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33579 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Feb 2006 at 12:05 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-12 10:23:30 AM  
So instead of spilling beer on the servers, now it'll be spilling beer in the servers?
2006-02-12 11:21:00 AM  
You shouldn't drink and drive on the information highway
2006-02-12 12:08:39 PM  
that looks a little sketchy; notice that the tap seems to be off center... maybe necessary to clear the computer guts though?
2006-02-12 12:09:53 PM  
Farked already?
2006-02-12 12:10:41 PM  
When it does Guinness and has the nitrogen tap to match, talk to me. But seriously...if someone really did make this, there'd be more pictures and details I'd think. Anyone who's ever looked at a case mod (like the ones they link to on Slashdot all the time) probably has gotten the impression, too, that people tend to be *ridiculously* proud of the things and showing them off.

/Anyone read Italian?
2006-02-12 12:11:41 PM  
Everyone knows the best way to cool a Beowolf cluster is with beer, and to insulate with Oaty-o's.

/Props if you have a clue what that refers to
2006-02-12 12:11:52 PM  
Oh dear god this is genius. Running Beer/Tab/Mt.Dew pipes through your PC as a way to cool it off. It works better then a heatsink and shouldn't effect the temp of the drink too much. Plus your computer dispenses BEER!

/Computers, is there anything they can't do?
2006-02-12 12:12:13 PM  
Finally! Computers are good for something other than porno!
2006-02-12 12:14:08 PM  
It only took a week to get posted on Fark.

You folks need to get out more.
2006-02-12 12:14:23 PM  
Nice, 897 hits later the webserver is dead.
2006-02-12 12:15:22 PM  
I'll believe it when I see a video of it in action.
2006-02-12 12:16:13 PM  
So instead of spilling beer on the servers, now it'll be spilling beer in the servers?

No no, it'll be spilling beer from the servers.

/and the b33r spewed forth with dazzling clarity
//and the masses gathered
///and it was good
2006-02-12 12:16:24 PM  
s i t e s l o w i n g t o a c r a w l . . .
2006-02-12 12:16:36 PM  
Finally! Computers are good for something other than porno!<<<

And games, don't forget games.
2006-02-12 12:18:21 PM  
Looks like someone spilled beer on their server...
2006-02-12 12:18:26 PM  
Now if the beer also served as liquid cooling for the PC, that would be the greatest thing ever.
2006-02-12 12:18:42 PM
2006-02-12 12:18:45 PM  
Can you get linux on that thing?

/hates linux
//loves windows
2006-02-12 12:19:19 PM  
Anyone here who's ever poured a beer from a tap like that can see how that's a very bad idea. You have a good chance of getting beer in the power switch and the zip drive there, being located beneath the tap. At least when I worked at a bar, you'd typically get beer on the front of the machine when you tried to top the beer off or pour off some head. That drain tray isn't very big, so you'd be pouring toward the machine. I don't think that's a functional computer, even though the tap does look off center, like baccaruda said, possibly to clear some hardware. Also, I don't see a monitor, and it looks like a diner setting, what with the many beer glasses and whatnot. Nevertheless, I refuse to believe that with some good planning this idea is not possible. It is a melding of two of the greatest things known to mankind. It's only a matter of time. We have the will, now we merely must build it!

/doesn't drink draft beer
//but opening the pc for a fridge to store bottles?
2006-02-12 12:20:11 PM  
Babelfish sez:

AAA is attempted distributing Italian for fantastic model of PC spilla beer. Ideal for every office, apartment or center trades them. It works also like computer. We see in the detail the technical characteristics of this machine: Handicraft blond beer double malto 6.2% Vol alc handicraft red Beer double malto 6.2% Vol alc black Beer 5.2% Vol alc Capienza 5lt

Them are some pretty nifty specs for a computer.
2006-02-12 12:23:52 PM  
but now they have to put the 'cup holder' drive back.

/draft beer only way to go
//besides, we've had net-abled refrigerators for a few years already
2006-02-12 12:24:13 PM  
2006-02-12 12:24:34 PM  
Shenanigans. Nice try though. This is more of a beer tap mod, no computer parts in that case.
2006-02-12 12:28:07 PM  
I sorta expected the lotion / tissue computer case combo. A quick gis ended up empty. use your imagination
2006-02-12 12:29:11 PM  
I agree with baccaruda. It wouldn't make sense if you were making a case mod to have the tap located between two 5 1/4" bay slots with the covers still on. That would require something like carving out a circle between those two bay covers to fit a part that could simply slide into a 5 1/4" slot.

Far from impossible, but not very logical.
2006-02-12 12:35:31 PM  
yet more proof that the PC world rips off Mac...

this has been around for a while
2006-02-12 12:39:03 PM  
This is my favorite bar...

After all, it is in my living room...
2006-02-12 12:46:50 PM  
Come on, this is FARK, none of those little mammby pamby "home" and "personal" machinesare gonna cut it with htis crowd, ya gotta go with the BIG IRON and bring new meaning to the word "super computer server"
2006-02-12 01:04:37 PM  
Finally a Mac being put to good use.

Actually that was a contest to see what you could turn your G3 case into, not a functioning PC + Beer tap.

There was also a ZNET contest for "other" uses for the Mac that was in the shape of a cube...
2006-02-12 01:06:50 PM  
vax bar owns all
2006-02-12 01:10:43 PM  
Next person who mentions Beowolf CLuster gets a cockpunch. I've had to deal with the Galaga Beowulf and Farking hate it I tell ya!
2006-02-12 01:13:58 PM  
Minja "Everyone knows the best way to cool a Beowolf cluster is with beer, and to insulate with Oaty-o's."

is that from megatokyo or something? idk havent read it in a long time, just got boring. Also, im pretty sure that this is just a tap w/o a computer
2006-02-12 01:14:45 PM

PC in a bottle. (really works)
2006-02-12 01:26:18 PM  
Sure the beer will make life in front of your computer more pleasant, but the computer will make life in front of your beer more warm. Plus, I would assume the cooling apparatus for the beer would be outside the machine (otherwise, where would the heat go?), so why not just skip the mod all together and use a kegerator?

Am I putting too much thought into something that is supposed to be fun and cool? Am I completely missing the point of the modification in my criticism? Of course. But that's what I do: drain the last drops of whimsy out of everything I come across. Muahahahahahahah!
2006-02-12 01:32:39 PM  
Minja: Everyone knows the best way to cool a Beowolf cluster is with beer, and to insulate with Oaty-o's.

/Props if you have a clue what that refers to


/ph34r my 1337 n3kk1d sk1ll3z
2006-02-12 02:25:12 PM  
2006-02-12 02:32:00 PM  

Now I can get my beer while I'm looking at boobies with this thing!

/Now if it can only roll up my J's for me....
2006-02-12 03:56:42 PM  
Yeah I noticed the bad locating of front panel electrics too. In addition to the power switch those front USB ports are just waiting to short their 500mA each through wonderful splashing suds.

If it was a function PC at one time after about the first 15 minutes of use it isn't anymore.
2006-02-12 08:55:56 PM  
It's got that cool little coaster dispenser just below the tap.
2006-02-12 09:11:43 PM  
Drew, Beer... Funny! And original!

I guess it's got "Amstel Inside"

2006-02-12 10:33:31 PM
2006-02-13 06:19:43 AM  
AAA cercasi distributore Italiano per fantastico modello di PC spilla birra. Ideale per ogni ufficio, appartamento o centro commerciale. Funziona anche come computer.

Vediamo nel dettaglio le caratteristiche tecniche di questa macchina:
# Birra bionda artigianale doppio malto 6,2% Vol alc
# Birra rossa artigianale doppio malto 6,2% Vol alc
# Birra nera 5,2% Vol alc
# Capienza 5lt

Translates as:

AAA are searching for Italian distributors for a fantastic model of PC that pours beer. Ideal for every office, appartment or (errr... centro commerciale normally means shopping centre / mall). It also works as a computer.

We see the details of the technical specification of this machine:
# Double malt lager 6,2% Vol alc
# Double malt ale 6,2% Vol alc
# Dark ale 5,2% Vol alc
# Capacity 5lt
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