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(Some Guy)   Billionaire Blazers owner Paul Allen pleads poverty- demands sweeter stadium lease deal, full amnesty for every Blazer arrested over the last 5 years on drug, gun, or domestic violence charges   ( divider line
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454 clicks; posted to Sports » on 24 Feb 2006 at 12:11 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-24 10:33:04 AM  
Because the NBA/MLB/NFL/NHL enriches our lives so much that no price is too steep to pay for such great-a-tude-ness.
2006-02-24 01:31:23 PM  
Like I said elsewhere: Jail Blazer jokes will never get old. And no one will ever convince me otherwise.
2006-02-24 03:15:12 PM  
Jail Blazer jokes will never get old

Yes, but nowadays they're really just coasting on a storied reputation. This team is a pale imitation of the Jail Blazers renaissance of years past. Sebastian Telfair bringing a handgun on a plane is a feeble effort for a franchise that has paid good money for the likes of Isaiah Rider, Shawn Kemp, Bonzi Wells, Qyntel Woods, and Art Long--who, to my knowledge, is the only NBA player ever charged with punching a police horse.
2006-02-24 04:01:17 PM  
Lance Conn, who heads Vulcan Capital Management, Allen's privately held investment firm, told The Associated Press in an interview that "all options are on the table" because "the economic model is broken."

Would these options include Paul Allen being responsible for his past debts or the sorry contracts his representatives have offered to second-tier players?
2006-02-24 05:13:08 PM  
He should sell his boat if he needs to finance a new stadium

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-25 02:16:27 PM  
Sell the farkers and move them to another city. I stopped going to the Rose Garden to see games when Bob Whitsit was ruining everything.

It was funny seeing the mayor Tom Potter react when asked about money... "We are trying to fund schools...If they are looking for money, they will have to look elsewhere."

Oh yeah...When Whitsit had a woman removed from the Rose Garden during the playoffs a few years ago for wearing a "Fire Whitsit" t-shirt and it was heavily publisized... Not a good move.

And...Damon Stoudamire wrapping an ounce of pot in ALUMINUM FOIL and trying to get past the metal detector at the airport in ARIZONA... That was a good one too... Do you need a friggen OUNCE for a roadtrip?

P.S. Metal detectors pick up aluminum foil.
2006-02-25 03:21:27 PM  
I agree Pockafrusta-

I live in Vancouver and stopped going when the players started looking like criminal lineups. Not to mention the sex offender! I won't miss them.
2006-02-25 03:47:17 PM  
I think he should get rid of this loser franchise and concentrate on bringing us Flipstart (pops)

It's been over 2 years since they announced this product would be available at the end of the year. That's ridiculous even by MicroSoft standards.
2006-02-25 06:42:40 PM  
Portland pretty much told the Blazers to suck it.

We cant even figure out how to pay for our schools,much less bailing out overpaid basketball players..
2006-02-27 09:48:34 AM  
Unavailable for comment...probably returning videotapes:

[image from too old to be available]
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