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(Some Guy)   As if starving babies wasn't quite enough: introducing vegetarian pet food   ( divider line
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2552 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jun 2002 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-02 02:05:43 AM  
Thank you, Comfortably_Numb. I love that site. ^_^
2002-06-02 02:11:35 AM  
FoamingPipeSnake The point is to minimize and avoid, I suppose there are some vegans on the total purity kick though. As far as shoes go, non-leather shoes aren't hard to find at all. My synthetic wingtips are far more durable than any leather shoes I've ever owned. Same goes for the non-leather sneaks I wear for fencing, which is pretty hard on shoes.
2002-06-02 02:15:23 AM  
The only thing that would give me a orgasum other than sex is a very finely cooked steak. Med. Still sort of bloody. Mmmm
2002-06-02 02:16:38 AM  
I had a problem with my red dog eating poop too and tried that Deter stuff. It didn't work. The only vegetables my dogs will eat is carrots, but they pretty much LOVE meat. They've chased down and eaten birds, rats and as I type they are all gnawing on big juicy pig ears. Yum.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-02 02:16:50 AM  
"we must step away from our meat-eating habits"

Screw that, I like eating meat. I dont care what kind. It could be any animal and I will eat it. Hell if a Bob burger was on the menu at Chilis I would give it a try, medium well of course. No one is going to talk me out of my Rob given right to eat flesh thank you very much.
2002-06-02 02:18:01 AM  
Anyone that thinks that "Humans" control cats is quite stupid. They aren't domestic at all, THEY are the rulers of this planet, and are waiting to eat all the stupid humans that try to give them veggies.

Now go smoke dope and talk about how you solar cels will charge up the world and make world peace only if we give peace a chance.
2002-06-02 02:18:28 AM  
That is the cutest dog picture in the history of dog pictures. I'd buy them dogs a steak.
2002-06-02 02:19:35 AM  
Thanks, they are my babies.
2002-06-02 02:23:07 AM  
Tpopescu: Is there a live pig still attached to those pig ears?
2002-06-02 02:28:07 AM  
Hoosier: No, I am not that cruel. But I did have a pig in high school and dogs and actually attacked it and bit off most of its ears. It was o.k. though.
2002-06-02 02:28:33 AM  
Project-Lamer Cats only think they rule the planet. Put a house cat (or most cats for that matter ) next to a 16' python and we will see who rules who.

And for the metric guy thats 4.88 metres
2002-06-02 02:33:15 AM  
"I will not give my kitty to your food because it might make her sick. "

Station... That's an interesting thing to tell those people
2002-06-02 02:34:21 AM  
I bet nobody has a picture of three CATS posing like the weiner dogs. Cats are just too uncooperative. Well I suppose, maybe if the cats were dead.....Hmmmmmmmmm

I know someone who has 6 cats in a one bedroom appartment. I was visiting once and had my cammera so I tried to get all six cats on the couch for a group picture. The best I could manage was three cats, and lucky for me two of them were sleeping on the couch at the time.
2002-06-02 02:34:54 AM  
I think I need a bigger box.
2002-06-02 02:42:56 AM  
I never feed my dog anything but the best selection of starved babies.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-02 02:44:16 AM  
Tpopescu most of its ears ?

How many ears did it have to start with?
2002-06-02 02:45:23 AM  
I agree with Critical Mass. If bob was seasoned well enough I'd give him a bite. I like my diet of mostly meat ton of potatos and some veggies.

The worst torture that someone could impose on me is to make me a vegatarian.
2002-06-02 02:46:35 AM  
the title is misleading, it has nothing to do with the sicko that starved his kid of nutrition, that guy was crazy... "my wifes breast milk is impure"
2002-06-02 02:48:23 AM  
Lindseyp: They did not take her TWO ears completely off. Just about 3/4 of each.
2002-06-02 02:51:05 AM  
I have a weener dog. He loves to chase down squrrles and birds and eat them on the frount porch.

It really saves on dog food ^_^
2002-06-02 02:53:57 AM  
This stuff has been around for a loooong time...I used to work at a Wild Oats and watched all the yuppies buy this crap.
2002-06-02 02:55:08 AM  
My cats get whatever they beg for. -_-

I usually give them dry cat food, but if they've been exceptionally good (by not leaving anything for me to clean up) they get lactose-free milk, raw and/or cooked hamburger, cooked ham, tunafish, or the odd slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.
2002-06-02 02:59:39 AM  
Raijin Z: Your cats eat better than I do some days
2002-06-02 03:04:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
This biatch will never be a veg-head.
2002-06-02 03:05:58 AM  
Neices: Awesome pic!

Face it, unless you work in a pet food factory or know of a good source to prove otherwise, you don't know what is in pet food. Roadkill it may be.
Does anyone work w/euthanizing large amounts of pets? Where do they really go?
That said, great, I'd love another dog, but it would drive my husband crazy as I'd be cooking for it myself these days.
No advocate of feeding omni's & carns pure veggie diet tho.

Let's keep loser racehorses for our pets & off the plates of the French.
2002-06-02 03:09:12 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
Dog On Crack says "I Love Meat Too!"

2002-06-02 03:22:40 AM  
"Mmmmm, honey, that smells good...what is it?"

"Uh uh! Wait! That's for....oh nevermind, you can have some honey...Zeus won't mind."
2002-06-02 03:34:44 AM  
Babaloo True about not knowing whats in your pets food. Even if you have a carnivore for a pet it also gets what its prey ate as well. The rats my snakes eat are fed dry dog food. The rabbits were fed their food and when I was going to switch to feeding them pigs I am sure they had strange things for food as well. No telling what any of us are really getting.
2002-06-02 03:38:58 AM  
Dogs aren't exactly picky eaters...Face it people, as much as they love you now, if you keeled over dead they'd be gnawing your arm within a few minutes.
2002-06-02 03:45:17 AM  
where are the articles? is drew passed out drunk on the server?
2002-06-02 03:47:52 AM  
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
2002-06-02 03:51:12 AM  
I don't think my dogs would care. My greyhound sniffs through the garbage and drinks out of the toilet, and my rat terrier grabs snacks out of the cats' sandbox. They don't strike me as picky eaters.
2002-06-02 03:55:23 AM  
Please stop beating the dead...

[image from too old to be available]

Or PETA will be coming for YOU!
2002-06-02 04:01:29 AM  
Are vegetarians a natural source of B12 and taurine?
2002-06-02 04:02:03 AM  
Starving babies wasn't quite enough, so he goed to bed. "Good night, crude world," he whispered. Then, gently, he cried hisself to sleep. The old man closed the book and looked down into the child's unfortunate eyes. She looked away, and then, for the first time all day, she spoke. "That wasn't a very nice story," she sighed.
2002-06-02 05:04:16 AM  
2002-06-02 05:08:40 AM  
I love the nutsack kitten!! Brilliant!!!
2002-06-02 05:10:31 AM  
What I find interesting aswell is, what exactly do we humans eat when we eat...ham...sausages...pastry...

on second thought I'd rather not want to know...
2002-06-02 05:16:04 AM  
Boxerbiatch: Sweet pic. I love boxers, I can't wait until I move to a place that allows dogs so I can get one.
2002-06-02 05:21:53 AM  
Once again I ask the question, where is the actual evidence behind what they claim goes into pet food?

There's a very simple answer to this whole debate. One word:


If you're intelligent and have common sense you can work it out for yourself. For those who don't get it, I'm truely sorry and I hope you remember to look both ways before crossing the street... oh, and don't look into the sun...
2002-06-02 06:20:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-02 06:22:20 AM  
They put roadkill in dog food? Big deal. Do you know what your average pet dog would do if he came across roadkill? He'd munch on it, completely oblivious to oncoming traffic. At least these companies keep your pet safe by processing and packaging the roadkill for you! Damned vegetarian ingrates!

My dogs have eaten turtle shiat, insects, their own feces and vomit, and possibly worse. Confronted with the evidence of the contents of their standard dog food, if they could comprehend the information and give a spoken reply, I believe their response would be "so?"
2002-06-02 06:27:29 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-02 06:57:21 AM  
Why hasn't PETA done anything about this crisis? It's right under our noses!! OUR PETS ARE WEARING FUR!!! My god!!

I threw red paint on my dog in protest. He just sort of looked at me funny and started shaking to dry off, thereby redecorating my living room. Pets, will they ever learn the error of their ways?
2002-06-02 07:00:57 AM  
DISCLAIMER: No animal was hurt in the previous post.
2002-06-02 08:25:50 AM  
Vegetarians disturb me. Vegans... well, that's like vegetarians times two. I don't know what it is, but I don't want to get my daily protein intake from peanuts. Weird...
2002-06-02 08:42:03 AM  
My dog is a fat little chihuahua(he looks like a seal), and he loves veggies. I've seen him eat carrots, green beans, peppers, onions(they're harmful?! crap!), corn, broccoli, water chesnuts, peas, bean sprouts and maybe some others I'm forgetting. And no, these veggies were not always part of a meat dish, he'll sometimes eat them seperately.

My dog is wierd, though.
2002-06-02 08:55:04 AM  
The PETA weenies have one of their big HQs across the road here and had a hissy last year when someone broke in and trashed their offices. They were also pretty upset when no one in the area seemed to give a flying fizzuck, this despite PETA's
knee-jerk cheerleading of radical animal rights weirdos who do the same in
govt./corp./univ. labs (yeah, release into the wild injured/doped-up animals
who've had all natural instincts bred out of them, quite the smart move for
ski-mask-wearing bipedal monkeys...).

Bible thumpers and veggie huggers: understand that most folks respect your right to your beliefs, but would much rather prefer you had the decency to keep them to yourself.
2002-06-02 08:58:24 AM  
My dog preferred oranges to balogna, but nothing beat a chunk of deer carcass, especially if he'd bury it somewhere for a few days to putrefy to perfection
2002-06-02 09:57:51 AM  

Does it say in there that this is a vegetarian pet food? From that article I get that this Evolution Diet is a new kind of pet food that uses better quality meat, rather then all of that crap they listed above. Which if it's true that they really use road kill, it's no wonder canned dog food smells so God awful!
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