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(Yahoo)   The Pope and President Bush have a chat   ( divider line
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3183 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2002 at 7:50 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-28 08:17:26 PM  
Pope: "Now, the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be..."
2002-05-28 08:19:25 PM  
"you, me, and the altar boy. We'll meet in the confessional booth in 10 minutes for some real fun."
2002-05-28 08:19:36 PM  
Pope John Paul II: "So when I lose my mind my roommate is gonna be Ronnie Reagan at The Old Folks Home."

President Bush: "Well, that sounds like fun. Maybe you can get a BJ from Nancy or the pill lady? Ronnie is sooooo out of it he won't notice a thing."

Pope John Paul II: "I was hoping for some sex with Ronnie..."
2002-05-28 08:21:22 PM  
"Could you turn the air conditioning down? I'm not wearing a goddamn thing under this dress...."
2002-05-28 08:21:22 PM  
I'm telling you Georgie-porgie-pudding-n-pie, you need to take the time to vote for your favorite CAPTION and PHOTOSHOPS when you're at Some of that shiat they've done about you has been hilarious. I have a favorite I've saved of your families eating habits. Let me pull it down in my IEGOD.6 browser... here it is.
2002-05-28 08:21:42 PM  
Pope: *incoherent gibberish*
Bush: *incoherent gibberish*
2002-05-28 08:21:51 PM  
"Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten."
2002-05-28 08:24:55 PM  
"FYI, Johnnyboy, the link to the picture of us on Fark is dead"
2002-05-28 08:25:11 PM  
President Bush: "Hey, did you fart?"

John Paul II: "No, that is a pile of crap in my Depends."
2002-05-28 08:25:29 PM  
"Someone just pinch your ass Mr. Bush?"
2002-05-28 08:26:32 PM  
"Is Domo-Kun hack in America, too?"
2002-05-28 08:26:50 PM  
Bush: Did you ever do the ol' "one two" with an alterboy?

John Paul: Is the Pope a Catholic?
2002-05-28 08:27:32 PM  
"George, you've got to get me out of here. They're going to keep me here until I die. And I'm still a virgin!"
2002-05-28 08:27:41 PM  
"You looked good in that last Photoshop contest, Mr. President."
2002-05-28 08:30:39 PM  
Pope: 'It's a Zen thing.'
2002-05-28 08:30:48 PM  
"Red Wings suck!"
2002-05-28 08:32:02 PM  
Pope: 'Actually, I always wanted to be a dancer. But the pay's good, so I stay.'
2002-05-28 08:33:12 PM  
Pope: 'I know, I read the news, but I still don't think your election qualifies as a 'miracle', in the Biblical sense.'
2002-05-28 08:34:05 PM  
AMEN to that one, HR_Issue :)

Avalanche Farking Rule!!!!!!
2002-05-28 08:36:52 PM  
Pope: 'The United States of the Vatican, Inc.? I like the sound of that...'
2002-05-28 08:41:16 PM  
Pope: 'I'll take care of Osama for you if you can take care of Jack Chick for me.'
2002-05-28 08:42:56 PM  
Pope: Dude?
Bush: Dude!
Pope: Dude!!
Bush: Duuuude!!!
Pope: DUDE!
Bush: DUDE!!!!
Pope: Dude?

.. and so on.
2002-05-28 08:43:22 PM  
"Have you seen Bevets around here?"
2002-05-28 08:44:31 PM  
Pope: Oooh you.. you little... I oughta... you sonuva...

I got nothing.
2002-05-28 08:46:30 PM  
Pope: 'No, Sarducci is not a real priest.'
2002-05-28 08:47:13 PM  
Dubya: "I don't know. What kind of meat does a priest eat on Fridays?"
2002-05-28 08:57:28 PM  
Pope: The important issue here, is not the farking of little boys by our priests, it's those floozy Hollywood actresses wearing crosses. That's the real crisis and I want an immediate investigation....
2002-05-28 08:59:56 PM  

Sorry, my caption required a slight modification....

[image from too old to be available]

2002-05-28 09:01:37 PM  
Pope: I'm afraid. I'm afraid, George. George, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it.
2002-05-28 09:04:18 PM  
Alternate for my version of the picture:

"See, now THIS is the kind of erotic wrestling pictures your Priests should be posting on web sites!"

(the Playboy pictured features Joanie Laurer formerly Chyna of the WWF)

Doh! Strike TWO on forgetting voting since my registration!!
2002-05-28 09:04:26 PM  
pope: "So if I go into one of your nursing homes the state won't pay for anything until I only have $2000.00 in the bank?"

Bush:"Yes your holyness."

pope:"Can't 'we' work on a little deal here?"

Bush:"Dont think so."

pope:"Well as long as they change my brief, and reposition me every two hours, I guess it's money well spent."

Bush:"Uhhh...yes, that is the law."

pope:"And I will get walked according to my health care plan, so as not to loose my legs sort of speak."

Bush:"Yup..uh huh.."
2002-05-28 09:10:24 PM  
OK.... last caption for my 'alternate version':

Of course, Mr. Pope, here's a set of lovely pictures of both my daughters... Quite the pair, eh?
2002-05-28 09:16:26 PM  
"What do you mean 'You're either with us or against us'? Is that a threat?"
2002-05-28 09:17:54 PM  
POPE: "Ok... let try it again. Listen to how I say it... NOO-CLEEE-ERR. Nuclear. Now you try it."

BUSH: "Nooc-ya-ler."

POPE: "No listen... NOOO-CLEEE-ERRRR" See? No 'y' in the word. Try again. N000-CLEEE-ERRR..."

BUSH: "Nucyaler. Is that right? That's right, wasn't it your highness?

POPE: * sigh *
2002-05-28 09:22:23 PM  
"You motherfarker! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
2002-05-28 09:22:37 PM  
POPE: "Nanu, nanu"
2002-05-28 09:29:34 PM  
... enna numba three, she gotta hava bigga boobies!
2002-05-28 09:36:29 PM  
"For the last time, NO, I don't shiat in the woods..."
2002-05-28 09:50:41 PM  
"No, I didn't steal the papacy, things work a little differently here..."
2002-05-28 10:01:42 PM  
So anyways, there was this time at band camp.......
2002-05-28 10:04:20 PM  
"Yes, I do remember your father, he was a nice man... he came here with your grandmother once... we had a nice time, a little dinner, he threw up on me, then he had to catch a plane. Give him my best."
2002-05-28 10:10:30 PM  
Pope: "And how about when Ozzy said, 'I'm a farking rock star'!"

Bush: "Yeah, that was great, too!"
2002-05-28 10:30:17 PM  
Oh sure, I could come up with something witty to say but what is the point? Already there are over 100 "captions" so I have no chance of "winning" this caption thing. Forget it, I give up. Don't vote for me.

I'm going to drink more beer.
2002-05-28 10:34:25 PM  
Skynard? You farking like Skynard? Only fags like Skynard. Ozzy kicks Skynard's ass!
2002-05-28 11:00:38 PM  
Pope: No, if only our revenues could be as large as the obnoxiously massive picture behind us, we could BUY out the terrorists.
Bush: how was Bulgaria?
2002-05-28 11:07:22 PM  
"...eeer....and don't Bogart!"
2002-05-28 11:09:58 PM  
Either one: "Been gettin any?"
2002-05-28 11:28:06 PM  
Pope: You gotta check out this new website I found.
2002-05-29 07:35:05 AM  
Mr President, why would Marx write about the "Oatcake of the Beetle"?
2002-05-29 07:43:17 AM  
- "Look, buddy -- I know I'm supposed to be polite and businesslike and all, but you've really gotta work at getting your subordinates to keep it in their pants. The group you lead is becoming a laughingstock."

- "But your holiness..."
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