what makes her attractive. The whole association with Tom Cruise does taint her image a bit, though.
2002-06-06 04:23:46 PM  
"Is it just me, or are Penelope Cruz and Steven Tyler separated at birth?"

-It's just you
2002-06-06 04:24:10 PM  
06-06-02 04:13:36 PM BMAG
"06-06-02 03:54:28 PM Frankee-Frank-Frank
I think she looks like that girl from "BLOW"."

She IS that girl from Blow.

The drug dealers mom???






It was a joke.
2002-06-06 04:24:28 PM  
She's ok. Definitely not as good as Nicole. I guess when you're Tom Cruise and you've nailed everything in Hollywood from Heather Locklear to Mimi Rodgers you have to start importing the talent.

How do those guys in Tinseltown do it? How does Tom Cruise sleep knowing Nicolas Cage had it first and Matt Damon before him? Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, every babe has an ex, but not one that has their mugs always plastered on a billboard, on TV, or in the theatres.
2002-06-06 04:26:42 PM  

Some of the guys around here would hump a billygoat if you put a blonde wig on it...
2002-06-06 04:26:48 PM  
She's pretty smokin' now, but I think she definately hits the wall in 10, 15 years tops.
2002-06-06 04:27:41 PM  
For what it is worth, on a scale of 1-10, I think Nicole is about a 4, and Cruz a 9.

I dig brunettes though.
2002-06-06 04:30:41 PM  
(sigh) 4 or 10 They are both better then I will ever do..
2002-06-06 04:31:51 PM  
If it wasn't for my goldwing, my Stealth and Fark, I would never see boobies... (I'm kind of ugly)..
2002-06-06 04:35:18 PM  
Everybody is "kind of ugly".

Some in worse ways then others, and I don't mean physical ways.
2002-06-06 04:35:27 PM  
i'd smoke her unit!!
2002-06-06 04:36:16 PM  

"She's ok. Definitely not as good as Nicole."-Bwesb

2002-06-06 04:37:15 PM  
she must be low-maintenance...
2002-06-06 04:39:04 PM  
I always hated Nicole because she had a really biatchy attitude. Same reason I don't like Melanie Griffith (sp?). But Penelope deserves a '9' (insert immature Fark-staple sexual comment here) from me!
2002-06-06 04:41:23 PM  
In Vanilla Sky you see your boobies but she is laying down in every scene they show her boobies. I got into a debate with my friend and I claim that "laying down boobies" is much more "artistic" than "stand up and show your glory boobies". Which kinda sucks in my opinion. If I wanna see boobies of a celeb I wanna see them full on. Something like Halle Berry even though she was kinda laying down in Swordfish when she did the "boob shot". Talk about an amazing set. Halle just has an amazing body.

In my opinion I am not that impressed by Penelope Cruz. Her voice is just annoying (sorry) and she has this waif look going on that doesn't do anything for me. I mean I still think she is good looking but nothing too amazing. Tom Cruz was just using her for another smoke screen... since we all know Mr. Cruz likes boys and not girls :)
2002-06-06 04:44:58 PM  
I have always loved Nichole from way back when i first saw her in BMX Bandits ....anyone? C'mon! BMX Bandits? It was a classic - Its in Revelations people!
2002-06-06 04:47:01 PM  
Oh, and I would give my wife a 7 right now, and most of that was my fault (churned out 3 little brats before I cut off the 'boys').
2002-06-06 04:49:42 PM  
PhaetonGrim: I see you've finally changed grammmAr. ;-)
But we still need visual confirmation of that 7.
2002-06-06 04:51:59 PM  
She's a far cry more attractive than Nicole Kidman.

J Lo, Julia Roberts, and that fugly Diaz chick.
2002-06-06 04:54:22 PM  
Yes, I agree. We have to have a picture of your wife. Oh, and i totally agree with you about Nicole Kidman... way too too much attitude. Pasty white skin...... not for me at all.
2002-06-06 04:55:48 PM  
Hey! That "Windows + D" thing is pretty cool. Thanks.
2002-06-06 04:55:57 PM  
Don't even get me started on Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts..... ugh. They booth look like somebody pressed their faces in dough and made Gorilla Cookies.
2002-06-06 04:59:56 PM  
yeah she has a smoking body but seriously that face is 'horieblay' ! I like to think of Tom as like all us guy's representative or maybe even our king and he should be dating a WAY hotter chick.
2002-06-06 05:03:38 PM  

penelope cruz?
2002-06-06 05:04:35 PM  
penelope cruz?
2002-06-06 05:06:20 PM  
she's hot.. definitely in my top 5.. and she's got that mousy voice with the spanish accent that makes her extra sultry..
2002-06-06 05:14:17 PM  
Cruz and Diaz are hot. Kidman, however, isn't aging very well.
2002-06-06 05:14:28 PM  
Is she hot? Definitely.

Can she act worth a fark? Hell no. She wasn't all that great in Vanilla Sky, and it wasn't even the first time she'd played that character!
2002-06-06 05:20:52 PM  
Dev2r: Yeah, I figured you would notice it the minute I changed it. Just didn't have the impact I was expecting. Maybe I should have screwed up 'spelling' instead! Hilarious that you caught it, though, thanks!

And I have tried many times to get my wife's pictures posted, but she says, 'those pics are for you, and I will leave your ass if they get out'. Boy, no self confidence at all!
2002-06-06 05:21:33 PM  
She does nothing for me
2002-06-06 05:24:13 PM  
You know a girl is hot when her fans compare her to Rosie O Donnell and Oprah to prove it.

She looks like a duck and that voice is so goddamn annoying.

I wanted Tom to kill her in vanilla sky, Dont worry I didnt ruin the plot. There isnt one.
2002-06-06 05:25:04 PM  
Dev2r: Wow, it's amazing how much of the stuff you like parallels my own likes! Ally?
2002-06-06 05:31:03 PM  
PhaetonGrim: Except for the fact that I don't have 3 brats or a wife... yes, Ally.
waitaminute, what's Ally?

On topic: I'd do her, since she got the Grace Kelly waif-motif going very well...
2002-06-06 05:39:44 PM  

mmm hmmm.
2002-06-06 05:43:30 PM  
2002-06-06 05:49:59 PM  
Is it warm? Huh huh huh, yeah. I'd do 'er.
2002-06-06 05:53:01 PM  
MonkeyButler -- I remember BMX bandits....Man I am old.
2002-06-06 06:04:14 PM  
Fishbowl thanks for your support, i was going to sit back and pop in my Devo 8Track and have a Tab...
2002-06-06 06:27:47 PM  
I'm sorry, this is an official announcement:

All posters who mentioned Penelope not being hot, please make a line on the left, your "I'm Gay!" cards are ready.
2002-06-06 06:29:22 PM  
"06-06-02 03:49:09 PM Bug

her mouth looks like the labia of a 60-year-old hooker"

You've seen a 60-yr old hooker's labia? ewww
Thats sick
2002-06-06 07:09:07 PM  
Why does everyone have a hard-on for Nicole Kidman?

She reminds me of the human/alien hybrid from the end of Alien: Ressurection... just a bit less talented.

Penelope Cruz is stunning.
2002-06-06 07:15:13 PM  

I was wondering the same thing. She's not a horrible actress (better than Penelope Cruz, but that's not saying a whole lot), but as far as somebody I'd spend my spare time gawking at, she just doesn't make the list.
2002-06-06 07:26:14 PM  
That Tom Cruise is quite the moron...
spidie -
2002-06-06 07:32:43 PM  

I figure Kidman must have gone through a lot of kneepads and chapstick to get some the roles she's gotten..

She had marginal success prior to 'Days of Thunder'... and I thought the cars had more screen presence than Kidman.

Meanwhile Cruz has done numerous amazing films.. all of which she was very good in.. and of course she is absolutely beautiful.
2002-06-06 07:36:31 PM  
Not to be picky, but as long as the brown eye is winkin' back at ya, do you really care if it's Kidman's or Cruz's? I bet Kidman has more mud turtles.
2002-06-06 07:51:50 PM  
i still think her face looks like a weiner dog
2002-06-06 07:52:22 PM  
Mmmmmm. Harelips are so sexy. Oh, this just in! Penelope can't act either.
2002-06-06 08:24:49 PM  
Gay because you dont think a hairlip reject from the Tijuana donkey shows is hot?

Now thats hot!!
2002-06-06 08:43:44 PM  
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