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(   19-year-old University of Georgia freshman wins $1 million in European Poker Tour, will have to get an older student to help him throw UGA's biggest kegger ever   ( divider line
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5804 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2006 at 7:07 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-12 03:23:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/the kid
2006-03-12 07:10:17 PM  
2nd post
2006-03-12 07:11:18 PM  
Am I the only one in the whole wide web reading fark right now???.........WHOA DUDE !!!!
2006-03-12 07:11:26 PM  
I'll have to head to Athens for that one.
2006-03-12 07:12:40 PM  
I think I'm the only one at KU on the internet right now, prolly has to do with that tornado that came through town this morning.

/God the kid is farkin ugly.
2006-03-12 07:14:30 PM  
I'm not sure if nobody's on Fark, or if there just isn't much to say on this topic..."Congratulations kid" is about the best I can do.
2006-03-12 07:15:25 PM  
If you can't find a place to get a keg underage, you lack imagination. That goes double for Athens.
2006-03-12 07:15:45 PM  
step 1) go to UGA
step 2) be able to buy a large pizza and pitcher of beer for 5 bucks.
step 3) win a million dollars.
step 3.5) profit?
2006-03-12 07:16:25 PM  


I think he looks like a MILLIOM BUCKS!!

/not gay

//really, I'm not
2006-03-12 07:16:42 PM  
Screech plays poker?
2006-03-12 07:17:28 PM  
I cant say that im a follower.
Never have been, never will be. But I know a FAD when I see one.

Wtf is with people today and this Texas Hold-em madness? Poker has always been a traditional game, not by the playing of traditional rules, but by the tradition of moderation that made it a unique experience. Not some "oh hey! I wanna be like those cool people on ESPN who use sunglasses to accessorize the ever growing "popularity" of poker!"

"Wow! im playing texas hold-em poker for REAL money! this makes me look so grown up and sophisticated, I think i'll try to convey this through playing poker more often!"

Now I see people, my age (21) and younger holding these "lavish" poker nights in some sort of pining for social acceptance.

Maybe im being a little harsh, maybe some people actually enjoy poker and use it to harbor a gathering of good friends and good times.

But personally, Ive just noticed a huge serge of this Texas Hold-em mania all over bars and people's houses all across the country.

Personally, I think its a fad, for the more-than-obvious reasons stated above.

Call me anti-social if you will but my compass for my social skills doesnt point in a direction to things that become suddenly popular, also know as Pop Culture.
2006-03-12 07:17:46 PM  
Hey kntgsp, I heard from some faculty that the roof of the CS building was ripped off, hence why you're the only one at KU on the 'puter

/btw, how are you online, the system won't be back up till tomorrow?
//I have sources
2006-03-12 07:20:51 PM  
OK...2 things

(1) It's MILLION...not MILLIOM

and(B)....I'm not the only one on Fark...everyone else is reading the porn star story!
2006-03-12 07:21:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

//UGA, Class of '98
2006-03-12 07:22:44 PM  
We need more "manly" Texas hold em players
2006-03-12 07:29:01 PM  

Wow, bitter much?
2006-03-12 07:29:25 PM  
submitter: 18 is legal in Europe - welcome to the real world.
2006-03-12 07:30:06 PM  
He has so TOTALLY lost his student assistance grant now...
2006-03-12 07:30:21 PM  
You forgot: III) Nobody cares.
2006-03-12 07:32:54 PM  

> /Represent.
> //UGA, Class of '98

Go Dawgs!

UGA, Class of '83

Athens is God's, there.

/Good for the lad. I'm glad to see that he's putting that college experience to good use.

//Saw too many froshies on the "one quarter and out plan" after losing all their money to the frats during "casino night"....
2006-03-12 07:32:55 PM  
Thank you Sgt!

/the truth hurts
//even on the net, I'm irrelevent
2006-03-12 07:36:02 PM  
Dear solarpoweredschittmachine,
no hold 'em has been around for 40(or so) years, it's not a fad, it has just been getting more popular as time progressess. Also known as "the widow", "widowmaker" and many other titles depending on where you're playing. Pro poker players have been extolling the quality of the game for years, but it didn't really take off until Rounders, and more so with the broadcast of the world series when the "dead money" player, Chris Moneymaker, beat out everyone in the field. The only thing the Pro's are complaining about is that their chances of making the whole thing are getting smaller and smaller as the field grows with amatures whom they don't or can't place the style of play.

/plays free poker
//has won a few times
///kntgsp there's a game at 10pm at The Pool Room, see you there.
2006-03-12 07:42:01 PM  
If this kid throws a party when he gets back, I'm so there...
/Met Arlo at UGA about two weeks ago...
2006-03-12 07:44:53 PM  
Now that's a damn good Dawg!!!

//Class of '99
2006-03-12 07:45:11 PM  
Um, I think the article is wrong. I know you can gamble at casinos at 18 in Minnesota, and in lots of other states.
2006-03-12 07:49:03 PM  
sic 'em
2006-03-12 07:56:08 PM  
solarpoweredschittmachine try playing it before you stick your nose up. What is with the elitist attitude?

Now to my point. Isn't funny how a PokerStars is having a tournament in Monte Carlo? A 19 year old wins it too. Someday our hypocritical government will get their heads out of their rectal area and legalize internet poker.

My state can have video lottery machines in every restaurant and bar in the state, but internet poker is illegal.

Trance354 the pro players may have a tougher time in tournaments now, but cash games are very lucrative. The fields at tourney's are much bigger and tougher to get through. If you read the blogs you will see that they turn around and win their buy in's at the side games. That was why Phil Ivey wasn't playing many of the tourneys. He would have to win the whole thing to make what he makes playing a few hours at the Big Game at Belligio.
2006-03-12 08:04:04 PM  
Wayne: I know: there was a local tournament a while back with the prize being a trip to a "training camp" by Phil Hellmouth(the badboy of poker, yes, I know it's mis-spelled). Talk at the tables was that he and other pros use such camps to fleece newbies and wannabies for thousands in $, just so the noobs can go home poor, but with a story.

/no story, several chip sets
//anyone want a chipset?
2006-03-12 08:08:11 PM  

Its to be expected... being reemed by poker players who love poker that is..

Yea, Im a bit jaded, and actually, Ive played alot of Texas Hold'em poker and I hated it.. -- The truth is that I just simply dont like cards or most card games, maybe that has alot to do with the way I see things.

But on the surface, I see some people getting pretty defensive over my outspoken views on poker and how I think it is being incorporated into our culture today.

Glorified gambling is moronic as it is dangerous. Keep that in mind.

Oh, and also note that I never attacked those who choose to play poker, I only attacked the fact of its sudden popularity, and the following that its created. (meaning that I've never seen as many ESPN Poker Tournaments on today whereas dating back around 2 years ago, it was virutally non-existant as a popularized sport of intrest)
2006-03-12 08:09:01 PM  
Gooo Dawgs!

/Grad o' 2002
//Husband grad 2001
2006-03-12 08:11:42 PM  

Glorified gambling is as moronic as it is dangerous

there, fixed that for you
2006-03-12 08:14:52 PM  
Thanks ^_^
2006-03-12 08:25:07 PM  
Oh God... poor kid still has braces on... and I thought I was unlucky for waiting until I was 17 to get mine out... (though I was just done with my freshman year in college then... rrrrrrr).

UGA's got good parties? Well okay, I knew that, but I've really got to take the opportunity to drive the <2 hours up there one weekend.
2006-03-12 08:31:41 PM  
Cool, I guess this makes up for the Sugar Bowl.

/UGA, 1996
2006-03-12 08:45:07 PM  
All-in with A-10? At least it wasn't A-J.

/worst hand in poker
//fold it all the time
///seriously, it sucks
2006-03-12 08:52:04 PM  
Rev.K: A-10 is pretty good heads up, I don't know what you're talking about... it's better than at least 90% of the hands you'll be dealt.
2006-03-12 08:59:46 PM  
piss on 'em

/will still hit the bars in athens with this kid
//and half of the UGA co-eds. best looking campus in the nation
2006-03-12 09:00:43 PM  

I'm tempted to disagree with you because I'm sure you're wrong, but the problem is your writing is so disjointed and incoherent that I can't really find any central message to rebut.

What exactly is the point behind your random grumblings?
2006-03-12 10:13:35 PM  
solarpoweredschittmachine: Personally, I think its a fad, for the more-than-obvious reasons stated above.

Fads are great. Back in 2001, my first week of college, we played hold em', non-tourney. Cleaned out 10 people and made 50 bucks profit. Next poker night, it was down to 3 people.

After scrounging through my pants for loose quarters, I knew what it felt like to be a junkie.

//Gambling is addictive.
//Don't do that thing anymore..
2006-03-12 10:22:53 PM  

So what if it IS a fad? If people have fun playing it why get upset about it?
2006-03-12 10:51:22 PM  

"So what if it IS a fad? If people have fun playing it why get upset about it?"

Because this is FARK, and the more popular something is, the more people who will come out get upset about it and tell you it sucks.
2006-03-12 10:57:51 PM  
I play Hold'em in a bar twice a week. Amateur Poker League. They have tournaments in most states. And it's free!
2006-03-12 11:33:24 PM  
Ha, kind of the same story like on this site I saw the other day... I think.

Anyways, congrats to the kid - it looks like small fortunes are becoming more readily avialable to the average person.
2006-03-12 11:45:34 PM  
The World Series of Poker has been shown on ESPN for several years but I don't think it had that broad of an audience.

I think when it really took off was when the "Hole Card" cams were introduced on the WSOP and the World Poker Tour came on the Travel Channel.

I don't play Poker myself as my "Bankroll" won't stand for it but I will play Blackjack and some Craps in Atlantic City when I can find tables with $10 minimums. At least I know what games to play with the lowest "House Odds".

I recommend for those who would like to know more.
2006-03-12 11:59:05 PM  
solarpoweredschittmachine Speaking as one who profiteers from this 'fad', I think you should really lighten up, dude.
2006-03-13 12:35:21 AM  
what's the good word?
2006-03-13 04:11:07 AM  
Lapdance the house edge in blackjack is like 1/2 to 1% depending on the house rules and how perfectly you play (without counting of course). At maybe 80 hands per hour that's -$40 to -$80 per hour in expectation.

Low limit poker is far less costly, pretty much regardless of how badly you play. For one thing you'll only see maybe 30 hands per hour.
2006-03-13 04:40:59 AM  
I just read this:

and I think im having a change of heart.

THERE I opened my mind, are ya happy?! ;)
2006-03-13 08:24:03 AM  
Bow before us
2006-03-13 09:02:35 AM  
hah - good thing he won that million bucks, because a UGA education isn't gonna get him very far.

brassEDGE: what's the good word?

To hell with Georgia!
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