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(Yahoo)   Our favorite humble Olympic Texan refuses to lose, and takes home... the silver   ( divider line
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35048 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Feb 2006 at 7:08 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-24 02:42:44 PM  
I'm surprised he didn't somehow manage to again blame Shawny (sp?) Davis. But, he did come up with this self-tribute:

"If another skater had felt like I did today, he wouldn't have been on the podium. That's just me refusing to lose."
2006-02-24 03:57:45 PM  
Bob de Jong of the Netherlands...

Isn't that a song by Kid Rock? Or am I thinking of T. Rex?
2006-02-24 06:53:41 PM  
Jesus is still inspired
2006-02-24 07:13:42 PM  
Hey, leggo of my ego!
2006-02-24 07:14:25 PM  
Not that there aren't tons of good sport American Olympians, but almost every stereotype that the world has about the US shows up in many of these athletes. Hedrick is a perfect example.
2006-02-24 07:14:41 PM  
2006-02-24 07:16:58 PM  
Excellent use of the dumbass tag.

Are the olympics over yet? I am tired of my weekly sports illustrated issue being filled with crap.
2006-02-24 07:17:46 PM  
Wow, what an ass. Of course he is Murican...
2006-02-24 07:19:07 PM  
Please note that he's a Texan, not an American.
2006-02-24 07:19:35 PM  
Too bad he couldn't be super smart guy that CavemanCometh.
2006-02-24 07:19:52 PM  
Oh well, I've never threadjacked before, but since there's (for the obvious reasons) no thread for this, so here goes...
Bring it on Swedes, if thre ever was a time for us to beat you in hockey, the time is nigh...Damn, that was one fine, orchestrated effort by FIN against team RUS in the semis. Can you spell T-E-A-M? So bring it on SWE!!!

OK, so we'll choke as we've done before against SWE, but it was a good run...One can wish.
2006-02-24 07:20:16 PM  
Dang, I thought his 15 minutes were over.

Chad, you bore me.
2006-02-24 07:21:36 PM  
you get a feeling that nbc isn't digging any deeper into the story because they know there's a hill of s--- on the other side. Sure, you'll keep hearing names of people who won, but you'll see 20 more shawn white stories before you see another shawni davis interview
/the real question: bigger olympic bust: bodi miller or dan and dave?
2006-02-24 07:21:40 PM  

/obviously very...very....drunk at the time.
2006-02-24 07:26:20 PM  
very well done...

2006-02-24 07:13:42 PM Lampmonster

Hey, leggo of my ego!
2006-02-24 07:26:40 PM
/missing the summer games
2006-02-24 07:26:45 PM  
This reminds me of the time when I refused to lose and took home... a fat chick.

/don't tell anyone
2006-02-24 07:28:18 PM  
I see more and more coaches actually encouraging this kind of attitude and behavior in kids/athletes these days. It really, really pisses me off.

You can have the self confidence/esteem necessary to win without being an obnoxious, loud-mouthed jackoff, like this guy, about it. The "psych-out" factor has another name: "bad sportsmanship".

Jackass, win-at-all-costs coaches.

2006-02-24 07:28:26 PM  

You guys may not have the huge superstars, but it's by far the best teamwork at the olympics. I don't know how your guys play so well together. Good luck in the finals, just loosen up on the trap eh? Makes the game a little boring.

//pissed at our abysmal showing
2006-02-24 07:29:44 PM  
show me-

my Friday is now complete
you are appreciated

2006-02-24 07:31:17 PM  
"He has an attitude we're not used to"

2006-02-24 07:35:42 PM  
Damn, that was one fine, orchestrated effort by FIN against team RUS in the semis.

You're right.

You guys may not have the huge superstars, but it's by far the best teamwork at the olympics.

At first glance, the Canadian roster looked like a Fantasy League wet dream, but those guys had no concept of team in their play at all. Don't be pissed as a Canadian - be amused by the individual, overpaid Canadian 'rock stars' and their inability to live up to their own hype. A good taste of humility may teach 'em something.
2006-02-24 07:38:39 PM  
Gefeliciteerd, Bob! Aaaaanvalluhh!!
2006-02-24 07:39:38 PM  
He's got two more medals than Bode Miller, Daron Rahlves and all of America's individual figure skaters combined.

What's the problem?
2006-02-24 07:43:00 PM  
Quoth Haerski:

> OK, so we'll choke as we've done before against SWE, but it was a good run...One can wish.

I dunno about that. Won every game so far, more than half of them by shutouts...the Finns have a good chance, IMHO. And, to tie this back into the thread:

"Koivu said he is extremely proud and excited about a chance to win a gold medal but cautioned against looking too far ahead.

"Sweden's playing amazing," the Montreal Canadiens captain told CBC Sports. "You look at their lineup. It's a scary one."

The Finns have outscored their opponents 27-5 and trailed for only five minutes, 49 seconds the entire tournament."

/cop that attitude...
2006-02-24 07:43:37 PM  
People are actually watching the Olympics?
2006-02-24 07:46:50 PM  
This will be remembered as the "bronze and silver" era of the US in the Olympics
2006-02-24 07:48:32 PM  
Shawni Davis is a biatch. I hope to someday meet him to tell him to his face. Chad thought he was good enough for gold, and he is disappointed in himself, end of story.
2006-02-24 07:49:20 PM  
People are actually watching the Olympics?

Nope. All the guys in this thread talking about the games are just faking it in order to troll for jerk-offs.

Good job, guys - it worked:)
2006-02-24 07:49:58 PM  

//pissed at our abysmal showing

Meanwhile, the men's curling team win gold, bringing Canada's total to a record 20 medals.
2006-02-24 07:50:05 PM  
Canadian Cindy Klassen has four medals from this games, she is our best athlete bar none. When asked how she got to be the best? She thanked her coaches, her country, and the other athletes.

That's good sportmanship.

This douche says he'll get five medals, ends up with three, and then claims anyone else would have done less.
2006-02-24 07:52:22 PM  
Hedrick? Douche.

Go Finland. Been a joy to watch Suomi. And that's coming from an American with Scottish, English and Lithuanian heritage. And I'm pissed that the Amerification and Nike-fication of the Olympics has made all the Euro teams be spelled as English speaking countries identify them. Dumb.
2006-02-24 07:58:05 PM  
Yay Finland. I'm part Scottish too, but darn it if they don't have hockey team.
2006-02-24 08:01:31 PM  
Hedrick. Asshat.
Look to Joey Cheek as a proper olympian.

You're a good man, Joey.

//wild 'bout the 20 medals
///once scooped Russ Howard an ice cream cone.
2006-02-24 08:02:19 PM  
"He has an attitude we're not used to," Verheijen said.

Which is another way of calling the guy a big *sshole
2006-02-24 08:04:01 PM  
bigpete53: Please note that he's a Texan, not an American.

Dear Asshole,
Fark off.

2006-02-24 08:05:30 PM  
Dear entire state of Texas (minus Austin),
Fark off.

2006-02-24 08:08:27 PM  
Dear Bill Frist,

Go fark a 70 year old Republican woman doggystyle.

2006-02-24 08:10:15 PM  
I think less of Davis than Hedwick. You're at the Olympics to represent your country, not yourself. Hedrick had every right to be pissed at him because he wouldn't race in the team event. I agree with what Hedrick said. You train your whole life for this and a week before the race some guy decides he'd rather concentrate on his individual event so he can satisfy his sponsors.
2006-02-24 08:13:49 PM  
Is it me or has this been the most awful, unbearable winter Olympics ever?
2006-02-24 08:15:57 PM  
Wow, what an ass. Of course he is Murican...

Spoken like a true Kamloopsian.
2006-02-24 08:16:29 PM  
Steers and queers.... steers and queers
2006-02-24 08:19:04 PM  
Villain: Steers and queers.... steers and queers

Wow. Did you just watch Full Metal Jacket for the first time?

/insert generic New Jersey smells and is the dumpster of America comment here
2006-02-24 08:20:21 PM  
I thought Davis represented the country pretty well by getting a gold. I did not know that Americans winning a relay race counts more towards our country than an American winning an individual event.
2006-02-24 08:23:37 PM  

You are really proving a point...

Sad to say it isn't the one you want to.
2006-02-24 08:26:50 PM  
Shawni Davis is the biggest freaking cry baby since Nancy Kerrigan. If you think Hedrick is a poor sport, you haven't paid much attention to Davis. The loser had to air his dirty laundry at the press conference right after he didn't win the gold. If there is tension, that shiat needs to be kept in the locker room.
And did anyone see Shawni on Jay Leno? When Jay asked him to show his medals to the camera, he started flaunting it and waving it around like an arrogant jerk.
Also, it was Hedrick who went out of his way to shake hands with Davis during the medal ceremony.
The only disappointment at the olympics that I saw was the lack of good looking women for figure skating (although there were plenty of good looking little girls). Then again, i could just be confusing them with female gymnasts...
/oh how I can't wait for the next summer olympics
2006-02-24 08:31:24 PM  
2006-02-24 08:13:49 PM AcornMan
Is it me or has this been the most awful, unbearable winter Olympics ever?

It's not you, it's the coverage by NBC.
2006-02-24 08:31:27 PM  
Leviathanial: You are really proving a point...

Forgive me for disliking when people irrationally diss my state for no reason. On a lighter note, you're from Scotland and I would love to visit there sometime. Beautiful looking country.
2006-02-24 08:35:57 PM  
While Hendrick's 3 medals are impressive, a little ego-cutting context may be in order.

Other speedskaters in this Olympics have earned more medals (Klassen), and Germany alone has at least three athletes with 3+ medals (Fischer, Glagow, Hettich), while many other countries have at least one (Russia, Austria, Sweden, Canada, Italy; maybe more).

So, while he's a good athlete, he's not nearly as good as he thinks he is. He scores well in doucheness, though.
2006-02-24 08:36:52 PM  
wth is the silver medal is losing crap? I watched Sash Cohen last night when she got the silver. You'd have thought her whole world had ended!!!! You got a friggin OLYMPIC MEDAL! Dayum! Be HAPPY!
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