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(Gulf News)   If one could face jail time for having sex in a car, one should keep one's ass off the horn   ( divider line
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10019 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2006 at 11:44 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-14 01:00:33 AM  
That's a little harsh, isn't it?
2006-03-14 11:44:57 AM  
No, it's a little honk.

2006-03-14 11:45:59 AM  
What's the point of having sex in a car if you can't honk the horn?
2006-03-14 11:47:34 AM  
At least the woman was given the same penalty as the man. Not to sound like an ignorant American, but I doubt that would've been the case in many other countries in the Middle East.
2006-03-14 11:48:01 AM  
backseat, folks, backseat
2006-03-14 11:49:03 AM  
If this horn's a honking then don't come a ...nevermind.

/got nothin'
2006-03-14 11:51:25 AM  
Hey everybody, I'm having sex...woohoo!!!!!

2006-03-14 11:56:00 AM  
Wouldn't the least amount of space in the car be in the driver's seat?

/surprised no honk bag ref yet
2006-03-14 11:56:51 AM  
That's kinda stiff
2006-03-14 11:57:59 AM  
What the hell. That must be a pretty serious crime. Let's break it down, some random douche calls the cops on some people for having sex in their car (wtf?) then police do tests on (I'm assuming the woman) to figure out if they actually had sex (wtf) then they get savage penelties for it? Including deportation? (wtf!)

/W-T-F mate?
2006-03-14 11:58:22 AM  
One cold wet morning I asked one of young ladies I worked with why there were two footprints in the condensation on the rear window of her car.

Absolute hilarity ensued.
2006-03-14 12:00:59 PM  
Arab countries. You really have to watch your step there. Especially when it comes to sexual matters.

You can find yourself in one of their stinking jails and kangaroo courts for just looking at some jealous shiekh's wife or daughter.

The locals often have great resentment of visitors from western countries and absolutely love opportunities to lower the boom on foreign nationals every opportunity they can, even though the locals themselves seem to get away with all sorts of crap. I know that Canada and many other western countries are not exactly stellar at rescuing their citizens from foreign "justice". Watch your step.

Just don't go to these countries unless you want to confine yourself the the walled communities/resorts for westerners. Go outside and mingle with the locals at your own risk.
2006-03-14 12:02:36 PM  
Honk if you're horny
2006-03-14 12:04:17 PM  
A month of jail and deportation for having sex in a car? Judge must;ve been having a hell of a bad day.
2006-03-14 12:06:51 PM  
"Medical reports proved they had sex"

2006-03-14 12:11:44 PM  

Honk Honk.
2006-03-14 12:12:23 PM  
Damn you, NutWrench...

I need a new keyboard.
2006-03-14 12:16:40 PM  
Wow. This could give 'Honk Bag' a whole new meaning here on Fark. :)
2006-03-14 12:18:02 PM  
You can get DEPORTED for that?
2006-03-14 12:20:38 PM  
I suppose none of us will ever listen to one of those horn-based car alarms the same way again.

"beep. beep. beep. beep."

"You go man!"
2006-03-14 12:20:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-14 12:26:10 PM  
having lost my v-card in a car...i am forced to be pissed at this.
2006-03-14 12:26:45 PM  
Yet more proof people in the middle east found the deep end and decided to jump off into it.
2006-03-14 12:29:56 PM  
didnt rtfa though
2006-03-14 12:35:06 PM  
My wife and I had a similar experience in the front seat of my '82 Subaru GL. All I have to do to get her to smile insanely is whisper "Honk... honk... honk..." in her ear.

/ - At the time we had a combined weight of over 400 pounds!
2006-03-14 12:38:34 PM  
At least the guy wasn't alone.
2006-03-14 12:45:20 PM  
Honest Bender: then police do tests on (I'm assuming the woman) to figure out if they actually had sex (wtf)

Most likely on the woman but a simple DNA swab from the man's dick would be enough. If he were intelligent enough to wear a condom they could use that and not have to see any of those nasty temptation-filled sex organs.
2006-03-14 12:52:54 PM  
Suddenly all that ruckus about the ports seems like it's ok to me.

2006-03-14 01:22:34 PM  
I remember stealing some alone time in my car with my beloved; something I thought I'd never do again after I turned 21.

Backseats can be extremely erotic. Especially in public parking lots!
2006-03-14 01:56:00 PM  

Is that you on the right?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-14 02:14:31 PM  
When I was 17 my grandpa died and my grandma asked my dad if any of the kids would want their camper van. I did.. so i drove to the midwest to grab it.

Upon arrival back in Cali, my girlfriend and I proceeded to try out the van in a parking lot. Not long into our session I heard a loud tapping on the door. Not bothering to fully clothe I opened the door. Standing there was a cop.

Cop: "What is going on in there?"

To which I grin widely and reply: "Fellatio"

He just starts laughing and says, "Good to go. You need to move on." and he walks away.

My girlfriend keeps asking " What is fellatio? What did you say to him? What is fellatio?

I told her as we were driving away. She was a little
embarrassed. Heh, I just grinned again. Love that fellatio.
2006-03-14 02:17:05 PM  
Anyone else a little grossed out that the cops actually inspected her cooch (apparently) against her will?
2006-03-14 02:20:40 PM  
No wonder Bush is so far up Dubai's ass - they don't like sex either!
2006-03-14 04:52:16 PM  
Actually, I'm surprised this happened in Dubai. It's the hedonism resort of the Middle East.
2006-03-14 06:12:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
/honk honk
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