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(Some Guy)   Autistic teenager gets his chance to play on the high school basketball team and scores 20 points in three minutes   ( divider line
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33150 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2006 at 1:12 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-23 10:38:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's all fun till he shakes this thing and we all cease to exist.
2006-02-23 10:50:17 AM  
I was going to make some crack about how the other team probably wasn't guarding him, but since my fat ass couldn't sink 6 3-pointers in 3 minutes on an empty court, I guess I'll just be impressed.

Good story.
2006-02-23 11:01:23 AM  
Maybe he can't play defense, and that's why he wasn't actually on the team. Then again, if he can hit three-pointers and doesn't play defense, maybe he can go play at Grinnell.
2006-02-23 11:03:57 AM  
I watched the video this AM. The kid was on fire. Didn't see any defense.
2006-02-23 11:43:29 AM  
JJ Reddick?
2006-02-23 12:14:19 PM  
The most amazing part was when the crowd stormed the court and carried him off on their shoulders.

He yelled "Stop touching me!" 594 times in three minutes and registered 589 knockouts.
2006-02-23 12:16:41 PM  
"My first shot was an air ball (missing the hoop)

I didn't realize Ric Romero worked in Rochester, too.
2006-02-23 12:37:18 PM  
Great story, thanks submitter!
2006-02-23 12:41:24 PM  
Hollywood is already writing a movie about it
2006-02-23 01:16:31 PM  
Submitter here.


Your welcome. I have a mentally handicapped sister and have worked with people with mental and physical disabilities all my life so I thought this was a great story too.
2006-02-23 01:18:18 PM  
This story's great! Wait until the liters' get a load of this heh!
2006-02-23 01:18:50 PM  
This is farking awesome.

Our manager in high school was a great kid. He was also mentally handicap but LOVED to shoot hoops.
2006-02-23 01:19:27 PM  
That story made my day.
2006-02-23 01:19:40 PM  
Man, that almost made me feel feelings.
2006-02-23 01:19:40 PM  
I bet he didn't miss Wapner either.

2006-02-23 01:20:17 PM  
2006-02-23 01:20:22 PM  
if that doesnt make you feel good you are inhuman
2006-02-23 01:20:46 PM  
Were his dolphins helping him?
2006-02-23 01:20:51 PM  
To quote T-shirt hell "Autistic kids rock"
2006-02-23 01:21:02 PM  
The phrase "air ball" means missing the hoop. More at 11.
2006-02-23 01:21:15 PM  
I bet the coach felt pretty dumb for not playing him all season.
2006-02-23 01:21:26 PM  
great story and video. Its always nice to see people come together like that.
2006-02-23 01:21:49 PM  
OK, great, but while he was scoring all those points, just who was watching the orange slices? Hmmm?
2006-02-23 01:21:53 PM  
Wapner is on at 5.
2006-02-23 01:22:23 PM  
That's awesome.
2006-02-23 01:22:43 PM  
Another important point, not in the story, is that he set the school record for three-pointers in a game. That might be the coolest part about it all for me.
2006-02-23 01:23:01 PM  
This story

[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

of my

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-23 01:23:32 PM  
The movie will have him dunking over Manute Bol from the free throw line and tearing down the goal just like Chocolate Thunder used to. Just don't touch his ears.
2006-02-23 01:23:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-23 01:23:56 PM  
Sappy huh. Everyone feeling all tingly and nice? Ok, here goes. The coach was heard saying as he put the kid in "everybody stand back and let the 'tard score." His statement really ruined the mood for me.
2006-02-23 01:24:04 PM  
"Jason's next goal: to graduate."

what an ominous last line.
2006-02-23 01:24:19 PM  
The Rockets need an outside shooter to compliment Yao Ming. A bonus: He can teach Yao some farking social skills.
2006-02-23 01:24:38 PM  
"Then again, if he can hit three-pointers and doesn't play defense, maybe he can go play at Grinnell."

Is his name Pittsnoggle?
2006-02-23 01:25:34 PM  
Theobold Holsopple

You got heartburn from eating clams?
2006-02-23 01:25:37 PM  
Tend to agree with the second response here, I know I couldn't hit 6 back to back three pointers with even a single person on the court, let alone on a possesion change during a real game. That's just freaking amazing regardless of if the kid is autistic or not.

However (and its a tiny however), I know that autism doesn't necessarily mean anything like mental retardation since alot of really brilliant people seem to be a little bit on the autistic side. Also I dont think it has any neurological side effects in terms of the kids motor skills.

I guess what I'm saying is... how socially developed do you actually need to be in order to play basketball?

Ron Artest anyone?
2006-02-23 01:25:50 PM  
According to last night's SportsCenter, he has what they call "high functioning" autism. What does that even mean? "Not very autistic?" 20 points in three minutes is a lot, even if that is what it means. As filth said, I'm impressed no matter what.
2006-02-23 01:25:52 PM  
It's important to know that autistic doesn't mean mentally retarded.

Autistic people are very often extremely brilliant in some area, but they have really poor ability to interact with other people, which gives the impression that they're mentally handicapped.

Go get a copy of "The Curious Indicent of the Dog in the Night" for a fantastic read (really experimental writing) combined with a terrific story (autistic kid takes the college entrance exams and aces match, while we learn how difficult it is for parents to raise a kid like him).
2006-02-23 01:25:55 PM  
Theobold Holsopple: This story

Burns the shells of your organ?
2006-02-23 01:26:13 PM  
Like Tatsuma said- give it a year. You will see his story on film. Americans love a feel good story and Hollywood loves to take money for this basic overused premise. Doesn't change the fact that this story is cool. Disabled kids overcoming sells seats- hell disabled adults overcoming does too.
2006-02-23 01:26:32 PM  
"I love watching those goofy little retards running around."

Seriously? I wonder about a high school that allows him to graduate. I mean, not for nothing, but wouldn't his condition make it impossible to fulfill the requirements for graduation, or is the bar really set that low?

Or do I not fully understand autism?
2006-02-23 01:26:36 PM  
"This is the first moment Jason has ever succeeded (and could be) proud of himself," reflects Debbie McElwain.

The first time he ever succeeded or did something he could be proud of... I like the story but isn't this a bit of an exageration?
2006-02-23 01:26:37 PM  
Ball hog.

/burns the bivalves of my cardiovascular muscle?
2006-02-23 01:27:21 PM  
2006-02-23 01:19:27 PM soy_bomb

That story made my day.


To those who say sports are unimportant, I submit this story.
2006-02-23 01:27:28 PM  
flavor of the month

I'm sorry, but all the stories of hardships that Olympic athletes endure have rendered me immune to schmaltzy crap for a few months.
2006-02-23 01:28:41 PM  
Just don't give him any Fries from McD's according to recent lawsuits they can kill those autistic kids or some shiat.
2006-02-23 01:28:42 PM  
That's about a hundred points. Definitely about a hundred points.
2006-02-23 01:28:43 PM  
Awesome story.
Thanks submitter.
2006-02-23 01:28:46 PM  
The hero is the coach. Good on him. Some of those farkwad coaches would never have let the kid play.
2006-02-23 01:29:07 PM  
If there is a movie, I hope that the Black Eyed Peas are on the soundtrack.
2006-02-23 01:29:19 PM  

OK, great, but while he was scoring all those points, just who was watching the orange slices? Hmmm?

great post
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