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(CNN)   Cloning to revive extinct species - Taz first on list, honest politicians next.   ( divider line
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4698 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 May 2002 at 12:04 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-28 12:07:26 PM  
mmmmmmmm... this means Dodo roasting on a spit
2002-05-28 12:07:54 PM  
Can we clone Sleestacks first?
2002-05-28 12:07:59 PM  
Jurassic Park, here we come.
2002-05-28 12:08:28 PM  
why isn't the dodo first?
2002-05-28 12:08:57 PM  
But...but.. we already have Barney the dinosaur, don't we?
2002-05-28 12:11:58 PM  
Jezus! They are extinct for a reason!!! Let them fawkin' die already. What a grand idea, lets bring back everything mother nature destroyed!
2002-05-28 12:12:08 PM  
Something can't be extinct if it never existed.
2002-05-28 12:12:33 PM  
Rifter -- read the damn article. They were hunted to death by settlers.
2002-05-28 12:12:47 PM  
I want to get a T-rex for my kittens to play with.
2002-05-28 12:14:09 PM  
Maybe the first extinc species they can clone would be intelligent women in Boston.
2002-05-28 12:14:12 PM in tazmanian devil? idol to white trash everywhere!
2002-05-28 12:14:42 PM  
I would bring back the Three Stooges, Ava Gardner, Otis Redding and Hitler just to kick the shiat out of him.
2002-05-28 12:15:31 PM  
Many of the animals that were rendered extinct over the past 300 years came to an early end do to humans. Why shouldn't we be the ones to bring some back? I think it's pretty friggin' cool as long as I'm not paying for it. :)
2002-05-28 12:15:54 PM  
they were hunted to death for a reason.
i say clone natelie portmans.
2002-05-28 12:16:08 PM  
have we learned nothing from StarWars?!
2002-05-28 12:17:56 PM  
Two words: Mammoth Tacos.
2002-05-28 12:18:39 PM  
Yes, they were hunted to death because we, as humans, don't care about anything other than ourselves. Are you scared that the big bad tasmanian tiger is gonna get you? It's a glorified dog for christs sake.
2002-05-28 12:19:47 PM  
How exactly do they have a sharp, recent-looking color photo of an animal that went extinct 65 years ago?
2002-05-28 12:19:56 PM  
no, AlgertMan, we haven't.
I say we make a whole clone army of Tazmanian Tigers and let them defend Australia...or something.
2002-05-28 12:20:30 PM  
i was thinking more for meat and clothes
2002-05-28 12:20:38 PM  
Begun this clone war has.
2002-05-28 12:20:44 PM  
Umm, that would be a model in a museum. It looks pretty fake to me.
2002-05-28 12:22:55 PM  
I think this could finally be the creature that kills Steve Irwin. Rejoice!
2002-05-28 12:24:09 PM  
its all baby steps til we clone humans. but man i get the feeling like this is something that we shouldnt be getting into.
2002-05-28 12:25:10 PM  
So what would the point of doing this be. Hey these have been exinct for 100years or whatever, now lets re-introduce this species back into the enviroment. YEA humans we saved the day..

Yea great idea
2002-05-28 12:25:23 PM  
Tasmanian Tiger does not = Tasmanian Devil.
2002-05-28 12:26:24 PM  
Ummm... did they consult Ian Malcolm on this one?
2002-05-28 12:26:44 PM  
I had no idea he was extinct...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-28 12:26:57 PM  
Human cloning is a little scary, but I'm still all for it. The only cloning that would worry me is if we start regenerating huge beasts of yesteryear, which still looks impossible do to unworkable DNA. If some scientist come forth with a baby T-rex down the line, then I'm farkin freakin.
2002-05-28 12:27:01 PM  
BigJimSlade said : How exactly do they have a sharp, recent-looking color photo of an animal that went extinct 65 years ago?

It looks like a sculpture to me.
2002-05-28 12:27:44 PM  
It could take hundreds of years to get an actual animal. Until then we have to gawk and stare at "almost breeds" while we wait for the real deal to cleanse it's genes. Some of these critters went extinct for a reason. Do we think it's a good idea to bring back ice age animals to this inhospitable climate. I hope we can get a mammoth to live a few years. That would make for some great BBQ.
2002-05-28 12:29:29 PM  
05-28-02 12:19:47 PM BigJimSlade
How exactly do they have a sharp, recent-looking color photo of an animal that went extinct 65 years ago?

Either, that's not a true 'tiger' or they colorized an older picture. The tiger's actual extinction was somewhat under question for a long time, because sometimes some of those kiwis or aussies or whatever thought they caught glimpses of them. The belief was held by many that they pulled a cheetah of sorts. Cheetahs are the worlds smallest genetically diverse animal, almost becoming extinct a long time ago, i believe..
2002-05-28 12:29:31 PM  
They were hunted to extinction. They weren't chosen for extinction by natural selection. Unless natural selection is being redefined to be: "the ability to avoid bored rednecks going varmit huntin."
2002-05-28 12:30:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-28 12:30:09 PM  
Extinct species had their shot. If they can't cut the mustard, all I'm saying is...
2002-05-28 12:30:58 PM  
Could you imagine having a mammoth roast? You could invite the whole farking county...... Hmmmm, I wonder if you can buy Bullseye by the keg?
2002-05-28 12:31:15 PM  
Are they doing this to get rid of all the sheep? Or is that just NZ?
2002-05-28 12:33:56 PM  
we need to clone porn stars like (Brianna Banks) and (Tera Partick),(Stuff Magazine, you make the call) so we call can have one, the new Entertainment centers!
2002-05-28 12:34:48 PM  
Skinink: I think I am up for it...
2002-05-28 12:35:20 PM  
Calis, that was farking hilarious.
That's all.
2002-05-28 12:39:21 PM  
AgentKaneda - well I try to do my part. ;)
2002-05-28 12:40:47 PM  
Litlle cute and furry Tazmanian Devils are not extinct.

And if one gets trapped in your tent while camping in the Outback, you'll wish they were.
2002-05-28 12:41:01 PM  
Can I get first dibs on the amber?
2002-05-28 12:41:07 PM  
I also happen to strongly agree with monkeybutler. That is all.
2002-05-28 12:44:25 PM  
Just don't use frog DNA to patch the missing sequences, or we'll get a bunch of Jeff Goldblum clones and the world will truly end...
2002-05-28 12:46:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-28 12:46:23 PM  
good god, it isnt the tasmanian devil, dumbasses
read the frigging article
2002-05-28 12:47:12 PM  
Well, if they use your DNA for the clone, it will be short work for them, as you will have given them a head start in the looks department. See you on Revere Beach !!!
2002-05-28 12:48:19 PM  
Wait a sec:
The last Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, died in captivity around 65 years ago.

And yet, we have a beautiful color picture of one:

[image from too old to be available]

That thing is stuffed.
2002-05-28 12:48:45 PM  
Heh, do a search on "Jurassic Park" and look what pops up.

[image from too old to be available]

This creature is the "tasmanian tiger", is it not? Here kitty kitty.

Cliche Kitty in 5....4....3...
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