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(Yahoo)   White Sox to hold sleepover night where 250 fans can sleep on the field after a game   ( divider line
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2695 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 May 2002 at 10:59 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-27 12:21:46 AM  
That's not two rosin bags you have your hand between!
2002-05-27 11:01:45 AM  
That's farking ridiculous
2002-05-27 11:02:18 AM  
Eeeewww..with all that spit-out chaw?
2002-05-27 11:03:24 AM  
OK, who shiat in the dugout?
2002-05-27 11:05:09 AM  
Disco Demolition Night. Best. Promotion. Ever.
2002-05-27 11:05:29 AM  
Take me out to a ball game, and I'd fall asleep DURING it if it weren't for the damned hecklers!
2002-05-27 11:07:17 AM  
do the players also sleep with the fans?? do they get to put each others hairs in curlers do each others makeup and read magaziines?? or is this one of thoe new totally nude sleep overs?
2002-05-27 11:10:46 AM  
Fox- "Disco Demolition Night. Best. Promotion. Ever."

yes, this is true!
2002-05-27 11:11:20 AM  
Hell, that's probably just a ruse so they don't have to wake up everyone who fell asleep during the game.
2002-05-27 11:11:56 AM  
Eh, at least the Sox aren't a polo team.
2002-05-27 11:19:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-27 11:26:02 AM  

I'm lazy and dont feel like looking up what disco demolition was all about... did people just burn disco clothes or smash disco balls?

I'm so confused.. can somebody help?
2002-05-27 11:33:47 AM  
As far as I remember - it was a doubleheader game - and in between game 1 and 2 - a local station was going to burn all the disco records people brought. All heck broke lose and the fans stormed onto the field - causing the forfeit of the second game....I think that was it....maybe I am confused with 10 cent beer night they had a Municipal Stadium once....
2002-05-27 11:34:27 AM  
Neapoi: Yes. Essentially. It turned into a riot.
2002-05-27 11:34:45 AM  
Chalk one up to the "Bad Idea" school of thought.
2002-05-27 11:39:56 AM  
don't forget to turn the sprinklers off.
2002-05-27 11:40:07 AM  
Fans sleeping on the field. That's a great idea. Why not let the fans do what the players have been doing during the games all season....
2002-05-27 11:51:33 AM  
I think I'm getting old and jaded because I don't see why anyone would want to sleep on a baseball field...
2002-05-27 11:56:44 AM  
Sounds like a fun idea, but the criminal possibilities are endless. I hope they have good security.
2002-05-27 12:07:56 PM  
Other teams have done this, it is primarily for cub scouts and so forth. To a 9 year old, getting to camp out in a baseball stadium is nirvana.
2002-05-27 12:10:44 PM  
Wow, $250 per ticket. So much for the cub scouts.

I think our local team let kids sleep over for free.
2002-05-27 12:22:46 PM  
Disco Night... I thought the blew the records up and from there it got outa hand.

10 cent beer night at Municipal Stadium ... wan't that in with another promotion? Something like "free 12 pack of AA battery night" ? So evertone got drunk and tossed them at the players?

As for the concept I think it's cool.I'd do it if the Red Sox had one of these.
2002-05-27 12:26:34 PM  
there isn't going to be very much sleeping going on.
2002-05-27 12:28:25 PM  
I hear you, I'd prefer a bed and company that I know. This just sounds uncomfortable and dangerous for women.
2002-05-27 12:38:53 PM  
ford Prefect:
you TOTALLY brought back the best memory!
Steve Dahl's Disco Demolition baby.

You would think after that they wouldn't let another fan
on the field.........EVER.

(Steve and Garry were the BEST)
2002-05-27 01:11:31 PM  
For a complete history of Disco Demolition Night, go to Great White Sox site. And yes, second game of doubleheader was forfeited. Does anybody know--has there been a forfeit since?
2002-05-27 01:30:44 PM  
With Veeck tied to the White Sox these kinds of things are kind of in the tradition (*voice in my head* be nice... be nice... must resist ripping Sox fans... arghhh) they also have a take your dog to the ballpark night in that spirit.

Veeck was the guy who has had baseball rewrite/modify rules because of his actions... speaking of classics he was the one who started a midget in one game because his strike zone was of course vewwwy vewwwy small *lol*

The one thing that people were really criticising about this is that the lofty price is the same whether you and the guys from work want to go or if you wanted to, for example, do something cool for your kids you have to pay full-price. I think the real debate is that the nature of this isn't that there are only so many seats so the price-mark makes sense.

Unfortuantely kind of a typical Chicago Sports Franschise thing in which anything a team does has eventually a bad taste in the collective mouth of the fans. *sigh*


Dahl used to rock though! Though Brandmeir at his peak was fun too. mVbo
2002-05-27 01:48:30 PM  
How is this cool?......why would fans sleep in a field after a game? the ground holy or something?.....oh no wait,I forgot...most sports fans are dullards:)
2002-05-27 02:02:13 PM  
Damn it, I was born a year after Disco Demolition Night. It's not fair!
2002-05-27 02:14:26 PM  
Chick3_16 - No, it certainly isn't fair. You didn't have to live through all of that disco era shiat. I did and it's not fair.
2002-05-27 02:22:12 PM  
Ummm.. EWWWwwwwww!
2002-05-27 02:24:12 PM  
Notice that the sleepover is sandwiched in between two Expos games. The White Sox would have to pay me $250 to sit through that.
2002-05-27 02:40:21 PM  
Remember when "urban camping" was just politically correct jargon for homelessness?
2002-05-27 04:25:27 PM  
I heard that there are some NY Met players offering $250 to male fans to spend the night. Just a rumor
2002-05-27 05:16:45 PM  
Mo Vaughn.
2002-05-27 06:23:38 PM  
I guess someone forgot that one of the most dangerous 'hoods in America surrounds Comiskey. It must be Complimentary Bulletproof Vest Night.
2002-05-27 10:18:14 PM  

Check the Chicago Police Department website. Wrigleyville (or Boystown...whatever they're calling it these days) is actually worse. Comiskey area/Bridgeport has gotten much better over the last 10 years.
2002-05-27 10:36:47 PM  
Millay: I was just at Comiskey yesterday. Looking across the Ryan (you DO know what that is, yes?), stands the Robert Taylor housing projects. This group of buildings makes the West Bank look positively safe. Wrigleyville is full of wealthy yuppies. The only crime that happens there is people peeing in an alleyway. Tell you what, walk two blocks away from Wrigley at 2AM, and then try the same thing at Comiskey. After that, tell me about how nice that area of the South Side is to live in.....
2002-05-28 12:02:46 AM  
There was a forfeit a couple years ago in LA for the Dodgers vs. St. Louis. It was free baseball night, and after a close call went against the Dodgers, fans pelted the field with the baseballs. The game was forfeited. The next night on Letterman, he told a bad joke and had the crowd pelt the stage with baseballs while "forfeit" flashed on the screen.

This is why many places wait until AFTER the game to give out some promo items.

Last season a guy on the Rangers scored a hat trick on, you guessed it, free hat night. I think every single one of them ended up on the ice.
2002-05-28 05:04:02 PM  
Too bad Steve Dahl is a fuggin' retardo now.
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