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38590 clicks; posted to Sports » on 06 Feb 2007 at 5:31 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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  2007-02-06 04:52:19 PM  
(insert obligatory comment about Duke here)
  2007-02-06 05:43:48 PM  
(insert not-so-witty retort here)
  2007-02-06 05:46:29 PM  
third post?
  2007-02-06 05:53:28 PM  
fourth post.
  2007-02-06 05:57:37 PM  
submitter: Fark Sports Forum: only the last 7 days of comments listed

Looks to me more like the last seven minutes. Or so.
  2007-02-06 05:58:56 PM  
Does this mean no more figure skating discussion threads?
  2007-02-06 06:00:19 PM  
Could somebody bother explaining this to the people who don't get it, please?
  2007-02-06 06:09:04 PM  
eighth post?
  2007-02-06 06:12:10 PM  
  2007-02-06 06:17:47 PM  
Yeah, WTF is this? We're supposed to talk about every sporting event in the last 7 days? This is retarded.

/Leafs are on a 5 game winning streak
  2007-02-06 06:21:25 PM  
i read somewhere that Nash won't be playing tonight...
  2007-02-06 06:24:29 PM  
Duke does Maryland.
  2007-02-06 06:25:45 PM  
Goal Post.
  2007-02-06 06:31:56 PM  
yankees suck
lakers suck
giants, cowboys, patriots, colts suck

or as peter griffin says:

"Mets suck! Yankees suck! Knicks suck!"

glad this forum was started... i am not big on the other forums, but i can talk sports all day long...
  2007-02-06 06:42:44 PM  
HEREHERE, mathmatix
  2007-02-06 06:44:13 PM  
You wanna talk sports? OK. National signing day for soon-to-be college students starts tomorrow at 7:00 AM ET. How's your school doing on the recruiting front?
  2007-02-06 06:48:35 PM  
sports forum has been here forever
  2007-02-06 06:54:11 PM  
For those that don't "get it":

This is just like the Fark Forum and TotalFark Forum and Photoshop/Audioedit Forum that have been there for years -- permanently open catchall threads. Have another look at the left sidebar on the page under "Community" -- each one of the tabs (well, most of them) now have their own dedicated forums.
  2007-02-06 07:13:01 PM  
This would work a lot better if there was 1 forum for each of the major sports. Then I won't have to argue with rednecks about why "hockey sux" and "nascar rulez". Everyone could be happy in their own thread and we could get back to arguing whats important - whos hockey team sux and whos hockey team rulez!

/p.s. Leafs rule Sens suck ass
  2007-02-06 07:21:46 PM  
Wow. We took over thread 2.
  2007-02-06 07:34:38 PM  
Now that NFL football ("armored wankball" to some of you) what's the point?
  2007-02-06 07:54:35 PM  
Pitchers and catchers report next week. WOOT!!

Best time of the year!
  2007-02-06 08:01:19 PM  
FSU sucks!
  2007-02-06 08:30:52 PM  
thats what she said?
  2007-02-06 08:33:59 PM

Can't wait to see how many free beers the guy who bought this gets (airborne delivery, of course).
  2007-02-06 09:09:44 PM  
I don't get it.
  2007-02-06 09:10:08 PM  
Finally, a place for comments on Fark.
  2007-02-06 09:17:22 PM  
Mrs. Roethlisberger: I don't get it.

You and I are going to be King and Queen of this spiffy new Sports Forum. That's what to get. :-)
  2007-02-06 09:19:45 PM  
The NaSkAr

That is if my head doesn't asplode first..!
  2007-02-06 09:32:50 PM  
Allright, Fark has a virtual Sportsbar!

/Go Lightning!
//don't suck too bad Devil Rays
  2007-02-06 09:39:56 PM  
Juan Gonzalez in the Caribbean Series, trying to get another MLB contract, and STILL jogging around the bases. Trying for third would have been a mistake, but still... run has-been.
  2007-02-06 10:28:10 PM  
Motormouth: Go Lightning!

Bah - nice shootout.

Go Kings.
  2007-02-06 11:01:47 PM  
I'm watching the Sharks host the damned Ducks. Both teams are really good with talent to spare. Getting scrappy.

The best part? Pronger gets the puck and is assaulted by a chorus of boos. Sharks fans do not like Pronger one bit.

Feh, Ducks score, figures. 13:16 in first. Damned Ducks.

Oh well, got nothing.


--- wow, 2-0 Ducks, dammit dammit dammit ---
  2007-02-06 11:13:21 PM  
I'm still pissed that Larry Pleau(the NHL version of Matt Millen) let Pronger go. Thank god the Blues have someone in there now with some brains.
  2007-02-06 11:28:03 PM  
Sedins are lighting it up tonight, 8 points between them so far.
  2007-02-06 11:40:35 PM  
make that 9 as Dan gets the Hat Trick
  2007-02-06 11:50:21 PM  

farkin Sharks though...

/would buy 7 tickets to a SJ-Vancouver series..... 1 ticket to each game in each city.
  2007-02-07 12:00:21 AM  

/goin to bed!
//back tomorrow!
  2007-02-07 12:10:18 AM  
anyone see the highlights of the dominican republic/venezuela game from last week... deciding game, DR down 10-2 going into bottom of 9th, have a 9 run rally to win the game....

then continued on to win the caribbean world series...

pretty cool, cant wait for pitchers and catchers to report

oh yeah, eventhough i am not a yankee fan, this is funny as hell to me...

can you see this boston? cuz he's doing at as hard as he can!
  2007-02-07 01:10:24 AM  
Whoda thunk it...UVA is atop the ACC after beating Maryland.

Go Hoos!
  2007-02-07 01:18:11 AM  

/Never betting on any team with Rex Grossman as QB ever again.
  2007-02-07 02:59:27 AM  
I just heard this place existed. I may use it to on rare occaisions to rant about how the gods despise me. Why?

The Caps (start your flames here) up to a month ago were in the hunt for a 6-8 seed and have the talent to surprise someone in the playoffs. Now they're slowly, slowly sinking out of the race.

This wouldn't be sooooooo bad....but...IF the Caps failure (again). What do I have to look forward to?

Maryland stinks. They had NIT written all over them since they lost a home game to Miami. They can't shoot outside. Can't stop anyone when it matters. And they stink.

Next on the calendar? Baseball! You think I'm a DC boy, right? Wrong! No Nats for me! I like having my nuts squashed on a daily basis because I grew up BETWEEN DC and Baltimore in a magic, smurf filled time called the 80s. So I'm an Orioles fan! Oh farking yippee! Even if the O's weren't run by a bunch of assclowns, the deck is retardedly stacked against them by the most retarded sports economic system ever. The Yanks and the Sox will reload year after year after year. Maybe one day the O's build a great farm system that yeilds a surprise system. The following year the jackals from the Northeast spend 800 hojillion dollars to decimate our roster. Playing in the American League is the ultimate Kobiyashi Maru.

So....if anyone cares about this post (and you shouldn't), I'll get flamed for that. Tons of STFU you whiny biatch. The O's just suck, if they got their heads out of their asses and actually fielded a competitive team they'd be fine. Laissez Faire FTW!

dollars to donuts everyone who feels that way has a zipcode that starts with either a 0 or a 1. I promise you that. Or Sox/Yanks (with a smattering of Mets) bandwagon jumpers.

So.....essentially.....I'm effed as a fan until next football season. Right. Except that.....yeah.....I'm a Skins fan, born and bred. They're my best hope.


So....other people can find a reason to biatch too. That's what makes life great. Most of it will come from Philly. The sports gods deliver to Philly exactly what they deserve year in and year out. It's called karma. (yet karma avoids NY like the goddam plague....haven't figured that one out yet).

So.....grand internet void.....that's my story. The gods hate me, and I needed a good beer fueled rant.
  2007-02-07 03:11:59 AM




/Life is good at the top.
  2007-02-07 03:15:24 AM  

How dare you complain about the Nationals! You steal my beloved Expos away from me, trade away every decent player left, force me to become an Athletics fan, and now you don't even want them! Send 'em back!

/nice handle, though
  2007-02-07 03:17:27 AM  
Doh...I probably should have read the whole post, instead of knee-jerking out a response when I saw Nats and complaints in the same sentence. Send 'em back anyway!
  2007-02-07 04:02:44 AM  
Okay, now anyone care to comment on the Liverpool hijacking? WTF is going on in England?
  2007-02-07 05:00:14 AM  
Deece: How dare you complain about the Nationals! You steal my beloved Expos away from me, trade away every decent player left, force me to become an Athletics fan, and now you don't even want them! Send 'em back!

Careful what you wish for. Considering the Nats rotation this year is John Patterson, a legless hobo, the ghost of Martin Van Buren and a piece of string, DC might just take you up on that.

/Stick with the A's
  2007-02-07 09:02:39 AM  
I ♥ this!
i can go on about NC Duke
or what's on FSN!
go blue!
  2007-02-07 09:08:58 AM  
like little boy blue, Liverpool needed the $!
they are in debt big time.
they will still a great club though.
  2007-02-07 09:14:55 AM  
sorry about the bold
we hafta stare at that for a week!
  2007-02-07 09:23:08 AM  

i feel your pain!
  2007-02-07 10:02:25 AM  
Leafs win AGAIN last night! Where are all the haters now?
  2007-02-07 10:14:37 AM  

that is very nice.
It's good for Canadian teams to win unless its against Edmonton!
good luck~
p.s. need a bottle of unopened champagne?
  2007-02-07 10:22:34 AM  
Yes, EXPOBILL. Yes I do need a bottle of unopened champane. A cheap bottle of Thunderbird will do. Or perhaps some narcotic cough syrup.
  2007-02-07 10:30:36 AM  
its left over from game 7 last year.
i'll email it to ya!
or I'll drop it off on Yonge st
  2007-02-07 11:22:46 AM  
So uh, can I live in this thread now?
  2007-02-07 12:10:32 PM  

/o i c what u did ther

  2007-02-07 03:41:54 PM  
Heh. The Manchester Monarchs (Kings AHL affiliate) are giving away Mr Potato Heads on Saturday.
I want one.
  2007-02-07 03:43:26 PM  
Foaming: Heh. The Manchester Monarchs (Kings AHL affiliate) are giving away Mr Potato Heads on Saturday.

The sports potato heads are awesome. I just got a baseball one last week. It comes with eye-black.
  2007-02-07 04:57:32 PM  
England sucks.
  2007-02-07 05:14:10 PM  
how many months till CFL starts?

basketball = boring
soccer = teh gay
baseball = do people still play that?
hockey = meh
  2007-02-07 06:43:32 PM  
anyone else stoked about UNC Duke?
go heeeeeeeeellllllllls!
  2007-02-07 06:46:36 PM  
/Less than 7 days to go
//I'm a die-hard baseball fan, football is second. If we somehow go all the way, I'll be 10x worse than I was in the NFL threads.
  2007-02-07 11:27:41 PM  
is this forum working?

manny mota
  2007-02-07 11:41:56 PM  
expobill forum works, just a lull in sports right now, too early for me to get into college basketball, a week away from pitchers/catchers reporting, i'm not into basketball pros so eh, and hockey still has two months til playoffs(i think) so its mainly tv and fapping...

just kidding about the tv part
  2007-02-08 11:28:57 AM  
When the fark did we get a sports forum? and more importantly, why wasn't I told about this?

/who dey!
  2007-02-08 11:52:23 AM  
Foaming: Bah - nice shootout.

Go Kings.

We have to have SOMETHING to cheer about in Tampa this year...

/Bucs, DRays
//chough, hack
  2007-02-08 12:33:21 PM  
I mean is this really that big of a deal? I think this guy has a point.,8/gay-athletes-a-big-deal-,​ml
  2007-02-08 06:14:12 PM  

i personally dont care, but it still has yet to be a marquis name come out of the closet... the six players who have come out, involved in the four major US sports, have all been role players...

really its starting to feel like the only ones who will give a damn are the talking heads on sports radio. since if you are doing what you are supposed to, no one really gives a damn if you give or receive...
  2007-02-08 07:55:31 PM  
i'll clear the cobbwebbs off.

UNC/Duke Wncaa anyone?
good start but sloppy now.
Roy W is there!
31-25 Duke 2:00 1st.

ahhh sports!
and beer!
  2007-02-09 04:57:11 PM  
The Pro Bowl is tomorrow and that always leaves me trying to figure out which sport has the worst All-Star game.
NFL: The season is over and you need an NFL fix, but instead you get this placebo-ball. It's worse than no football at all.
MLB: There's no tying in baseball
NHL: No hitting, no defense, it's like the ice capades with sticks.
NBA: The players don't care and you can tell.
  2007-02-10 08:18:37 AM  
the stars don't show up.
superbowlers cancel the next day.
elway was selected allot but played i think twice?
and the game is boring!
MLB is the best.
  2007-02-10 03:01:33 PM,53600,3904767.html
  2007-02-10 06:16:50 PM  
Foaming: NFL: The season is over and you need an NFL fix, but instead you get this placebo-ball. It's worse than no football at all.

Perhaps, but I'll still have to watch for one last chance to see the great names across the backs of those shiny shiny jerseys before the drought of summer.
  2007-02-10 06:27:41 PM  
OK, Foaming, you're right. 20 minutes in to this farce and it's just sad.
(But at least their wives got a trip to Hawaii before they start working out again all off season.)
  2007-02-10 09:50:53 PM  
Someone want to explain to me why it takes 10 minutes for a debris caution for something on Pit Row? NASCAR's such a farking joke nowadays.... it looks great in HD, but Caution laps take 2 minutes here.... you should only need 3. 1 to clean it up, 1 for pit stops, and 1 to get back to green. oh my science.
  2007-02-11 01:22:08 AM  
wakitu: Perhaps, but I'll still have to watch for one last chance to see the great names across the backs of those shiny shiny jerseys before the drought of summer.

The game should be played the weekend before the Super Bowl. Players from the Super Bowl teams should be exempt and there should always be about 10 alternates per team. This way, the alternates could replace guys playing in the Super Bowl. Move the game out of Honolulu and play it in the same stadium as the Super Bowl. More people would probably watch and/or give a damn.
  2007-02-12 09:34:46 AM  
is Duke even a bubble team?
  2007-02-12 03:13:11 PM  
expobill: is Duke even a bubble team?

Yeah, and they will make the tournament. But don't expect a grand showing or anything.
  2007-02-12 08:17:58 PM
  2007-02-13 04:49:40 AM  
WSUCanuck: NASCAR's such a farking joke nowadays

they like to piss off us REAL fans

/loves that Mikey Waltrip got busted cheating
  2007-02-13 02:24:29 PM

/Go Team, too!
//I resent that remark so and so made about something I support
  2007-02-13 07:15:43 PM  
Blah! nothing on TV sportwise!
Boggan vs Durrat was boring
  2007-02-13 11:01:06 PM  
UNC, KSU, and TA&M all lost!

/Rock Chalk Jayhawk
  2007-02-13 11:05:02 PM  
Boy, Michigan basketball is just abysmal. Amaker has to go. Sure, the program's clean, but he's not recruiting crap, or not teaching the players so they improve. Gotta keep it clean but not prove something can suck and blow at the same time.
  2007-02-14 07:52:43 AM  
that MSU/UM game was horrible!
  2007-02-14 08:06:52 AM  
Holy carp. This is pretty cool.
  2007-02-14 08:24:28 AM  
arsenal on FSN today vs Bolton
how old is the match?
/wants to watch-so no scores please!
  2007-02-15 12:54:07 PM  
I thought this was a sports forum.
Why are people discussing NASCAR?
Just trawling...
  2007-02-16 10:21:18 PM  
So, who wants to discuss bowling?
  2007-02-16 10:24:32 PM  
What happened to the old thread #2? This is now the second most powerful thread on Fark.
  2007-02-17 11:52:03 PM  
I miss football. Herm Edwards needs to hurry up and implode the Chiefs so that I'll have something to whine about.
  2007-02-18 12:48:45 AM  
Louisville may have put themselves in the tournament tonight. Same with Vanderbilt. At-large spots disappearing quickly...
  2007-02-18 03:15:09 AM  
What happened to the old thread #2?

Renumbered, not deleted
  2007-02-18 12:55:16 PM  
We gonna have a Daytona discussion thread in literville?
  2007-02-18 02:12:26 PM  
Gosling: We gonna have a Daytona discussion thread in literville?

they've been redlighting them left and right, well more left
  2007-02-18 03:32:06 PM  
Did he just say "boogity, boogity, boogity, oh yeah boys let's go racin'"?
  2007-02-18 03:40:21 PM  
lets start the Daytona thread in here!

....oh wait theres only like 10 people that check this thread. nevermind.
  2007-02-18 03:42:20 PM  
I guess the admins didn't realize that this is what it would be like if a season started with the Superbowl or the World Series. At least, that's what the guy on TV said it was.
  2007-02-18 04:01:09 PM  
'It's Opening Day and the Super Bowl all rolled into one!'

No. Bad commentators. Go sit in the corner.
  2007-02-19 03:07:25 PM  
Wow. The admins made a sports forum during biggest lull in the sport calendar. What timing.
  2007-02-20 10:48:28 AM  
NASCAR has already started. NASCAR kicks ass. My favorite sport though is baseball. Can't wait until april when the season starts. Woooohooo!

  2007-02-21 05:14:00 AM  
Jamdug!: Wow. The admins made a sports forum during biggest lull in the sport calendar. What timing.


I was thinking the exact same thing
  2007-02-22 09:16:37 PM  
watching the leafs-illes

we'll pump this forum eventually!
  2007-02-23 07:00:57 PM  
expobill: we'll pump this forum eventually!

Not by talking about a maple laughs game.
  2007-02-23 07:12:34 PM  
it was a good game
until the shoot-out

wow kawasaki advertising??
Vulcan 750
expobill's weapon of choice
  2007-02-23 09:44:50 PM  
I'm excited for two things this weekend: Sabres/Sens rematch, and NASCAR. At least until F1 starts. I needs my racing fix.
  2007-02-24 12:09:37 PM  
College Basketball, anyone? Should be getting pretty damn exciting shortly.
  2007-02-24 06:49:04 PM  
florida lost!
they looked bad
maybe a final 8?
still early though

where the sens/sabres playing?
  2007-02-25 09:44:34 AM  




  2007-02-25 10:30:47 AM  
  2007-02-26 03:22:41 PM  
SIU just went up to 11.
  2007-02-26 11:49:39 PM  
Hoyas go to the Loudhouse, Syracuse makes it the Doghouse! Booyah!
  2007-02-28 09:08:45 AM  
When does baseball start again?
  2007-02-28 11:56:12 AM  
SU game was great! Cocky somewhere in the 4th quarter, but last game for the senoirs so I'm glad they rocked. (Maybe it's my bias of being in Syracuse)
  2007-02-28 12:10:24 PM  
Ah yes, the NCAA tournament draws near. We should all just take a moment and appreciate just how great this is, so...TIMEOUT!!!
  2007-03-01 09:09:54 AM  
Is this where I talk about Friday Night Lights?
I can't believe that Lila would be upset about her father's adultery after she had that fling with Riggins! Gawd.
  2007-03-01 09:54:44 AM  
see your still salutin' the maize and blues!

big ACC game UNC vs Ga T

#44 john riggins??
  2007-03-01 02:10:50 PM  
I like sports.
  2007-03-01 11:41:08 PM  
Just here to give props to my Akron Zips on their 23rd victory of the season! Now, on to March Madness!
  2007-03-02 06:32:56 PM  
I like sports.
  2007-03-03 03:00:29 AM  
Damn you Chris Webber... damn you.
  2007-03-03 06:55:42 PM  
Dr Peterson: I can't believe that Lila

I'd so bang the shiat out of that actress, she has that perfect girl next door hotness thing going on.

I also feel like a dirty old man because I think Aimee Teegarden is a little cutie pie. :(

expobill: woody!
see your still salutin' the maize and blues!

Howdy my good man!
  2007-03-03 10:04:01 PM  
Wow, so Odom is out again. There goes my fantasy title shot.
  2007-03-04 07:12:55 PM  
Holly shait
duke sucks!
I lost any respect for them after "asshat" coldcocked Tyler Hansbrough.
f' billy Packer too.
the ball was in charlotte when he hit him.
oh thanks for showing 8 commercials before switching to the game CBS!
  2007-03-05 12:47:51 AM  
Hockey is the only real sport in North America.

  2007-03-05 11:46:34 AM  
Dammit. The Patriots released Corey Dillon.

BUT they signed linebacker Adalius Thomas...
  2007-03-05 02:08:15 PM  
ESPN needs to pick up the NHL
ESPN needs to pick up the NHL
ESPN needs to pick up the NHL

/if I keep saying it enough, maybe it will happen
//hockey needs exposure
///marian gaborik is a beast
  2007-03-05 06:14:26 PM  
Oh, just wanted to mention this here:

In 2 weeks, I get to tour the Mecca of the SportsNation, AKA ESPN.

Take that in your pipe and suck it, suck it hard!
  2007-03-05 09:24:36 PM  
that pens/flyers portrait how much the refs control the game waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
they are asshats!
they way the act and stupidity of that sticking sticking rule.
why does Crosby have to compensate for those dolts?
espn wont shell out what the NHL overly expects.
  2007-03-06 08:35:32 AM  
any football UEFA threads?
none of the "add comments" are up on the threads?
oh noes!
  2007-03-06 10:06:17 AM  
Najical: ESPN needs to pick up the NHL
ESPN needs to pick up the NHL
ESPN needs to pick up the NHL

/if I keep saying it enough, maybe it will happen
//hockey needs exposure
///marian gaborik is a beast

Please oh please oh please oh please.

SirGnarls: Oh, just wanted to mention this here:

In 2 weeks, I get to tour the Mecca of the SportsNation, AKA ESPN.

Take that in your pipe and suck it, suck it hard!

Blow that shiathole up.
  2007-03-07 09:57:36 AM  
So are we not going to get greenlights for football discussion threads?
  2007-03-07 10:13:58 AM  
Basketball is boring.

I agree, hockey on ESPN.
  2007-03-07 02:57:04 PM  

any football UEFA threads?

Hehe, Bayern Munich just equalized the 2:3 from the first game against Real Madrid by scoring the 1:0.

After 10 seconds.

And Real were the ones who had the kick-off.

[insert pwned pic]
  2007-03-07 03:01:39 PM  
Oh, just saw there's a Champions League thread.
  2007-03-07 05:29:39 PM  
Anybody see that Penguins/Flyers game this weekend? The Flyers got pwned in the end. The Penguins came back after trailing 2-0 and the flyers couldn't even hold that lead. Then we won on the shootout. If you like the flyers, then you can kiss my ass. Penguins 8-0 record!

/suck it, Flyer fans
  2007-03-07 08:49:23 PM  
So... go Seahawks!
  2007-03-07 09:46:14 PM  
Anyone here a college hockey fan?

I just saw my school get destroyed Fark-style 9-0 by Middlebury.

...And that sound means you're season is over
  2007-03-08 01:42:26 PM  
  2007-03-08 08:51:39 PM  
doook is down!
how'd UCLA fare?
no NCAA conference champ threads...
make me a sad panda!
  2007-03-08 09:07:56 PM  
  2007-03-08 11:51:19 PM  
is this waiting period over yet>?
  2007-03-09 07:07:02 PM  
Soo.. anyone watching the Wake Forest/NC State game tonight?
  2007-03-09 07:21:56 PM  
Err.. WFU vs. VTech..

  2007-03-09 09:21:01 PM  
I thought the Orange Bowl was over

  2007-03-11 04:57:52 AM  
Leafs beat the Sens in overtime. Amazing game. The Leafs came back from being down 2 goals - twice. I wonder, will there will be a headline praising the Leafs? Probably not.
  2007-03-11 06:27:23 PM  
I wonder, will there will be a headline praising the Leafs? Probably not.
Quit whining. That other headline got through because of the headline, not because it was a goddamn hockey game.

I bet you submitted that other rejected thread too.
  2007-03-11 08:26:52 PM  
The problem with leaf fans is that (in Canada) theres so damn many of them they always get their way. CBC shows all their games even though a much more entertaining game involving a canadian team is on (see: leafs vs flyers or Sens vs Sabres round 2). The leafs also have their own tv channel and most games they play in canada are home games (due to crowd preference). Their fans always predict a stanley cup win, and honestly what team honours 40 years of not winning a cup?!

That being said, everyone else hates the leafs (And their fans). Considering the leafs (and, again, their fans) get everything their way every other time, stfu and let us bash you.
  2007-03-11 11:45:16 PM  
Its the year of the Gators.

Remember that folks.
  2007-03-12 02:39:12 AM  
MagicMan: Their fans always predict a stanley cup win

I don't.

Then again, I'm not really a fan this year.
  2007-03-13 01:28:17 AM  
I agree with third day mark its the year of the gators, the florida gator football team did what most people said they couldn't do beat ohio state and not only beat them they crushed them, last year when no one believed they could win a national title in basketball they did and this year with the same team coming back they win the SEC title and they are picked as the #1 seed over all in the ncaa basketball tournament so GO GATORS
  2007-03-13 05:26:15 PM  
Anyone listening to A-Rod being interviewed with Mike and Chris on WFAN in NY? I've always wondered what squirming sounded like over the radio.
  2007-03-13 10:49:50 PM  

I'm with you on that one!
  2007-03-14 12:08:15 AM  
table tennis!
  2007-03-14 01:06:28 PM  
Hey, anybody want to cyber?
  2007-03-16 10:38:07 AM  
  2007-03-16 03:07:04 PM  
I just started a TotalFark fantasy baseball league on yahoo. It's a free league, roto, 5x5. League name is TotalFark, password is farky.

Draft is Friday March 30, at 6:30pm eastern.
  2007-03-18 03:01:27 AM  
In Atl., A WHOLE LOT!!!!1

/so, yeah
  2007-03-18 11:20:23 PM  
Go Mavericks.
  2007-03-20 12:01:17 PM  

Nobody wants to cyber?
  2007-03-21 10:38:39 AM  
tried joining
but the site would not let me "agree"
/hates that stuff anyway
  2007-03-22 04:55:33 AM  
I have an inflatable basketball hoop in my living room. I like to launch off the ottoman into a 360-spin and dunk on it.

Or, stand behind the "3-point line" which is a line between the hardwood floor in the living room and the tile in the kitchen. As I shoot from said line, I yell out the name "Jerry McNamara", and predictably, the ball bounces off the rim, and Syracuse adds another number to the loss column. My roommates and I have a good laugh as well.

And, most recently, every time we miss a lay-up or free throw, we yell out "Virginia Tech", our alma-mater of choice, after being ravaged my NC State 3 times this season. Tech will be lucky to reach NIT-status next season.

Sharing is caring!
  2007-03-22 10:25:12 PM  
wheres the ncaa discussion thread?
who are the Mods?
  2007-03-22 10:25:50 PM  
CBS felates too much!
  2007-03-22 10:28:37 PM  
who thinks osu will lose tonite?
down 14-10
  2007-03-22 11:06:29 PM  

i said it all weekend last week, and now its 18 pt lead for osu
  2007-03-22 11:08:47 PM  
  2007-03-23 12:35:48 AM  
  2007-03-23 02:18:55 AM  
Good job VOLS... I was rootin for you....

/Damn Oden
//I hate Ohio State
  2007-03-23 08:58:32 AM  
Nice thread, fark!
  2007-03-23 05:42:03 PM  
Anybody know how Michigan is doing in the NCAA tourney this year?

/kicks baby Wolverines in the teeth
  2007-03-23 10:02:18 PM  

  2007-03-23 11:18:56 PM  
kobe actually manned up tonight in a post game interview

"so kobe- what do you attribute this hot streak to?"

kobe- "we'll it's great having lamar and luke back and kwame back is like having an offensive lineman he sets picks and clears the floor."

he actually said it all sincere and like.

maybe there's a chance for him
  2007-03-23 11:20:00 PM  
does no one post in here because there's a protest or something?
  2007-03-24 12:16:42 AM  
why do we hafta see continuos threads about simpson, hilton, lohan.
those 3 were active last nite during the games.
but no NCAA thread?
same today.
/sad panda

i'll complain to drew
  2007-03-24 12:55:46 AM  
it just drives more traffic here to talk about the games.

instead of hanging out on fark i go somewhere else to get my smack talk on.

it makes no sense at all to keep the ncaa thread for total farkers- they don't have time to watch sports they're too busy reading fark.
  2007-03-24 09:26:33 AM  
didn't work!
there are 750-1000 posts per thread during big games
I was going to rant about billypacker and his felating of usc all nite.
USC was the "greatest collegent team ever assembled" according to CBS,- much faster players!
and i'm sure Vandy fans aren't too thrilled either!
  2007-03-28 08:25:29 PM  
WTF?!?!?! nobody posted here in over 4 days?
  2007-03-29 11:49:27 AM  
  2007-03-29 08:38:29 PM  
anyone notice college hoops has taken a backseat the last 2 days.
or they are resting?
  2007-03-30 05:48:19 PM  
The posts are empty because it's relatively new. Plus it's FARK!
  2007-03-31 04:16:41 PM  
Georgetown over Ohio State
Florida over UCLA

Georgetown over Florida
  2007-03-31 08:16:54 PM  
Wohooo! The Red Sox beat the Phillies! It's an exhibition, but still.
  2007-04-01 08:28:09 PM  
Oh, in case anyone every comes here...

Mets, Mets, Mets



95 wins, WS champs, you read it here first!
  2007-04-01 08:30:42 PM  
nodhg: METS!!!!

95 wins, WS champs, you read it here first!

That's a laugh.

  2007-04-01 11:06:28 PM  
Howie_Feltersnatch: CARDINALS REPEAT!

That's even funnier.
  2007-04-02 12:35:58 AM  
applauds nodhg for his enthusiasm.

Honestly, I'm getting so hardcore with the Mets that with every national anthem, I end it with "M-E-T-S METS METS METS!!!" since the plural of brave is braves, and thats a no-no for Mets fans to say.
  2007-04-02 02:26:04 PM  
Naw, it'll be a Cardinals repeat. They managed to keep a 90+ win pace most of last year despite giving a bunch of innings to schmoes like Jason Marquis and Mark Mulder. With those two gone and replaced by guys who will at least be average, the Cards should run away with the division, and we already know they can beat the Mets in the playoffs.
  2007-04-02 09:08:22 PM  
Cards needa center fielder
/likes Edmonds but...
  2007-04-02 10:54:45 PM  
This is sports? Man, it is kind of dead in here.

I'll just say that Florida has a 9 point lead, but all of their big men have 3 fouls. Ohio State is a comeback bunch of crazy kids. With 11 minutes to go, this could be leaning the Ohio State way.

UK fan w/ nothing else to do>
  2007-04-04 02:44:32 AM  
Carolina Hurricanes fail to make the playoffs. The Oilers did as well, but several months ago by my reckoning. So, I've broken even this year (emotionally, at least) about hockey.
  2007-04-04 09:26:35 AM  
happy about Carolina 's failure.
knew the Oilers would be bad this year5 minutes after game 7
  2007-04-04 11:30:03 AM  
  2007-04-04 06:49:19 PM  
This forum is as awesome as Arena League Football
  2007-04-07 08:13:36 AM  
here I am getting all cozy in the new forums and its only been a day
  2007-04-07 10:58:41 AM  
well we should make a note to post something here once a day!
carvalho saved Chelsea's buttocks!
  2007-04-07 09:50:49 PM  
Leafs win 5-4!!!! Suck it Habs!!!!
  2007-04-08 06:48:56 PM  
Isles win 3-2! Suck it Leafs!
  2007-04-09 11:24:41 AM  
Dice K K K K K K K...
  2007-04-09 07:06:36 PM  
farkіng Tigers lost again. Failures.
  2007-04-10 01:06:08 PM  
Oooo, new thread. So, how long before the Red Sox and Yankees are mentioned?

//Go Becks
  2007-04-10 07:11:17 PM

WTF?!?! Butterbean wins by submission?
  2007-04-10 11:03:43 PM  
Dice-K is the *STUPIDEST* nickname in the world. The fact that ESPN repeatedly uses this disgusts me. Whoever came up with it should be shot. Way to americanize everything. JUST STOP IT.
  2007-04-11 12:23:50 PM  
just happy they are not coining anyone buka-k yet!
/sports related!
  2007-04-11 04:34:39 PM  
Let's Go Pens!
  2007-04-11 06:32:54 PM  
Najical: Dice-K is the *STUPIDEST* nickname in the world. The fact that ESPN repeatedly uses this disgusts me. Whoever came up with it should be shot. Way to americanize everything. JUST STOP IT.

Dice-K is the phonetic pronunciation of his first name.
  2007-04-11 09:01:48 PM  
Felix Hernandez of Seattle, no-hitter through 7 against Boston, game's on ESPN2 right now, FYI.
  2007-04-11 09:16:29 PM  
Yep, I just jinxed it. Nevermind.
  2007-04-12 02:51:37 AM  
Ohmydearlord. Here we go...fourth overtime. AAUGH.

/Go Stars
  2007-04-12 03:31:55 AM  
  2007-04-12 10:51:32 AM  
3:31 AM Go17 al!

must be april!
  2007-04-13 08:16:45 PM  
Anyone think Jamie Moyer will get a call from the Hall?

I don't think so, but some analysts do.
  2007-04-14 05:18:21 PM  
Lets Go Buf-fa-lo!
  2007-04-15 08:28:23 AM  
Lightning tie up the series!


Devil Rays get drubbed : - (

/the bats go silent...
  2007-04-16 08:27:04 AM  
  2007-04-18 01:47:31 AM  
Gustavo Chacin has the game of his friggin' LIFE and outduels Matsuzaka 2-1. What an amazing pitching game.

/Go Jays!
  2007-04-18 11:42:03 AM  
'efing espn.
cold pizza sucks thefirst time
whydo we hafta watch it 8 straight hours?
your shows on sports sucks!
would it hurt to televise something real?
for instance, a baseball game
I'd watch the royals today!
/recuperating from a 104 fever
  2007-04-21 10:27:17 PM  
fellin' better now....
  2007-04-21 10:28:40 PM  
Your favorite team sucks!
  2007-04-22 07:39:27 PM  
My favorite team sucks...
  2007-04-22 09:46:43 PM  
I'm in a promising local band!
  2007-04-23 09:01:15 PM  
The D Rays are actually leading the Yankees in the 6th!

/will it last?
  2007-04-24 02:12:37 PM  
How's bout dem Phillies!
  2007-04-27 06:06:29 AM  
How bout them Red Sox!
  2007-04-27 01:52:49 PM  
How about them Manchester United
  2007-04-27 09:29:25 PM

  2007-04-30 02:18:10 AM  
Colorado Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki:

UNASSISTED TRIPLE PLAY. Only the 13th time in MLB history.
  2007-05-01 01:31:16 AM  

I'm getting the shakes...I'm not even a Nuggets fan, I'm just getting horrible flashbacks of 2002.
  2007-05-01 12:54:55 PM  
I don't know how many of you have ESPN insider, but Mel Kiper's draft grades came out... everyone between a B+ and a C-. Talk about an absolute lack of balls. I had to check it five times to make sure I didn't miss a stray D or A.
  2007-05-04 10:06:04 PM  
where did Penn st LB kalunski go?
he is goooooood!
  2007-05-06 02:39:11 PM  
*waiting for the NHL thread*
  2007-05-07 09:41:54 PM  
And Morella retains his championship.
  2007-05-10 06:45:34 PM  

/it needed to be done
  2007-05-12 10:44:15 AM  
  2007-05-12 03:43:50 PM  
Where's the NHL thread?!
  2007-05-12 07:36:39 PM  
expobill: yawwwwwwwn!


Wake up my good man!
  2007-05-14 04:42:04 PM  
How long has this been here?
  2007-05-14 07:28:20 PM  
  2007-05-14 10:51:05 PM  
Wings in 6.
  2007-05-16 08:05:09 PM  
9 seconds in for Buffalo? Yikes!
  2007-05-18 08:50:13 AM  
oh thanks woody!

i killed 2 sports threads.
can someone resuscitate them for me?
  2007-05-18 02:21:41 PM  
Go Stars!


  2007-05-18 02:34:29 PM  

Wake me when the company arrives to this forum....

  2007-05-19 02:57:19 PM  
The Sens are going to win the Prince of Wales Conference Finals today and there isn't an NHL thread? WTF over?
  2007-05-19 04:57:21 PM  
there should be an interleague mlb thread.
  2007-05-20 12:56:46 PM  
I don't think anyone uses this yet. Let's try to meet back here for the NBA finals.
  2007-05-21 08:39:13 AM  
  2007-05-26 05:38:22 PM  
let's go mets.
  2007-06-02 11:40:47 PM  
ummm go cavs?
  2007-06-04 02:24:12 PM  
No, go Mets!
  2007-06-04 04:20:39 PM  
Usually - Go Stars!

Right now - Go Sens!
  2007-06-05 04:01:43 PM  
Go Broncos!
  2007-06-09 12:56:40 PM  
Go Minneapolis Lakers
  2007-06-10 07:02:59 PM  
Go A's!
  2007-06-10 09:21:30 PM  
Go fish!
  2007-06-10 09:47:48 PM  
  2007-06-11 01:02:34 AM  
  2007-06-11 04:00:16 AM  
  2007-06-12 03:47:09 PM  
  2007-06-13 11:01:37 AM  
  2007-06-14 12:53:41 PM  
  2007-06-15 04:35:16 PM  
  2007-06-16 03:47:09 PM  
what the hell is going on with the Mets-yanks game right now?
  2007-06-16 04:02:58 PM  
No Le Mans fans?
  2007-06-17 01:35:42 AM  
Watching Le Mans a bit before bed.. but again, it is a bit long.

OMG Audi. GG.
  2007-06-19 06:56:27 PM  
  2007-06-19 09:16:45 PM  
no yanks-rox thread
  2007-06-25 12:48:54 PM  
Go A's!
  2007-06-27 01:20:48 PM  
No. It's Go Mets!
  2007-06-28 03:17:58 PM  
Whaddyakiddinme? Go Dodger BLUE!
  2007-07-01 08:35:26 AM  
Dear Formula One:

Please stop letting Fox broadcast your races here in the US. They tape delay the races by several hours which pretty much sucks all the fun out of it. If there's one thing Fox Sports excels at, it's sucking the fun out of a sporting event. In fact, if you guys could beat up random Fox Sports executives, I would contribute to your criminal defense fund and petition my government to give you a pardon for those actions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,
  2007-07-01 03:37:56 PM  
Go Tribe!
  2007-07-02 09:25:43 PM  
Go me!
  2007-07-04 10:20:31 AM  
go go!
  2007-07-08 11:43:44 PM  
oh yeah baby!
  2007-07-09 08:05:33 PM  
Beware Wednesday the 11th. It's the slowest sports day of the year.
  2007-07-09 09:27:48 PM  
  2007-07-10 06:56:31 PM  
National League wins by 4 runs tonight, a NY Met is the MVP. Mark it down.
  2007-07-13 08:56:31 PM  
Looks like the Phillies will avoid their 10,000th loss for another day.
  2007-07-14 11:59:21 PM  
Oh boy, the A's lost another one.
  2007-07-15 11:54:56 AM  
Starting pitcher, or game?
  2007-07-15 09:22:45 PM  
I'm watching the ESPYs and a bunch of people just applauded as they were doing the clip show of people who had died in the past year. WTF??
  2007-07-19 11:20:42 PM  
celt vs mls anyone?
  2007-07-22 04:15:23 PM  
  2007-07-24 03:03:46 PM  

  2007-07-24 03:08:30 PM  
No one plays in the sports forum...

  2007-07-26 03:24:25 PM  
ECHO echo echo

NOW BATTING ting ing FOR PEDRO BORBONE bone one MANNY ny ny MOTA mota mota
  2007-07-26 03:25:22 PM  
lol sports
  2007-07-30 01:26:13 PM  
SPORTS! (pops)
  2007-07-31 04:36:23 PM  
Sox get Gagne, C's get Garnett, yes boys and girls, it is a good day to be a Boston sports fan.
  2007-08-01 11:20:58 PM  
barry bounces out.
  2007-08-04 12:44:30 PM  
any dumbass yankee or redsox hits 2 homeruns
in successive games will get front page coverage and a heavy espn dose of colonostopies!
  2007-08-06 05:51:26 PM  
The A's seriously need to stop losing.
  2007-08-07 01:02:48 AM  
what's the point of these forums? they might be cool if they were updated realtime like AIM, but notsomuch if you have to refresh the screen or constantly login to use it.
  2007-08-07 11:53:19 PM  
  2007-08-09 06:12:31 PM  
I won't be satisfied with anything below 900.
  2007-08-11 09:18:54 AM  
As an A's fan, you should be satisfied with .500 these days.
  2007-08-11 08:52:38 PM  
Hey, we whooped on the Tigers yesterday.

Then again, that's like Mr. T bragging that he beat up Urkel.
  2007-08-11 09:35:22 PM  
he was out(reyes)NYMvsFM bottom of the 7th
great play watch it on espn
  2007-08-14 10:49:41 PM  
hey everyone- ive got a fantasy league that i need filled up-- its free-- and if i dont get 8 more people signed up- the league will fold. details are here. fwd it to your friends if you'd like... i just need it filled.​y.jpg?t=11 87144201
  2007-08-18 10:14:20 AM  
Hope you're having some luck posting here, Sarge, because I need one more for a live draft on Friday night (Aug 24)@ 9:00 Eastern. All Farkers, on Yahoo.

We have nine teams but cannot start with an odd number.

Please, email in profile if interested.
  2007-08-24 11:38:37 AM  
This rules:
  2007-08-27 09:19:29 PM  
It's funny how there's a football game on ESPN right now, yet the broadcasters don't seem to notice because they're too busy flapping their gums about Michael f*cking Vick. Hey guys, Atlanta just scored. Instead of interviewing Chris Mortensen on the sideline for 10 minutes, why don't you try paying attention to the game? If I want Mort's opinion on anything - which I don't - I'll watch Sportscenter.
  2007-08-27 09:40:48 PM  
I completely agree. I am sick of hearing about Michael Vick. Enough already. Hopefully he will just fade away.

On a side note. I have a fantasy football league at and we are looking for a few more players. My draft is live on Tuesday, September 4th at 10pm (you don't have to be logged on to draft, you can draft on auto pilot). Most of our players are local to Cincinnati, but we'll take anyone, we don't discriminate. We are listed under private leagues, our league name is Undisputed Attitude. You will need the password, it is slayer.

Hope to see you there!
  2007-09-02 05:07:19 AM  
God I farking LOVE college football.
  2007-09-07 09:24:27 AM  
NFL football ... God you farking LOVE NFL football.
Oh wait - no, I'm thinking of me.

Popular forum eh?
Get your hot Buffalo Bills action HERE!
  2007-09-10 05:40:41 PM

  2007-09-10 08:25:54 PM  
  2007-09-12 05:33:58 PM  
Go Huskers!

Hopefully Nebraska will beat USC this week.

Realistically, I'm hoping it's not a pounding.
  2007-09-14 07:29:17 PM  
Go Zips!
  2007-09-15 03:13:44 PM  
  2007-09-17 04:49:03 PM  
Are there really so few sports fans on FARK? Judging by the stories I say no. So, it is just the forums that are a bust then?



  2007-09-20 10:56:02 AM  
Hey Farkers... I have 2 tickets to the Maple Leafs Vs Phoenix Tonite, Sept 20th at the ACC. Great Greens Face Value $174 cdn/Usd (ha!) Yours for $125 if you email me now at ds2001 (at)
  2007-09-27 07:49:29 PM  
  2007-09-28 01:41:31 PM  
Less then 24 hours to the NHL season starts!

Need a fix? Try HERE

/go Leafs ?
  2007-10-02 08:37:33 PM  
Another sports dead day. Unless you count the big Memphis - Marshall game.
  2007-10-03 09:28:02 PM  
Foaming: Another sports dead day. Unless you count the big Memphis - Marshall game.

Whatever. It's "opening night" for the NHL. Although the season "opened" on Saturday, who cares, eh?

/and the Leafs are still winning, whooo
  2007-10-03 10:00:52 PM
Has nothing to do with anything, but I hate the Cubs. May they get eliminated in 5 excruciating games full of false hope.
  2007-10-03 10:14:45 PM  
is Chel$ea almost back?
  2007-10-05 05:14:26 PM  
fark the Yankees.
  2007-10-05 09:49:18 PM  
Looks as if the Carolina Gamecocks might be competing in the SEC Championship Game. Watched them beat Kentucky last night and I was very impressed with defense and offense which is led by red-shirt freshman qb.

The only game they have lost is to LSU which is ranked # 1. Gamecocks should break into the top 10. Were ranked # 11 in AP pole & # 18 in coaches poll but the coaches poll is biased against their coach, Spurrier. Their biased must be set aside after what I've seen.

I am putting my money on the Gamecocks & Spurrier!!!

  2007-10-06 12:06:10 PM  
what only 1 picture
  2007-10-06 12:08:38 PM  
picture of kitty playing piano?!!
  2007-10-07 03:38:13 AM  
Now I'm rooting for the Yankees to lose. F*ck them all in the ass, except for Rodriguez, he'd enjoy it.
  2007-10-13 10:04:06 AM  
how can we support our Scots
when BBC restricts national matches?
why do they do this?
  2007-10-20 07:44:54 AM  
SPL Rangers/Celt
and Me found a feed!
maybe Fark should switch this to a book forum?
  2007-10-21 03:34:07 AM

  2007-10-22 09:43:36 AM  
Go Colts.
  2007-10-22 11:52:32 PM  
WOOOOOOOO. Suck it jags. Maybe next decade.
  2007-10-23 04:18:11 AM
  2007-10-29 11:16:49 AM  
METS in '08 baby!!!!
  2007-10-30 09:07:37 AM  
Football Fans heres the Question of the upcoming week...Here goes Colts or Patriots and your spread..Not the actual +5.5 colts (blech) and what u think about the lopsided season and mixmatched games. Like ummm. Pats and Miami and the Brady and the pats egos? Hmm cheating early in season and now their running towards records..but stats arent always accurate when they have played these sucky ass teams of course their stats are going to be higher. ANd the egos to be winnin by as many as they were and going for it on 4th down. They are being egomaniac selfish wannabe football gods. instead of thinking logically. I mean in 2004 tony dungy and manning were smart. Instead of thinkin of records and manning's possible record breakin, when they would blow a team away Manning would get pulled out and preserve his health instead of trying to get his name in the books.. the last 2 weeks Brady shoulda been pulled out for safety reasons.I do now wish ill willed towards anybody..BUT I must admit I wish Brady woulda broke hie thumb or did sumfin to his throwin arm or hand to knock him down a few notches..grrrrrr
  2007-11-03 09:45:09 PM  
I like sports because its fun to watch, but no fun to bet. I lose every cent I ever put into a sportbook. Maybe I should go against the advise of these so called "experts" then I would be a millionaire and it'll be no more dollar menus for me.

I like sports.
  2007-11-08 10:41:21 AM  
I love it in here!
So peaceful and roomy! It really is great.

You know what else is great?
This picture of BEER GIRLS!
  2007-11-08 01:41:20 PM  
Cool, go Cowboys! Go Stars! Go Mavs! Go Bulls! Go Rockets! Go former Oilers! Go Longhorns! Go Rangers! Go Sharks! Go former Dallas Burn! Go Desperados! Go Sabercats! WHOOOOO
  2007-11-10 06:35:35 AM  
I just realized that the reason why I love paratrooper clothing so much is that I skate... and you don't want to get your clothing caught on anything as a paratrooper OR a skater
  2007-11-10 07:16:19 PM  
Does anyone know if there is a place online brodcasting the Devil's game right now? The station that is playing it on my TV doesn't get it.
  2007-11-10 07:17:33 PM  
Ha, should've looked at the thread before I posted, no one ever comes in here I guess.
  2007-11-11 10:38:02 AM  
In swinging corner from left by-line taken right-footed by Salomon Kalou (Chelsea) to centre, headed goal by Didier Drogba (Chelsea) (high centre of goal) from left side of six-yard box (6 yards).Chelsea 1-0 Everton. Assist (cross) by Salomon Kalou (Chelsea) from left by-line.

  2007-11-11 10:41:51 AM  
ronaldo scores 2 goals in 2 minutes
boo reddevils!
  2007-11-16 03:28:49 PM  
I'll miss you, Joe.
  2007-11-18 06:51:37 AM  

gayb: I'll miss you, Joe.

Sorry. :(
  2007-11-21 06:07:03 PM  
Don't really have anywhere else to

Fantasy football question:

12 team TD heavy league. Carry 3 RBs, play 2 each week. I was lucky enough to have Stephen Jackson, Larry Johnson, and Brandon Jacobs.

Problem: LJ and Brandon Jacobs are both injured. LJ's injury is shrouded in mystery, and Jacobs has a hammy that may or may not linger.

RBs available: it's bottom of the barrel time, though I heard KC is high on Kolby Smith, and Priest Holmes just retired. On the one hand, it's Herm Edwards, who has his head up his rear. OTOH, it's Herm Edwards, who could conceivably give Smith 40 carries/game. So obviously I'm looking this way.

other best available: Lamont Jordan, Kenny Watson, Reuben Droughns (TD-vulture even before Jacobs went down....but I never trusted this guy), Fred Taylor other words....a crapfest.

Sophie's choice: Do I stand pat and take a loss or two (I should make the playoffs, and hope one of my stud RBs comes through? Or take a possibly major gamble that Smith becomes a major producer AND hope LJ DOESN'T come back both to take Smith's job back AND be an unbelievable late or playoff pickup for someone else?

It's a conundrum. But with 2 solid RBs I have a good chance in the playoffs. 1 RB and an anchor dragging me down probably spells one and done in the playoffs.

Any farkers have any advice?
  2007-11-22 04:22:31 PM  
tough one - I don,t know why but I've always liked Droughns. he is one big son-of-a ..
Anyway, it sounds like your mind is already made up and I think I agree with you -- sit on them - at least for now.

good luck.
BTW - I think I'm the only one who ever comes in here.

/go Bills!
/go Leafs!
/ to go my website!
  2007-11-24 12:47:19 AM  
I would go with Watson or Drougns. With no points per reception, probably Drougns, though he has a bad match this week.
  2007-11-24 06:26:19 AM  
Wow, first time discovering the Fark sports forum. Even more dead in here than the Sports tab.
  2007-11-25 10:51:07 PM  
Okay, seriously ... either shut this down or rename it the 'LINC654' tab. I'm the only guy who comes in here. It is crazy!!

WHAT?! You want to see a video of my 2 1/2-year-old son telling a joke? Yeah, no problem - it's right HERE!
  2007-12-04 02:36:50 PM  
Rhode Islands #1 sporting event of the year
URI vs PC tonight. Any alumni from either school here is the link

Link (new window)

  2007-12-04 02:53:22 PM  
Wow just watching the local SF news... the waves are awesome today and I am one of those crazy people that went into the ocean without a wetsuit at this time of year... but... is that a surfer with a ... broom?? keep away the oil slicks as he lets the undertow drag him back to the breakers?

whoa please post picture if I can't find one
  2007-12-04 03:07:55 PM
  2007-12-13 09:51:58 PM  
Yankees suck, Rangers suck, Knicks suck.
  2007-12-17 08:32:40 PM  
This place is kicking!

/was hoping to find a MNF discussion
  2007-12-17 09:00:24 PM

Kyle is just warming up
  2007-12-19 03:22:33 PM  
Did you people not get the memo?
This is my personel and private place where I come to collect mt thoughts ...

Sorry,one drink per person!
  2007-12-22 05:39:45 PM  
Leafs suck
  2007-12-23 08:44:07 PM  
Redskins @ Vikings?

  2007-12-25 03:26:30 PM  
My Christmas wish... the sCrUBS in last place for the next 150 years.
  2007-12-27 09:42:17 PM  
c'mon Chelsea!

where is tEh ncaa football thread today?
  2007-12-28 08:58:18 PM  
Since there is no NCAA thread today, I'd like to note how my team (the OSU Beavers) has been hosed by incompetent officiating for 3 of the last 4 games. Already, the officials and replay booth have "given" a huge reception to OSU's opponents, either because they flat-out do not know the rules of NCAA football, they're blind, or they're just stupid.
Two of the last three games were almost lost as a direct result of terrible officiating. This one... well, in spite of that call, the D didn't look super on that first drive.
  2007-12-29 12:43:32 AM  
We won, and our QB play made me forget about the officiating for the mostpart.
  2007-12-29 08:41:03 PM  
Aggies 14-0 up in the first, SFSG...
  2007-12-29 09:43:45 PM  
Hey all!

My goal is to make my Facepalm Project so big that it becomes self-aware and facepalms itself for being made at all!

Last call of 2007! If you haven't sent a Facepalm, do it NOW!

I'm going to finish up the year by sending it to the printers and theres a bunch of you that haven't sent it yet (many of you I've bugged several times about it!)

I want your facepalms!! EIP!!

/and make sure you tell me who you are so I can point you out in the answer key!!
  2007-12-31 08:00:22 PM  
Wow, Oregon was amazing today. That was a shock.

Funny, though, the Pac10 teams have done fine, save Arizona State (who looked no better than they did against Oregon or USC). Even UCLA, who I expected to get killed, should have pulled it out.

In spite of the egg ASU laid, the conference should end up with another win. Oregon State didn't have the best offensive game (once again, thank you, quarterbacks), but their defense was absolutely lights-out for the final three quarters against a Maryland team that has been extremely strong in bowls under Captain (sizeofa)Planet. Oregon, really, had the defining game, because I didn't expect them to do that to USF, who was EXTREMELY strong throughout the year.
  2007-12-31 09:16:46 PM
  2008-01-02 10:08:08 PM  
Okay, people - I'm asking for the last time - stay the hell out of my forum!
This is where I come for solitude and I don't like people constantly popping in .. gawd! thank you in advance.

just go and check out some BEER BABES or something. Cheers!
  2008-01-03 11:09:32 AM  
What? People are coming in here now?
  2008-01-04 02:53:13 PM  
Zanysportslady - no. go away.

if you need to hang out somewhere, go HERE.
  2008-01-04 09:41:10 PM  
Scheduling the BCS game for Monday instead of today (or even better on the second) is severely lame.
  2008-01-07 12:42:49 PM  
I going with LSU by 7
  2008-01-11 02:13:48 AM  
Free Divisional Picks for this weekend. I am a big fan of the underdogs this week.

Pylon Expert Picks
  2008-01-11 10:30:23 AM  
Can't a guy just relax a bit? Please people, I'm trying to be nice but you are clearly trespassing. Once again, please go HERE if you need somewhere to relax ...
  2008-01-15 01:34:16 AM  
Join Fark Racing (^) on Yahoo Fantasy Sports!

ID is 1320
password is fark
  2008-01-22 08:57:24 PM  
  2008-01-24 08:04:06 PM  
I need to watch more tennis
  2008-01-30 10:49:23 AM  
Oh geez - I'm so sorry! I didn't hear you come in!
It's so deserted in here I just naturally started masterbating .. wow, awkward!

/yeah - the girl above is fine but I was actually thinking about THIS GIRL.
  2008-02-01 04:33:27 PM  
Does anyone post in here?
  2008-02-01 08:34:50 PM  
what a match;
lance whoring for dicks sporting goods!
/i try to post atleast once a week
  2008-02-01 08:36:06 PM  
she is very pretty, linc!
  2008-02-06 12:33:58 PM  
I guess the NY/NJ teams didn't get a Super Bowl bounce. Since the big game the Knicks, Nets, Rangers and Islanders have lost to the Clippers, Lakers, Kings, and Ducks respectively.
  2008-02-06 12:38:23 PM  

Eli Manning is a biotch. What?
  2008-02-06 06:53:44 PM  
hack-a-shaq goint to stop the s.a.spurs from bash-a-nash!
  2008-02-09 03:15:42 PM  
Why does fark hate college hockey?
  2008-02-12 11:21:28 AM  
sorry guys ... this area is currently closed due to lack of use.
the upkeep during the winter just is not worthwhile ... please, move along.
  2008-02-16 06:41:15 PM  
Football withdrawal is rough.
  2008-02-18 06:32:03 PM  
Where's my gratuitous President's Day sporting event?
  2008-02-20 10:43:54 AM  
alright now folks, move along ... nothing to see here.

WHy not spend some time playing TRUTH IR DARE?

/you are welcome
  2008-02-23 02:27:24 PM  
As there as no PL-thread today, allow me to share something with the few folks frequenting the forums.

Holy Farking Christ on a Segway!
  2008-02-23 04:25:26 PM  
Looking for a sopcast of Sens Penguins today. Anyone?
  2008-02-23 08:11:00 PM  
It's a biatchilly out.

had to try that out.
  2008-02-28 09:22:48 AM  
Nothing to SEE HERE folks, move along ...
  2008-03-02 01:03:19 PM  
Did anyone catch this? In halftime of the UK-UT game today, there was a piece on how Indiana is adjusting to life without Kelvin Samson. It was done by Dick Enberg, and got the whole puff-piece treatment, complete with a montage of Samson leaving the court to the tune of a song by James Blunt (or some pussy like that) called "Goodbye".

Look, guys, it's not that the reason he is no longer coach of Indiana is that he had cancer or died in a plane crash or something. He is no longer coach of Indiana because he is a cheating piece of shiat.
  2008-03-05 09:55:00 PM  
by 'anyone', you can just say linc654 as I'm the only one who ever comes in here. I'm sorry, I missed the game. Anything else you would like to discuss?

/am here for all of you ...
  2008-03-08 09:05:31 AM  
20:24Foul by Wayne Rooney(Man Utd) on Niko Kranjcar(Portsmouth). Wayne Rooney(Man Utd) booked for unsporting behaviour. Direct free kick taken left-footed by Sylvain Distin(Portsmouth) from own half, resulting in open play.

whatta redass!
  2008-03-08 12:12:18 PM  
I'm sorry - I'm unable to comment intelligently until an english translation is posted.
  2008-03-13 09:02:31 PM  
no hoops threads?
  2008-03-16 04:44:49 PM  
Well, no threads at all - so, well.
Listen, if you want 'hoops' - then you should GO HERE.
  2008-03-20 09:05:04 PM  
Duke sucks.
  2008-03-20 11:43:08 PM  
Listen, if this space is not going to be used for any other reasons, I'm thinking of turning it into an advice column. It may be worth noting that I am in no way qualified .... next!
  2008-03-20 11:44:06 PM  
Listen, if this space is not going to be used for any other reason, I'm thinking of turning it into an advice column. It may be worth noting that I am in no way qualified .... any takers?

  2008-03-21 02:47:12 AM  
I'm gonna post here, just to throw off your style
  2008-03-21 07:07:17 PM  
  2008-03-21 08:21:59 PM  
Just don't try to start the wave in here.
  2008-03-24 02:10:16 AM  
  2008-03-27 03:03:51 PM  
what the?!!! I step away for a mere week and the place turns into Grand Central station! Please ... just back out slowly and I won't lose my temper ...

/ why not skip over here?
  2008-03-31 03:50:13 PM  
ahhh ... that's more like it ...
  2008-04-01 04:04:44 AM  
Now batting (ing) (ing) for Pedro Borbon (on) (on) Manny (ny) Mota (ta) (ta)
  2008-04-06 04:01:10 PM  
Dear Seattle Mariners' bullpen: You f*cking suck complete ASSHOLE. Felix throws an 8-inning shutout (4 hits I think), and you farking blow it?

By the way, as I said last year, I do not like this coach, he's a farking tool who doesn't know a damn thing about closing out a baseball game or a season. I wish Hargrove never left.
  2008-04-09 10:46:15 AM  
Alright puffy - it's bad enough that you've come in here after my repeated warnings for everyone to stay out of my 'fortress of solitude' but then you add further insult with your cursing? Unforgivable. You my friend have made a very powerless enemy.

/ push yourself.
  2008-04-09 04:33:24 PM  
I agree, the mariners blew that one pretty bad....
  2008-04-10 05:49:36 PM  
Anyone have a SopCast for the Frozen Four today?
  2008-04-11 01:48:07 PM  
I can't believe the Masters live feed is unavailable outside the U.S. Even Canadian viewers have to wait until 4pm to get any live coverage. By then 3/4 of the players are finished their round. has a live feed, but it cuts out within 60 seconds, and their site has sporadic downtime.

Augusta really dropped the ball this year.
  2008-04-12 02:26:56 AM  
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  2008-04-13 03:04:15 PM  
BudTheSpud: I can't believe the Masters live feed is unavailable outside the U.S.

I live in the US, and the coverage is on and off right now.

I'd have thought I was watching my local Fox station, where during every live sporting event (INCLUDING the Super Bowl), you can only see about 3/4 of the event thanks to sporadic blackouts.
  2008-04-14 10:01:19 PM  
WTF ziming!
You're turning my private sanctuary here into a farking community service bulletin board now? GET OUT!
  2008-04-16 09:00:55 PM  
anyone catch the prague code on the rangers game tonight on MSG? i missed tonight's.
  2008-04-17 10:33:04 AM  
what the?!
and now for something completely different ... it's a chubby llama lover!
  2008-04-25 10:19:31 AM  
ah, now that is how I like it in here ....
  2008-04-26 11:29:43 PM  
Yikes! Home plate umpire in the Dodger game took a fastball to the head and they're taking him out in an ambulance.
  2008-05-05 10:34:09 AM  
WHOA! Sorry .. didn't see you come in ... my, ummm- ah, zipper was stuck and I was just well, umm fixin' um it. What? You're leaving? Okay, would you mind closing the door behind you? Thanks a bunch ...
  2008-05-05 05:12:43 PM  
Pull your pants up, creep.
No wonder no one ever comes in here.
  2008-05-07 04:03:54 PM  
beat it brainiac!
  2008-05-08 01:31:46 PM  
  2008-05-09 09:31:35 AM  
p the boiler WTF?

Since no one ever uses this place, I've turned it into my own little sanctuary. I mean, it could use some curtains, and maybe a plant or two, but overall I'm happy with it.

ps - GET OUT!
  2008-05-09 10:11:57 AM  
linc654: ps - GET OUT!

Fine - here is a turd blanket on my way out
  2008-05-10 11:16:51 AM  
I am shocked. It's May and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (I refuse to shorten it just to Rays) are still above .500.
  2008-05-12 07:42:42 PM  
nice, so no love for detroit/dallas hockey here. No thread till the last 2 minutes like the last game ?
  2008-05-12 08:12:24 PM  
frogjelly: nice, so no love for detroit/dallas hockey here. No thread till the last 2 minutes like the last game ?

Seriously, No greenlit so far. Maybe we can have it here.
  2008-05-12 08:21:55 PM  
anti-wings bias on fark too? jeez. tough game for wings already, we are getting outplayed
  2008-05-12 08:26:48 PM  
Remotemonkey: anti-wings bias on fark too? jeez. tough game for wings already, we are getting outplayed

Yeah but they just scored.
  2008-05-12 08:32:05 PM  
Drakin020: Remotemonkey: anti-wings bias on fark too? jeez. tough game for wings already, we are getting outplayed

Yeah but they just scored.

thank god
  2008-05-12 08:37:33 PM  
  2008-05-13 01:35:03 AM  
47 is the new 42: I am shocked. It's May and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (I refuse to shorten it just to Rays) are still above .500.

I keep trying to think of a good "exorcism" headline, but I haven't come up with the right one.
  2008-05-13 02:39:40 PM  
what the?! now my comments are being deleted?!
are you trying to turn this place into a sports forum or something?

  2008-05-13 07:18:25 PM


/nobody else cares
//don't care about that
  2008-05-22 02:35:31 PM  
There once was a man from Nantucket
  2008-05-23 11:32:04 AM  
Who posted in Linc654's bucket,
For this was the fine fellow,
Who kept this place quiet and mellow,
But in the end had to say 'fark it.'
  2008-05-27 08:21:41 PM  
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  2008-05-28 02:34:23 PM  
macsully - while I like boobs as much as the next guy, I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to keep the hell out of MY place.
Thnaks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.
  2008-05-28 06:40:31 PM  
You anticipated....poorly.

You spelled thanks wrong as well.
  2008-06-03 03:22:08 PM  
Well, this forum obviously sucks.
  2008-06-07 10:44:35 PM GOLF
  2008-06-13 10:07:51 PM  
ahhh, nice and peaceful ... just the way I like it ...
  2008-06-15 12:38:19 AM  


/peaceful again
  2008-06-15 03:27:30 PM  
Go Celtics. Rah rah sis boom bah. Get in the cah. It's a lion.
  2008-06-19 11:31:55 AM  
puffy999 - you sir have made a powerless enemy ...
  2008-06-21 02:51:03 AM  
  2008-06-21 10:35:52 PM  
I just came in to randomly accuse trespassers in MY place of being homosexual. You know - like I'm drunk and you're gay kind of bullshiat way. looks like its all coolio in here. That being said, I have not yet checked out the 'very funny photos about Euro 2008(img)' yet ... let's just assume its SELF PROMOTION and give the guy a pass. Hey, if I'm willing to let him in here - what can you say. NOTE TO SELF: Make a take your shoes off before entering sign.
  2008-06-21 10:39:38 PM  
dadatianpu - Like sports? I hereby issue the following retraction: Your site sucks, as do your pictures. In fact, you suck. This word, funny - yeah, not so much. Please do not return - thanks in advance for your anticipated co-operation.
  2008-06-23 05:12:18 PM  
Boy oh boy, I sure hit the jackpot coming in here, what with my seemingly endless search for very funny photos about Euro 2008 finally reaching fruition and all. On top of that, I also get a link to some blog that I can only assume is a parody of a Canadian's sports blog if one of those desperately lonely folks from the great white north actually had internet and computers and opinions and stuff. Like they'd actually have time for such frivolities anyway, they keep plenty busy thinking up new and exciting ways to incorporate gravy, mayonnaise, and/or maple syrup to their food and avoiding getting eaten by polar bears.
  2008-06-23 11:17:26 PM  
Farkn Yaj Yenrac Wow ... funny and smart! A polar bear burger with mayo/gravy/syrup topping would be a smash hit! Man, you sure showed the stupid Canucks -- woohoo. You rock. Dickhead.
  2008-06-24 08:32:34 AM  
BTW - why all the Canada bashing? Let's face facts, we are bigger and we are on top ... if this was prison you would be our b*tch.
  2008-06-24 10:51:48 AM  
Aw, all these compliments have me blushing.
I'm also honored (honoured?) to have inspired Canada's latest gourmet dish, it sounds delicious.

Using your prison analogy, Alaska is farking you in the ear so we still win!

U! S! A!
U! S! A!
U! S! A!
  2008-06-24 11:53:03 AM  
damn - I forgot about Alaska! I think we go farther north .. meh - what the hell. U.S.A. U.S.A. (said only halk-heartedly)

/yes, its honoured.
  2008-06-24 11:53:46 AM  
damn! halk - halk.

  2008-06-24 02:02:31 PM  
WTF?! halk = half. wow - I'm a moron.
  2008-06-24 03:24:03 PM  
linc654: I'm a moron. Canadian.

I understand.
  2008-06-25 12:48:54 PM  
you are quickly ruining the illusion that I'm the only one who ever comes in here. For that my friend I can forgive you, however, for equating Canadians with morons - you will pay. Oh yes, as Shatner as my witness ... You. Will. Pay. (In US dollars!)
  2008-06-25 05:13:40 PM  
Thank god it's not Euros.
  2008-07-01 03:11:50 AM  
goddamn I love Ken Griffey Jr. But not Dusty Baker. Jesus he's incompetent. Narron just wasn't 'name' enough of a manager, eh?
  2008-07-10 10:37:38 AM  


  2008-07-12 02:11:19 AM  
Where'd who go?

/and how did i get here?
  2008-07-13 01:11:32 PM  
Well, this is the slowest sports news time of the year.
  2008-07-16 08:25:07 PM  
Unless you like baseball or cycling
  2008-07-17 06:47:20 PM  
Or boxers who are almost killed in the ring.
  2008-07-25 01:01:12 PM  

I like sports. I hereby provide some useful information: People don't respond well to bots that can't construct a coherent sentence or properly hyperlink.
  2008-07-31 03:49:28 PM  
Farkn Yaj Yenrac

umm, yeah -- thanks for that.
  2008-08-01 10:57:41 AM  

linc654: Farkn Yaj Yenrac

umm, yeah -- thanks for that.

You're welcome. It obviously worked, since the post I was referencing has since disappeared.
I have power beyond anything a simple Canadian like yourself could ever hope to comprehend.
  2008-08-11 02:01:02 PM  
Yummers! No need to buy lunch - I got my fill of spam right here!
  2008-08-13 10:59:14 AM  
What is the best website for setting up a free fantasy football league? Bonus points for it being easy and stupid-proof. I know very little about fantasy sports.
  2008-08-14 03:16:02 PM  
that is to say I was holding back the tears of laughter last night while in bed.
This was after the tears of laughter my wife cried when I tapped her on the shoulder.
Obviously pretty funny stuff.
  2008-08-14 03:17:29 PM  
whoa, wrong forum. Come see my wit and banter in the FPF.
  2008-09-02 01:12:54 PM  
How is it that the parachutists landing in the wrong stadium is NOT on the Sports page? I mean they landed in the DUKE stadium by mistake.

Headline should have read, "Duke sucks so much they pull parachutist off course."
  2008-09-04 08:06:04 PM  
wtf? where can I go to talk about opening night in the NFL? There's no thread for this?

  2008-09-06 05:24:32 PM  
Now THAT's how you win a game, Blue Jays!
  2008-09-07 10:52:02 AM  
Any ideas how to watch NFL online this year?

Is Sopcast still Fubar???
  2008-09-14 11:48:55 PM  
how about that denver/san diego game today? really good game, regardless of the officials...

way to go denver! winning the AFC West!
  2008-09-21 09:36:11 AM  
no mau-chelsea thread?
  2008-09-26 02:19:03 AM  
Beaver Nation! F*CK YEAH!!
  2008-09-27 11:05:37 PM  
Roll Tide!

Played out just as I predicted.

(Look for the Yi Jing prediction...)
  2008-10-07 08:47:14 PM  
Wow. Looking pretty thin on sports tonight. Troy at FAU, okay. Uh, go Troy?

  2008-10-10 09:53:01 AM  
Are we going to have a better day on the Sports tab than yesterday?

/I hope so, I've only got a hour or so of work to do all day.
  2008-10-11 08:21:18 PM  
I'm happy the Domers lost. The officiating crew was terrible.
Sooners lost.
It looks like a possibility, but I'm not even sure if I want AL to be rated #1, as it seems as lucky as the madden cover.

/but roll tide anyway
  2008-10-14 12:00:32 PM  
yeah, i dont want bama to get number 1 yet, just let the other teams have it and blow it...

roll tide
  2008-10-17 12:16:01 PM  
Dear Evan Longoria,

Thank you for extending our post season.


The Nation
  2008-10-19 12:50:13 AM  
What is the purpose of this?
  2008-10-19 02:05:55 AM  
Anyone watching the UFC fight?

  2008-10-22 10:28:03 PM  
Free Tacos!
  2008-10-25 09:45:01 PM  
Honestly, I had no idea where else to test this so I picked the most deserted part of the internet I could think of ...
  2008-10-27 04:36:17 PM
  2008-10-27 04:37:38 PM  

mikaloyd: What is the purpose of this?

You're the purpose of this...jeesh, figured this thing'd have more than like 10 comments in 4 weeks.
  2008-10-30 12:20:57 AM  
Wow, this is a busy, busy little corner of Fark.

/Hotlinked from the World Series champs
  2008-11-10 11:50:20 PM  
this cardinals 49ers game is pretty crazy, every play has a penalty, it's taking forever for this thing to end
  2008-11-13 07:30:57 AM  
Awesome football game
  2008-12-05 04:21:16 PM  
  2008-12-07 10:33:07 PM  
we need to support this page....

so some good matches for the BCS series.
i always wanted to see the badgers play a Florida powerhouse
  2008-12-10 04:00:13 PM  
RE: we need to support this page....

ummmmm, why?
  2008-12-16 11:14:45 PM  
Christ, this should be way more popular. Instead of everyone looking at the sports tab and deciding there isn't anything worth commentating on, you can CREATE YOUR ON TOPIC HERE (the genius). Much better than the constant cowboy/yank/sox/celtic/lakers/big market teams that the mass media continually talk about; Those are about the only things ever greened (besides the rare misc. thread about something interesting).

So, my friends who will see this in two weeks or never:


I imagine the Superbowl will be over before someone sees this.
  2008-12-18 09:15:49 PM  
I was thinking of taking it over for Monday Night Football threads. I never remember to though.
  2008-12-18 10:27:00 PM  
San Jose lost 6-0 in Detroit tonight. I would hate to be the next team the Sharks play.

Oh, wait...
  2008-12-19 12:48:31 AM  
The refs are blazing in the Suns-Blazers game... just obviously not on something the Blazers gave them.
  2008-12-19 12:32:48 PM  

Foaming: I was thinking of taking it over for Monday Night Football threads. I never remember to though.

I think I'm going to start commenting on games in this forum now. There wasn't a thread for the Colts/Jags game last night and I've saw this happen before with other games. Maybe we can bring this forum to life if everyone continues to visit.

/One Sunday football thread garners 1500+ comments and this forum has just barely broke the 500 mark...
  2008-12-19 03:58:02 PM  

I had to say it: Christ, this should be way more popular. Instead of everyone looking at the sports tab and deciding there isn't anything worth commentating on

Has anybody else noticed that everyday there is a lull in greenlights on the Sports tab from like 12-3? I'd rather them greenlight some shiattier articles just so at least there's some new discussion, even if it's people complaining about SportsbyBrooks.
  2008-12-19 04:17:22 PM  

Has anybody else noticed that everyday there is a lull in greenlights on the Sports tab from like 12-3? I'd rather them greenlight some shiattier articles just so at least there's some new discussion, even if it's people complaining about SportsbyBrooks.

Wow. I posted this at 3:58:02pm and went back to the Sports tab shortly after and found a new article. Time of last two greenlights: 12:09...3:58. And it was a SbB link. Creepy.

/i guess i need to join totalFark, huh?
  2008-12-20 05:20:49 AM  
Holy motherfarking penis, Manning had a hell of a game thursday. The rest of the team didn't, at least until the last two minutes.

What a weird season for the Colts.
  2008-12-20 08:18:50 AM  
Does anybody have NBA League Pass broadband? I must be old, because I had never even heard of that until recently. It looks awesome, but is it worth the 100 bucks? (i.e, quality of stream, buffering, etc.)
  2008-12-20 11:42:03 AM  
Who schedules a bowl game this early in the day?
  2008-12-20 12:59:49 PM  
Wake The Forest has come back to take a 14-13 lead.
  2008-12-20 09:07:33 PM  
Anybody think the Cowboys will win tonight? Ravens down 4 so far...
  2008-12-20 09:09:43 PM  

PacersJAM3s: Anybody think the Cowboys will win tonight? Ravens down 4 so far...

Wish there was a decent live feed. Stupid NFL Network.

//and yes, Pacers: GO COWBOYS :)
  2008-12-20 09:10:55 PM  
My stream on was pretty crappy for a few minutes. It's now straightened out it seems like.
  2008-12-20 09:14:11 PM  
I stepped out for a minute - I assume that was a replay of the same sack?
  2008-12-20 09:16:35 PM  

Foaming: I stepped out for a minute - I assume that was a replay of the same sack?

Same sack by Ware. He should get serious consideration for MVP.
  2008-12-20 09:46:37 PM  
Ravens take a 9-7 lead into the half.
  2008-12-20 09:54:07 PM  
If Dallas loses they're out of the wildcard chase mathematically, right?
  2008-12-20 10:11:29 PM  

PacersJAM3s: If Dallas loses they're out of the wildcard chase mathematically, right?

I don't think they're mathematically eliminated since all the teams behind them could lose and preserve the status quo. And as far as losses go, a loss outside the conference is the best type in terms of tie-breakers. That said, a loss means the Cowboys put their fate in a lot of other teams' hands.
  2008-12-20 10:24:49 PM  
Nice fake FG.
  2008-12-22 02:17:27 PM  
whoa - not that this place is grand central station it looks like i'll have to find a new place to quietly masterbate ...
  2008-12-29 06:13:16 PM  
The NC St vs Rutgers whatever bowl is pretty entertaining. Rutgers just scored for the game's 3rd or 4th lead change.
  2008-12-30 11:45:39 AM  
Colts over Chargers Saturday.
  2008-12-30 03:02:34 PM  
Falcons over the Cards, Vikes over the Eagles, Colts over the Chargers, and Dolphins over the Ravens this weekend.
  2008-12-30 11:41:37 PM  
Again, the Holiday Bowl has been a helluva fun game to watch
  2008-12-31 06:14:14 PM  
The Insight Bowl is going quick. Already 7-7 less than 2 minute in.
  2009-01-05 09:27:32 AM  

Farkn Yaj Yenrac: Falcons over the Cards, Vikes over the Eagles, Colts over the Chargers, and Dolphins over the Ravens this weekend.

  2009-01-05 06:22:46 PM  

Farkn Yaj Yenrac: Farkn Yaj Yenrac: Falcons over the Cards, Vikes over the Eagles, Colts over the Chargers, and Dolphins over the Ravens this weekend.


  2009-01-06 05:18:12 PM  
Thank you.

Round 2: Giants over the Eagles, Cards over the Panthers, Titans over the Ravens, and the Chargers over the Steelers.

At least one of those has to hit this time...
  2009-01-07 09:58:21 PM  
Farkn Yaj Yenrac At least one of those has to hit this time...fark that!
off to place bet on the EXACT opposite teams ...
  2009-01-09 08:37:11 AM  
Dear Farkn Yaj Yenrac,
I'm holding in my hand a ticket picking the following teams by 4:
My $5.00 bet will net me $71.00 - I'm hoping this week you are equally impressive.
(Sadly, these are not the teams I'm cheering for in every case but I couldn't resist trying it.)

  2009-01-10 01:57:54 AM  

Farkn Yaj Yenrac: Thank you.

Round 2: Giants over the Eagles, Cards over the Panthers, Titans over the Ravens, and the Chargers over the Steelers.

At least one of those has to hit this time...

maybe the cards over the panthers but the only one I'm taking is the Titans.
  2009-01-11 09:37:54 PM  
  2009-01-11 10:56:30 PM  
One hit. I'm claiming a victory.

Go Cards!
  2009-01-15 12:58:44 PM  
What the hell is this??

Sports forum???
  2009-01-15 05:45:32 PM  
Time for the FYY Conference Championship Weekend AccuCastTM: Both home teams take it down, the Cards and the Steelers heading to the Super Bowl.
  2009-01-24 10:39:24 AM  
Finally, a quiet corner of the internet where I can collect my thought ..... that's nice.

/starts masterbating
  2009-01-26 11:01:39 AM  
So, about them (insert random sports team here).

This forum is now officially on life support.
  2009-01-27 12:47:43 PM  
Whoa! Sorry about that PacersJAM3s, I didn't see you come in ... maybe knock next time?

/too bad there was not a BIG sporting event upcoming to discuss ...
  2009-01-28 04:02:49 PM  
nothing yet, eh?

Fine. I'll start.

/Bills fan
  2009-01-29 10:23:34 PM  

linc654: nothing yet, eh?

Fine. I'll start.

/Bills fan

I wish they would both lose. Steelers have enough SB wins and Kurt Warner plays for the other team.

/Chiefs fan
  2009-01-30 04:22:52 PM  

linc654: Whoa! Sorry about that PacersJAM3s, I didn't see you come in ... maybe knock next time?

/too bad there was not a BIG sporting event upcoming to discuss ...

Is it really time for the annual World-Wide Skimpy Bikini Mud Wrestling Federation Championship Playoffs already? Time sure flies when you're having fun.

/I will be posting 1 comment a day until this forum hits 1000 comments. Mark my words, these posts will be nothing short of amazing.
  2009-01-31 09:32:34 PM  
So, I'm playing's fantasy streak contest for a million dollars. I had a streak of picking five straight games and thought I was headed right for a job at the top of ESPN Headquarters when I lost my sixth pick on an upset. I am absolutely crushed and look forward to re-paying that 750k loan I took out a week ago because I was sure I was the sports-picking version of Jesus and now I think I can look forward to being homeless. Thanks a lot ESPN!
  2009-01-31 10:15:40 PM  
PacersJAM3s I got your back - see
  2009-01-31 10:16:53 PM  
oops - ah fark it.
  2009-02-01 06:36:29 AM  
I can't believe Hines Ward is going to win another Super Bowl today. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.
  2009-02-02 10:00:57 AM  
Well, I suppose enough time has passed that it's now time to start counting down the days until Week 1 of the 2009-2010 NFL season.
  2009-02-03 12:01:17 PM  
Has this turned into a one-man race to the finish line now?

Dang it people, start posting!

Just to get started: Your favorite team sucks.
  2009-02-04 11:35:48 AM  
So the Pacers have a legitimate shot at landing a top five pick in the draft and there is absolutely no one even remotely valuable outside of picks 1 and 2.

I'm convinced the sports gods hate me.
  2009-02-04 12:10:25 PM  
Stupid work keeping me busy, I haven't gotten to make my Super Bowl pick yet. I'm tempted to go with the upset, but I'll take the Steelers in a close one...

Also, my favorite team is awesomely amazing, it is your favorite team that sucks.

PS: Yo' momma is fat.

PPS: She does give great head, though.
  2009-02-06 10:37:59 PM  
Dear Farkn Yaj Yenrac,

This picture is unrelated.
Does it count as hotlinked if it from my own site?
Your doing God's work here -- cheers!
  2009-02-09 10:01:14 PM  
Orr knocking Rupp on his ass is the highlight of this game. Fark.
  2009-02-11 02:48:41 PM  
I thought there would be more activity over here. @least no signs of neurotic women. Maybe these topics will stimulate some comment. Barak may be a sports fan, but he is a klutz. A-Rod needs to lighten up on the mousse...(looks gay), Barry Bonds is going down, Michael Phelps speaks and acts like a 12 year old girl, major league baseball will play before empty seats in '09, demise of pro sports pretty much impending, NASCAR no longer a big deal, NCAA Men-now we're on to something.
  2009-02-12 04:09:22 PM  
You were wrong it's mostly a bunch of nonsense from a few idiots and at least one Canadian, although I'm pretty sure that's redundant. Any which way, what I'm saying is that at least one of the idiots can provide you with an excellent method of preparing back bacon; You're right on that one, I guess; Probably not but we'll see; OK, but what the hell does that have to do with anything; Discussing some dude's hair is kinda gay; Probably, but it is a huge waste of time and money; No, I'd say he talks and acts more like a mentally handicapped person and kind of looks like a horse, but that is neither here nor there, he's a good swimmer and I think he's getting screwed right now; MLB played in front of empty seats in '08, and '07, and '06... supposedly the Marlins would have about 1000 people show up at some of their home games, but the new Yankee stadium is still going to be sold out; No more than the demise of society in general is inevitable; When was it ever a big deal; No we aren't.
  2009-02-13 09:41:11 AM  
Farkn Yaj Yenrac what I'm saying is that at least one of the idiots can provide you with an excellent method of preparing back bacon

lol. wut?
  2009-02-13 10:14:39 AM  

linc654: Farkn Yaj Yenrac what I'm saying is that at least one of the idiots can provide you with an excellent method of preparing back bacon

lol. wut?

Or maybe pictures of raw booby bacon. What do I know, anyway.
  2009-02-14 12:06:10 AM  
yaj yenrac......back bacon is good stuff. front bacon (see above), even better. i agree w/you on other topics, except yes we are. are you from chgo? your handle bespeaks an old acquaintance (standing on my head, reading from east to west). go muskies.
  2009-02-16 03:34:11 PM  
Sorry, I'm from the bustling metropolis of Fargo. Pleased to make your acquaintance, though.

Also, NCAA men's BB doesn't count until March, and that's only really because of gambling.
  2009-02-26 12:22:07 PM  
Aaaahhhh ... THAT'S more like it.

/starts masterbating ...
  2009-03-01 12:04:56 PM  
*Busts open door*


linc654: Aaaahhhh ... THAT'S more like it.

/starts masterbating ...

Great googily moogily.
  2009-03-04 07:23:42 PM  

  2009-03-05 12:00:58 PM  

Tea_tempest_Cup: yardbarker????


You mean it isn't some mistake? Great. fark you Drew. Now I can't even go to the sports tab because of this crap.
  2009-03-10 05:28:14 PM  
Apparently YardBarker=No Updated Content.
  2009-03-10 09:44:48 PM  
I think Drew realized that after Yardbarker, the sports tab went to the dogs. He was truly getting dog tired of thier dogged determination not to update their code. Knowing that the advertising/web buisness is a dog eat dog world he was determined that his website be a dog and pony show and was unwilling to continue to serve up a dogs breakfast.

Meanwhile, farkers were unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie, and were going after the company like cats and dogs. As far as the Big Dog was concerned, that dog don't hunt, and quick as a dog can lick a dish put the sponsor into the dog house.

This of course made everyone happy as a flea in dog house.

/Now i've got to go see a man about a dog.

  2009-03-12 09:26:54 AM  
goddamn the non-updating sports page is annoying.
  2009-03-13 04:42:25 PM  
I am also here to heap on the YardBarker hate. Not only is the name dumb as hell, but they make the sports tab render incorrectly fairly often and just suck overall. I'd bookmark the direct link, but damn it, I like to be able to just click on the orange tab at the top of the page, so instead I'll just use this forum to impotently rail against the hated tab wrecker, as well as to point out that every time they sell off a tab like this it seems to fark up said tab.

Oh yeah, and the actual content of the YarkBarker network is garbage. Out of the few times I've clicked on one of their stories from the stupid sidebar ad, I've either gotten a broken link or content that makes SbB look insightful and original, which is pretty remarkable.
  2009-03-15 11:59:40 PM  
Do you guys talk about the Chiefs?
  2009-03-16 02:36:58 AM  

libranoelrose: Do you guys talk about the Chiefs?

We only discuss RELEVENT teams in this forums.
  2009-03-16 01:19:42 PM  

libranoelrose: Do you guys talk about the Chiefs?

"That's great, but who are the Chefs?" Great googily-moogily.
  2009-03-16 10:59:35 PM  
Another NCAA Bracket Contest with room in it for fellow farkers


Group ID #58369
Password: Pac10
  2009-03-20 10:36:41 AM  
Hooray for the end of the YardBarker reign of terror.
  2009-03-20 10:41:43 AM  
Never mind. However, I have discovered clicking the Continue Farking button at the bottom of a sports thread takes you to fark/sports and not the hated tab wrecker.
  2009-03-29 09:30:43 AM  
This is semi-sports related.

I want to buy a new Reds ball cap as my regular one is about ten years old now. Are the New Era brand ones any good?

Surely some lost soul will stumble upon the sports forum and help me out here.
  2009-03-30 11:31:30 PM  
semi-sports related is good enough for these parts.
farking tumbleweeds blow through here.
that being said, i have no idea about caps.
i just come in here because its a quiet place to masterbate.
oh sorry, didn't see you come back in!
ummm, yeah - so, well - i gotta go ...
  2009-04-01 11:14:38 AM  

Any interest in a month of TF on me? You're the only one who regularly uses this forum and I'd rather "screen" my sponsorships since people don't seem to use them when I normally do it.
  2009-04-02 10:09:17 AM  
PacersJAM3s wow - thanks! it's a tempting offer but I'm on here 24/7 as it is - what would i be like with TF?!!! it could get ugly, to say the least. i really appreciate the offer, but i'd recommend that you just hang on to your $5.00. besides, how would it look - offering TF memberships to random dudes whose only redeeming quality is pretending to beat off in the sports forum. (answer? not good)

  2009-04-02 10:46:10 AM  

linc654: PacersJAM3s wow - thanks! it's a tempting offer but I'm on here 24/7 as it is - what would i be like with TF?!!! it could get ugly, to say the least. i really appreciate the offer, but i'd recommend that you just hang on to your $5.00. besides, how would it look - offering TF memberships to random dudes whose only redeeming quality is pretending to beat off in the sports forum. (answer? not good)


I hear that. I was TF once long ago, for a month, and that was the least productive month of my life. I waste an optimal amount of time as a liter.

...on a sport related note, I hadn't thought about it in the earlier rounds, but this would be an appropriate place to biatch and moan about the lack of NCAA threads. I'll have to remember that this weekend.
  2009-04-02 03:54:59 PM  
sokolnikov appropriate, yes. will anyone read your complaint?

/ not including me of course.

  2009-04-02 04:36:07 PM  

linc654: sokolnikov appropriate, yes. will anyone read your complaint?

That's a pretty deep philosophical question.

If a liter complains in the darkest, most desolate corner of Fark, the Sports Forum, does he make a sound?
  2009-04-03 11:06:47 AM  
Farkn Yaj Yenrac If a liter complains in the darkest, most desolate corner of Fark, the Sports Forum, does he make a sound?

I'm guessing here but I actually think the answer surprisingly is yes. It is a stifled psht - like a deflating baloon, followed by a basement door closing and then silence forever, perhaps interupted only by the occasional chirp of a cricket ...
  2009-04-03 02:40:39 PM  
  2009-04-10 10:23:20 PM  
So i see this is where all the Lions fans hang out....
  2009-04-11 02:17:48 PM  
i know it's kind of early, but do football fans have any thoughts on this list: Top Five Offensive NFL Players :: Glamour Positions
  2009-04-12 09:46:30 PM  
just had to stop in do everyone knows i have not yet given up on the place ...
  2009-04-13 08:41:55 AM  

linc654: just had to stop in do everyone knows i have not yet given up on the place ...

Also came by to tell us something
  2009-04-13 08:42:54 AM  

linc654: just had to stop in do everyone knows i have not yet given up on the place ...

Him too
  2009-04-14 03:26:50 PM  
Stupid Question Time

(A bit of background, first) I was living in Eastern Europe for several years and didn't watch television. After returning to the USA I still hadn't gotten in the habit, not for years. Until this last Fall, while I was recovering from an MI and watched all the Division Playoffs and then the World Series.

So, my stupid question- When did Major League Baseball ditch the stirrups and go to long pants? It's been bugging me, not knowing.
  2009-04-15 11:11:37 AM  
sorry il Dottore - cannot help you there.
More importantly though - its NHL playoff time!

/Leafs fan who gets to pick a new team for the playoffs to cheers for .... (Calgary?)
  2009-04-15 06:08:06 PM  
Hmm... Looking for the community's thoughts.

A couple of months ago, I promised to renew my TF for a year if, before the end of March, an entire week went by without an SbB greenlight.

Well, as of mightnight tonight, an entire week will have gone by with only one single SbB greenlight.

I realize that (a) it's after the deadline and (b) it's not zero.

But, I would like to vote with my wallet that I very much approve of this welcome new direction in avoiding the copy-and-paste garbage site that is SbB.

So, your thoughts? Is this past week simply an anomaly undeserving of positive feedback since we're likely to see moderator recidivism? Or a new editorial direction worthy of encouragement?
  2009-04-16 01:12:20 PM  
dear Pardon Me Sultan,

I like FARK and I hate SbB -- so we've got that going for us, which is nice. Furthermore, I think that more people should get TF, even though I cannot get it myself. To be honest, I waste enough time on here as it is. That being said, I never clicked the SbB links, so there was no harm for me there - I would suggest the current crap on the sports tab is worse - oh, here's the address:

In short, yes I think you should do it but is this yardbarker crap not 100x worse? Honestly, I'm asking ...
  2009-04-19 05:08:11 PM  
espn is showing criminals playing video games at 5pm sunday.....
im watching 2012 notradamus world ending episode that will be shown in 2013!
  2009-04-27 10:19:23 AM  

  2009-04-28 09:53:14 AM