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(San Antonio Express-News)   Baby boomers are dismayed that their kids are doing drugs just like them.   ( divider line
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2002-05-29 02:47:16 PM  
Caleb Major

There was an article linked to Fark about a girl who fried her brain and now has the mental capacity of a four year old, though she is 18 now, I think. It was very sad. She carried around a picture of herself from before to remind herself of what she used to be like and she would panic if she thought she lost it, as it was her only remnant of her former life. Like I said, very sad. They'll probably make a movie about it and air it on Lifetime.
2002-05-29 02:49:56 PM  
I heard of this, I think Barbra Walters did a story on it.
The thing I hate about E is every single talk show host has done a 'special' about it where the host urges the parents to get thier crappy kid to sit down and watch it with them while they share these freakish stories of people dieing the first time they use it. On average I would think more people die from alergic reaction to peanuts than E. But that is just my opinion.
2002-05-29 02:53:29 PM  
TBF- Would drugs still be illegal for people under 18, like cigarretes and alcohol? (21 for them) If so, then there will still be a forbidden fruit factor, much like we have with our legal drugs, but with easier access, more will be able to use it.

Of course, I think the War on Drugs is a colassal failure and the emphasis should be on treatment, not jailtime for possession. And since we already have legal drugs that are very dangerous and are responsible for much pain and suffering and people getting their hands lopped off in light-saber battles, then I don't see how decriminalization, if not legalization, would be much worse.

Anyone see the Daily Show yesterday? They had a segment on the fact that those awful anti-drug commercials were actually increasing drug use among teens. It was hilarious, and they even threw in the Nelson Laugh[tm].
2002-05-29 02:57:04 PM  
Lifetime! Almost as bad as Oxygen.

Yeah, I think that was the same girl. She took E pretty much every day for years. Dumbass.
2002-05-29 03:04:51 PM  
I can tell you, with or without the E you can have fun at a rave, wether you're laughing at other ravers on a trip or getting a lightshow done.
2002-05-29 03:08:38 PM  
"Raves"? In pastures? Who does that now? It's like zipping back to 1993. Glowsticks - what about whistles?
2002-05-29 03:17:20 PM  
The International Federation of Libraries says

"the Baby Boomer period has been determined as being from 1946-1961"

Which still, tragically, barely qualifies me as one of them, whatever they are.

And that "touching the hot metal stove argument" only works if people did drugs once or twice (or if the poster spent years touching hot stoves!)

Counsel your kids not to do drugs based on your experiences (if you had drug experiences), OR

Teach them to be careful (Like the fact that someone died on Ecstasy makes it innately worse than swimming, which is a known 'gateway' to drowning), OR

Shut up if you're still doing them...
2002-05-29 03:33:42 PM  
Baldactor: maybe you can get Slayer to post that white widow picture.
2002-05-29 03:41:11 PM  
It's the misguided idea that quantity matters more than
quality that causes problems for these kids. "Hey, if
one pill gets me off, I bet 5 will really get me
going!" Ecstasy usually takes a while to kick in too, so
they think nothing's happening and they do more, and it
turns out to be PMA instead and they collapse from dehydration...
2002-05-29 03:49:36 PM  
Yes, the white widow picture.
2002-05-29 03:53:08 PM  
Thank God my Mom still burns!
2002-05-29 03:57:50 PM  
I'm with Zeusgod, you can go out and dance all night without drugs or alcohol. Sure, I'll drink, but fark, stupid kids on K passed out, looking like they're about to die, where's the fun in that?

Whatever happened to 12-14 year old kids just smoking pot?! I miss being 12-14.
2002-05-29 04:00:12 PM  
Tachycardia, fever, and dehydration. Drink your water with ice in it, and don't do E if you have a heart condition.

Drugs are bad for you, m'kay? Its one of the laws of Thermodynamics - there is no free lunch.

As my old man used to say "Those who play, must pay."

Soporific - when I was a kid, it was much easier to get an illegal drug than a legal one. "Hollywood" isn't going to lose his dope peddler's license for selling to a minor, while Apu is going to lose his liquor license for selling to a minor. Get it?
2002-05-29 04:00:47 PM  

You made two correct assumptions in one sentence.

Perhaps touching a hot stove was a bad analogy, as it has instantaneous negative feedback. and

Yes, that poster DID touch the stove for too many years, and, having been a DUMBASS, sees nothing hypocritical about trying to prevent kids from being DUMBASSES, also. Like many have posted, though - most kids will feel the need to experience first-hand what all the fuss is about, and make their own decisions.
2002-05-29 04:04:26 PM  
A friend of mine told me about the "cocaine parties" some Yuppie moms would have in a certain affluent suburb of Houston.

Interestingly, this suburb's high school is well-known for having pretty bad drug problems.

I guess some Baby Boomer parents have taught their kids that "The stove is hot, and hot is GOOD!"
2002-05-29 04:14:22 PM  
Ubo - River Phoenix, John Belushi and Layne Staley all died because of their fondness for heroin mixed with cocaine....

But all drugs are equally evil and deadly, except for nicotine and alcohol, of course. They're much better at killing people than most.
2002-05-29 04:14:22 PM  
Ubo - River Phoenix, John Belushi and Layne Staley all died because of their fondness for heroin mixed with cocaine....

But all drugs are equally evil and deadly, except for nicotine and alcohol, of course. They're much better at killing people than most.
2002-05-29 04:14:22 PM  
Ubo - River Phoenix, John Belushi and Layne Staley all died because of their fondness for heroin mixed with cocaine....

But all drugs are equally evil and deadly, except for nicotine and alcohol, of course. They're much better at killing people than most.
2002-05-29 04:14:39 PM  
What's really stupid is the farkers who go to all day festivals like Coachella and load up on E. I never saw so many passed out and almost dead looking people in all my life. I mean, you're in the desert all day and all night, then you take a drug that dehydrates you? Not smart.

I know a couple who hid/destroyed all copies of pictures they had when they were big ole deadheads right before Jerry died. They didn't want their kids to find out about their usage. I thought that was pretty as.sinine.
2002-05-29 04:23:12 PM  
That's funny - my dad didn't seem too dismayed when I smoked him out, in fact, I believe his reaction was saying something along the lines of, "Whoa, that's some good shiat!"

-he who stacks pork
2002-05-29 04:26:59 PM  
What ever happened to the concept of "everything in moderation" ?

as far as I can tell, 99% of the problems arising from drugs.... fark.... 99% of the problems arising with people in general for any reason, boil down to excess of something (stupidity usually)

Drugs aren't bad, excess is bad. the point at which something becomes excessive is clearly different for each situation... but that's why parents should educate their kids. Mine did.
2002-05-29 04:31:53 PM  
this is complete bullshiat, i promote for 3 rave production companies, i go to parties all across the country. only about half the people there are on any kind of drug. i see more people blowing coke and shiat like that at concerts. and can someone please explain to me how techno music is now concidered "sexual".
2002-05-29 04:40:48 PM  
I did a lil' research and came up with this:

Baby Boomers - 1946-1961 (some debate 65) - These are the jerks that caused all the trouble. Unfortunately they're also being elected into office now by my generation, and soon Generation Y as well.

Generation X - 1961 - 1976 (some debate 81) - Actually the smallest of the Generations, as there was no baby boom (originally they were termed Baby Busters). We (I say we because I'm one) won't outnumber the Baby Boomers until they start dying off around 2040. However, I like being Gen X, as any generation that could produce Soundgarden can't be all bad.

Generation Y - 1976 - the 90's. - The new breed. Computer savvy, light years beyond the first two. Nixon was who? This generation is still coming into it's definition. A good number of Farkers fall into this generation, so you can make the call...

That's the nutshell definitions from a couple websites I went to...

People say that Generation X'ers are apathetic but I don't care. :)
2002-05-29 05:01:45 PM  
I guess some of the generational shiat is fuzzy around the edges... for instance I was born in 78 but identify MUCH more closely with people born in, for example 1972 than in 1980.
2002-05-29 05:06:27 PM  
I'm either too old or too young to understand. I can't decide. Or possibly I just didn't care enough when I should've.
2002-05-29 05:24:44 PM  
Every generation has had to face the problems left them by previous generations. We had Vietnam, you had disco. You win :)
2002-05-29 05:42:43 PM  
the baby boomers should be the biggest fighters when it comes to drugs....they should be fighting against the war on drugs and prohibition.

Prohibition....ummm when there is demand there is supply...see it won't work

War on drugs....if drugs were legal they would have little monetary value...therefore, the war on drugs is making someone i don't know...maybe osama bin laden......

what a stupid campaign the have going now....if you buy drugs you support terrorists....dumb farkin azzess...if they were legal their would be no money!!!! prohibition doesn't work...get over it people!
2002-05-29 05:58:40 PM  
TimShady: Comedian Bill Hicks had a routine on the "War on Drugs."

"Politicians say we are losing the war on drugs. You know, that implies there's a war going on, and people on drugs are winning it. Well what does that tell you, some smart, crazy motherfarkers on that side. They're winning a war and they're farked up. A lot of you don't even know you're fighting. You're thinking, well I'm watching Saturday Night Live, smoking a bong."
2002-05-29 06:10:46 PM  
There is a war...

Families are being torn apart, property is being taken away, and for what?? Some pot. Where's the victim?

Drugs should not be a criminal offense, education and rehab are better alternatives. Besides, you can get more drugs in prison than you can on the street.

Rehab only works if you WANT to quit, so I guess I'll take education...maybe I'll learn how grow my own.
2002-05-29 06:23:17 PM  
No shiat. Who hired these people, anyway? Besides... What's the difference between these rave "drug parties," and the club "drug parties," they had in the '60s? Not much when it all comes down to it. Give us a break... Plus, I happen to like the drugs they had back then better anyway. Who needs all kinds of fancy, designer drugs, and chemicals? I just want some acid and a little weed now and then... Not unlike the previous generation of flower children and "free love."
2002-05-29 06:35:32 PM  
"Such clues might hint that Junior is using Ecstasy or another "club drug" that, experts say, can lead to more dangerous, addictive drug use."

Heheheheheh, I can see the bullshiat propaganda hasn't changed since the 60's and 70's either. When you tell kids crap like that that they know is not true, they develop a mistrust of authority that does not help to keep them away from truly dangerous things like crack or heroin. I know, I was there in the 60's and 70's when the man was telling us that pot is addictive and leads to more dangerous, addictive drugs.

Talk about your dangerous and addictive drugs, which ones kill more people every year than any others?

Alcohol and nicotine.

I told my kids, "drinking too much is bad, far as I can tell, smoking pot doesn't hurt you much but don't get thrown in jail. Cigarettes will kill you." Neither of my kids ended up smoking or drinking too much. I didn't try to hide my former drug use and scare them with bullshiat, I just told the truth.
2002-05-29 06:47:02 PM  

"Intense, sexual, satanic, high volume, sometimes aborting, mexican immigrant music"

2002-05-29 06:58:13 PM  
*sigh* Mods, please treat my two extraneous posts as if they were pictures of the goatse man in all his splendor, or images linked from something awful.
2002-05-29 07:17:30 PM  

"What's the difference between these rave "drug parties," and the club "drug parties," they had in the '60s?"

Not one damn thing except my generation is scared of rap music because negros make it. I know, they don't play rap at raves, but my generation, whose parents were frightened by the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath, don't take the time to understand the different kinds of music. Anything with a beat is "rap".

The other day I was with my Father and Brother-in-law and wives and they started in on this "I can't stand that RAP music." I began my usual "what exactly are you lumping together as RAP music..." when I just gave up because I realized they didn't know and didn't care and were determined to stay ignorant.

It's the same phenomenon when my Mom used to call Led Zeppelin heavy metal. I just can't believe it when people from my generation who were subjected to that same ignorant crap about music and drugs try to lay the same trip on their kids.
2002-05-30 12:02:09 AM  
Torchsong: ah, so that would make people in my age bracket Generation Y.

As in "Y the hell do we have to put up with this shiat..."
2002-05-30 10:21:54 AM  
What I hate about the 'War on Drugs' is how fast they seem to forget that in most cases where people honk themselves into a coma on drugs, they did so by their own choice (qv: Leah Betts, the UK's Poster-Vegetable for why E's are bad). If people who drank themselves stupid then drove off a cliff got as much press as people who take a pill, drown their kidneys etc etc, then it'd be a more honest world.
2002-05-30 11:46:34 AM  
I just saw it in the vodka it all makes sense
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