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(Some Guy)   Say thanks to the Masai villagers who donated the cattle.   ( divider line
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4093 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jun 2002 at 3:24 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-04 03:03:47 PM  
Tell them to get on the other side of the express way so they too can get picked off like targets in a gun range from CHP.
2002-06-05 03:27:16 AM  
click click clicka click clitty click clack click.

[Kenyan mouth clicking language]
2002-06-05 03:33:47 AM  
"Thank you, and pray we don't forget, else we may bomb you some day."
2002-06-05 03:36:55 AM  
Thanks, but these cows can't pick cotton.

oooh, that wasn't nice
2002-06-05 03:37:57 AM  
Yeah, the CHP would get really pissed if they new who was responsible for the addition of more livestock to the U.S.
2002-06-05 03:53:14 AM  
why would a bunch of african tribesmen need my email address?
anyone sure this isn't a scam to get a huge spamming list?
2002-06-05 04:23:54 AM  
wtf is wrong with you people?
2002-06-05 04:36:47 AM  
Your e-mail address is not a required field for the form. You don't have to put ANY personal infomation.

Just thank them for the fuggin cows, already.
2002-06-05 04:57:14 AM  
My mama all the time used to say that if I have to be made to thank somebody it means I'm not really grateful. No thanks.
2002-06-05 04:58:24 AM  
i dont like cows, and i'm not american
2002-06-05 05:07:55 AM  
Ya don't get it do ya?

These tribesmen are offering their most prized and sacred possesion to the American people in order to show them that they care. To the average American, it is like giving up their car or house. In Kenya, Masai tribesmen are judged for their wealth by how many cows they own so to give a cow to someone is a great gift indeed.
2002-06-05 05:10:51 AM  
Hmm, I wonder whether these Masai have seen that famous South Park episode about Afghanistan...

Oh, and for you ignorant prickheads: &*&*^^*^^^^%*^
2002-06-05 05:28:20 AM  
Oh my god, do we need to move some firemen out of the way so we can start worshipping these Masai people? Keep it moving, pilgrims, keep it moving.
2002-06-05 05:30:30 AM  
I didn't get a cow. Where's my Goddamn cow?
2002-06-05 05:43:08 AM  
I'm done with my childish selfishness for now. Today I will eat a burger in honor of the Masai. I'll try and ignore the fact that it's hormone-laden genetically-engineered beef with soy filler, and pretend that it's good, honest, real Masai beef.

I want my cow!
2002-06-05 05:44:59 AM  
Ya wanna Mad Cow?????
Go here...
2002-06-05 05:46:41 AM  
Go here
2002-06-05 05:54:16 AM  
Damn, some of you people are ungrateful asses. From the reactions to the previous articles post, I almost thought good people went to this site.
2002-06-05 06:36:24 AM  
I think these villagers are nifty.
2002-06-05 07:00:25 AM  
wow some of you are ungreatful little pricks. These people gave up something extremely valuble to total strangers who now are making fun of them for it. These people have more honor and morals than many of you, we should be proud that people of this caliber still exist in a world like ours.
2002-06-05 07:14:09 AM  
I would stand by a Masai before i stood next to any French-men. thanks for the support you cheese eating-surrender-monkeys! I am honored and a little shamed by their act, i dont know know if i could give up my most prized possesion to total strangers. The world should listen to the Masai
2002-06-05 07:24:38 AM  
i tried, but the thing kept saying "insert failed"
2002-06-05 07:30:09 AM  
Methinks the site is farked. So I'll say it here! Heartfelt thanks to the Masai from someone (hopefully among many) who doesn't see any reason for asking "what am I going to do with a cow." Truly remarkable, and much more touching than any celebrity weepfest.
2002-06-05 07:43:10 AM  
We hosted some Kenyans from a choir touring the US a few years back, not Masai, but genuinely nice and warm people. The gift is a genuine, pure expression of sympathy and help towards us.
I am sure, that the blessed media will turn this into an absolute CIRCUS. They'll drag some poor Masai onto one of the disgusting afternoon talk shows, we'll have slick-haird, talking heads all over their villages. Probably by the time we are through expressing our "thanks" they will be sorry they ever heard of us.
Why not try to be genuine and just say thank you and return the gesture with kindness at some point. Keerist, I can't wait to see how horrible this all become.
farking media
farking talking heads
farking "what can I do to make ME look good out of this whole thing" people
2002-06-05 07:57:11 AM  
Hey Moooof: It's click click clicka click clitty click clack cluck,not click click clicka click clitty click clack click.

2002-06-05 08:19:52 AM  
What in the hell is the matter with some of you people? A tribe who has essentially NOTHING is giving us their most cherished, most sacred posessions in an act of pure compassion. And you mindless, slackjawed, inbred slugs have the farking audacity to to sit on your bloated, gelatinous asses and make snide, ignorant remarks about them and their gifts.

The Masai may give us cows, but to some of you I would not give the sweat off my testicles if you were dying of thirst.
2002-06-05 08:21:08 AM  
Hayduke you're that girl from Survivor aren't you? Susan?
2002-06-05 08:27:24 AM  
Insert failed?? Noooooo! And I had such a lovely message too.
Thanks for the cows dawg! It really touches all Americans who hear this, and gives me hope that some folk in this world are still decent. Peace out yo!
2002-06-05 08:31:07 AM  
Don't have a cow!
2002-06-05 09:18:06 AM  
Who's gonna sit around and translate 5000 "thanks'" messages, then read them to these people?
2002-06-05 09:19:24 AM  
"thanks for the cow. it was delicious.

I was only hungry enough to eat one steak though, so I had to throw the rest out."
2002-06-05 09:29:38 AM  
why would a bunch of african tribesmen need my email address?
anyone sure this isn't a scam to get a huge spamming list?

Good point. As the creator of the site, I promise I'm not building a spam list; I won't send the email addresses to anyone except the Maasai villagers. If you don't trust me, don't leave an email address; it's optional :)

That said, I should probably put up a privacy policy.
2002-06-05 09:31:26 AM  
i tried, but the thing kept saying "insert failed"

Yep, it was farked for a while this morning; for some reason I used a 7-bit index and the table filled after 127 entries. It's back now.
2002-06-05 09:33:03 AM  
Who's gonna sit around and translate 5000 "thanks'" messages, then read them to these people?

LOL! I'm not sure if anyone will be willing to. If they translate even a dozen and say, "there are 5000 more like this," that would have some of the desired effect, dontcha think?
meg [TotalFark]
2002-06-05 09:36:49 AM  
I know that not all of you read Fark every day. Here is the original thread discussing the Masai donation of cattle. The link to the article is (obviously) at the top. It really was a touching thing. By the comments in that thread, I would have thought this 'thank you' page would have generated a whole heck of a lot more positive comments.
meg [TotalFark]
2002-06-05 09:38:57 AM  
Theotherrob: Thanks for putting up this page. Great idea.
2002-06-05 09:45:26 AM  

you just don't get it, do you? You have my pity
2002-06-05 09:59:50 AM  
Hayduke: No being a Canadian I don't. Not only did we not get any cows, but we didn't get so much as a thanks from the Americans for all the support we provided. But we'd still do it again, thankless job it is.
PS if you really pitied me, you'd send me a steak.
2002-06-05 10:20:16 AM  
Rhiannon - from one New Yorker, Thanks. Canada has always stood by us and been a friend. anybody who gives you shiat is either ignorant or just ribbing you like brothers do
2002-06-05 10:21:08 AM  
It saddens me that some must mock or belittle these people, their way of life, and their gift, which means more to them and more in symbolism and friendship than a thousand tanks, ten thousand guns, or a million bullets.

These people gave from their own source of wealth, food and pride to try and help a people who had been through a tragedy, or at least show their support.

Those of you who are sticking up for the Masai: good for you. Everyone, send a thank you. I know I will as soon as I can think of something really meaningful to say.
2002-06-05 10:50:22 AM  
From the thank you's:

Jason Rizzo (ri­zzo575­[nospam-﹫-backwards]loa*com) from Washington, DC says:
To the kind Masai peoples: I just learned of your sympathetic and heartfelt gesture in response to 9/11. I was truly touched by the bovine gift, and want to express my appreciation for the thought. What is truly inspiring is that, although I do not pretend to know too much about your culture and practices, I understand that you are not a society rich in possessions, and to give such a gift means so much more. Furthermore, it is to your credit that, unlike the stinking French bastards who gave us nothing, you recognized the magnificent tragedy of that most horrifying moment in history. I have more respect for your society than I ever will for the cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys in France. Again, many thanks, and please never let the French think they are better than you are.
2002-06-05 11:02:26 AM  
Thanks, Soupysales. Too fvckin' funny. It's almost like he has Tourette's.
2002-06-05 11:13:20 AM  
The Masai are Heroes!!
2002-06-05 11:13:27 AM  
was this thread heavily moderated? Everyone keeps saying "what the hell is wrong with you people? why are you making fun of them?" When no one is making fun of them.
2002-06-05 11:29:45 AM  
This makes me almost tear up...really

This is better than 5 minutes of silence or sympathetic words from a government leader.

[macho]Daggone BadCRC that was damn funny.[/macho]

p.s. I'm not writing a thank you note
2002-06-05 11:56:44 AM  
What if this was actually part of a con? And all they get is a bunch of emails? Bahhah!
2002-06-05 12:52:18 PM  
This thread could be used as evidence as to why america sucks, remember some screennames next time they get holier then thou again.
2002-06-05 01:02:27 PM  
You can't expect any rational thought from Hytes Xian, he is from texas. Every knucklehead in our country comes from there.
2002-06-05 01:34:43 PM  
More people have commented on this board than have signed the thing. How...uh...typical.
2002-06-05 01:51:55 PM  
right now there are 369 thank yous on there
there are 25k+ farkers
just sign it already
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