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(CNN)   Forecasters say low pressure area seen leaving Philly area is actually T.O.   ( divider line
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271 clicks; posted to Sports » on 14 Mar 2006 at 3:57 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-14 04:01:21 PM  
Oh please, oh please go to Dallas!
2006-03-14 04:01:29 PM  
buh bye.
2006-03-14 04:05:02 PM  
Good, maybe he'll go fark up some other team now.
2006-03-14 04:11:33 PM  
burber: Oh please, oh please go to Dallas!

Oh please, oh please go to Washington!

/No Jerry,please stay away...for fark's sake, STAY AWAY!
2006-03-14 04:11:45 PM  
Oh please, oh please go to Dallas!
Man the gameday "me-me-me" fireworks between T.O. and Keyshawn would be fun to watch.
2006-03-14 04:14:42 PM  
Keyshawn has already been cut.
2006-03-14 04:15:22 PM  
Chuck Norris must be crying in Philly. How else can you explain the Eagles getting rid of cancer?
2006-03-14 04:16:00 PM  
barkey2006: please go to Washington!

Sorry, we're full up with receivers. :)
Enjoy the cancer that is T.O.
2006-03-14 04:17:16 PM  
Now the Eagles can win again.
I am hoping for a trade to get Javon Walker.
2006-03-14 04:18:29 PM  
Thanks Fumuunda I just saw that. Damn. Ya have to admit it would've been a blast to see though.
2006-03-14 04:24:30 PM  
I wouldn't call any situation with TO in my beloved Cowboys uniform as a blast, unless it was his leg doing a Theisman.
2006-03-14 04:29:28 PM  
So Dallas has an opening for a loudmouth dickhead receiver.
2006-03-14 04:32:31 PM  
Au contraire, Fumuunda, his leg doing a Theismann would be a wonderful, wonderful thing....

\Pats & Steelers fan
\\just when i thought it was safe to not hate the 'Skins again after they got rid of Spurrier... they go & do it again....
2006-03-14 04:32:35 PM  
It would be farkin great if he went to hilarious to watch him destroy the Cowgirls for a change, while us Birds fans just sit back and laugh at it...the Broncos would also be acceptable, cause I farkin hate them too...
2006-03-14 04:33:25 PM  
Man, who are we going to blame for our sucky season now?
2006-03-14 04:36:38 PM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust : Man, who are we going to blame for our sucky season now?

Anyone but Andy Reid and/or Donovan McNabb?
2006-03-14 04:37:09 PM  
Re-read my post Friar.

I would settle for his achilles blowing out, but it wouldn't be as visually stimulating.
2006-03-14 04:48:20 PM  
FriarReb98: \Pats & Steelers fan

*head asplodes*
2006-03-14 04:49:29 PM  

Man, who are we going to blame for our sucky season now?

Pinkston's coming back right? We can go back to the days of old, "We need a WR who can catch a ball".
2006-03-14 04:57:29 PM  
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"...
/can you say overbearing egotistical jerkwad? I thought you could!
2006-03-14 05:07:55 PM  

Please go back to that shiathole you guys call PA. We don't want you here.
2006-03-14 05:32:08 PM  
From another thread about this subject.

Dear Mr. Daniel Snyder.

Please do not get any crazy ideas. For once in your life, dude, avoid temptation.


2006-03-14 11:46:04 PM  
Dear T.O

While I don't necessarily want you on my beloved Vikes squad, (nor would you wish to play for us) please stay the FARK Out of the Farking NFC if you can, and especially the North...

<<Doesnt want his favorite squad getting torched 2 Sundays a year by the biggest trash talker in sports history...

/Vikings, Vikings are coming their is no place you can hide...
//and so on and so forth
///06-07 is our time
////let this be it...
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