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(Some Guy)   What if your mobile home got NASCAR-style corporate sponsors?   ( divider line
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5671 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2006 at 11:36 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-31 10:10:23 AM
Agreed, AVG. Ain't got much on this one.
2006-03-31 10:37:46 AM
2006-03-31 12:06:17 PM

Quick n dirty, but kinda fun. lol
2006-03-31 05:09:16 PM
2006-04-01 01:58:24 PM
2006-04-01 04:03:39 PM
\these were my collegiate sponsors too
\\thanks imageshack
2006-04-01 05:51:06 PM
2006-04-02 04:30:10 PM
2006-04-04 07:50:45 AM
2006-04-04 01:17:32 PM
2006-04-04 06:44:47 PM
2006-04-04 11:01:04 PM

/with voting.
2006-04-05 06:20:57 PM
2006-04-05 10:56:13 PM
2006-04-06 12:10:35 PM
2006-04-06 12:25:28 PM

With that kind of money, I'd add a new wing to the house!
2006-04-06 12:27:30 PM  
First PS. Be gentle...
2006-04-06 12:32:08 PM
2006-04-06 12:38:31 PM
2006-04-06 12:58:57 PM

// did I use the Ironic tag correctly? I can never tell...
2006-04-06 01:03:07 PM
2006-04-06 01:23:53 PM
2006-04-06 01:36:45 PM
2006-04-06 01:45:16 PM

No pressure, really.

//quick and dirty
2006-04-06 02:48:09 PM  
Never heard of the Mobile, AL connection myself. Good to know - thanks.

And soorry, where are my manners? Here's my "mobile home" Photoshop entry. My first day. My first thread. My first Photoshop. So exciting!

/Popular usage be damned! I demand accuracy in my words! It's ain't mobile until I see it movin'
2006-04-06 03:07:05 PM


ms paint bites
2006-04-06 05:27:48 PM
2006-04-06 07:59:46 PM  
Horrid piece of work using PSP7
2006-04-07 11:54:48 AM  
FoxJeffworthy! The wheels and tires are not USUALLY removed when a trailer has been delivered on site. Atleast in northern Wisconsin teh delivery people are too lazy to remove them or maybe it would cost too much. I have lived on and off in 2 different trailers for 12 years and have been under them many more times then i can count. The axles and tires, what hasn't rotted away, are still there. Plus there is concrete looking skirting on that trailer, how would you know if the tires and axles are still on there. Is that your house? I didn't think so. I have replaced the floors on 2 trailers now, so I have been under them plenty. On both, i wished the axles were gone because they were a biatch to work around. But they were still there. Also, being as the brakes on those trailers are electric, it would take too long and be too much work to take them off after every delivery. When those trailers are dropped off, the brake wires, some of the lights, and the hitch are almost always attached. Phew!!!!
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