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(Some vengeful farker)   Just another farker getting farked by his ex-fiance   ( divider line
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19117 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 May 2002 at 12:01 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-25 12:29:20 AM  
Bleh, when it all comes down to it, women just piss me off way too much. They cost lots of cash, take lots of time, and kill off your other friendships.

But then again I'm just a bitter young man.

2002-05-25 12:30:24 AM  
Want some cheese to go with that whine? Here's some advice: get over her. She totally used you.
2002-05-25 12:30:47 AM  
why do people always fall for/stay with people who treat them like shiat? you treat someone well, they lose interest. start treating them crappy, and they keep coming back for more. what's wrong with this picture???
2002-05-25 12:30:47 AM  
speaking of chicks and linux..
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-25 12:33:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

from Hot dog vendor
2002-05-25 12:34:59 AM  
is that kid running from giant tampons?
2002-05-25 12:36:03 AM  
Was I supposed to read all of that?
2002-05-25 12:36:14 AM  
she needs a swift kick in the box and he needs to grow some balls.

just my opinion.
2002-05-25 12:36:57 AM  
Stebain - Are those the fem products that I suggested?
2002-05-25 12:37:23 AM  
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman said it best:

"I'm going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world!"
2002-05-25 12:38:16 AM  
Ha ha! Stubblyhead I think you are right...
I thought they were hot dogs... good eye!
2002-05-25 12:38:54 AM  
Stubblyhead, that would certainly fit, considering the pathetic fuzzcrotch of a story we all just read.
2002-05-25 12:40:28 AM  
it also helps me to decide what the hell types of bread those other objects were...

maxipads w/ & w/o wings...
2002-05-25 12:43:16 AM  
This is what happens when you are an unstable moron and let women control your life. Leave women behind and figure out why you are such an asshole and you won't have these problems with them.
2002-05-25 12:43:55 AM  
What a Farking crybaby. GET OVER IT DUDE.
2002-05-25 12:45:21 AM  
I can see being stuck on a girl... I'm sure we've all done it [hopefully, that includes CandyPink & CandyPants... oh,yeah]
but after all <-- that shiat?

And why the fark can she and her parents decide that he cannot live in these apartments or whatever?
2002-05-25 12:47:00 AM  
this isn't as good as the farker who put that video on the net with him and his ex doing the nasty, the priceless parody
2002-05-25 12:47:34 AM  
I'm stealing this story. I'm going to sell it to Dawson's Creek, it sounds right up their alley.....
2002-05-25 12:48:52 AM  
Dude, let me give you some free advice about relationships (guarenteed to be worth every penny).
Here you go, Nanook's patented relationship recipe:

Sex is the first thing we notice about each other and the last thing upon which we should act. It's automatic, instinctive, chemical: very fast. Put it on the back burner and let it simmer.

Building a relationship is like building a house.
You have to find a solid foundation (morals, ethics and ethos) where you both can be happy.
See if you can set-up a framework of similar plans for the future.
Build your enclosure:
Can you be friends? (The first thing to discover, the last thing to let go)
Can you be roomates? (Who pays what bill, how do the dishes get washed?)
Can you be parents? (To your children, your pets and each other)
Can you be lovers? (Monogamous, faithful, mutually satisfied)

Put the cap on this structure with vows you will keep.
And, you need this lid, or the first storm that comes will wash-away everything you have built.

Then, and only then, do you light the fire on the hearthstone, and feed it (without fail) every day of your life. And, do not light the fire before you do all this tedious work. For it will likely spread into a wildfire and consume you. Bonfires are exciting, but last only one night. Do not ever have anything to do with little girls who are addicted to the first rush of passion. For they live by moving from man to man in search of that intense heat. They need it, for they have no warmth of their own. The initial rush, the "honeymoon", lasts no more than a year. After that, you both must be prepared to settle for a calmer, more gentle passion: 'the little hearthstone fire'.
2002-05-25 12:48:54 AM  
spice it up... make it two chix0rz.
2002-05-25 12:49:21 AM  
There are far more guys who have stories more deserving of the "" domain. He was just some whining moron.

I'll bet if she posted her side of the story in the "" domain, it would be far more compelling.

2002-05-25 12:49:39 AM  
Just a thought...

What if this was actually written by a woman about how she'd been treated by a guy? The names changed and genders reversed.

Do you think our reactions would have been the same?

2002-05-25 12:49:52 AM  
Tell you one thing, a rambling stalkerish webpage AIN'T gunna get no girl back.

2002-05-25 12:49:55 AM  
You know, if you ran it through a spell checker and changed all the female pronouns to male pronouns, it could almost pass for Jewel's poetry. The cringe factor was that high.

Can someone post a Judy Bloom story next? Are you there God? It's me Margaret is a personal fave.
2002-05-25 12:49:55 AM  
that nutsack is smaller than the Fark.Squirrels.Nutsack.
2002-05-25 12:50:30 AM  
Fetus - WTF is that?
2002-05-25 12:50:33 AM  
"is that kid running from giant tampons?"

And Super-Duty Maxi-Pads, With Wings®.
2002-05-25 12:50:47 AM  
Dumb fark. He should have his testicles hung around his neck.
2002-05-25 12:51:31 AM  
Squinth is gonna kill me.
2002-05-25 12:51:58 AM  
I will use my mod powers, sfotw.
2002-05-25 12:52:16 AM  
fark.... forgot, I'm not a mod.
2002-05-25 12:53:31 AM  
my story's much better, but i don't even tell it to my friends much less put it on the internet. BE A MAN FER CHRISSAKES!
2002-05-25 12:54:15 AM  
44 : fark you
I hate you.

this got posted on fark.

I'm gonna get a court order this time you stalking loser.
2002-05-25 12:54:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-05-25 12:54:36 AM  
Fetus--That's NASTY.
2002-05-25 12:55:07 AM  
Yes, God damn it, I mix my metaphors fearlessly!
2002-05-25 12:56:14 AM  
he should get that mole on his scapula checked.
looks precancerous.
2002-05-25 12:56:26 AM  
BigPeeler... you're my new hero.
How wise, your words.

That story (which I actually read in entirety) was kinda depressing. Think we've all been in "similar" circumstances, and my heart goes out.

If chicks were like guys, yet still looked like chicks, I'd do guys.. i mean chicks.

2002-05-25 12:58:00 AM  
What a waste of webspace. We care about this girl doing this crap WHY?
2002-05-25 12:58:04 AM  
Geez. If you're going to biatch about a woman, at least try to be somewhat coherent about it. Buy a copy of farking Strunk and White. Learn how to use punctuation.

From what I could decipher, sounds like these two are actually made for each other. Or, at the very least, if they keep each other occupied, the chances of one of them hooking up with someone you might actually care about is lessened.
2002-05-25 12:58:26 AM  

fark that... I've never been strung out and jobless and
hooked on some snatch that wouldn't let me have a break
nor spend my own god damned money and then get the olds
to boot me from my apartment.
Plus, I've never been to Connecticut.
2002-05-25 12:58:41 AM  
I didn't get far...but one thing stuck out..."I kicked my druggie habits on the bus"

WTF? Is this possible. A bus ride that long would make me want drugs.
2002-05-25 12:59:22 AM  
in other news.
there is a band named 'I am the World Trade Center' who
has an album 'Out of the loop'.
The llth song is entitled "September".
2002-05-25 12:59:25 AM  
2 words: Restraining Order.
2002-05-25 01:03:06 AM  
I'm a sucker for girls with too much blue eyeshadow. It just reeks of class.
2002-05-25 01:03:30 AM  
I forget her name, but she's on Leno w/stiff nippies.
2002-05-25 01:04:47 AM  
small point, forgive me for being anal

fiance = male

fiancee = female

Thank you, move along.
2002-05-25 01:05:05 AM  
from the forum:

24th May 2002 - 11:39:15 PM
32 : mistawho
heh, i'm willing to bet andonbray (the guy who called guy a pussy) is a single male, late 20's, virgin, homely and socially undeveloped... you know, what 90% of you guys posting here are.

Ow! That stings. You ol' meanie.
2002-05-25 01:06:47 AM  
he sure told you off, didn't he.

Besides, it's obvious from your bio that you are a 53 year old Gila Monster from the San Diego Zoo that writes web pages for J3ffK.
2002-05-25 01:07:20 AM  
really? I didn't know that.
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