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(WSMV)   Tennessee legislature considering making the consumption of a common hallucinogenic landscaping plant illegal. In other news, there is a common hallucinogenic landscaping plant   ( divider line
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2006-04-12 04:57:21 PM  
Wow, a physics major as well?
I predict that you'll enjoy delving into this world. Just take it one step at a time though. :)
2006-04-12 05:00:15 PM  
*Nods* I think I will too, eventually. I still feel kinda... eeeeeehhh.... about the prospect of fiddling with my brain chemistry, but I imagine in time I'll find someone who I trust to 'sit' me, and the courage/inclination to take my first step. =)
2006-04-12 05:00:43 PM  
Felgraf, DaseinDada

Great chatting with you. On the subject of the world being a bit of an illusion, I'm actually developing a novel that features a computer program that "transcends" its existance to become aware of the world of humans.

My thinking is a)between "Tron" and the "Matrix" the idea is cliche enough for the masses to accept it. b) You can safely poke fun at everyone's religion

Heck you have everyone is a child process of Init. Everyone is living in preparation for when root will clense the universe of wickedness and start again following "reboot." Folks asking "Is there a User?", and pondering what happens after kill.

In between the tongue-in-cheek humor is actually going to be a fairly scathing philosophical analysis of where our society is today, and where it needs to be.
2006-04-12 05:03:15 PM  
An experienced guide can be the difference between night and day for sure. I'd recommend at first trying pot. It's got a flase reputation as a sedative type of drug, but it's definately a psychodelic, and one that is not likely to be too extreme. It would be a good introduction, and might help you begin to feel comfortable in an altered state.
2006-04-12 05:07:46 PM  
Evil Twin Skippy
I've never heard someone describe both drug experiences and computing experiences as closely as I do myself.
*nods with great approval*
/SysAdmin who's imbibed his fair share
//and probably pilfered some from others' shares too
2006-04-12 05:09:23 PM  
I tried it ordered it from herbal and tripped a little .. probably for about 30 minutes of macrovision and whatever.. then felt nauseous and fell alseep.. didnt order more.. mushies are better
2006-04-12 05:11:17 PM  
I'll keep that in mind, I shall. =)

Evil Twin Skippy
That sounds like an interesting twist on the 'computer becomes sentient' theme.

Anyways, I think I'll have to bow out of this conversation now.. I have to finish packing to go home for easter break.

This has been quite fun, though!
2006-04-12 05:12:46 PM  
Heh! sysadmin as well. Something about the job lends itself to this subject, or more likely, vice versa.
Hmm, I've always thought that science's efforts to determine the fundamental particles that comprise matter, space, and energy (i.e. strings) would approximate digital organisms figuring out the physical mechanisms of their hard drives sectors and clusters that their bits are encoded in.
2006-04-12 05:24:29 PM  
Man, I want to participate moreso, but alas, I apparantly have some systems to administer....
One last thing though, 'lends itself'......
I don't know about you, but I do my damndest to kill my braincells BECAUSE of this job!
2006-04-12 05:24:52 PM  
I guess I'm one of the lucky few who has a good sensitivity and tolerance for S.D. Here's my recipie for a fulfilling journey.

-Be reaady for it. Even if it's your first time, know what you're getting into before hand. Errowid is the best place to start. Don't expect to have a jolly time, be calm and focused on what you're doing.
-Be (physically) comfortable go to the bathroom first, eat, shower, dont have anything on your mind to distract you or feed any negativity.
-Have a sitter: somone you trust within shouting distance.

Material Preperation:
(I use straight leaf, some people may need or prefer extract. Start small and work up until your comfortable.)
-Load one bowl into your preferred apparatus
-Prepare 2 bowls of crushed dose in seperate pouches, loaders, or other easy-to-dump containers.
-I prefer a water pipe, and i don't mind the taste but I've heard it described as bitter and rough.

Environmental Preperation
-Turn off or dim the lights: a small safe candle (yankee or similar) usually works best so you can still see.
-Turn off the music: sometimes light background music can be positive, but try it without first.
-Get comfy, a couch or large chair os best for me.
-Tell your sitter to SHUT. THE fark. UP. **Nothing can ruin a good S.D. experience like some asshole in your face asking what your seeing, what it's like, if you're ok make sure they understand this before you start.**

The Deed:
-Take a few deep breaths and take the first bowl in one hit if you can, hold it for about 30-45 seconds.
-While holding, dump the second pre-loaded pouch into the bowl.
- Take a few more breaths and take the second bowl like the first. You should start feeling it between the two.
-Ditto for the third if you're up to it. I've never felt like trying to do more after #3, usually laughing or concentrating too hard.

The Trip:
-Different for everyone, but I usually internalize everything so that my thoughts become very dreamlike, Often I will have internal dialogue and speak one side of the conversation which is extreemly strange to sitters.
-Everyone i've ever seen try smoking it is 'normal' again after 10 minutes maximum. A slight lasting feeling of contentedness, but 30-45 minutes to baseline.

Regarding the article, I understand that some people will hear "hallucinagen" and jump to conclusions, but this is definatley not a "fun" drug and having cultivated it in the past, it is definately not a landscaping plant. See previous posts.

Salvia always reminds me that everything I know in the universe is actually just my minds interpretation.
2006-04-12 05:29:59 PM  
I would also NOT recommended reading too much about other people's experiences in terms of what they felt/saw, etc. It's a must to be familiar with the risks and to maximise the setting, but avoid developing specific expectations or preconceived notions. Psychedelics usually have common themes in their effects, but everyone's trip is unique.
2006-04-12 05:30:01 PM  

One more bit of advice: don't eat anything the entire day if/when you ever trip for the first time, especially if its mushrooms, until you know if your a person who gets really sick.

I still feel kinda... eeeeeehhh.... about the prospect of fiddling with my brain chemistry,

Just remember: it *will* stop and the trip *will* end ;-).
2006-04-12 05:32:43 PM  
2006-04-12 05:00:43 PM Evil Twin Skippy

I like the cut of your jib and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Or at least offer to be a test reader of your novel.

And though it's been a while since I've done anything other than smoke a little weed, in my time I've done LSD, shrooms, X, nitrous, pot, and assorted combinations. I've actually been thinking recently it'd be nice to go on an acid trip again.
2006-04-12 05:39:53 PM  
On brain chemistry, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that srugs like LSD and mushrooms alter it permanently, although the experiences they may induce can definately leave lasting and even profound impressions.
2006-04-12 05:49:35 PM  
Salvia can be fun...but NOT to get farked up off of. The best way to describe it is that it throws you in the space between your body and your soul.

Very spiritualistic...not recreational. Mazatec shamans and healers have been using it for thousands of years.
2006-04-12 05:53:44 PM  
Evil Twin Skippy

There was a recent rerun of STTNG which
was similar to your novel idea. A holideck(sp?)
character becomes self aware and tricks the
crew by recreating the ship inside the holodeck.

/back to work now
2006-04-12 06:31:51 PM  
"I've never done that stuff. I've taken my fair share of the spirits, but I've never got into that other part of life," said Rep. Frank Buck, D-Dowellton, referring to illicit drug use.

Fair share of the spirits? BUT I THOUGHT DRUGS WERE BAD.

btw, if you guys think salvia divinorium is something, you should try dimethyltryptamine. It makes salvia seem like refined sugar in comparison.
2006-04-12 06:35:14 PM  
So something else is made illegal because people are dumbasses?

Let's outlaw Big Macs, because fat people consume them despite knowing of cardiac problems.

Let's outlaw cars, because people drive them drunk.

Let's outlaw scissors, because people run with them and trip and fall.

Let's outlaw free speech because some people use it irresponsibly.


Sometimes I hope for WWIII, and a return to the stone age.
2006-04-12 07:05:06 PM  
There is a lot of good advice from some people here. Anyone interested in Salvia should carefully read the info on about it. It is strong stuff, and I strongly suggest you have experience with at least mushrooms before trying it. The bad part about it being legal is that stupid teenagers buy it, don't know what they are doing, and have a horrible trip...

I've only tried salvia once so far, but would like to do it again this summer when I have time. I used 10x extract, a pipe and an ordinary lighter. With extracts, you have to be damn careful how much you use, because it is strong. My scale only goes down to 0.1g so it wasn't very useful and I had a fairly rough measure. I was in a dark room with a sitter and had quiet music (Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn) and laid down in the bed immediately after exhaling.

It wasn't a strong dose, I kept my eyes closed pretty much the whole time. I didn't take enough to fully disconnect with reality like a higher dose would produce, but I had a sense of falling or gravity and being somehow below everything. I was pretty much always aware of where I was and what was happening. Then I was seeing a castle of expanding, concentric walls, occasionally with red balls rolling though the gates (this followed the rhythm of the music somewhat). I don't remember too much else (it was a while ago) but everything was surprisingly grey, not colorful like often happens with mushrooms, I guess this is common for some people. I'd like to try it again with a larger dose. It was never uncomfortable and I would like to try for a greater seperation from reality for a different kind of experience.

Anyway, it is not something to be done casually and it is NOT a party drug. It must be treated with great caution. At least if you have a bad trip it should be over within 20 minutes, but it might feel like an eternity.

/hmm, taking it orally might be interesting sometime...
2006-04-12 07:13:02 PM  
actually learned about this plant via old fark stories/threads. Last time it was Florida I believe. Some asshat kids hear they can get high off the plant and make a special tea with it. They do it wrong and the dose they take is lethal.

That wasn't salvia, that kid OD'd on angels trumpet.
2006-04-12 07:21:40 PM  
I picked up a small bag (1 gram?) of 20x for $30 from the head shop down the street one day. took it out to a friends house and four of us sat in the garage and smoked it out of a bong. The first guy took a hit big hit, and we all looked at him wondering if anything was going to happen. After about a minute he started laughing very hard, his face turned red and his uncontrolled laughing caused him to start drooling all over himself; freaking hilarious stuff. I took the next hit and my friends were looking at me to see how I'd react because they thought the first guy was faking it. After about a minute I too started to laugh uncontrollably until I rolled over onto the floor. I guess I blacked out for a minute, my friends said I just laughed the whole time. The other two just watched us, they didn't want to smoke. When I was coming down back to reality I could see the first guy taking another hit. So I sat up and took another hit. I was holding a beer and this time I remember starting to laugh again, but at the same time I couldn't hold my beer upright. I thought it was hilarious that I was looking at the beer in my hand, slowly it tilting over, because I had no muscle control to hold it upright. I rolled over onto the floor and into the spilled beer and blacked out again. This is when things got weird because as I started to regain conciousness I swore the entire garage was turning on it's side and I was holding onto the floor to keep from sliding out of the garage door and into the street. My friends said I was lying there telling them we needed to climb the ladder to get out (whatever the hell that meant). My first buddy managed to tip the bong over soaking the last of the salvia, we probably had one good hit apiece left but it was now ruined.
Afterward I felt that only 15 minutes or so had gone by, but my friend said it had been about 90 minutes. And I felt a little cold and run down, that lasted for about thirty minutes. but I was fine after that.
all-in-all I wasn't too impressed. I'm not a fan of blackouts, regardless of how short they are, or loss of most motor functions.
2006-04-12 07:23:44 PM  
Excellent posts in here for the most part.

Whoever said "acid whippet"- best description of SD I've ever heard, makes perfect sense to anyone who has done both.

Oh, and whoever was asking about LSA extractions from Morning Glory seeds- nothing is done to commercially available seeds to make them "unusable"- the husks of the seeds contain two chemicals- one is the LSA (hallucinogen) and the other is something that's named in the erowid entry, that causes sever intenstinal discomfort/nausea, but it passes after a bit. My suggestion is use a double coffee filter, as that helps, but doesn't fix it. My friends and I refer to the concoction now as "seedjuice". Used to brew that stuff up aplenty in the dorms and parse it out to curious freshmen. I got really burned out really quick on the stuff as for me, it's more potent than SD/Shrooms. Intense stuff- took some at about 8pm one night, and was still wayyy too farked up to fall asleep at 10am the next morning. Users beware- $5 worth of seeds is PLENTY for a personal one time use.
2006-04-12 07:35:42 PM  
Well, Newdaddy, I smoke copious amounts of Salvia daily, so I'm getting a kick out of some of the replies ....

/Oh, you know the rest.
2006-04-12 07:40:33 PM  
A couple of friends and myself smoked a bunch out of a hooka....and I mean a bunch. Needless to say, I can't remember how much it was, but we smoked it hard and fast, as directed by some web site or a friend of a friend.

In any case, I laid out on my bed and was a French soldier during WWII for the next 10-15 minutes. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that this drug will take you across time and space. Regardless of the exact wording, it's a huge understatement. Absolutely everything changed, as opposed to small hallucinations being inserted here and there into the room I was in. I was laid-up somewhere in France during WWII.

I'm very much tempted to try it again.
2006-04-12 08:35:45 PM  
"In any case, I laid out on my bed and was a French soldier during WWII for the next 10-15 minutes. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that this drug will take you across time and space. Regardless of the exact wording, it's a huge understatement. Absolutely everything changed, as opposed to small hallucinations being inserted here and there into the room I was in. I was laid-up somewhere in France during WWII."

At what point did you surrender?
2006-04-12 08:40:16 PM  
I live in Bristol TN. This graphic designer I work with, he's all Jesusy and stuff. He told me he smoked some salvia last night and hallucianted and say Jesus, again. He don't smoke weed or drink that much. I never heard of the stuff since i just moved here from NY about 6 years ago. That's funny he mentioned it yesterday and today its on Fark.
2006-04-12 08:44:05 PM  
opps, he saw Jesus. I asked him what Jesus was doing and he said he didn't remember.
2006-04-12 10:18:32 PM  
UnstoppableDrew, et. al

I have a newsletter "the Book of Sean" on my website:

Right now its a few random essays. Over time it will probably turn into a lot of random essays. I just find myself writing, looking up 200 lines later and going WTF?

Kind of like my coding... which if I'm not careful will end up as another chapter in the Book of Sean.
2006-04-12 11:01:28 PM  
nooo! not my salvia! They can't make that illegal!!!

only tried it once and it did next to nothing.
2006-04-12 11:33:39 PM  
Next we'll let out the secret of the deadly castor bean plant. Had 'em growing HUGE all over my (overly landscaped) college campus. Seriously lethal little beans containing large amounts of ricin.
2006-04-13 12:21:19 AM  
God, these prohibitionists are pathetic. Salvia is not a party drug by any stretch of the imagination. Salvia has never hurt anyone. If they want to outlaw a drug because it hurts people, they would be outlawing tobacco and alcohol.

From the article:
"I don't know and I don't want our kids to find out either," he told the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. "The bottom line is it's not good for students."

So, we've got an admission of ignorance followed by a statement of condemnation...somehow this asshat's "logic" eludes me.

\has some Salvia in his dresser drawer right now
\\you gots to respect the Green Goddess or she'll kick your arse
2006-04-13 12:33:37 AM  
Salvia is not a psychedelic, or hallucinogen, in the same way that LSD or psilocin/psilocybin (mushrooms) are; those drugs induce states of mind and alter/distort your perception of reality.
Salvia, properly experienced, doesn't distort reality, or one's perception thereof. "It isn't a state of mind, it's another place." (more or less a quote) - Terrence McKenna describing DMT, but it fits the salvia experience also.
Even a heavy acid or mushroom trip will still leave one vaguely intact with this reality.

I've done salvia various ways, at various strengths (meaning plain salvia, and stronger extracts). A solid bong hit of extract made me loose contact with my personality, body, the room, the other person in it, etc. I didn't black out, I just wasn't here - I wasn't a physical being, and, more importantly, had never been a physical being. No point in trying to describe what I was or where I was...

Salvia is different; it's more like communicating with something than doing a drug. It instigates a becoming. (that's about the best i can say it right there, so i'll leave it)

/can go on entirely too long about consciousness, psychonautics, metaphysics

fyi: the best site for any type of information on drugs is
very reliable. also, for salvia specifically
this is the site of the scientist who first isolated the active chemical in salvia; he sells it too
(not adverting, they're just solid sites)
2006-04-13 12:35:36 AM  
Another vote for "not a party drug". Not to be taken lightly.

Took it once (smoked some dried leaves), and while I wouldn't classify the five minutes of total disconnection from reality as a "bad" trip, it was definitely a big boot to the brain. It's a good move to be sitting in something like a recliner, with people there to make sure you don't walk into a wall that you can't see.

Yelmrog does not advocate the use of any substance for anything.
2006-04-13 03:18:18 AM  
salvia isn't a drug that should be screwed around with. A friend of mine made some tea from the stuff about 8 years ago and he ended up having a big party in his house then woke up on his kitchen floor with a small stab wound in his thigh. He calls my brother up and wants to talk about the great party he was supposedly at only to learn there never was any party and he was just royally farked up off that drug. The guy went nuts and swore there really was a party, but everyone he talked to that he thought was there was never there.
2006-04-13 08:32:38 AM  
There are tons of legal plants you can use to get off - are they gonna ban all these too?. For instance, you can extract LSA, a precursor to LSD with similar psychoactive properties, from perfectly legal plants like morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose. You can also buy mescaline-containing cacti Trichocereus pachanoi at many nurseries.

Smoking the leaves of hydrangea plants will also have marijuana-like effects, but it's not encouraged because the leaves produce an arsenic-containing compound when burned. Couple of kids died around here a few years ago after toking some.
2006-04-13 03:43:45 PM  
get someone else to hold the pipe, cuz you'll drop it.
all i can decribe it as is....reverse pac-man.
like going straight to the peak of a trip, then waking up/coming out of it 5 min later.
it was bad a$$.
2006-04-13 04:38:49 PM  
If I remember correctly, Salvia Divinorum is a real mother to cultivate: hard to take care of, and doesn't reproduce readily.

It allegedly hits like a freight train: three tokes and you're out of your body, you need to be lying on a mattress to avoid hitting your head.

Any of you farkers got firsdthand experience?
2006-04-13 07:02:02 PM  
Nutmeg can give you awesome dreams. Some queasiness, too.
2006-04-13 07:02:41 PM  
I just scored some from a head shop near here. WTF! I cannot believe that shiat is legal and weed is not. It was like I could stare at something and zoom right in on it. I did not have a sitter as I just got it so I only took a little puff. Holy cow that is some potent stuff. I cannot wait to go for a walk in the woods with a buddy or maybe hit the beach. This stuff is killer!!!
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