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(BBC)   Hi everybody, chiropractors are a waste of time and money   ( divider line
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24711 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2006 at 12:45 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-22 12:56:22 PM  
My grandfather says that in the day....they had no chiropractors...they just laid down in front of wagontrains....and they liked it.
2006-03-22 12:56:57 PM  
Hi Dr Nick!!!!

///Yous are slow
////And passionate about this
2006-03-22 12:57:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-22 12:57:16 PM  
Bill_Wick's_Friend: A friend of the family is a chiropractor, and he never suggests chiropracty as suitable for anything but back pain or related problems. I can't imagine that if I asked this guy what I should do about my asthma he would recommend a spinal adjustment.

But I did work with a girl who said her best friend was killed when a chiropractor messed up her adjustment and broke her neck, so...I don't really know what to think about the whole thing.
2006-03-22 12:57:29 PM  
I don't care what anyone says

I don't care what you say.
2006-03-22 12:57:31 PM  
Hint to all who benefit from chiropractors: you can get the massage without the mystical subluxation voodoo and danger of spinal injury elsewhere.

(Ok, so they'll probably have aromatherapy or crystals or do ear candling or reflexology or colonic cleansing or something. Why is it so hard to find massage without mysticism?)
2006-03-22 12:57:39 PM  
For all those who keep insisting that chiro worked for them could I refer you to this from Wikipedia:

The placebo effect (Latin placebo, "I shall please"), also known as non-specific effects and the subject-expectancy effect, is the phenomenon that a patient's symptoms can be alleviated by an otherwise ineffective treatment, since the individual expects or believes that it will work. Some people consider this to be a remarkable aspect of human physiology; others consider it to be an illusion arising from the way medical experiments were conducted.
2006-03-22 12:57:40 PM  
you folks who benefit from chiropractic, that's great and i don't doubt your experiences.

but you have to ask, what exactly is the doctor doing, from a scientific point of view? are his ministrations doing something concrete to your nerves or bones or muscles? remember, there is the placebo effect. and people do feel better after massage or physical therapy. are you sure it's not that?
2006-03-22 12:58:07 PM  

Hey, I'd have loved to stay on for a longer duration. She happened to be engaged, but liked to flirt (I'd unzip my pants, pull them down so she could access my coccyx with her belt-sander two-handed back vibrator...mmmm). I also had baseball tryouts for some teams, and then college baseball season to worry about.

I didn't want to die because of one wonderous sexual fling.

I regret that decision now.
2006-03-22 12:58:21 PM  
On my 10th birthday, I was in a car accident and got some nasty whiplash. A few days later I complained to my mother that my whole back hurt. She took me to the chiropractor, who said I was out of whack from the whiplash.

He twisted me about and I went off like an AK. Everything was fine after that.

I guess I just needed my back popped. Now, I pop my back several times a day with the help of a brunette gypsy dancer, but that's another story all together.
2006-03-22 12:58:23 PM  
I for one am on the pro-chiropractor side.

I have had chronic back pain since my early 20s. At times, the pain was so bad that I could not stand up straight or walk properly. After various visits to standard doctors, who diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease and whose only "treatment" was a bottle of Motrin, I found a good chirporactor. After about six visits with him, the pain relief was immense. He recommended followup adjustments from time to time but did not pressure me into more visits than I really needed. So, now I just go when I feel some pain - about once every six months to a year.

So yes, if you have back pain, definitely look into chiropractic. Stay away from quacks that claim that "subluxation" is the root cause of all sorts of ailments - it isn't. And don't let anyone fool you into going for monthly "maintenance adjustments." And, obviously, not all back problems can be addressed. But, chiropractic sure did wonders for mine!
2006-03-22 12:58:54 PM  
""she needs lifts in her shoes due to a almost 2 inch difference in leg length""

I mean, put a 2" lift in one of your shoes and I defy you to walk without EVERYONE noticing it.
2006-03-22 12:59:01 PM  
Its another field where there's plenty of scam artists among the few doctors that actually do good.

My wife has all of the ribs on her right side permanently seperated (a ceiling fell on her head), and often one of her ribs will slip out of place to the degree that you can feel it almost at her collarbone. The only osteopath in the area doesn't have the physical strength to realign her so the only way for her ribs to get realigned is through physical readjustment, be it a chiropractor or PT.

My aunt had a pinched nerve in her shoulder that was successfully treated by a chiropractor.

So, in other words, caveat empor.
2006-03-22 12:59:07 PM  
An-Unnecessarily-Long-Name: Its helped me a lot.

I use to have lower back pain for years from lifting a lot- but its all gone now after visiting the Chiropractor once a month.

yes, and that's the only think it can help with, back and neck pain, the problem is there are a ton of shysters out there that claim it can be used for a ton of other shiat
2006-03-22 12:59:30 PM  
First is said that it's good for treating back pain.. then it said it's good for nothing! I know people that it's helped with backpain, which seems like the only logical thing that it would help in the first place.
2006-03-22 12:59:33 PM  
Chiros are good for a few specific things, like fixing your back enough for you to begin to undertake a long-term fix by strengthening your back muscles.

When they claim they can help your liver with spinal manipulation they are farking kooks.
2006-03-22 01:00:16 PM  
I don't trust any practicioner that makes me watch a video that will convince me they are legitimate before they start. also, the release thye make you sign is a joke. And half the training is about marketing. Google is your friend.
2006-03-22 01:00:50 PM  
Most female physical therapists are hot.

/all female physical therapists do not find a request for a "happy ending" funny.
2006-03-22 01:00:57 PM  
WTF, they are real? I thought that whatsisname was making a joke, by lifting principles from Scientology or something and saying it was from chiropractry.

/now I want to see a Scientologists vs. chiropractors flame war!
2006-03-22 01:01:03 PM  

It was a high-dollar place, and it was only that cheap because it was 15 years ago, and we had great health insurance at the time. A lot of the areas college athletes also went there.

There may have been a VIP room, though, but I never got the chance to see if it it existed.
2006-03-22 01:01:20 PM  
The headline's a bit misleading; why would anyone think a chiropractor would solve your hayfever allergy? WTF?
2006-03-22 01:01:53 PM  
What exactly does aromatherapy, reflexology, and other such things have to do with mysticism, darksalami?
2006-03-22 01:02:04 PM  
I twisted my pelvis while..... (sigh) running stairs. I wish I had a crazy sex story, but nope.. it popped out of place while doing stair sprints.

woke up the next day, could not stand up-right. Went to "Real" Doctor who told me nothing he could do, recomended visit to chiropractor. Chiropractor popped it back into place and recommend weekly visits. (@ 50 bucks a pop) I went 3 times a week for about a month until pain subsided 100%. I fully believe in the value of a *Trustworthy* Chirpractor.

Follow up - was lifting weights 6 months later when problem re-occured. Repeated Chiropractic care, pain subsided about 90%. Not as flexible, Back pain shows up *stinging* fromt time to time- probably need Back Surgery, but at 25 thats not a risk or cost I am willing to take/afford.
2006-03-22 01:02:05 PM  
I have mixed ideas about chiros.... I saw one for hockey injuries and it didn't help much.. but there has been times where my father lied down to stretch his injured back and was not able to get up from the floor without a house call from our friendly local chiro.
2006-03-22 01:02:22 PM  
albo: and people do feel better after massage or physical therapy. are you sure it's not that?

As a massage therapist, I can honestly say that what *I* do, at least, is give people the benefit of touch. I can't tell you how many times I get clients saying, "Just pound on me, rip me apart! I need a good hard rubdown!", when in fact, the real benefit is upped circulation, muscle stretching, and the feeling of being nurtured.

That said? Chiros are a crock o' shiat, in my opinion.
2006-03-22 01:02:25 PM  
ciro worked for me too. i injured my back playing basketball to the point i couldn't even stand. After a ride to the hospital a MD coudn't find the problem and sent me home to rest. the next day I went to a ciro and he took an xray and found something got pinched in my spine. after one session i was back on my feet with no pain.
2006-03-22 01:02:34 PM  
They do fine as long as you only go for back/spine/neck related issues. Once they start trying to sell you on "herbal remedies" it's time to find a new one.
2006-03-22 01:03:20 PM  
All I'm saying is that, three weeks ago I could barely climb steps at my office.

Yesterday I was able to do my job without having to take a sit break every 10 minutes.

Screw you 'evidence' my back's feeling the best it has in 3 years.
2006-03-22 01:03:21 PM  

My issue with Chiro is simply this:

If I get an infection, I go to a doctor. The doc will prescribe me something to try and ELIMINATE WHAT IS WRONG.

If I get a back-ache, and I am sent to a chiro, they will only offer a TEMPORARY relief of the pain, which will of course necessitate repeat visits. Whatever the underlying problem is never corrected.

One is actually trying to cure me, one is trying to make feel better for a few weeks. I'd rather take the cure for $100 Alex...

You have obviously never had back problems. Unless its a severe problem requiring surgery, doctors can't do shiat except give you some pills and maybe a coritzone shot - they are selling temporary relief as well.
2006-03-22 01:03:33 PM  
one of the clearest signs of pseudo-science medicine is that the arguments in favor of it concentrate on anecdotal experience of the patients, rather than the actual science method involved.

yes, i'm looking up thread at lots of you
2006-03-22 01:03:35 PM  
2006-03-22 01:05:17 PM  
bigd29: Screw you 'evidence' my back's feeling the best it has in 3 years.

RTFA, it said spinal manipulation was not effective for any condition except for back pain
2006-03-22 01:05:25 PM  
Submitter sees a proctologist for headaches.

Of course, Chiropractic isn't a cure-all.
Still nothing is better for getting the back in line.
2006-03-22 01:05:27 PM  
From my three visits to a chiropractor I am in complete agreement with the headline. Not even going to waste time reading tfa.
2006-03-22 01:05:31 PM  
2006-03-22 12:30:27 PM Gwendolyn

My brother in law is one. I have more education than him and he insists everyone calls him Doctor. He's such a jackass.

You have a college degree plus 4 years of post-graduate studies, Gwen? Cause if you don't, your jackass brother-in-law does indeed have more education than you.
2006-03-22 01:05:32 PM  
You folks need to find a good chiropractor. If it wasn't for mine I wouldn't be able to feel my hands.

You wouldn't believe my before and after x-rays... I wish I had .jpgs of them so I could post them.

Here's a clue... if he/she isn't a doctor... they probably don't know what they're doing.

"Uh... you have no curvature in your neck."
2006-03-22 01:05:39 PM  
This lady has something to tell you
2006-03-22 01:05:49 PM  
Chriro is one of the best things I ever did. For back pain and associated problems they are amazing. Any person who goes to them to cure their asthma is a moron and deserves to lose their cash
2006-03-22 01:06:58 PM  
Just to add my two cents worth...
Read this story by someone who loves exposing quacks.
James Randi chiropractor story

As a matter of fact, more of you should check out James Randi's home page
2006-03-22 01:07:11 PM  

RTFA, it said spinal manipulation was not effective for any condition except for back pain

My back's feeling too good to RTFA!

2006-03-22 01:08:15 PM  
I used to think it was 100% fraud, but now I think it's more like 95%. My cousin spent a year going to doctors trying to figure out why something (can't remember what) hurt like hell when he ran. He was a soccer player/coach, so this was a big deal. Out of desperation he went to a chiropractor. Snap! Crackle! Pop! All better.
2006-03-22 01:08:33 PM  
"It was found the data did not show spinal manipulation was effective for any condition - except for back pain where it is superior to sham manipulation, but not better than conventional treatments."

Except conventional treatments involve taking drugs every day until you get better or for the rest of your life...

I went to a chiropracter for three months after a 50 mph driver-door accident. All the conventional doctors wanted to do was give me tylenol 4, they never took an x-ray and even counseled me against doing any kind of physical therapy, which the chiropractor didn't provide but insisted I needed to do on my own if I wanted to get better.

Considering that I was shown exactly where and why my back was hurting, that I felt better immediately, was given information and excercises to strengthen my back and core in order to stabilize my spine, got pampered for 1/2 hour three days a week by the hot massage therapist on staff... I think that the experience and result was entirely worth the amount that the chiropracter charged the insurance company.

Now, I am sure if I walked in off the street I would have paid much more for the same treatment, and that might make a difference in my evaluation of it, and certainly i do scoff at using it for treating asthma and crap like that.
2006-03-22 01:09:05 PM  

Petey4335: and finding out she needs lifts in her shoes due to a almost 2 inch difference in leg length

Ha, that is the oldest chiro trick in the book.

It happens with horses, my mums has to have an extra thick shoe on one hoof to level out his legs. It was causing him chronic back problems, now he's fine. I see no reason why the same problem could not occur in humans.
2006-03-22 01:09:20 PM  
I've heard chiropractors claim they could cure asthma and other illnesses. If they want to be taken seriously, they should stick with the idea that they're doing spinal massage for back pain, and that's it. And they should make their peace (and try to fit in) with the reast of mainstream primary health care.

Now, the ones in my area hold "family days" where they try to lure in parents of young kids with balloons and cake, and scaring the parents with horror stories. If an adult wants to go to a quack, fine, But they should leave the kids the hell out of it.
2006-03-22 01:09:20 PM  
Chiros may be good for certain back pain but certainly not fo unrelated ailments. The ones that are most farked up are the ones who do newborn babies. Them and parents that allow it.
2006-03-22 01:09:27 PM  
Had a great chiro in N'Orleans. Actually he was an acupressurist. Dr Antoine Ky. Little Korean guy, who used to always tell me, "Moose, you're vewy stwong, but out of bawance. All part of big circle. Drink more water." He was a character. I always had to wait a day to let the "adjustment" work, but he always gave me relief.

Just recovered from a bulging disc, L4 or close to it, and was helped in Houston by a really good PT. Gave me an exercise called the "McKenzie Protocol".

Took a couple weeks, but that exercise does miracles, and I never had to take a single drug. Except for the Beer & MJ, which is my self-medication.
2006-03-22 01:09:29 PM  
Here's the first 5 of the 33 Chiropractic Principles

Then there's:

6. In order to achieve 100% Life, auditing using an E-meter is necessary to eliminate the effects of past traumas.

7. Until you are Clear, the body thetans will continue to prevent your happiness.

7. The million-year war against the servants of Xenu has just begun.
2006-03-22 01:09:52 PM  
Count me among the unfortunate few -

Had a manipulation by one of these Quacks that blew two discs in my neck. Agonizing pain and surgery including 6 crews, plate, and 2 disc removal ensues. Not cool. Should've sued for malpractice.

They're ALL QUACKS. Now massage therapy - a good thing with or without the happy ending...
2006-03-22 01:10:08 PM  
Chriro is one of the best things I ever did. For back pain and associated problems they are amazing.

The study suggests that chiro is better than sham procedures for backpain but less effective than "normal" treatments.

I have a female friend who says she practices "guyropractic adjustments" which is taking her boyfriend and twisting and pushing him till he's "fixed."
2006-03-22 01:10:13 PM  
God what ever you do DO NOT get a cortisol shot.

SSP YEa I wouldnt go to a Chiropractor for an ingrown toenail either.
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