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2006-04-05 03:57:57 AM  
This is a cool thread.
2006-04-05 04:07:46 AM  
Some great childhood memories:

Sliding down the hill of Andrews Elementary in Austin on cardboard boxes.

Wandering around Little Walnut Creek with my friends Alexis & Alethea, & one day we made clay things from a pocket of clay we found on the side of the creek. I had the little cat Alethea made me for years until it broke...

Going camping with my mom & brother to lots of state parks in Texas, one in particular where there were a lot of rocks in the middle of a swiftly flowing stream/small river, & being warned not to fall in the water or else I might get sucked under & drown even though I was a good swimmer...facing the danger made each jump between the rocks even more an exciting accomplishment.

Playing Barbies with Alexis or Tracey, & making Barbie clothes & furniture for myself because my mom was Totally Anti Barbie & wouldn't buy me any Barbie stuff ever (I got my only Barbies from my stepmom, who thought my mom was weird for not buying me Barbies...I was just grateful she would let me have them even though she wouldn't buy them...little did I know the origin of Barbie...)

Visiting the mammoth toy stores in Tokyo when I was a kid & most able to enjoy all those lovely toys...

And all the hot springs places my mom took me & my brother to while we lived in Tokyo...the best one was the shrine of the 3 monkeys, the ones who see no evil, hear no evil & speak no evil...those pools were outside, & there is still a great picture of me & my brother pretending to wrestle just like the two stuffed baby black bears posed just above us in the picture...

And then, when we returned to Texas from Japan, we took a trip to Australia on the way back...snorkeling at Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef, seeing Cats in Sydney (I had seen it in Tokyo & later got to see it in Austin, all while I was still a kid, because I don't think I could sit through it now (do you notice a cat theme?)), going to a zoo where we got to get our pictures taken holding a koala, seeing the platypus in the zoo out swimming, & the echidna out exploring, when both of those guys usually hid out & slept, or so the zoo attendant said, and, the best part of the trip to Australia was in a youth hostel with a pool that had lots of little tiny round tiles, where I finally achieved my then-lofty goal of holding my breath underwater for a whole five minutes. I had been working on this about a year & a half, & strangely enough, once I did it once, I never felt compelled to do it again.

And another good memory is when my mom showed us the truck she bought when we got back to Texas...she pulled a good one on us; we were at a store or something & out in the parking lot she went up to this 1950 Chevrolet truck & said, "Isn't this cool? Wow, look, the keys are inside...I think we should take this truck, it's so neat..." After I finished freaking out she explained she had just bought it & we weren't, after all, stealing it. Now I have that truck & have been driving it for over 10 years...I got the title as a combination graduation from college/birthday/Christmas present.

/wow, thanks for helping me remember all those great memories
//awesome thread
///reminds me not to focus so much on the weird/strange/f--ed up things that happen in our family
////mostly a lurker
//but I love slashies!
2006-04-05 04:11:03 AM  
Nickelodeon GAK.

Muppet Babies Cartoons.

The track pad for the Nintendo.

The baseball cards in the bottom of the shredded beef jerky cans.
2006-04-05 04:11:34 AM  
A lot of my childhood memories revolve around the floodplain by Minnehaha creek (Minneapolis, MN) that was a block from my house.

-The sledding hill that was at the north end, with its scooped-out, ice-lined bowl of a jump at the steep side.

-Tackling that same hill one summer on my bike. Scary as hell.

-Freaking out after finding a leech on my leg after swimming in the creek.

-Climbing all over the massive tree that was struck by lightning one summer and fell over.

-Getting hit in the teeth by a baseball while playing catch with my best friend who was a pitcher in little league.

-Exploring the woods around the creek for about a mile north of the floodplain

-Trying to keep cool in the summers by hiding under the footbridges, and playing with the melting tar on the undersides

-Playing in the exposed claybed when the creek was really low one month, and seeing people canoeing down the creek the next.

/13 years worth of memories in that house. Moved there when I was 5.
//Now the floodplain has been written off as "Wetlands preserve" or some shiat like that, so it's no longer mowed, and you can't play there like you used to.
2006-04-05 04:26:31 AM  
I remember my brother, sister, and I being watched by various babysitters. One day when I was about five or six we were playing and our sitter was spending all of her time on the phone, having shooed us out of the room. Curious, I went to the other phone and quietly lifted the receiver. The exact line I heard was "and then she goes over to his house and humps the crap out of him" (this was the '70s).

Anyway I hung up the phone barely able to suppress a fit of giggles and ran into the room to report to my brother and sister. I finally stopped laughing enough to tell them:

"I heard Joan say crap"

The rest of the conversation had flown right over my head. And the dirtiest word I had in my young vocabulary doesn't even qualify for the profanity filter.
2006-04-05 04:37:06 AM  
I remember one time when I was 8 my uncle George got me drunk and hight for Christmass it was awesome and when i told my DARE officer about it to prove alcohol and weed were cool and not bad like that dickweed thought he threatened to arrest my uncle but couldn't cause he live in a diff state and my uncle totally had a warrent out for his arrest in Arizona for a while.
2006-04-05 04:37:39 AM  
This one time, at band camp...

//surprised Ctrl-F didn't find it
///alert Ric Romero
2006-04-05 04:53:57 AM  
Pretty powerful posts guys.
2006-04-05 05:11:41 AM  
I remember as a child, after church the priest would take me to his private rooms and...oh wait, just reread....good

We used to go sailing on the weekends and stuff, but I think the best fun was just summer holidays running amok with friends.
2006-04-05 06:21:14 AM  
All right, here's my fun memory...

My father drove race cars. This was a hobby he had before I was born, and my formitive years were spent in the pits of various Northwest Pennsylvania dirt tracks. He had raced stock cars for years, eventually switching to cool Sprint Cars the last ten years of his racing career.

About the second year on the local circuit racing the Sprints, there was a lot of buzz one weekend about this young kid who was making the rounds that weekend with the World of Outlaw (think NASCAR for Sprint Cars) group that had come into town. The kid was only 14, and he was beating the crap out of all the locals.

There was a big crowd around his car and trailer at the one track, and I distinctly remember my dad's car owner say of the congregation: "I don't know why they're making such a big deal about him, he'll never amount to anything."

The kid was Jeff Gordon.

/couldn't make it up if I tried
//Dad's first sprint was bought used from Dave Blaney
///NASCAR fans know who these guys are
2006-04-05 06:54:13 AM  
I'll never be able to look at a broomstick without thinking about church camp.
2006-04-05 07:02:36 AM  
Hey, you dumb farkers, you could get $200 a piece for sappy cute stuff like this!
2006-04-05 07:04:37 AM  
From Readers Digest, that is.
2006-04-05 07:30:20 AM  
desolationrow - Though I do remember going fishing with my dad years and years ago. Little streams and ponds. Looking back at those times, and the person I am now, it's hard to imagine the things in between. How did it come to this.

Wow, that describes me a good bit.

Anyway, growing up in VERY rural north central/west Arkansas, swimming in the Buffalo River, jumping off of bluffs into the water, exploring the river banks, catching baby turtles, snakes, etc.

Also jumping anything I could get my motorcycle to fly over.

And ATARI 2600, along with VIC-20.
2006-04-05 07:40:54 AM  
I just remember the feeling of waking up from the smell of sausage and eggs cooking, and the sound of all my dads buddies formulating a game plan. It was about 5 in the morning and we were all getting ready to go deer hunting. Then there was that feeling once you were out in the woods, the sun was just thinking about coming up, the frost covered leaves sounded like wrapping paper under every critter that came by, and the wonderful smell of the outdoors.
2006-04-05 08:08:57 AM  
We made bottle cap guns out rubber bands and wood, used a jigsaw to make them cool, got into a bottle cap war that escalated to using razor blades, an hour later we were hucking bricks and rocks at each other... by 2 o'clock, I found myself and my little bro (Sepll_cehck) on the back deck melting styrofoam and lighterfluid. I ripped the head off a baby doll and filled it with the greek fire, stuck a piece of ripped shirt in one end and lit it. I quickly lobbed it into the neighbor's yard. The police were over a few minutes later with the neighbor complaing her backyard was on fire. It ended the war. I got my ass beat. Good times.
2006-04-05 08:14:21 AM  
August 15, 1990 at Tiger Stadium

Cecil Fielder hits an over-the-roof shot off the Oakland A's Dave Stewart directly over where me and my dad were sitting in the upper deck in left field. Incredible blast. I remember seeing the ball just hang in the air forever before it dissapeared in the rafters directly over our heads. Tigers win 14-4...
2006-04-05 08:28:10 AM  
Another one: beachcombing with my buddy Dan, finding glass bottles...not so much plastic back then...throwing them out to sea, then sinking them with rocks.

That satisfying thunk-swop of a direct hit at the limit of your throw and the bottle sinking out of sight...
2006-04-05 08:37:02 AM  
My grandparents owned a gas station and campground in the Cascades when I was growing up. I would stay with them every summer and help work at the gas station. Usually it was just me and Grampa Kenny all day long. He'd let me help work on cars. We always had sandwiches that he made for lunch, like everyday. Sometimes I would head out and wander around on the banks of the Stillaguamish River. Grampa loved country music, and to this day, early 80's country always makes me think of those summers. "Pancho and Lefty" FTW!!!!

He died last year, it took me two days, but I swear I have never cried so hard in my life.
2006-04-05 08:37:52 AM  
2006-04-05 08:38:16 AM  
I miss the days when I was 8-12 years old. My father had this recliner in his study. When in the first reclined position, a small part that was flat came out, and I would rest my little butt right there. I would make some tea (with my father's help, of course), and we would go and sit on the recliner. I sat on that flat part, and he sat in the seat, and we would read poetry for hours. I'm sure there are people with better flow than my father, but nothing beats those nights sipping tea and reading some of the greatest poetry ever.

Oh, and camping every summer. My dad was the greatest outdoorsman ever.

And..., one more. My mom's semi-broken English (She's Korean). It was always fun when she would call you 'Dumbs' or a 'scatter-jerk-brain'

/I miss my parents
//I'm in Korea now
///I miss fighting with my brothers too.
2006-04-05 08:47:13 AM  
Wow, what a great thread. Brings up alot memories and feelings.
My family might have looked like a nice, middle class family from the outside, but there was alot of problems. My father was a alcoholic and my mom was emotionally unstable and given to fits of rage. At a very early age I noticed that I didn't have the same status as my brother and sisters. Much of the time I felt like I was invisible.

One of my happiest memories is when I got to pick out my first pet when I was six. A old farmer down the road had a bunch of cats in his barn and one of them had kittens. I picked a nice stripped one and named him Sam. He was a great cat - big, good natured and very laid back. Years later I was able to buy a painting of that barn from a local artist who had done it from a old photograph she had. I smile everytime I walk by that painting now.
2006-04-05 08:51:30 AM  
one Christmas my dad tossed me a carton of smokes and said
"smoke up, johhny"

/good times
2006-04-05 08:58:27 AM  
My parents got pregnant with me right out of High School and were both trying to go to college, work full time jobs, and take care of me. My Mom worked as a nurse until 11 pm some nights, and I remember my Father would wrap me up in an old quilt and put me in the back seat of the care to go and pick her up. I felt so safe and loved curled up in my cotton "burrito" and snoozing in the back seat. I was about 4. One of my earliest memories.

/had a kick butt childhood
//sad that my parents are divorced now
///love that I have some nice memories to fall back on
2006-04-05 09:29:41 AM  
I remember seeing the Cowboy X skit on Sesame Street, and then getting hold of some blue finger paint and running around the outside of the house, putting my little blue handprint everywhere, yelling "Cowboy X! Cowboy X!"

I remember my dad slaving away to the point of near-insanity, putting together a remote control car they'd bought me (he's handy with stuff like that but this needed a degree in Mech & Elec Eng to put together) and then when it was finally done, me playing with it for all of about a week, before this one day, when I had it out in the road by our house, and it got stuck in the hedge, and I was reversing it and reversing it and then finally it popped free and backed out into the road, just as a guy came past on a motorbike and ran the farkin' thing over.

I never told my dad why I stopped playing with the car. :(

I remember standing on top of the pool slide, to impress a girl in my class, who had come over to go swimming, and slipping, falling off the slide, landing in the water fine except for my wrist, which struck the side of the pool and snapped in a dinnerfork fracture. I went inside to show my mom, who was cleaning the oven. "Mom, I broke my arm." "Oh rubbish, no you didn't"... until she turned around to look and saw the shape of it.

She didn't believe me when I told her I broke my foot either, when I was 14, but sure enough, I had.

This thread is awesome. I want my mommy. And I want kids. Right now.
2006-04-05 09:31:33 AM  
When I was a kid, my family & I would go to Mahalepu beach on the south shore of Kauai. This beach was only accessable through the private roads of the McBryde Sugar Company. My dad used to work at the sugar mill. Anyway, joining us were other family friends. We'd go fishing and swimming....lots of fun. Man, I really loved fishing; used to catch tons of fish 30 years ago. Had this spinner reel with 10lb test line and a long rod. One Sunday, I got a big hit, the rod was whipping crazy and the line was going out real fast. I grabbed the rod and started to real the sucker in. I though, my God, this fish is huuuge! I could see the fish....YES! It's an ulua. The ulua is the ulimate catch for most fishermen in Hawaii. The fishing area was very rocky so in order to bring the fish in, I had to pull it out of the water and swing it towards me. So, I'm cranking the reel...I see the fish....I start to pull the fish out of the water...and.....the line snaps. I did my best Charlie Brown scream that day. Years later, I finally caught that "big fish." An 8-foot tiger shark. I still have the jaw to prove it.
2006-04-05 09:32:12 AM  
A friend of my Dad's owns a bar in New York not far from where the Rangers practiced in Port Chester, NY and a lot of the players would frequent this establishment in their down time. I was around 6 or 7 and dad would take me to the bar and I got to hang out with the Rangers, Phil Esposito & John Davidson probably being the most famous players I met there. Picture a kid in a bar with drinking hockey players...I have a vivid memory of being held upside down by my ankles by a New York Ranger who shall remain nameless.

Good Times, Good Times.
2006-04-05 09:40:40 AM  
What a neat thread! Childhood memories...
- one of only two (?) black families in a predominantly Irish Catholic town (Hanover, MA)
- being able to play on our side street until the mosquitos came out an attacked us
- feeling safe and loved

... then the teenage years hit, and we had to move, I lost my father to AIDS, a friend to cancer, and another friend in a swimming accident. Had to grow up pretty fast. :(

I would do anything to go back to that time. The '70s were awesome.. sigh
/still have the memories
2006-04-05 09:42:05 AM  
When I was six, Star Wars was in the theaters and all of my friends were raving about it. I had not seen it yet. I asked, well, PLEADED with my parents to take me to see it. They said "no" and insisted that we go to Beefsteak Charlie's which was far away from my house for dinner.

During the entire dinner (even the salad bar with the all you can eat shrimp) I was pouting and upset. When we left, we all got into the huge, brown, diesel Econoline 150 Van my family drove around in. Still brooding over my inhumane treatment, I sat in the back. I must have not been watching the road because, before I knew it, my dad was pulling into the drive-in theater where I was to see Star Wars for the first time.

Since my mom and sister were not to interested, I got to sit in the passenger seat (a huge honor) and my dad and I watched Star Wars together while we ate popcorn, hot dogs and drank big cokes with the crushed ice in it. I will never forget how the opening music of Star Wars (DAAAAHHHH-duh-duh-duh...) sounded from that little speaker hanging in the window.

When it was over, my mom and sister went to sleep on the couch (it pulled out into a bed) and my dad and I watched the whole movie again.
2006-04-05 09:42:18 AM  
I remember watching 'Conan the Barbarian' with my dad when I was 9 or 10 and loving it. The next day he called me into his workshop because he'd made me a child size wooden sword and shield.
He had drawn a funny looking dragon on the shield and fastened drainpipe holders for my arms to go through on the back. I destroyed many trees in the yard after that.
It wasn't as fun when he bought me a whip after seeing Indiana Jones. I had marks on my legs for ages from trying to work that thing.
2006-04-05 09:50:03 AM  
At the age of three I was old enough to go camping with my brother and his friends, who in a stroke of genius decided to build a "candle" out of some old cans, rope, and GAS. Turns out gas fumes explode, and I spend the rest of the summer in the burn unit. Good times, good times.
2006-04-05 10:07:55 AM  

This was my best friend as a small child.

at least it didn't beat me up like my brother did.

2006-04-05 10:14:39 AM  
Hmm, childhood memories. You mean something like hardly being able to talk and pissing in the fridge?
2006-04-05 10:14:48 AM  
I remember going to a Brewer's game (baseball) with my sister. She was 6 years older than me and was very smart and atheletic- she was awesome. Anyway, the game was great-the Brewer's won, there was a grand slam, and best of all, I caught a foul ball.

She was killed a few years later when she was hit by a car while running, and in some ways I've never been the same.

It was good to write that down.
2006-04-05 10:25:51 AM  
-one of the few times it snowed here in austin (1984) - 1 inch i think. i was 4, living in an apartment, and wanted to build a snowman sooo bad. the maintenence guy at the complex shoveled all the snow he could for me, and i built my little 18in tall snow man, and used a plastic toy hot dog for a nose

-my mom loves road trips, and i remember we would always wake up at 3 am to leave a 4am or so - i remember the smell of the coffee in the thermos and the dew on the trees as we drove down the highway

-going to port aransas almost every summer weekend for about two years....catching catfish, stingray and crabs and walking the beach for seashells.... many sunburns later :)
2006-04-05 10:27:12 AM  
not having a care in the world.
2006-04-05 10:29:44 AM  
We lived very close to my aunt and uncle and cousins on a rural acreage. Our cousins had a go-cart, which gave them endless pleasure. We were poor growing up, so it never occurred to me that it was within the realm of possibility that my brother and I could have one.

One day I came home from school and heard the go-cart buzzing around. My mom told me to go look out the window. There was my dad riding our cousins' go cart. It didn't make any sense to me, then I noticed the color was wrong. And then I realized that our parents had bought us a go-cart. It wasn't Christmas, and it wasn't anybody's birthday. They just did it.
2006-04-05 10:31:59 AM  
My folks got divorced when I was three. I don't remember that. I used to wish Fonzie was my real dad. Then I got sad because the Cunninghams made him live in the garage. So I'd leave cookies in our garage. Then the raccoons came...

If you can name that play, not only do you rule, but you're invited to my production of it on April 29th.

Seriously, my best childhood memory would have to be the "flying shoe game" when I was around 8. I was the only girl in a neighborhood of boys, and we got to joking around one afternoon and began tossing our shoes at each other. Naturally, one boy's shoe wound up on the roof, right before he had to go to karate practice. So, I and this boy I had a crush on went up on the roof to get it, and he kissed me up there. It was sweet.
2006-04-05 10:34:46 AM  
learning how to fish with my grampa - we used to fish all the time at goose island, which was mostly one big oysterbed -one time i was standing on the edge of this boat dock casting my reel, and for some reason the release button didn't release, and the momemtum of the cast pulled me into the water on my knees in the oysterbed.
My grampa says "Your supposed to cast the reel, not yourself girl!"
I still haven't lived that one down 15 years later.
2006-04-05 10:35:48 AM  
As a family of four (my parents, my sister and I), we seldom got along all at once (I know, sad). But the one thing we DID do as a family and always had a blast was this:

Near our house in Milwaukee, there was a "popcorn wagon" that sold some of the best buttered popcorn, fresh-roasted peanuts in the shell, and all kinds of penny candy (yeah, really a penny each - stuff you can't even find nowadays). We'd drive over there in Dad's 1962 Buick Wildcat (it was on Downer Avenue near UW-Milwaukee) and "stock up" (for, like $1.00 for all of us!) and then drive four blocks east to a bluff over-looking Lake Michigan. We'd eat our assorted snacks, then Dad and Mom would sit on a bench and Mary and I would run around like, well, like kids. We'd stay until just before sunset (this was always in the summer). I think those are the only times when all 4 of us would get along. Mom and Dad are long gone (1989-1990) and I refuse to talk to my sis (haven't in over 5 years) because she turned into this psycho biatch from hell, abusive as shiat and always pissed off at the world.
2006-04-05 11:05:16 AM  
My mother had not many navigation abilities, even after we'd moved to the square-grid 'city' of Indianapolis. The following dialogue occurred in 1998, when I was 14:

Mom: "I'm lost, I'm trying to find my doctor's office on 71st St."
Me: "Where are you now?"
Mom: "Well, I was on 86th St., but now it looks like it's turned into County Road 1000E and I'm out in the middle of the cornfields!"
Me: "Well, turn around, go back, and take a right on one of the north-south roads - like Township Line Rd. - take that to 71st, and then go left until you hit Ditch Rd., where you said your doctor's office was."
Mom: "Huh? I've been driving down 86th, looking for 71st."

Me (thinking to self): "Well, you could keep going down 1000E, it might eventually intersect 71st somewhere."

[For those of y'all from the East who can't figure this out, all numbered streets in Indianapolis/Marion County run virtually perfectly east-west, much like numbered streets in many cities' downtowns.]
2006-04-05 11:09:11 AM  
I spent a good few summers watching foals being born. My grandparents -both gone now- raised racers for the local tracks. So I never wanted a pony growing up, I had a full barn of racers and companion horses to hang out with. I grew up around jockeys, gamblers, horse traders, and probably even a couple of mafia dudes, and I'm sad to say I barely have any memories of those parts.

But still, being a seven year old on top of a GIGANTIC FREAKING HORSE that can book like a Camaro out a gate is pretty damn cool.
2006-04-05 11:10:51 AM  
One of the best threads ever. Makes me really hope I get to have a kid.

My best:

Walking the 2 miles down to the bank of the Ohio River with my dad and his .22 pistol. We'd pick up bottles and anything else that would float on the walk down, lob them into the river, then try to sink them.

Hot summer nights where it was so hot it was unbearable for my sister and I to sleep in our bedrooms which used to be an attic. On those rare nights we'd get to sleep in my parents bedroom, the only room with an air conditioner, on the floor in sleeping bags.

Staying home sick from school and lying in my parents waterbed watching GI Joe all day.

Climbing trees. All of them.

Sled riding in the summer on slag piles and insanely steep hills. I was another of those innumerable kids that disappeared during the day and reappeared at dust. I'm sad as hell this won't happen for my kid if I ever have one because all his/her parents fear the kidnapper boogiemen that exist less today than then.

My cousin (same age) and I jumping our bikes over ramps placed not at the bottom of hills, but at the top... the air we got was epic.

Holding on to the very peak of a pine tree in our backyard as the wind whipped and raged.

Wearing a watch and it making me feel responsible.

Waking to 8" of snow outside my window, hearing that school has been delayed, then curling back to sleep in my warm bed. Waking up a couple hours later, masturbating and playing Phantasy Star 2 all day.

Being left home alone.

Saving up $50 (over MONTHS) in a Band-Aid tin, preordering Zelda 2, and being overcome with excitement when my parents said it wasn't too late to go get it when Toys R Us called at 7PM to say it was in.

NES. Vic-20. Oregon Trail. Beating my cousin so bad at videogames he threw a fit at my grandparents house. Skipping Bible School and staying with my aunt.

There's too many! Memories that would be trivial to lots of people, bad to some, they're fantastic to me. I had pets, they lived and they died, and it was sad at the time, but it's part of the entire experience and I choose to cherish them all.

A sad one just to prove I'm not a total positivity psycho: I was trying to bounce a soccer ball 100 times in a row, was up to about 60, and my dad came in and bounced the ball away wanting to play with me. I blew up and yelled at him. He yelled back that he just wanted to play with me, and was very obviously extremely hurt that I'd reacted so badly to him... I still feel bad about that and wish I hadn't done it.

/still a kid at 27
//still making memories learning rock climbing with my dad
///those with no/bad memories have lack of perspective
2006-04-05 11:28:39 AM  
Growing up, we lived right by Disneyland. Every night I'd get to watch the Disneyland fireworks before going to bed.
2006-04-05 11:32:40 AM  
Playing flash light tag until midnight during the summers (yes, my parents let us stay out that late). I always played barefoot b/c I never wore shoes in the summer.

Taking a vacation to Ocean City when my sister and I were kids. We live in VA and my grandmother lives in MD so we picked her up on the way there. We stayed at a hotel that had an indoor ice rink.

One Christmas, my sister and I had asked for ten speed bikes. Well, we opened up all of our presents and there were no bikes. My father sent us in our rooms to get dressed and while we were in there he retrieved the bikes that he hid at the neighbor's house. We came out and there were the bikes. That was awesome. Can't wait to do that kind of stuff with our daughter.

Oh yeah and the best one is that every Christmas Eve, after we had gone to bed and were supposed to go sleep, my father would climb out on the roof and stomp around like a reindeer. For years I thought that Santa really landed on our roof. My husband says he is going to use this one on our kids.
2006-04-05 11:43:31 AM  
I was born an adult, full grown up... with 300 pounds

dont have a soul or any memories from a childhood
2006-04-05 11:55:38 AM  
I have tons of 'em.

1) Fishing with my dad. Usually didn't catch anything other than wimpy Bluegill & Crappie, but those were great times. Just sitting on the bank on warm summer days & hanging out.

2) Playing guitar with dad. Music was a huge part of dad's life, as it is mine. He started teaching me how to play when I was maybe 7 or 8. He bought my first electric guitar around that time too. It was a Vox. Later, after I became proficient at it, he bought me a beautiful wine colored Gibson Les Paul with gold hardware, which I'll have 'til I die. Up until he passed away when I was in my 20s, we'd get together every few days & play & record stuff. We had a ball.

3) Mom & Dad were very goofy folk. They were always clowning around & were a lot of fun. One day dad was in the bathroom shaving & combing his hair & stuff. Our bathroom was right off the kitchen & the front door was also in the kitchen. Dad had a partial plate, and while he was in the can, he combed his hair into an Alfalfa-style doo & popped his teeth out. Meanwhile, our landlord stopped by for some reason & had just stepped into the kitched when dad emerged from the bathroom, looking & acting like a tard. Classic.

4) Going to the movies with my big sister. We fought like cats & dogs sometimes, but she looked out for her little brother & we had a lotta fun.

5) When dad had to work late or was gone for some reason, mom did double-duty. She'd play ball with us kids, go on picnics with us, take us to the movies or go on a bike ride with us. I can't imagine a better mom.

I'm very grateful I am for the childhood I had. It wasn't perfect, but I had a great family.
2006-04-05 11:59:37 AM  
I remember one Christmas when I was about seven or eight, which would have made my little sister about five or six. We were both doing the ritual "camp out and wait till dawn* on Christmas eve in my room. Now, I had discovered the truth about Christmas and Santa when I was four and a half and got up and saw my parents putting out our stuff under the tree, so I knew better than to buy into the hype. My sister, though, was right on the edge of belief/disbelief--and therefore ripe for a con.

I had a big brass bell necklace of the jingle-bell-on-a-string type hidden in the bed, and I carefully jingled it. "Did you hear that?" "No..." So I did it again. "I heard it again--didn't you hear it?" "Yeah...!" "It's Santa, he's finally here! Guess he thought we were asleep." She went to get up, and I stopped her. "No, we gotta wait or he won't leave us anything." "Oh...okay." About five minutes pass--or ten centuries, if you're a kid--and then I jingled the bell again, quietly. "He's getting back in his sleigh...just another minute and it's okay." "Okay." Then the jingling got fainter, and "Santa" was gone, so we got up and went into the living room, and of course everything was all laid out, just as I had predicted. She totally bought it.

We played with some of our toys in the room for the next few hours until it was almost time for the folks to get up, and then we put our things back the way they were and closed up open boxes...and then "got up" when Mom came and opened the door. That was a great Christmas.
2006-04-05 12:08:49 PM  
My dad was an artist and during the summer school break, he would sketch charcoal portraits (really well, none of this caricature bullshiat) for the tourists at the "North Pole", which was Santa's village on Whiteface mountain in New York State.
So I, being the youngest, spent my 3rd through 7th summers there. It was farking magical! Everyone treated me like the prince of Santa's Village. I learned how everything worked and was allowed to hang wherever I pleased.
Keep in mind that this was the early 60's and the world was not quite as weird as it is now.
For extra added fun, we would go to the "Land of Make Believe" on my dad's days off. I could ride on the antique go carts and sail on the Billabong Belle all day. I had a tremendous childhood. I still do.
2006-04-05 12:41:56 PM  
This thread is awesome. I want my mommy. And I want kids. Right now.
Seconded. Seconded. and REALLY seconded. I actually told a friend of mine the same thing.."reading this thread makes me want kids...NOW."

We made bottle cap guns out rubber bands and wood, used a jigsaw to make them cool, got into a bottle cap war that escalated to using razor blades, an hour later we were hucking bricks and rocks at each other... by 2 o'clock, I found myself and my little bro (Sepll_cehck) on the back deck melting styrofoam and lighterfluid. I ripped the head off a baby doll and filled it with the greek fire, stuck a piece of ripped shirt in one end and lit it. I quickly lobbed it into the neighbor's yard. The police were over a few minutes later with the neighbor complaing her backyard was on fire. It ended the war. I got my ass beat. Good times.

Where did you live? You and I would have had a grand time (and probably killed each other). My parents shared about 4 or so acres of land in the middle of Indianapolis with my grandparents and an uncle, who both had houses there. It was in a neighborhood FILLED with kids. So two of my best friends (hi David and Brian) and I would build multiple forts all around the property/neighborhood. We started out just building forts, then one day.....

We found a fort that wasnt ours. *Duh duh duuuuuuuuhhhhhh*

And the war was on. It started with rocks, then moved to bottle rockets with bb's glued in the end (so when it blew, it made a projectile like a bullet), roman candles, homemade claymore mines (that actually worked and sprayed bb's and molten play-dough, but not hard enough to hurt someone), pits with unsharpened punji stakes, and bb and pellet guns and rifles.

It is honestly (literally) a miracle that no one got hurt. Especially when both myself and a guy on the "other side" got bows and arrows. We started firing at each other. One day, i was in one of my forts with a friend when we heard the "thunk" of an arrow hitting the old door we used to guard one side, and a piece of metal stuck through the (very thick) door. Turns out the guy had gotten a compound bow AND 3-blade hunting arrows. We were scared, but we didnt stop. We actually mounted an offensive against a guy letting go with REAL HUNTING ARROWS that could have killed us.

Out of all the friends, one became a religious nutjob thanks to his religious nutjob family (with a religious nutjob dad who was also a DEA agent who ironically got high on his busts, cheated on his wife, and beat the dog....but he loved God!!). Another stayed with me through high-school, we lost touch in college. Last I heard, he returned from his second tour with the Peace Corps in Vietnam. He's back in Indy. Another one became a male model and smoked more weed than Marley, eventually dropping out of college and shoving off for who-the-hell knows where.

I also had a friend who blew off his right eye when he threw a paint can on a barbecue and it exploded. The bottom of the can landed squarely on his face. He was a little disfigured and wore a fake eye. Terrible home life, mom's bf used to bring by pints of whiskey and smokes as "gifts" to him when we were like 12. Lost my virginity there to a girl who was 12 (I was 13), and who was planning to take on the whole room, so to speak. She never did.
I was reminiscing with a friend many years later about all the farkups in our life, and how we remained alive when we should by all odds be dead (there are other stories). Brought up Neal (ol' one-eye), and my buddy was like

"Oh yeah, he died. Heroin overdose a couple years ago. Couldnt take life, did it on purpose."

So I thought about my three sisters, and parents, and godmother Sharon, and grandparents, aunts, uncles ad nauseum, and realized how goddamned lucky I was. Not saying childhood was easy for any of us, because a lot of it sucked (and I was a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad kid who REALLY REALLY REALLY should be dead by now), but dammit every day you wake up is a good day.

I really feel bad for folks who didnt have a good childhood. You all are welcome to come to DC and hang out with me. Seriously. Email me, come crash on my couch. You can see the capitol from my street. We'll go get drunk as lords and biatch about the rough patches.
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