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(NYPost)   Alyson Hannigan won't be hanging out at the food court at your local mall, since guys tend to scream "band camp" at her   ( ) divider line
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38346 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2006 at 10:20 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-12 09:03:21 AM  
"In jail, he'll be the pie."
2006-02-12 09:12:48 AM  
I heart her.
2006-02-12 09:22:09 AM  
Non-redhead Alyson Hannigan in 1989 ABC show "Free Spirit" -

(The blonde on the right is now the mom on "Veronica Mars")

/Why can't I fill my brain with *useful* knowledge?
2006-02-12 09:22:34 AM  
Q: They say that redheads are feisty. Are you feisty?

A: I think the better question is, am I actually a redhead

Rimshot, ouch.
2006-02-12 09:28:28 AM  
The funny part is that as things go, shouting "band camp" at her is the height of those peoples' lives.
2006-02-12 09:29:15 AM  
alyson hannigan ? the woman who wanted to keep little orphan annie from daddy warbucks ... i'm confused !
2006-02-12 09:32:38 AM  
She seems to be a little more intelligent than the interviewer.

SMH wassup?
2006-02-12 09:35:14 AM  
I want to see that tattoo.
2006-02-12 09:36:13 AM  
"Yes. I actually met one poor women - who I'm sure is in therapy - who plays the flute, goes to band camp and her name is Michelle. She came up to me and said, "You don't understand what you've done to my life."

Am I wrong for finding that funny?
2006-02-12 09:40:38 AM  
Here we go:
2006-02-12 09:46:53 AM  
What if I yelled "Play me like a flute, baby!"? I'll bet she'd go for that . . .

/would bang the red right out of her
2006-02-12 09:49:12 AM  
Mmmmm....Alyson Hannigan....

We definitely need more Hannigan pics...
2006-02-12 10:01:56 AM  
Nothing like that ever happened to -me- at band camp.

Okay, that's a lie. But it's not like it was a week-long musical boffing. We had to learn the field show sometime.
2006-02-12 10:11:39 AM  
We had to learn the field show sometime.

50-yard-line sex, eh?

\one-time squad leader
2006-02-12 10:16:24 AM
2006-02-12 10:16:45 AM  
Kyosuke: 50-yard-line sex, eh?

If that had been our field show they wouldn't have sold much beer or hotdogs at half time.
2006-02-12 10:20:14 AM  

Beer? Damn, I sent my daughter to the wrong band camp.

\hey, wait a minute...
\\never mind, she played french horn
\\\hey, wait a minute...
2006-02-12 10:21:34 AM  
submitter: since guys tend to scream "band camp" at her


Denisof=lucky bastard.
2006-02-12 10:27:48 AM  
Doesn't like to hang out at the food court, because she's tired of geeks yelling "band camp" at her..

Not likely to be reading fark, then..

/Though if you are...
//Give me a call
2006-02-12 10:30:55 AM  
Hey, you gotta give the love to Alexis Denisof. He kicked ass on Angel. Still a lucky SOB though. Has there ever been a non-hot Whedon main character?
2006-02-12 10:31:20 AM  
Jason Biggs Smokes?

learn something new every day i guess.
2006-02-12 10:32:38 AM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust: The funny part is that as things go, shouting "band camp" at her is the height of those peoples' lives.

I saw Matthew Broderick leaving the theater after an production of the Producers and I yelled "Hey Ferris" at him. He didn't respond. It was the height of my life.
2006-02-12 10:32:45 AM
2006-02-12 10:33:15 AM  
Most moranic set of questions I've read in a long time. Interviewer needs more oxygen to the brain. Funny how the interviewer is not identified...
2006-02-12 10:33:29 AM  
I would just yell "MARRY ME" at her...
2006-02-12 10:35:01 AM  
People are idiots towards celebrities. I saw Ron Jeremy at a strip club in Toledo about 2 weeks ago and it was so crowded in the area around him that you couldn't even see him. I had him sign my girlfriend's boob, but he looked really tired and worn out. He still hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek afterwards because he's a nice guy like that, but I didn't bother him any further for photographs or autographing anything of mine. I just said that I was a big fan of his work and left him alone.
2006-02-12 10:36:13 AM  
Thread devolves into hot pics of Hannigan thread in 3...2...
2006-02-12 10:37:31 AM  
Devolves? I don't think that word means what you think it means.
2006-02-12 10:39:12 AM  

And how is that a problem? 9-)
2006-02-12 10:42:08 AM  
we todd did

It was a typo, oh well
2006-02-12 10:42:12 AM  
Yes please Oober_Dave
2006-02-12 10:42:23 AM
2006-02-12 10:43:06 AM
2006-02-12 10:45:15 AM  

GIS for Alyson Hannigan

I am pleased to say that the above link is NSFW
2006-02-12 10:47:33 AM  
More! NSFW
2006-02-12 10:50:08 AM  
2006-02-12 10:51:05 AM  
I want her.

TheAnvil, I'm fairly certain you don't get to do that. Oh well.
2006-02-12 10:53:18 AM  
T'was hoping for some tidbit on her beau, Alexis Denisof. He played 'Wesley' through six combined seasons (minus a handful of early Angel episodes) of Buffy and Angel.
2006-02-12 10:55:21 AM  

Q: Geeky nerd girl Willow and black-metal drummer Ginger - what on earth did you have in common?

A: Yeah, I know. There's a lot of, "What was I thinking?" now that I know what a really good relationship is. But you gotta experience everything, right?

Interviewer is an idiot.

Hellhammer is a black metal drummer:

Ginger Fish is not.
2006-02-12 10:56:37 AM
2006-02-12 10:57:03 AM

//too lazy for html
2006-02-12 10:57:08 AM  
Just so everyone (especially Alyson Hannigan) knows (even if you don't care), that tattoo, [Fark doesn't allow non-Western characters] (pronounced, 'sa-chi') means:
(n) happiness; wish; fortune;
2006-02-12 11:02:38 AM  
But...everyone avoids the food court at malls.
2006-02-12 11:03:11 AM  
Last year, I sat beside her on a flight to from ATL to LA. She is very tiny, but hot. The flight attendants bugged her the whole trip for autographs. It was hard to look at her and not think, "what's my name, say it biatch!"
2006-02-12 11:05:02 AM  
Hot girl has dated a musician and has a tattoo. How incredibly predictable and boring.
2006-02-12 11:06:12 AM  
Loserbait, you use entirely too many parentheses.
2006-02-12 11:06:13 AM  
Since TFA is about "Date Movie" and mentions the "fat suit" - here it is:

And another pic from the movie:
2006-02-12 11:06:25 AM  
The flight attendants bugged her the whole trip for autographs.

another reason i'm glad i'm not famous

/more pics plz
2006-02-12 11:06:38 AM  
As nice as these pictures are, I still don't know who Alyson Hannigan is. Is she some actress?

/ Enlighten me, Farkers.
2006-02-12 11:07:43 AM  

pft. NOOB
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