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(SFGate)   Viewers prefer reruns of old sitcoms rather than new shows such as "Charlie Sheen Cracks a Smirk" and "Everybody Loves a Fat Guy With a Hot Wife"   ( divider line
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8887 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Mar 2006 at 11:40 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-24 09:13:50 AM  
Heh heh I like this headline.
2006-03-24 09:18:36 AM  
Yes. I too agree this is genius headline.
2006-03-24 09:35:51 AM  

/and so farking SICK of the hot wife + fat guy trend
2006-03-24 11:01:12 AM  
Dear CBS: This is your fault. You suck.
2006-03-24 11:43:29 AM  
This is true.
2006-03-24 11:43:37 AM  
Fantabular headline!
2006-03-24 11:43:54 AM  

Do you mean they like watching reruns of "Charlie Sheen Cracks a Smirk"? Or the current show "Charlie Sheen Cracks a Smirk?"

2006-03-24 11:43:57 AM  
Better than hot guy and fat wife. I just don't watch sitcoms, haven't had a reason to since Seinfeld was on.
2006-03-24 11:44:19 AM  
It is the complete truth.

/someone re-run that series V from the 80s
//it was hella dope
///now with 50% more slashies!
2006-03-24 11:44:23 AM  
Didn't anyone see this coming?
I pay extra to watch the older tv shows on the older tv channels.
As soon as the execs saw that people would pay for good older stuff, most of the stuff on regular cable became instant suckage..
2006-03-24 11:44:37 AM  
Hey, I'll take Dick Van Dyke, or the original Bob Newhart show over any of the current crap. Er, crop.
2006-03-24 11:44:54 AM  
People still watch network TV?
2006-03-24 11:45:19 AM  
What about "Don't go There!" or "Talk to the Hand"

/from back when the Simpsons were still funny
2006-03-24 11:45:32 AM  
the only show I watch on the the major channels is the office.
2006-03-24 11:45:49 AM  
Only time the hot wife/fat guy is funny is in cartoons, and then, very rarely
2006-03-24 11:46:11 AM  
Sheen believes it is part of a government conspiracy involving the Knight Templar, David Hasselhoff, and the Maytag Corporation.
2006-03-24 11:46:25 AM  
My wife and I enjoy "Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #19L4". It's Funtastic!

/Oh no he DI'INT!
2006-03-24 11:47:04 AM  
oops, I meant

/You cheeky bastard!
2006-03-24 11:48:03 AM  
I gotta say, "The Loop" and "Free Ride" rock.
2006-03-24 11:48:08 AM  
If it weren't for the drugs, none of it would be watchable. With the drugs, even Gilligan is funny.
2006-03-24 11:48:09 AM  
Hot wife -- yet to see that actually
2006-03-24 11:49:09 AM  
Hollywood is dead.
2006-03-24 11:50:25 AM  
The only way the fat guy/hot wife thing is good is if I end up with a hot wife.

/watches Scrubs and My Name is Earl, that's about it for current shows
//and Cheap Seats
2006-03-24 11:51:24 AM  
C0rf: /someone re-run that series V from the 80s
//it was hella dope
///now with 50% more slashies!

That shiat's on AOL's site for free now.

\ya heard
2006-03-24 11:51:52 AM  
I preferred "Arrested Development" compared to the other crap out there, so much for that.
Now, "The Office" is really all there is in terms of good comedy shows. Unless you count "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report".

If we are talking traditional sitcoms, the CBS has nothing, that "New Adventures of Old Christine" wasn't too bad, Julia-Louis Dreyfus is still hot and all. CBS churns out crap season after season.

FOX has sh*t, "That 70's Show" jumped the shark long ago and all the other good sitcoms FOX has had were cancelled way too early, "Andy Ricther Controls the Universe", "Titus", "Greg the Bunny", "Undeclared"... the list goes on and on with FOX.

NBC has "The Office" which is getting better and better, "Scrubs" which I don't watch much, but have liked in the past, "My Name Is Earl" is slightly amusing, but it only leads into "The Office". The rest of the peacock's shows are tripe.

Um, "The Office", "The Office", "The Office".
2006-03-24 11:52:01 AM  
I have the entire series "WKRP in Cincinnati" on DVD. I'll watch that any day over anything on TV now.

\Bailey was the hot one
\\more news and Les Nessman
2006-03-24 11:52:05 AM  
Hot wife -- yet to see that actually

"Yes, Dear"

Granted, the husband is a whiny, skinny puss.
2006-03-24 11:52:22 AM  
There is a simple solution to the problem of nothing good on TV.

2006-03-24 11:52:58 AM  
Odd the article had no mention of Rodney Carrington's show on ABC(?) That show is brilliant. Redneck Nascar Humor with a hint of homophobia. Watching Network TV is like going to the mall. I hate doing it, but its fun to look at the disgusting masses.
2006-03-24 11:53:55 AM  
if it ain't on comedy central, you are wasting your time and your brain.
2006-03-24 11:53:57 AM  
My Name is Earl and sometimes Scrubs is about the only thing I'll watch broadcast now.

Other than, it's the shows on FX, HBO, or regular movies.

/Pumped for the next season of Nip Tuck
2006-03-24 11:54:01 AM  
We got "House, M.D." and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." And without this plague upon the earth known as "American Idol," they're on back-to-back on Tuesdays.
2006-03-24 11:54:42 AM  
I, too, love the headline.

What bothered me was that Everybody Loves Raymond was on that list of old shows that people are tuning into. Of course, they don't count The Simpsons as a sitcom - my choice for old shows (even though still running) to tune into.
2006-03-24 11:54:45 AM  
I'm convinced that there's an industry providing super-technical bras to tv show producers. Even covered in a sweater, Leah Remini's rack is weirdly hypnotic.
2006-03-24 11:54:57 AM  
The side-boob hour.
2006-03-24 11:55:19 AM  
bung ho: I'll take Dick Van Dyke

I'll take his wife.
2006-03-24 11:55:59 AM  
Led Gopher: "Titus"

Titus was like Rosanne on crack. People weren't ready for that much dysfunction in one family on a sitcom yet.

Had Titus premied this year or last year, you can be damn sure it would have been an overnight hit.
2006-03-24 11:56:03 AM  
Second the comment about Scrubs and My Name is Earl - its the only 2 shows on during the evenings that me and my wife make time to watch together.
2006-03-24 11:56:25 AM  
Perhaps the sheer number of old sitcoms running 27/7 has more to do with number of viewers than anything. Seinfeld is on six times per day here while a new show is only on once per week (excluding Idol of course).

I really don't notice the fat guys. Too busy ogling the hot chicks.... Except for that one on that one show with the UPS guy- she's fatter than him now.
Fap fap fappity fap fap
2006-03-24 11:56:45 AM  
Their very act of trying to pander to everyone to boost ratings is what is killing them. Making a show about "everyman" that everyone sorta kinda likes is boring... TV is supposed to be "better" than real life in an escapist sense. Giving our lives right back to us defeats the purpose. Why can't they do this? They give new shows, what, 3 or 4 episodes before they cancel? And even then they are the same show, different actors. That is not enough time to grow an audience... they want either a show that everyone immediately sort of likes, or a flashpan sensationalist hit. No new comedic insight or innovative humor, just boring pablum.
2006-03-24 11:56:54 AM  
Of course, it couldn't have *anything* to do with the fact that the shows that they're talking about were the best sitcoms of the era, as opposed to having to wade through the 90% of crap that's out now.

I mean, it was 90% crap then, too, but it's the 10% decent stuff (well, and Friends) that's still airing.
2006-03-24 11:57:19 AM  
robsul82: We got "House, M.D." and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." And without this plague upon the earth known as "American Idol," they're on back-to-back on Tuesdays.

That's why the good lord invented DVRs

/3 tuner box
//Can record two at once while watching another
///Not that I really get the chance to, just isn't enough interesting TV
2006-03-24 11:58:06 AM  
Everybody Loves a Fat Guy With a Hot Wife

Whew, ok so I'm the only one who notices that
2006-03-24 11:58:35 AM  
For us here in Canuckland, I gotta say that Corner Gas is pretty damn good.

On the subject, we would be happy to share our new hit sitcom with our friends to the South, on the condition that they agree to keep both Bryan Adams and Celine Dion for eternity.
2006-03-24 11:58:59 AM  
I don't watch sitcoms anymore. The Shield, 24, House and Rescue Me are my required viewing.

Although I did find It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to be a riot. I heard it's coming back for more... is this true?
2006-03-24 11:59:32 AM  
I kinda like "Two and a Half Men" and "How I Met your Mother" (Cobie Smulders and Ashley Williams are teh hott.) They're not great shows, but they're entertaining.

My main problem with not checking out new sitcoms is that every time I change to the ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. channels there is a reality show on. To me it's not worth the trouble to check periodically and see if there is an interesting sitcom going on.
2006-03-24 11:59:35 AM  
I watch Night Court and Seinfeld reruns all the time.
The new sitcoms suck so bad it hurts.

so predictable, so retarded.
The sitcoms got a little boost when they started having the token gay guy but that even ended.
2006-03-24 12:00:00 PM  
Oh man..did you see the one where the guy was listening through the door and thought they were having sex, but really they were just baking a cake or something, then there were all sorts of innuendos and double meanings???

That one was classic!!!!
2006-03-24 12:01:25 PM  
No love for George Lopez? Ok, he's not fat but his wife is smokin' hot.
2006-03-24 12:01:26 PM  
The best episode of Fat Guy/Hot Wife was when Doug had his "Upstairs Wife", his "Downstairs Wife", and his "Stadium Wife".
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