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(Some vengeful farker)   Just another farker getting farked by his ex-fiance   ( divider line
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19117 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 May 2002 at 12:01 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-05-25 04:44:24 AM  
what a farking nutcase. Way back when I was like, 18 and shiat, I thought I was pretty cool, and I recognized that all the bullshiat feelings that those farked up relationships were just that stupid hormonal shiat, but damn, I didn't put up farking web pages about it. Let it farking go dude, damn.
2002-05-25 04:46:06 AM  
By the way, Boobiesing-guy:
2002-05-25 04:47:09 AM  
lol....farking filter.

my last should read:
By the way, Boobies-i-n-g guy:

I'm headed to bed.
Good night.
2002-05-25 05:07:11 AM  
Take the whining to daytime television where it belongs.

What did he start out with... Nothing
What did he end up with... Nothing

So, what did he lose... NOTHING.
2002-05-25 05:09:09 AM  
duuuhhhhhh, I'm speechless
2002-05-25 05:11:43 AM  
Dude! Try and remember to to run WARM water over your wrist after you slash them. It keeps the blood from coagulating....
2002-05-25 05:43:32 AM  
Like he couldn't figure out she was a ho-bag after the first affair. Why is this worth posting for the world, dude? You want EVERYONE to know how pathetic you are?
2002-05-25 06:00:42 AM  
Sure, she's a biatch, but he's the one who's really farked up. He gets treated like shiat, and instead of dumping her, he sits at home and burns and cuts himself? And this relationship put him in the mental ward twice? And then he creates this stupid web page.

Get over it, already. We all have a shiatty relationship or two. Or five. Yours is no different except for two things: you can't deal with your anger and frustration, and you're dwelling on it, instead of moving on.

I recommend some serious psychiatric help before you even think about another relationship. How will you find a girl who's got her act together, unless you get yours together first? Sane people don't cut themselves. And sane girls aren't gonna be with someone who does.
2002-05-25 07:11:33 AM  
That's pretty farked up. No one should ever intentionally harm themselves over some coont. If you want to cut and burn yourself, there are plenty of better reasons.

Personally, I would have told that biatch to get stuffed when she tried telling me how to spend my money and been done with it.
2002-05-25 07:16:22 AM  

Relationships are ALWAYS a mess untill you grow out of the compulsive lying c-rap and grow balls. You have to move on as soon as you do that though, because you've already done irreparable damage to the initial relationship.

Blog idea bad (even though it's fun for us), find something healthy to fixate on.
2002-05-25 07:27:39 AM  
I had barely any money, I had no real ambitions since well drugs were enoguh for me.

This is where I stopped reading this whine fest. Aside from the content that I could give a rat's *ss about, this dumb, muthafarker has a typo in it!

Spellcheck, for the love of God!
2002-05-25 07:50:47 AM  
can't believe people are still reading this far down!
2002-05-25 08:13:00 AM  
the worst part is not having a place to live...


Harbinger is a dork.
2002-05-25 08:19:13 AM  
the message board rocks!!

from the board:

She still loves you. I can tell that she does. The best thing for you to do is go back to her. You need the structure that she provides in your life that you so desperatly need. She is the only one that will ever love you. Don't let her slip away. Then, some night, lovingly smother her in her sleep with a pillow.


do you have any nudie pics of her?
2002-05-25 08:31:38 AM  
Quit being online and get yourself some real life :)

and how about a nice warm cup of 'shut the fark up'
2002-05-25 09:16:12 AM  
hehe love the comments guys...

basically i really don't care what anyone thinks of me, i posted the whole story there mainly so i wouldn't have to re-tell the damn story every time one of my old friends comes and asks me what i did and i find out what she told...

fine i'm a whining pussy, i really don't care :) this is the internet, and i could care less what anyone says to me online. i don't get mad i don't give a shiat in general...

on an other note, for those who haven't realized this, i am over her and quite happy without her, at this point i am just laughing my ass off about the situation and the comments you guys are posting...
2002-05-25 09:43:28 AM  
dude you are a queef.

cutting on yourself and shiat. Grow some balls and either kill yourself or quit biatching about it.

you deserve every shiatty thing that happens to you.

Please don't ever have children.
2002-05-25 10:25:43 AM  
Did you see this tard on the boards?

This will probably end up as flamebait, but here goes. I'm a happily married twenty year-old. My wife, from Brazil, is not ONLY my wife, but also my best friend. We play video games together (currently in the middle of Baldur's Gate II), she knows I 'hack' (really just tricks I do at work to pass the boredom; tech support for Gateway), and we spend all of our time together. We have two dachsund puppies, live in a nice apartment, and pay all of our own bills. We own a 1997 Mazda Protoge, black, and have three computers. The point of all this? Get over it. There are 6+ billion people on earth, of every different race, nationality, religion....this chick is NOT farking worth it man. Also, I hate to nitpick, but capitilize and punctuate your sentences. It will do so much for you when chatting, posting, etc. This goes for the rest of you people too.

What the hell?
2002-05-25 11:05:35 AM  
this is the most pathetic thing i have ever read. he would be better off buying a shack in the mountains in the mountains and quit bothering people. does he not have any friends??
2002-05-25 12:11:11 PM  
That gave me a serious grammar headache.
2002-05-25 12:14:57 PM  
Sexdwarf, you're rather obviously NOT over her. When you're over her, you don't post and maintain a sordid web site about her, you don't talk about her on Fark, you don't blab to everyone who'll hold still long enough that you're soooo over her.
2002-05-25 12:26:26 PM  
Pathetic. How could anyone find their own apartment and let his ex-biatch and her parents convince him to move out because they didn't want him living there? WTF??? He should break into HER place and steal the jar with his balls in it from next to her bed.
2002-05-25 12:28:03 PM  

Sexdwarf takes himself much too seriously.
2002-05-25 12:48:07 PM

Anyone making comments about wanting to fark her should take a glance at that pic. Thank you for your time.
2002-05-25 01:21:48 PM  
he must have taken the pic down

my imagination is making her out to be not purdy
2002-05-25 01:26:09 PM  
in the end I called 911 and ended up in the mental ward of the mt. vernon hospital for 3 days...once out I guess we were going to get back on track"...
2002-05-25 01:28:09 PM  
I can't believe so many people are defending this guy. First, read the whole story and it's not like he's completely blameless (going to Boston to hook up with someone else).

I agree with some posts here that if someone is feeling down, you should at least have some empathy (we DO live in a society). However, there is a big fat line between being broken up about a relationship, and wallowing in self pity. He's crossed it. I mean, putting up a web site because he doesn't want to have to keep retelling the story? How many people does he want to tell it to???

It's pretty clear from the whole thing that what this guy needs is for one of his friends to give him a good kick in the ass. He needs strength now, not sympathy.
2002-05-25 01:30:42 PM  
L.O.S.E.R. Get on with your life.
2002-05-25 01:34:48 PM  
2002-05-25 01:52:59 PM  
Why, exactly, am I supposed to give a shiat?
2002-05-25 02:02:52 PM  
Even being a girl (perhaps ESPECIALLY being a girl), I'll be the first to admit that almost all girls are the devil. Over 90% of girls are selfish, mean, and competitive and I have no problem admitting that, despite the fact that I TRY not to be that way.

Anyway, despite the fact that girls are evil incarnates, and that I do feel bad for the guy (as I feel bad for almost every guy who's been ruined), he needs to get on with his life. However, if making the website to get all his feelings out there, or whatever, is helping him move on, I say go for it. Whatever works.
2002-05-25 02:06:32 PM  
He't that torn up over this????

Good lord almighty, she's fugly.
2002-05-25 02:19:28 PM  
What the "fark" does that have to do with the price of tea in China??? This was so some NSFW Boobies sites!!!
2002-05-25 03:11:46 PM  
Geezus, what the hell do you expect when you get involved with a chick over the internet? Hint: If you go looking for a girlfriend online, you're going to end up with a fat hog, a mental case, a single mom with 6 kids, or a combination.
2002-05-25 03:12:53 PM  
I have a better name for the website
2002-05-25 03:25:29 PM  
Over 90% of girls are selfish, mean, and competitive and I have no problem admitting that

Sounds like Jello is pretty desperate to eliminate the competition. "No, all those other girls are bad news! Pick me, me, ME!"

There are male and female assholes the world over. The easiest way to detect and avoid them is to be a decent person your own self. If you're an assclown, how do you expect to attract the good ones?
2002-05-25 03:32:06 PM  
Is assclown the same as turd burglar?
2002-05-25 03:43:40 PM  
haha Mythago that isn't really what I was trying to do, interesting point though.

I agree fully that there are plenty of male assholes, and probably just as many male ones as female ones. I think a lot of times, guys get an unfair bad rap though, and maybe sometimes girls do too. I don't like most people, quite honestly.
2002-05-25 03:56:37 PM  
Love is blind. And you never know what love is untill you feel it for yourself, and someone feels it for you.
2002-05-25 04:36:26 PM  
Wow, you are so over her. This is definitely a healthy and productive way to deal with the situation, not at all an indication that you are nuttier than a squirrel turd.
2002-05-25 05:02:49 PM  
even dope heads can get action online...
maybe i should just cave in and try it
no i should not
2002-05-25 05:09:05 PM  
Yuck, I knew there was trouble when I read drug addict and
met her online. There is a saying that relationships are for those who do not have enough turmoil in their lives so
they go find some. Get yourself together and find someone
else who is rowing down that same stream with you. Do not
fish from another stream, trust me, she is out there you
need to back off and allow fate to bring you together. I
know it sounds stupid, but it worked for me...NOW GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!!
2002-05-25 08:14:24 PM  
i bought to talk shiat about girls who do me wrong. unfortunately, all of my relationships always end on good terms so i never get to use it...oh well.
2002-05-25 08:30:10 PM  
really lame
2002-05-25 08:49:46 PM  
*whip cracking sound*
2002-05-26 02:11:47 AM  
I've been reading and lurking here for long enough to know that I'm an old fark comparatively. However, for what's it's worth, this story is pretty tame in the "life's experience" department. Been there, done that, doesn't begin to cover it.
2002-05-26 03:24:27 AM  
I am so happy that I am into homosexual-bestial-necropheliia. This will never happen to me.
2002-05-26 03:59:42 AM  
>>Here is what she claims I did wrong:
>>I made out with a 15 year old

damn, how'd this loser pull that off. that's pretty impressive. young meat is the best kind!
2002-05-26 04:04:37 AM  
Let me just sum up everything: Whoever is MOST willing to walk away from a relationship, is the one who has the power. This applies to Employer-Employee, it applies to buyer-seller, it applies to male-female... it applies to any human relationship that you can think of. If you're more willing (than the other party) to walk away from a relationship, then you call the shots. If you are male, you need to have one foot out the door at all times. Period. It's unfortunate that women place men in such circumstances, but this is actually how they WANT things to be. So, live with it. Don't let yourself feel too deeply about her, no matter who the heck she is. Always be ready, willing, and able to walk away. That's the guarantee that you'll never have to.
2002-05-26 05:09:42 AM  
She sounds like a crazy biatch who isn't worth the trouble. Find someone else, if she screwed ya once she will do it again.
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