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(Buffalo News)   Family makes 1,000 phony calls to 911 in two months. Authorities not amused   ( divider line
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18695 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2006 at 6:11 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-06 06:14:02 PM  
Boobies dumbass!
2006-03-06 06:14:08 PM  
Well, I am amused. There's nothing funnier than a 911 call.
2006-03-06 06:14:16 PM  
Sure it wasn't the cat?

/big red button
//happened to a friend of mine
2006-03-06 06:14:43 PM  
Make 'em work at dispatching...
2006-03-06 06:14:55 PM  
Dial 999 if you really want the truth.
2006-03-06 06:15:03 PM  
As usual guilty until proven innocent these days eh?
2006-03-06 06:15:16 PM  
I wonder if they have heard of the boy who cried wolf?

I bet they won't be laughing when the cops fail to show up when they have a read emergency.
2006-03-06 06:15:51 PM  
2006-03-06 06:16:10 PM  
I don't think that they were prank 911 calls. I think the culprates were just seeing if the 911 operators needed any technical support for their computers.
2006-03-06 06:17:29 PM  
19 different cell phones, and 11 people live in the house...who owns all these phones???
2006-03-06 06:18:48 PM  
Obviously a shiat simple family in need of some attention.
2006-03-06 06:19:05 PM  
They called 911 after repeated calls to 481-516-2342 where unanswered.
2006-03-06 06:19:10 PM  
cut their fingers off.
2006-03-06 06:20:24 PM  
this is the craziest thing i have ever heard...1000 calls? HHAHAHHAHAHAHA PLUS - I mean, the icing on the cake, the smug and amused expressions you see on pretty much every family member. LMFAO. Why??? I laugh and laugh, because it doesn't make any sense. To repeatedly encourage making these calls, to your kids, friends, etc - 'shootings' 'fires' holy crap, i can't think of a single reason WHY. I laugh my ass off.
/unless somebody went out of their way to...frame them...
"Naturally, we are innocent," Merced said.
2006-03-06 06:20:40 PM  
"you make me make a phony phone call to Mr. Edward Rooney.............."

/blah blah blah
//got nuttin
2006-03-06 06:20:40 PM  
who wears orange besides prisoners? GUILTY
2006-03-06 06:21:28 PM  
they look atleast partially middle eastern. sendem to gitmo
2006-03-06 06:21:38 PM  
Thank gawd! I was getting short of breath from the lack of new posts. I had total fark last month, but it wasn't the same. Zillions of posts of course, but I found myself still spending most of my time on the main page so I let it lapse.
2006-03-06 06:22:50 PM
Authorities allege that hundreds of phony emergency calls have come from the home of Juan Merced, here in his lawyer's office with eight of his children.

So, what, the ninth one had to wait in the hall?
2006-03-06 06:22:51 PM  
Investigators said they are trying to determine the motivation behind the fake calls. Tucker said the family is afraid of the police.

Uh, yeah. So terrified of the police, they taunt them and laugh in their face.
2006-03-06 06:24:57 PM  
I got dinged for over 1000 sub-30-second calls to japan once, all in the middle of the night. Had to fight the damn telco for months to get the bill fixed.

/slightly related topic
2006-03-06 06:25:42 PM  
Is it just me or does everyone in that family look like a bunch of dicks. Just look at the one in the blue bubble jacket, don't you want to punch him?
2006-03-06 06:25:51 PM  
Maybe it's a promotion of


* Caller ID Spoofing
* Voice Changer
* Call Recording
* Web Control Panel

No computer needed! Simply dial the toll free number from the calling card you purchase.

1.Enter your pin number.
3. Enter Destination number.
2. Enter Any Caller ID Number you wish to display.
4. Choose the voice you would like to use.
5. Your call is connected using the specified Caller ID Number.
2006-03-06 06:26:15 PM  
oh wow *wipes eyes*
this has to be the end-all of fark hilarity. i can't stop laughing at this family....the absurdity....
2006-03-06 06:26:19 PM  
These clowns need to be shipped back to their home planet.
2006-03-06 06:26:19 PM  
The adults are facing charges. If it were them or their kids I think they would have hidden the phones by now. There's no way someone is stupid enough to make that many calls from their own home. I'm thinking an ex-friend of one of their 45 children is trying to screw them over.
2006-03-06 06:26:43 PM  
My grandfather was visiting from a foreign country and wanted to see what would happen if he called 911. He dialed, heard the operator, then hung up. 5 minutes later, we had police officers shining lights through our windows, then asking to search our house. Yay!
2006-03-06 06:27:34 PM  
I do it all the time!!!!

/works for the phone company
2006-03-06 06:28:30 PM  
No body here seems to see the major problem. People should not be allowed to have 9 kids. It's that simple. That is the reason why this guy should be locked up. Assholes, they should all be thrown in jail, even that little piece of shiat sitting on the girls lap.

What good has ever come of home-schooling anyway? I'm sure the mother is an excellent educator, especially with 9 kids running around. Yes these people will definatly help society. Mostly by using my tax money to fund them. Throw them in jail now. I have yet to meet one normal home schooled kid.
2006-03-06 06:28:40 PM  
2006-03-06 06:25:42 PM Sedagive!

Is it just me or does everyone in that family look like a bunch of dicks. Just look at the one in the blue bubble jacket, don't you want to punch him?

that's the look that's worth a thousand words. or *LOL* 1000 phony telephone calls to 9-1-1 in 7 weeks
2006-03-06 06:28:57 PM  
Isn't it obvious that they have some kind of beef with the city? This family is taking out revenge for some trespass real or imagined. Their goal may be to cost the city $$$.
2006-03-06 06:29:27 PM  
As usual guilty until proven innocent these days eh?

They had a camera set up and were keeping logs of response times. They laughed at emergency resonders when they showed up. But you think someone else is behind the calls? They just happen to have a hidden camera set up and decided to make a log for shiats and giggles? I'm more than willing to reserve final judgement until I've heard all of the evidence, but at a glance they look guilty as hell
2006-03-06 06:29:35 PM  
How long until the race card is played?
2006-03-06 06:29:37 PM  
Man...imagine if someone had a real emergency and then had to go next door to these guys...sad thought..

/First thing that came to mind
//It really would be bad though.
2006-03-06 06:29:50 PM  
my guess is that a neighbor who didn't like foreigners did this to try to get them deported...
2006-03-06 06:30:02 PM  
Can't they just check cell phone records?

If guilty, cut them and bleed them to death.
2006-03-06 06:30:06 PM  
eh until I_Kill_Hippies came into the thread and took the funny out of it....ala a healthy dose of "STUPID".
2006-03-06 06:30:35 PM  

After reading the article, I tend to think that the family is being framed. I also think that the PD is not really on the ball - how hard could it be to run down the ownership of the 19 cell phones used? Wouldn't the cell numbers show up on Caller ID?

The family has also got a few things to learn about how to deal with the police, though. From TFA:

[the father] was also charged with escape after his wife allegedly opened the door of a police car to let him out.

Never a good move, bailing out of a police car. If they're not careful, they'll dig themselves a pretty impressive hole pulling stuff like this that's not even directly related to the 911 calls.

This calls for more detective work, followed up by some patience and understanding. Yeah, I know - snowball's chance in Hell, that sort of thing.
2006-03-06 06:30:54 PM  

911 does not use caller ID technology. I called 911 to report a fire with a private number and the call was dropped (Verizon sucks ass) and in 2 seconds they called me right back.
2006-03-06 06:31:11 PM  
If someone died as a result of the emergency responders attending to these asshats, I suggest they be charged with murder.

Quick & dirty suggestion: Have INS respond to one of the 911 calls.
2006-03-06 06:31:19 PM  
As a firefighter, I've had to respond to several repeat calls for help from the same address over the span of an evening. It's an absolute hoot (see: sarcasm) to get an alarm at 1:30am, 2:00am and 3:30am to go and respond to what you KNOW is someone farking around. It's bad enough they're calling 911, but to claim half the stuff they are to get the response...ARGH. My head would explode from trying to restrain myself.

If these asshats are doing it, throw the fark'ing book at them for doing it. Or better yet, if someone ends up dying because these asshats are making prank calls while someone else really needs help, then charge them for murder.
2006-03-06 06:31:59 PM  
Juan and Felicita?

2006-03-06 06:32:29 PM  
if this isn't an example where forced sterilization is needed, i don't know what is.
2006-03-06 06:32:42 PM  

Seek counseling. Seriously.

/don't shoot me
2006-03-06 06:32:43 PM  
I think that this is farking hilarious. As an EMT myself, I'm impressed. Of course I wouldn't want to work with them, but whatever. Points 1000 for idiots, 0 for EMS.
2006-03-06 06:32:53 PM  
BGates : "I wonder if they have heard of the boy who cried wolf?
I bet they won't be laughing when the cops fail to show up when they have a read emergency."

Article : Martinez noted that investigators found a video camera set up to record people arriving at 78 15th. "They are keeping a log book of our times and responses," Martinez said.

I think they might plan on a slow response happening - and plan to make some money off of it.

The ones who won't be laughing would be any neighbors who got a slow response because the police/ambulance thought it was these farkers again - when it wasn't.

And at 20 bogus calls a day - these asshats must be costing the city of Buffalo at least two-employee's salaries a day. And Buffalo is pretty much bankrupt already.
2006-03-06 06:34:29 PM  
I think he was trying to contact a dispatcher for an explanation on how to properly wear a condom.
2006-03-06 06:34:44 PM  

why? Cause I tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be? You seriously think any of these people will do anything worthwhile in their lives? Have you ever met home schooled kids? They are farked up beyond repair.

/waits for a hippy liberal home schooled kid to jump in.
2006-03-06 06:35:39 PM  
"I think he was trying to contact a dispatcher for an explanation on how to properly wear a condom."

Very funny, that made me laugh!
2006-03-06 06:35:55 PM  
Sedagive!: Just look at the one in the blue bubble jacket, don't you want to punch him?

I was thinking the very same thing.
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