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(Las Vegas Sun)   As heavy rain falls on Hawaii, officials instruct residents to evacuate and seek higher ground, since hot lava is apparently safer than a flood   ( divider line
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4189 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2006 at 8:38 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-03 06:51:05 PM  
Submitter meant to say Magma.
2006-03-03 06:51:51 PM  
whoops wrong thread
2006-03-03 06:52:55 PM  
ProducedBy: whoops wrong thread

Whoa, there's a glitch in the Matrix.
2006-03-03 07:21:18 PM  
The lava has had five to ten thousand years to cool. Its probably safe to walk on by now.
2006-03-03 07:22:13 PM  

This thread produced by ... ProducedBy!

2006-03-03 07:22:19 PM  
Oh, and thats Oahu.
2006-03-03 07:30:53 PM  
There are no active volcanoes on Oahu.
2006-03-03 07:53:45 PM  
Submitter's fact checker done broke. You suck like Duke!
2006-03-03 08:46:39 PM  
Yeah, um... I'm pretty sure we're safe from the "hot lava".

This rain on the other hand, is driving me farking nuts! So much for living in Paradise..
2006-03-03 08:47:44 PM  
I work for Hawaii...
2006-03-03 08:48:54 PM  
I work wishing I was in Hawaii.

just kidding, ha-ha!
2006-03-03 08:49:21 PM  
C'mon baby, do you do more than dance?
2006-03-03 08:49:33 PM  
Modmins like beat-up-on-submitter threads?
/got nothin, 'cept a backyard full of snow and dog poo
//Hawaii still sounds nice
2006-03-03 08:53:03 PM  
Duck and cover!
2006-03-03 08:54:57 PM  
"No, monkey, don't! That is not candy, it is hot lava!"
2006-03-03 08:56:03 PM  
It's no wonder the immigrants don't want to learn english:
"heavy rains" fell on the island? That doesn't make any goddamn sense.

i need another drink.
2006-03-03 08:56:53 PM  

Where is that from? "Hot lava" I know that from somewhere.
2006-03-03 08:59:00 PM  
Enough with the rain! I actually had to dig my jacket out of the closet last night.

//Wind chill bring the temp down to 75.
2006-03-03 09:03:02 PM  
Isn't 'Hot Lava' a song by the B52s or something?
2006-03-03 09:07:49 PM  

Hot Lava was a song by DVDA. I think they played it at the end of a South Park episode.
2006-03-03 09:08:01 PM  
id hit it
2006-03-03 09:09:27 PM  
All I caught was the Foreigner reference, what's all this about "Hot Lava"? This turning into a silly song thread?
2006-03-03 09:11:01 PM  

Are you thinking of the B-52s' song, "Lava"?

My body's burnin' like a lava from a Mauna Loa
My heart's crackin' like a Krakatoa
Krakatoa, east of Java, molten bodies, fiery lava

Fire, fire, burnin' bright
Turn on your love lava
Turn on your lava light
Fire, oh volcano, over you
Don't let your lava love turn to stone
Keep it burnin'
Keep it burnin' here at home

Oooo Hot Lava
Oooo Hot Lava
2006-03-03 09:16:31 PM  
On the other hand, our hula skirts and grass shacks are completely soaked...

2006-03-03 09:38:12 PM  
We just need a sacrifice to appease our godddsssss!

/What we did all the time in the 30s.
2006-03-03 09:44:04 PM  
I live in Hawaii.

So i'm really getting a kick out of these replies.

Seriously though, i DO live in Hawaii. I would never complain about living here normally (it's freaking sweet) but it has farking SUCKED the past week. Pouring all damn day nonstop with choking humidity. Plus I have a moped (no car) so I am not a happy camper.
2006-03-03 09:46:08 PM  
I live in Hawaii.

Stop complaining for the rest of your life.
2006-03-03 09:52:23 PM  
But why is this in the Las Vegas Sun?
2006-03-03 09:58:27 PM  
All you folks on O'ahu are just rain sissies. Here in Hilo it has been raining the same amount and you dont hear us complaining about it!

On the other hand it rains 120 inches/year here.

/wettest city in the US
//not in that 'ready for sex' good way either
///only Farker on the Big Island?
2006-03-03 10:13:17 PM  
Raining in Hawaii in March? That's crazy talk!
2006-03-03 10:13:33 PM  
Hmmm... my folks are on vacation out that way right now. Wonder which island they're on.
2006-03-03 10:15:36 PM  
Welp, it's been a dry day on Kauai for the first time in a week...
/couldn't get my teri beef plate yesterday. no mac salad 8(
//had to change my windshield wipers.
///sure gets humid after it rains like this, damn red clay stains stuff...
////my hung laundry took longer to dry.
2006-03-03 10:15:43 PM  
It is in the Las Vegas Sun because Las Vegas is where a lot of the hawaiians migrate to.
2006-03-03 10:19:07 PM  
As heavy rain falls on Hawaii, officials instruct residents to evacuate and seek higher ground, since hot lava is apparently safer than a flood

I thought hot lava -was- safer...

/Duck and cover, people!
2006-03-03 10:26:03 PM  
Some pictures of the flooding on Oahu (since the article didn't have any)

This is normally a school field

Kamehameha Highway, a major road on Oahu. Ocean is on the right.
2006-03-03 11:13:28 PM  
My luggage got freaking trashed out of HNL this morning. Soaked through. Nice way to end the vacation.
2006-03-03 11:43:25 PM  

hawaii forecast by triumph(SFW-ish) (pops)

...everything is covered....but posted as a link just in case.
2006-03-04 12:02:36 AM  
Oh well, as soon as the sun set it the dumping rain has started.

/turn around, don't drown.
2006-03-04 12:47:26 AM  
"Ha-ha-ha. That 'rava' is actually a giant pool of orange juice."
"It's fortified with wasabi! Ya-chaa!"

Part of my job nowadays is stormwater sampling. And oh, was there indeed water to sample, so off we went.

Freaky. By the time we mobilized it was 10 AM. Water blasting down the sluice, but the sun was dead overhead and we were sweating.

"I never thought I'd be doing stormwater sampling and sweating in the sun." noted my co-worker.

...if anybody's business got trashed and you need a mold evaluation, e-mail in profile. We do that too. In fact, one of our guys just got back from Nawlins, I'm sure he'll be absolutely thrilled...
2006-03-04 01:06:13 AM  
Yes... yes... excellent...
Send them right toward the flow of LIQUID HOT MAGMA!
2006-03-04 01:43:36 AM

2006-03-04 01:49:30 AM  
Heading out on the 15th to the Grand Wialea for a week.

Let's hope Mother Nature gets it out of her system by then.

It's not nice to fool.....Mother Nature.
2006-03-04 05:23:44 AM  
i stayed at "wally world" for 14 days in jan.

/the one in kauai.
2006-03-04 07:31:15 AM  

Kamehameha ?
2006-03-04 08:47:41 AM

I (used to) work (at) Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

So I am really getting a kick out of most of these replies.

Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

But trust me.... You don't.

I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you don't know what you are talking about.

This is how bad info gets passed around.

If you dont know about the topic....Don't make yourself sound like you do.

'Cuz some Farkers belive anything they hear.

\\ Ha - this time it is real, baby
\\\ Got a nice first-degree burn while taking the above picture
\\\\ Pahoehoe kicks ass
\\\\ tinypic
2006-03-04 11:09:37 AM  
Heading out on the 15th to the Grand Wialea for a week.

Most insane hotel I've ever seen. Great place. Enjoy to the fullest.
2006-03-04 12:58:49 PM  
Professor! Lava! HOTTTT!!!!

2006-03-04 01:31:37 PM  
2006-03-04 07:31:15 AM Sir_Spanksalot

Kamehameha ?

Close, but no.

/he had yellow clothes and headgear--BEFORE it was cool!
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