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(Yahoo)   Ken Griffey Jr. hits 537th home run, passing Mickey Mantle for 12th place on all-time list   ( divider line
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156 clicks; posted to Sports » on 05 Apr 2006 at 9:44 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-05 03:40:53 PM  
Back in the day, they used to say he would threaten Aaron.
2006-04-05 04:23:00 PM  
What, he's not on the DL yet?
2006-04-05 06:41:23 PM  
What no Steroid accusation? I mean he hit a home run! He must be juicing!
2006-04-05 06:55:25 PM  
What no Steroid accusation?

I've never heard steroids with his name (fragile is another matter). Anybody else?
2006-04-05 07:11:24 PM  
Hanky: Back in the day, they used to say he would threaten Aaron.

He shoulda, he was certainly on track. I would have really gotten excited about that and it would have been a great event for the sport, unlike the steaming pile of horseshiat the Bonds chase has become.
2006-04-05 07:44:01 PM  
The Kid used to be something special. Now he's a brittle has-been
2006-04-05 08:08:21 PM  
Griffey 2005: .301 BA, .369 OBP, .576 SLG, and 35 HR. He won the Comeback player of the year and recently led all players in batting average in the WBC.

He's brittle, but he can obviously still play.

/Reds fan who probably just jinxed Jr
2006-04-05 08:26:41 PM  
537 is an awsome number!
2006-04-05 08:28:19 PM  
I saw him hit his 400th on opening day in Colorado...

/in 2000
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2006-04-05 08:55:47 PM  
I didn't realize he was still playing. Or even alive. There aren't many names left from when I last followed baseball.
2006-04-05 10:09:03 PM  
How old is he? I think he is 38 or 39. If he became a DH and played til he was 43 or 45, then you'd never know!
2006-04-05 10:22:26 PM  
Yeah but he tore a hammy rounding second base and won't play for four to six weeks.
2006-04-05 10:45:29 PM  
Man... Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball was the best game ever back in the day.
2006-04-05 10:46:21 PM  
Go Redlegs!
2006-04-05 10:54:06 PM  
Yeah, he was gonna break 755, then he started breaking bones every time he stubbed his toe. Meanwhile, the steroid user, the one who SHOULD be brittle as Hell and be having muscle tears all the time, is A-OK.
2006-04-05 11:07:38 PM  
Are you talking about Bonds? He missed almost all of last season with injuries.
2006-04-05 11:33:09 PM  
Well, yes, I meant not to the extent of Griffey, who became a walking joke as it related to injuries.
2006-04-06 12:28:47 AM  
I heard some people say the Junior's injuries were a result of the steroids.
2006-04-06 12:46:21 AM  
I've never heard Junior linked to Steroids. Unless he started taking them when he was a kid and would go to major league ballparks with his dad and drill the ball out of major league parks when most guys are trying to grow an Adam Morrisson moustache.

He's basically lost 4 years due to injuries. At just 40 HR a year he'd be approaching 700 now and the Bonds situation would'nt seem too important as Bonds would be doing nothing more than temporarily holding it for Junior.

Also, Junior is 36 not 38 or 39. So if he stays healthy he should have at least 3 or 4 productive seasons left. If he does go to the AL and becomes a DH, especially for a team with a park friendly to Left Handers (Baltimore, New York) he could probably last another 2 or 3 decent seasons (25-35 HR) beyond that. Of course staying healthy is the big 'IF'

I can still remember the time he jumped into the wall at the old Kingdome, broke his wrist and still held on to the ball and got it to the infield to prevent runners from advancing.

Junior will always be the ultimate 'What If' because of his injuries.
2006-04-06 12:48:06 AM  
The Grant Hill of baseball.
2006-04-06 09:06:26 AM  
I think Kerry Wood is the Grant Hill of Baseball... Junior had way too many productive seasons to qualify
2006-04-06 09:36:26 AM  
True, but Wood still doesn't have a 15 win season uner his belt. I guess you could say Hill would fall between the two and argue it eithe way though.
2006-04-06 10:59:09 AM  
I had read something years ago stating that Junior said he'd never play for the Yankees cos he'd been shooed out of the clubhouse by Billy Martin for horseplaying around or something while his dad was playing for the team.

Can anyone confirm this, or am I just remembering it wrong?

/would love to see a healthy Junior in pinstripes
2006-04-06 03:47:50 PM  
Couldn't answer you, I've never heard that story before.
2006-04-06 05:53:46 PM  
CrackedEgg - I've heard that one too. Didn't know it was Billy Martin, but that makes perfect sense, seeing as he was the unparallelled king of arguing.
2006-04-07 04:36:27 PM  
Griffey's physical problems were usually attributed to him not working hard enough in the off season. He was often accused of relying so heavily on his natural ability that when he hit his 30's he didn't have the work ethic in the weight room to keep himself together physically.

That definitely changed prior to last season, though.
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