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13444 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Apr 2006 at 8:56 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-07 08:19:32 PM  
2006-04-07 08:28:04 PM

Here's mine. They had no owl characters. Lame.
2006-04-07 08:36:34 PM  
Neat thingy.

Here's a link to mine.
2006-04-07 08:43:50 PM  
meh, im too lazy to be that creative....
2006-04-07 08:47:16 PM  
2006-04-07 08:47:55 PM
2006-04-07 08:51:41 PM

You take the high road, I'll take the low road.
2006-04-07 08:52:27 PM  
krelborne: Haha! Nice.
2006-04-07 08:53:11 PM  
And here's a link to mine. You might not want your mom to read it over your shoulder...
2006-04-07 08:55:35 PM

Thanks RandomCrap.Net for Free Image Hosting
2006-04-07 08:55:41 PM

I used this site to make a 20 comic run of a comic I called "The Brady Edition". I later went on to use the stories and characters from this strip in a machinima movie called "Shemp: The Goldwater Prison Blues" (pops) The moral of this story is.. sometimes people have too much free time.
2006-04-07 08:58:08 PM
2006-04-07 09:00:36 PM

Actual image posted. Mods, could you please delete the previous one? Thanks!
2006-04-07 09:02:03 PM  
Thank god there are no owls.
2006-04-07 09:02:35 PM  
mikm: Thank god there are no owls.

you said it, brother.
2006-04-07 09:04:28 PM  
nice one Ronin
2006-04-07 09:05:10 PM

Actual image posted here as well. Mods, could you also delete my previous entry?
2006-04-07 09:05:56 PM

They can never truly know love either.
2006-04-07 09:08:25 PM
2006-04-07 09:08:35 PM  
2006-04-07 09:09:19 PM  

2006-04-07 09:10:31 PM  


now with voting
2006-04-07 09:11:25 PM

too lazy to rehost it.

why would you vote for me anyway?
2006-04-07 09:12:29 PM  
Today, I've gained new insight into why so many web comics suck hairy monkey nuts.
2006-04-07 09:12:37 PM  
I drew this while sleeping
2006-04-07 09:13:48 PM​ent=cart oon.jpg

fark is resizing them all, making 'em look crappy. there's the link to a good one. for some reason it also keeps putting that space in the URL, delete it to get the site.
2006-04-07 09:14:33 PM
2006-04-07 09:17:15 PM
2006-04-07 09:19:12 PM  
I always thought it was the need to be both artistic AND witty that made most online comics fail. However, even after taking the artistic requirement away, most of these comics are pretty much the same nihilistic, this-isn't-supposed-to-make-sense, ironic dick and fart jokes that all other lame web comics consist of.

I like Penny Arcade.
2006-04-07 09:20:34 PM  
Man, I had this whole strip done and then it deleted it. It ended with the punchline "oh bevets! I thought you would have been a sheep..."

I don't feel like doing it over.
2006-04-07 09:20:46 PM  

I think these take about 30 seconds to make. Stop biatching.

/you dislike dick jokes but like PA? weird.
2006-04-07 09:22:30 PM  
/quick and dirty
2006-04-07 09:22:40 PM  
Hrm, I can't seem to get my pic to work :/
2006-04-07 09:22:48 PM
2006-04-07 09:23:39 PM  
Did we kill it? I think we killed it.
2006-04-07 09:25:14 PM  
JacksBlack: Did we kill it? I think we killed it.

I think so too. And I had just made another one. :(
2006-04-07 09:25:21 PM  

I don't know, it was the first thing that came to mind.
2006-04-07 09:26:15 PM

/cool little prog
2006-04-07 09:26:38 PM
2006-04-07 09:26:41 PM  
made disappeared. awesome.
2006-04-07 09:30:47 PM  
2006-04-07 09:32:27 PM

/need to vent
2006-04-07 09:32:28 PM
2006-04-07 09:32:29 PM
2006-04-07 09:33:40 PM

with voting...
2006-04-07 09:33:50 PM
2006-04-07 09:34:21 PM
2006-04-07 09:34:22 PM
2006-04-07 09:34:35 PM do I save the comic itself to post in the thread?
2006-04-07 09:35:55 PM
not mine, no voting.
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