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(Calling All Wingnuts)   Bill O'Reilly threatens to call the cops on an obscene caller on his show. Did he say the f-word? The c-word? Even worse: the o-word (Olbermann)   ( divider line
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842 clicks; posted to Politics » on 03 Mar 2006 at 9:44 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-03 09:26:06 AM  
O'Reilly is losing it. Send email asking him if he knows Keith Olberman
2006-03-03 09:29:17 AM  
ha ha, the big giant head strikes again.

In all fairness, is it possible the caller said something obscene and was cut before we could hear it?
2006-03-03 09:29:41 AM  
The Fox Police? WTF?
2006-03-03 09:31:48 AM  
BrotherMaynard: In all fairness, is it possible the caller said something obscene and was cut before we could hear it?

I'd doubt it. The guy who makes all these calls to the right wing radio shows never gets vulgar or obscene, at least never in any of the calls I've heard on the site. He just calls em on their BS, and gets them mad as hell.
2006-03-03 09:34:39 AM  
2006-03-03 09:36:26 AM  
That reminds me of that college professor that got up in front of his class on video and was trying to scare a laptop thief into returning it by making up BS. Fox Security? WTF, are the brown shirts going to go knock at the guy's door and bust up his phone?
2006-03-03 09:37:21 AM  
Olberman rocks, O'Reily is a dinkwad.
2006-03-03 09:41:29 AM  
He has completely lost it. He didn't even say what he thought about Olbermann's show. He could have been saying Olbermann sucks, but Bill "cut his mic!" O'Reilly just freaked out at the mere mention of his name.

Fox Security will contact the Local Authorities.

Shut the fark up, Bill.
2006-03-03 09:41:38 AM  
How long until someone gets these two in a boxing ring togther?
2006-03-03 09:43:15 AM  
Has O'Reilly single-handedly destroyed France yet?
2006-03-03 09:44:15 AM  
we have your phone number

must be a 1-800 number they call then.

/to spoof a toll call, dial 10-10-2880 before hand. wait for the recorded messages welcoming you to AT&T, then dial the toll free number you want. the ANI won't be passed, and will show as a FAIL
2006-03-03 09:46:28 AM  
I heard this as I was driving around yesterday, thought it was hilarious...I would love to hear Bill crack, which he was close to doing.
2006-03-03 09:48:24 AM  
Wanna save America?
2006-03-03 09:51:06 AM  
The thing I like and respect about Bill O'Reilly is the way he has no political axe to grind and just calls things as they are--No spin and all.

/Almost typed that without cracking a smile.
2006-03-03 09:53:01 AM  
He shold forget about Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly is his own worst enemy.
2006-03-03 09:54:31 AM  
And apparently proofreading is mine.

2006-03-03 10:00:42 AM  
It sounds like O'Reilly's already non-existent dick and nads shrank to "innie" status upon hearing Olberman's name.

What a farkwad.
2006-03-03 10:04:43 AM  
Okay, seriously, I know that O'Reilly is pretty much insane, but that caller said, "Hi Bill, thanks for taking my call. Keith Olbermann..."


How in the hell can O'Reilly be this scared of Olbermann? O'Reilly has like 10 times the audience - how is he letting Olbbermann get under his skin like this? One mention of the guy's name and he's threatening to call security?

For a guy who talks like a tough guy as much as O'Reilly does, he sure is a major pussy. Kind of like all these right-wing douchebags. Mark my words - some time in the near future, O'Reilly is going to crack on the air, go off on the rant of a lifetime, and be out of a job. I can't wait to hear it; maybe he can take that 75-IQ dipshiat Hannity with him.
2006-03-03 10:06:08 AM  
"Fox Security." Please -- that just shows how dumb O'Lielly thinks his audience is.
2006-03-03 10:06:48 AM  
O'Reily will fall one day as will the present trend of patrioconservatism. The present state of Conservatives Inc. has been built up by lots of negative energy. You can't sustain that forever. What goes up comes down and the fall will be hard and sweet.
2006-03-03 10:12:59 AM  
BritneysSpeculum: The Fox Police? WTF?
2006-03-03 10:23:37 AM  

I'd loofah that.
2006-03-03 11:21:50 AM  
I'd loofah that.

Don't you mean "falafel"?
2006-03-03 11:49:27 AM  
What. The. Hell.

/gotta stock up on ammo, the Fox Security Forces are coming...
2006-03-03 11:53:45 AM  
This thread is worthless without more pics of hot action cops and owls.
2006-03-03 12:20:12 PM  
Damn, it sounded like the guy was about to rail against Olberman and Billy just lost it when he heard the name.
2006-03-03 12:22:09 PM  
This is much, much better. Copied and pasted for your non-NYT-scubscriber benefit...

Helping Bill O'Reilly
Published: February 7, 2006

Please, readers, help Bill O'Reilly!
After Mr. O'Reilly denounced me in December as a ''left-wing ideologue'' (a charge that alarmed me, given his expertise on ideologues), I challenged him to defend traditional values by joining me on a trip to Darfur. I wrote: ''You'll have to leave your studio, Bill. You'll encounter pure evil. If you're like me, you'll be scared and you'll finally be using your talents for an important cause.''

A few days ago, I finally got my answer. Mr. O'Reilly declared in his column: ''I do three hours of daily news analysis on TV and radio. There's no way I can go to Africa.''

No need to give up so easily, Bill. With a satellite phone, you can do your show from anywhere.

But maybe Mr. O'Reilly's concern is cost, so I thought my readers might want to give him a hand. You can help sponsor a trip by Mr. O'Reilly to Darfur, where he can use his television savvy to thunder against something actually meriting his blustery rage.

If you want to help, send e-mail to s­ponsorbill[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­ia­mg*c­om or snail mail to me at The Times, and tell me how much you're willing to pay for Mr. O'Reilly's expenses in Darfur. Offers will be anonymous, except maybe to the N.S.A. Don't send money; all I'm looking for is pledges. I'll post updates at

(Note: pledges cannot be earmarked. It is not possible to underwrite only Mr. O'Reilly's outgoing ticket to Darfur without bringing him home as well.)

Sure, this is a desperate measure. But with several hundred thousand people already murdered in Darfur and two million homeless and living in shantytowns, the best hope for those still alive is a strong dose of American outrage.

Worse, all the horrors that we've already seen in Darfur may be remembered only as the prelude. Security in the region is deteriorating, African Union peacekeepers are becoming targets, and the U.N. has warned that if humanitarian agencies are forced out, the death toll may rise to 100,000 per month.

Just as dangerous, the government-supported janjaweed -- the brutal militia responsible for the slaughter -- is now making regular raids across the border into Chad. There is a growing risk that Chad will collapse into war as well, hugely increasing the death toll and spreading chaos across a much larger region.

Last week, the United Nations agreed to plan for an international force. It will be nice if the force materializes -- but even that half-step is probably almost a year away. The solution isn't American ground forces, but a starting point would be American resolve to put genocide at the top of the international agenda. Unfortunately, Mr. Bush barely lets the word ''Darfur'' past his lips.

The best way for President Bush to honor Coretta Scott King isn't simply to recite platitudes at her funeral today, but to push loudly and forcefully to stop genocide. Was the essential message of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. about the need to be seen at funerals? Or about standing up to injustice, like a genocide in which infants are grabbed from their mothers' arms and tossed onto bonfires?

The reality is that the only way the White House will move on Darfur is if it is flooded with calls from the public -- and that will happen only when the genocide is brought home to living rooms around America.

According to the Tyndall Report, which analyzes the content of the evening newscasts of the broadcast networks, their coverage of Darfur actually declined last year. The total for all three networks was 26 minutes in 2004. That wasn't much -- but it dropped to just 18 minutes during all of 2005.

ABC's evening news program had 11 minutes about Darfur over the year, NBC's had 5 minutes, and CBS's found genocide worth only 2 minutes of airtime during the course of 2005.

In contrast, the networks gave the Michael Jackson trial in 2005 a total of 84 minutes of coverage. There aren't comparable figures for cable networks like Fox, but Mr. O'Reilly and other cable newscasters pretty much ignored the Darfur catastrophe.

Mr. O'Reilly has a big audience and a knack for stirring outrage. Lately, he (quite properly) galvanized an outcry over a ridiculously light sentence for a sexual predator in Vermont. The upshot was that the sentence was increased. Good stuff!

So imagine the furor Mr. O'Reilly could stir up if he publicized the hundreds of thousands of rapes, murders and mutilations in Darfur. He could save lives on a grand scale.

Join the pledge drive! I'm starting with my own $1,000 pledge to sponsor Mr. O'Reilly's trip. Please help.
2006-03-03 02:02:17 PM  
Olberman and these idiot 12 year-old 'pranksters' make Bill look stately and dignified in comparison.

Good job guys.
2006-03-03 02:18:44 PM  
O'Reilly needs more trolls.

Armies of them.
2006-03-03 02:45:38 PM  
O'Reilly is a classic bully boy. When you confront him with his BS, he either lies, cuts your mike, hangs up or yells at you to shut up.

Farkin' pervert, too.
2006-03-03 04:05:35 PM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth: cuts your mike

This is a mike:

This is a mic:

See the difference?

/sorry, pet peeve
2006-03-03 04:31:06 PM  
If O'Reilly thinks Olbermann's fans are bad, he should be grateful Opie and Anthony's pests aren't going after him. Just ask Scott Ferrall just how vicious those pests can be. They single handedly destroyed Ferrall after he slammed O&A on Howard Stern's show by jamming up the phone lines to Ferrall's show on Howard 101 a couple of weeks ago and basically taking over his show.

Please, Bill, go after O&A! I beg of you!

/O&A Party Rock
//Olbermann kicks ass
///Let's play Oddball!
2006-03-03 05:05:19 PM  
Ironically, isn't O'Reilly the last person who should be complaining about improper language on a phone?

/I can just hear Leno now.
2006-03-03 06:18:50 PM  
That falafel stuff should've ended his career, Goddamn.
2006-03-03 07:16:32 PM  
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