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(Sunday Herald)   Bruichladdich to start making whisky that is 92% alcohol, possibly 94%. "To be honest I'm just hoping the distillery doesn't explode"   ( divider line
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2006-02-25 09:34:34 PM  
Here in the USA that's been illicitly available in mason jars for a long time.
2006-02-25 09:48:28 PM  
You can drink it, cook with it, run your car off it and when ya die they can embalm you with it, let the good times roll.
2006-02-25 10:00:44 PM  
and here I was feeling guilty about getting buzzed on Makers Mark while the wife is at work.
2006-02-25 10:01:52 PM  
doubles as drain-o
2006-02-25 10:04:03 PM  
2006-02-25 10:04:34 PM  
Oooh, competition for everclear?
2006-02-25 10:05:50 PM  
Going after the fratboy market?
2006-02-25 10:06:28 PM  
??? WHY ???

Grain alcohol (aka Everclear) is by definition 95% ethanol (hooch cannot be distilled higher than 95% [190 proof] )

This goes against every/anything craft distilled
2006-02-25 10:07:15 PM  
It will have to be high quality. If they put it in anything other than glass, it'll eat through the container.
2006-02-25 10:09:04 PM  
What about reagent-grade ethanol?
2006-02-25 10:11:04 PM  
There are lots of rules in whisky, but this certainly shows it is good fun to break them."

Says it all.
2006-02-25 10:11:13 PM  
wouldn't this just be 95% EtOH, rather than whisky?


(hooch cannot be distilled higher than 95% [190 proof]

The reason you can't distill ethanol over 95% or so:

Azeotrope (linky no poppy)

They need to add something to break the azeotrope, usually benzene. That's why if you ever see 100% EtOH you should never drink it.
2006-02-25 10:15:06 PM  
ian.m: If you're already drinking 190 proof liquor, wtf would you care about a little benzene?
2006-02-25 10:16:06 PM  
Wow - never heard of anything anywhere over 55% - this is 95%???

I'll be suprised if its ever served in a pub - must be illegal.

Good way to celebrate todays victory over the English in the Calcutta Cup tho!


2006-02-25 10:16:16 PM  
They'd better make sure that stuff is smooth. I've had some 175 proof Grenadian rum before. At least the label said rum.. I think they killed a devil, boiled the flesh off his bones and distilled that. Pure, unadulterated, evil stuff. It wouldn't have been so bad but the taste was unbelievably vile.

Exactly a year later the guy showed up to the same annual party with the same bottle. Just to make sure I tasted it again. It was still distilled evil and vile beyond belief.

I hope this stuff is better than that rum
2006-02-25 10:18:37 PM  
Yay! Time to get blind drunk! Literally!
2006-02-25 10:19:29 PM  
Knowing me, I will probably try it just once. After all, it can't be any more potent than the Jose Cuervo bottle swimming with habaneros that I took a shot of.
2006-02-25 10:20:40 PM  
They'd have to make a 'lite' version of it before Americans would drink it.

Actually, I think they'd have to make a 'lite' version of it before I'd even drink it.
2006-02-25 10:20:58 PM  
Pussies, I remember some of my distillations I vaporized around 3 gallons of mash and collected almost nothing as distillate. The air was so damn thick of alcohol vapor I didn't even have to drink. All that shiat is fabricated. If alcohol vapor was as dangerous as they say it is I would be long dead. Or maybe Im just lucky. Who knows, maybe God is with me! I just know you could replace some of my early distillation set ups with fog machines and It was still all good.
2006-02-25 10:21:43 PM  

Couldn't you take pure sodium ethoxide, add a tiny bit of water, then filter out the lye? Or use some acid whose conjugate base is extremely insoluble in etOH?

/I refuse to accept that 100% is not possible.
2006-02-25 10:23:38 PM  
"Possibly" 94%?


I've stumbled across something that is 192 proof, burns like cheap vodka, and is 100% completely legal.

I present unto you, fellow farkers, SPIRYTUS.

[image from too old to be available]

It's Polish, it's grain alcohol, it's 192 Proof.

One shot (2 oz.) has the alcoholic content of slightly more than 3-12oz. 5% beers.

Oh, and a 750mL bottle costs $19.99 at the local liquor store.

2006-02-25 10:25:03 PM  
"Produce of Poland"? Since when is grain alcohol "produce"?
2006-02-25 10:25:25 PM  
is Golden Grain limited to Georgia? Cause most people don't seem to know about it.
2006-02-25 10:26:50 PM  
lol, you COULD make 100% ethanol. Sadly it only lasts a short time before absorbing water vapor from the air and diluting to 95%ish.

/Jerk in the organic lab kept leaving the lid off of an absolute ethanol bottle.
//Got crappy yields.
///Stabbed him with a graduated cylinder in the parking lot.
2006-02-25 10:27:32 PM  
undflickertail: "Produce of Poland"? Since when is grain alcohol "produce"?

It's probably just a poor translation.
I'd be willing to bet that the people who made this label are drunk off their asses from this stuff.

By the way, I've had this stuff. It burns all the way down.
"The 'Tus", as we call it, makes a mean screwdriver, by the way.
2006-02-25 10:28:07 PM  
The reason that you don't see alcohol at higher proof than this is because alcohol is hygroscopic, meaning it actually absorbs water for the atmosphere at this purity and tus dilutes itself. Besides, that last little 2% of alcohol is very hard to get completeley refined/ clean.

Go blind quickly or have your liver shut down - you choose.
2006-02-25 10:28:15 PM  

I've got a hangover just looking at that Spirytus bottle...

Rectified spirit???
2006-02-25 10:29:36 PM  
Thansk, Omnimancer, got there 2 late...
2006-02-25 10:32:44 PM  
I know what you're drinking. Is it 94 percent alcohol, or just 92? Well, to tell you the truth, in all the inebriation, I kind of lost track myself. But being how this is a Bruichladdich, the most powerful whisky in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, drunk?
2006-02-25 10:34:10 PM  
Check this out:...​693.JPG

and this is the still room:

and the distillery:

I used to live and work on the island for a short while.

2006-02-25 10:39:18 PM  
hehe kudos Snarf
2006-02-25 10:40:45 PM  
DaveDawg2000: It's probably just a poor translation.
I'd be willing to bet that the people who made this label are drunk off their asses from this stuff.

By the way, I've had this stuff. It burns all the way down.
"The 'Tus", as we call it, makes a mean screwdriver, by the way.

The label looks like it was printed on a World War II era typewriter. That can only mean that that stuff means business.
2006-02-25 10:42:36 PM  
Snarfangel wins. Twice.
2006-02-25 10:43:28 PM  
Wouldn't it be easier to just put a few drops of vanilla flavoring in a bottle of rubbing alcohol?
2006-02-25 10:45:08 PM  
Gimme a good affordable scotch. Nothing over, say, fiddy bucks. I'm trying to find something a young guy can actually afford that could beat Cragganmore.
2006-02-25 10:45:13 PM  
I had some cobra wine in Laos last year. They brew alcohol (like very nasty grain alcohol) with a few cobras in the bottle. Big bottles have several snakes at the bottom, and the cobra all flared up with a smaller snake dangling out its mouth.

I woulda bought a bottle, but with my luck, it would break in transit and I'd have a pretty nasty bag which would, of course be opened by the TSA.
2006-02-25 10:55:57 PM  
Most Delicious Worm - That's what I was thinking! Maybe a little caramel coloring for good measure...
2006-02-25 11:00:07 PM  
my friend bought a bottle of Islay Dew whiskey. It was so terrible we called it "Islay Don't"
2006-02-25 11:01:16 PM  
Egregious Philbin: woulda bought a bottle, but with my luck, it would break in transit and I'd have a pretty nasty bag which would, of course be opened by the TSA.

Which would have been immediately confiscated broken or not.

Bruichladdich is some potent stuff at it's normal proof. That would be a mean batch. Got a small bottle and it was pricey (and I have several $90 scotch bottles)
/my vice is Islay Single Malts :)
2006-02-25 11:02:39 PM  
I'd drink it. But I'd more often trick other people into drinking it.

Had a few glasses of wine with christmas dinner uncle Joe? Why don't we end the night with a glass of scotch? C'mon, one glass won't hurt.

It all ends with a lampshade on his head.
2006-02-25 11:07:31 PM  
I have my bottle right here. I use it to wash my hands sometimes...
2006-02-25 11:11:51 PM  
Depends on whether you drink to get shiat-faced or enjoy the taste.

I suspect that all those repeated distillations are going to remove any trace of character from the whisky. No, I don't believe that a whisky's taste comes from the barrel.
2006-02-25 11:13:33 PM  

"They need to add something to break the azeotrope, usually benzene. That's why if you ever see 100% EtOH you should never drink it."

Don't you realize that your math is flawed there? Doesn't 100% leave 0% for anything else? Or do they not count benzene to a certain concentration?
2006-02-25 11:15:40 PM  
Everclear is legal in my state (MO) but how many states is it legal in?
2006-02-25 11:23:04 PM  
You can get Everclear in most liquor stores in Maryland.

/Lives in College Park
//Everclear is everywhere.
2006-02-25 11:26:11 PM  
I am so freaking hard right now.
2006-02-25 11:29:15 PM  
DaveDawg2000, I've seen that stuff. The kid who brought it just called it "The Spirits". He took one shot and started speaking Latin backwards.
2006-02-25 11:36:57 PM  
WT 101 Rye is good enough for me and I daresay it gets the job done quite nicely, thank you

2006-02-25 11:37:29 PM  
Just something to get you going for tommorrow:

Purple Jesus Punch:
4 litres of Everclear
4 gallons of grape juice or cranberry juice
8 each of sliced up lemons and oranges
2 litres of cheap-ass vodka
Add ice in any decent,clean container you can find(kitchen sink-tub?)
Call me a week from now when you're coherent. :D

Good times.
2006-02-25 11:38:48 PM  
Everclear in NJ - check.

Here's a good recipe:

Ingredients: Everclear bottle $17, kool aid $1 sprite $2
Makes enough for one sorority.

Put a kool-aid packet (or two if you like it sweet) in your everclear and mix. Then go 50-50 with sprite and you have a delicious drink that only takes two tall glasses to have you feel'n good.

/you're welcome
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