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(USA Today)   Bus driver survives fourth suicide bomber attack   ( divider line
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2002-06-05 11:53:47 AM  
"Last month, at a highway intersection, as traffic lights turned green, a suicide bomber blew up on the side of the road as Harel was driving past. Only the bomber was killed."

la hew za her.
2002-06-05 11:54:10 AM  
Frankee-Frank-Frank - DiabloII and Allied Assault - AA multiplayer is unreal. and at work the classic, Tribes because of its fast "return to window's work screen" function
2002-06-05 11:55:29 AM  
That's dedication to your job.

If this was in america, he'd have been on comp since the first attack and working on his lawsuits.
2002-06-05 11:55:36 AM  
if you happen to be in Israel - Do NOT ride this man's bus.

better yet, avoid Israel altogether.
the fishing is better in Kashmir anyways.

(soon to be "the fission is better in Kashmir")
2002-06-05 11:56:14 AM  
I remember seeing a Brady Bunch episode where Alice had to take a goat down into the Grand Canyon. Didn't see any buses though; think the family took the wagon. That help?
2002-06-05 11:56:38 AM  
#23: Ha, haven't thought about Toonces in a longgg time-great brother had a cat named Toonces back in the
2002-06-05 11:56:58 AM  
Again with these Islamic militants....

All I got to say is what kind of farked up religion promotes suicide and murder?
2002-06-05 11:57:14 AM  
Wait it was a mule, not a goat.
2002-06-05 11:57:54 AM  
Simpman76 - Ask osama about his religion...
2002-06-05 11:58:16 AM  
First of all, I don't know a single person here who drinks fosters, literally no-one likes it. I've never seen a dingo. No one lives in the desert, where i live gets more rain then nearly everywhere in America. The only people who where those outback hats are tourists.

I don't mean to be rude tho, most people here have no idea about stuff in america either.
2002-06-05 11:58:28 AM  
2002-06-05 11:58:54 AM  
FLA Chickie:

Thanks. And Many Thanks for the Profile mention!

2002-06-05 11:59:07 AM  
You gotta hand it to isreal's people they are some tough sons of biatches
2002-06-05 11:59:31 AM  
So what? I've survived them all!
2002-06-05 11:59:31 AM  
If only us Americans could achieve that level of job dedication, then maybe I could get my Big Mac in a timely manner.
2002-06-05 12:00:24 PM  
vman - they have learned to live with the terror there. I'm sure if it were happening on a regular basis here, we would be just as tough about it and live with it. Humans are adaptive creatures.
2002-06-05 12:01:40 PM  
Toonces make Hytes happy.

Doesn't it seem a little suspicious that the bus driver keeps surviving? Like maybe he's a terrrist his own self?
2002-06-05 12:01:59 PM  
"All I got to say is what kind of farked up religion promotes suicide and murder?"

Agreed. But Islam doesn't do that (which you seemed to imply, just clarifying if you were thinking that)

Do the Crusades, the inquisition, and the Branch Davidians ring a bell? Any group of a billion+ is going to have a few bad apples of course.
2002-06-05 12:01:59 PM  
ya it's pretty tough to sit in your fancy house and watch as your tanks and planes blow up women and babies, and your armies shoot children in the head who try to come outside for water so they don't die, then blow up their entire neighborhood and exclaim "we think there might have been someone with a stick in one of the houses, so it's ok."

how admirable.
2002-06-05 12:02:53 PM  
Q3) What do I do if a death defying bus driver wants to mate with me, instead of a dolphin?

A3) Accept, if possible!
2002-06-05 12:03:06 PM  
2002-06-05 12:03:14 PM  
So what beer do you drink?

Maybe it's a western New York thing, but almost no one here drinks American beer either (can't blame them). It's all Canadian.
2002-06-05 12:04:13 PM  
Get real, Bad_CRC.
2002-06-05 12:04:43 PM  
LethargicClown Usually the last thing to go through a suicide bomber's mind is about 20 pounds of nails, bolts, and assorted ironmongery....
2002-06-05 12:05:43 PM  
'bout time to retire?
2002-06-05 12:05:54 PM  
Sounds like that joke about what the last thing to go through a bugs mind when it hits the windshield of a car...his arse
2002-06-05 12:05:58 PM  
Man I think after the second one I would move to a different line of work.
2002-06-05 12:06:40 PM  
If I spent that much time getting bombed, I'd start spending more time getting bombed!

[/weak pun]
2002-06-05 12:07:45 PM  
" C'mon everybody it's what will be singin'
c'mon get happy

A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin'
C'mon get happy "

Why couldn't Danny Bonaduce be blown up?
2002-06-05 12:08:06 PM  
Hey, I wonder if they'll take a picture of him for the paper and give him the "Israeli Iron Man" national award. Can you imagine how farked up this poor guy must look? He must look like Darkman by now...
2002-06-05 12:08:11 PM  
"I agree, HeatMiser, it makes no sense why they think that suicide bombings will accomplish any goals or get any point across. Then again, it is a different culture there. Who knows what goes thru the minds of a killer?"

It is very clear what they are trying to accomplish with the suicide bombings. The instillment of terror in the Israeli people. How would you feel if every time you got on a bus, or every time you went shopping, you had to wonder if you would be killed or not. That's why they call it terrorism folks and it sucks. Most Americans wouldn't leave their home in such a scenario, but in Israel, it's been going on for so long, they can't afford to let the terror control their lives, even though that does not diminish the fear.
2002-06-05 12:11:53 PM  
StickyGreen - Probably not at first, but after a bit of time the mantra "if we don't then the terrorists have already won" would continue and people would start to go about their lives, if not more aware of their surroundings and more "vigilant" (not sure of spelling). I just don't think that terrorizing a general group of people (also could be considered bullying IMHO) will accomplish their bigger goals.
2002-06-05 12:12:03 PM  
6/5/02 (AP)
"At a press conference today, Rockstar Games have announced that because of the huge success of Grand Theft Auto 3 for the PC, they will put an expansion pack immediately into production. The tentative name for the expansion game is : Grand Theft Auto 3:Israel and the West Bank."

[image from too old to be available]

2002-06-05 12:12:35 PM  

i just wrote you an email about your geography project. hopefully you have access to ArcView 3.2 w/image analyst or ArcGIS 8.2

this should get you started.

2002-06-05 12:12:42 PM  
This guy can't get himself killed for love or money. Maybe they can give him some kind of heroic pension status like they did with the gladiators in ancient Rome...honorable retirement from the gladitorial games for life. Publius Maximus Pax Dominus Transportationus.
2002-06-05 12:14:52 PM  
It's highly improbable. This proves that God exists.
2002-06-05 12:15:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hey lil' dudes, what was that loud noise?
2002-06-05 12:17:09 PM  
And how would you feel if you were a Palestinian who has had his house demolished for 'security reasons' without any form of compensation or relocation. To find that Israeli communities living where you did 12 months ago. Swimming in pools (when water is such a precious commodity in the middle east) and enjoying lavish homes (when land is such a precious commodity in such a dense area).

You can understand that they'd be a bit miffed. Especially if they've always done the right thing. That's how it is bred in the youngsters. All they see is injustice and no one helping. Though I am not condoning suicide bombings at all.

*gets off soapbox and waits for flame*
2002-06-05 12:17:23 PM  
"This proves that God exists" *confised* How so?
2002-06-05 12:17:46 PM  
*confUsed* too.
2002-06-05 12:18:01 PM  
I'd give that a "Hero" tag.
2002-06-05 12:18:19 PM  
Hmmm, maybe not as easy as it may seem but i think I would find a different job. That would really put a damper on the waking up spirits, wondering everyday if this is the day, the terrorists finally get ya.
2002-06-05 12:18:30 PM  
this guys is soon gonna rival that cool old guy who faught off the cougar and won.
2002-06-05 12:18:32 PM  
"This proves that God exists" *confised* How so?

It means God always has 'exact change'
2002-06-05 12:18:59 PM  
Wanbo37 - I don't side with either the Palestinians or the Isrealis on thier problems...seems like it's just a big argument over a toy. It's Mine! No, It's Mine! waaahhhhhh

2002-06-05 12:19:49 PM  
Two words .... Lucky Ba$tard
2002-06-05 12:20:03 PM  
BAD_CRC, can you gimme a link somewhere to a news source mentioning the destruction of such a neighborhood. I've heard such things occur, but I don't recall reading anything myself.
2002-06-05 12:20:04 PM  
MokeyButler: I think God was playing Tonka Smash Up Derby with Satan.
2002-06-05 12:20:48 PM  
I know that there was something about some refugee camps on the news that were destroyed. Is that was you were referring to Bad_CRC?
2002-06-05 12:21:25 PM  
I hate it when terrorists leave things half-done. They need to snipe him and get on with their lives.
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